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必修 3 单句改错练习题
Module1 1. 2. 3. 4. Britain is an island on the coast of continental Europe. Paris is the capital city of France and situated on the River Seine. (p2) Athens is known of the birthplace of western civilisation. (p2) Little after little the number of the member countries increased during the second half of the twentieth century. (p9) 5. Only six countries were belonged to the European Union in the 1950s. 6. Facing with such a difficult problem, I decided to ask my parents for advice. 7. The United States were founded in 1776. 8. Chongqing is situated in the Yangtze River. (p4) 9. Comparing with Shanghai, Qingdao is much smaller. 10. The expanded European Union has a population of more than half a billion people, twice as bigger as the population of the United States. (p9) Module2 1. Not many children have an education have an education up 11 years old. 2. Although more than 80% of children in developing countries goes to primary school, about 115 million children are not being educated. 3. However, in other regions of the world, water is now mostly safely to drink. 4. The reports shows that we are making some progresses but that we need to make greater efforts. 5. Interesting, the countries that give the most money are the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. 6. It’s an agreement between towns and cities to similar size and age, and which have similar features. 7. This is because of living with a foreign family for one or two weeks means that you have to speak their language.

Module 3 1. Do you know anyone that has experienced one of the events? (Page 21) 2. The worst tornado of all time was occurred in 1925, affecting three US states. (Page 23) 3. By the late 1890s, he moved to Galveston, where he died in 1899. (Page 23) 4. On average, there have 800 tornadoes in the US each year. (Page 23) 5. Tornadoes can pick out cars, trains and even houses. (Page 23) 6. Ash and Lava poured down the mountain, set fire to hundreds of houses. (Page 25) 7. The hurricane lasted for two days. It was terrified. (Page 28) 8. Fortunate, we put all the fires out quite quickly. (Page 28) 9. Fires causing by the California Earthquake did the most damage. (Page 29) 10. In some communities, 60 percent of the population was killed. (Page 29)

Module 4 1. To have caught in a sandstorm is a terrible experience. (Page 32) 2. This is a process that happens when land becomes desert because climate changes. (Page 32) 3. To prevent desert come nearer, the government is planting trees. (Page 32) 4. When a sandstorm arrives in the city, weather experts suggest people not to go out. (Page 32) 5. Traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust makes that difficult to see. (Page 32) 6. Trees take in carbon dioxide and give away oxygen. (Page 35) 7. At this point I couldn’t agree with him much. (Page 36) 8. I can’t help but to feel very concerned. (Page 36) 9. The garbage is then taken away and, if possibly, recycled. (Page 39) 10. If you have difficulty finding seven ideas, ask other pair to help you. (Page 40)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Treat others in the way which you want to be treated. (p41) It was a time where there were many great philosophers. (p43) Confucius is the philosopher his influence has been the greatest. (p43) For many years he travelled from state to state, teach the principles of Confucius. The reason why man is different from animals is because man is good. (p43) Born in 476BC, he came from a family which it was very poor. (p43) This is the house which the inventor lived. (p47)


1. Three quarters of China’s energy are produced by burning coal. (p53) 2. The dam will generate electricity equally to about 40 million tons of caal without causing so much air pollution. (p53) 3. About 800 historic relics have been subemerged. (p53) 4. More than a million people lived in the region have moved from their homes. ( p53) 5. The Three Gorges Dam is a hydro-electric project which has brought end to the danger of flooding. (p57) 6. The tallest buiding which I have seen is the Empire State Building in New York. (p51) 7. Most of the Great Wall dating from the Ming Dynasty. (p52)

答案: Module 1 1.on→off 2.and 后加 is 3. of→as 4. after→by 5. 去掉 were 6. Facing→Faced 7.were→ was 8. in →on 9. comparing →compared 10. bigger→big Module2 1. up 后加 to 2. goes→go 3. safely→safe 4. progresses →progress 5. Interesting→Interestingly

6. to→of

7.去掉 of

Module 3 1. that →who 2.去掉 was 3. moved 前加 had 4. after→little 5. out →up 6. away →out 7. terrified→ terrifying 8. Fortunate →Fortunately 9. causing →caused 10. was →were Module 4 1. caught 前加 been 2. because 后加 of 3. come →coming 4. suggest →advise 5. that →it 6. set →setting 7. much →more 8.去掉 to 9. possibly →possible 10. other →another Module 5 1.which →that 或在 which 前加 in 或去掉 which 2. where →when 3. his →whose 4. teach →teaching 5. because →that 6. 去掉 it 7. which→where 或在 which 前加 in 或 lived 后加 in Module6 1.are →is 2.equally →equal 3. historic →historical 4. lived→living 或在 lived 前加 who 5. brought 后加 an 6. which→that 7. dating →dates

必修 4 单句改错练习题

1. 2. 3. 4. There are plenty of things about city life in the future where are not certain. As earth’s natural resources are run out, we should care for the environment. In the future, the city will load huge spaceships to waste materials. Everyone will be given a telephone number at birth that will never change to matter when they live. 5. Senior citizens will be able to go anywhere in the world using high-tech cameras attached their head. 6. With the first moon colonies predicted, work is now under process. 7. They are building some types of building for man to stay in which they are on the moon.

1. Simply raise your hand, so a taxi appears in no time.(p12) 2. Have you ever been struck in a traffic jam? (p11) 3. There are 20000 buses and trolleybuses in Beijing, but they can get very crowding. 4. Tricycles are worth of using if you want to explore the narrow alleys of old Beijing. (p12) 5. They should close the city centre to all traffic except for buses and bikes. (p18)

6. It’s enough to drive you madly. (p18) 7. It suddenly occurred me how we could improve the situation. 8. There are four underground lines in Beijing, and several lines are under the construction. (p18) 9. The town is old and the streets are narrow, so there is no rooms for bus lanes. 10. He’s always in bad mood on Mondays.

1. Although these are very important, we communicate with no more than just spoken and written words. (p22) 2. Body positions are part of that we call “body language”. (p22) 3. We are in gard until we know it is safe to relax. (p22) 4. One person holds up his hand, palm outwards and five fingers are spread. (p22) 5. People give out much more by their gestures than by their words. (p22) 6. In Thailand you mustn’t touch someone on his head. 7. They spent a great deal money. 8. We clap at the end of a living performance. (p29) 9. He requested that we finished the work in one day. 10. Greeting in Asian countries do not involve touching the other person, but they always involve the hands. (p22) 11. But some occasions which people change from one country to another. (p29)

1. In the rice-grown world, Yuan Longping is a leading figure.(p32) 2. Researchers were brought up from all over China to develop the new system. (p32) 3. He thought that the key to feed people was to have more rice. (p32) 4. Her uncle managed to support such a large family by sells newspapers. (练习册 p47) 5. Banans are usually sold by dozen.(练习册 p47) 6. He studied the agriculture in college. (p32) 7. He attached two big kites for the chair, and 47 rockets to the kites. (p39) 8. Quantities of money has been spent on the project. (练习册 p43) 9. As a result of Yuan Longping’s discoveries Chinese rice production rise to 47.5 percent in the 1990’s. (p32) 10. The Chinese discovered that the gas escaped from the tube could lift it into the air.(p39)

1. The soldiers’ description of the monster is mostly detailed. (p53) 2. Read the beginning of the passage and decide where it comes. (p52)

3. The Yeti lives highly up in the Himalayas. (p51) 4. The soldiers watched the creature swim for about two minutes. (p52) 5. One bullet passed by, but a second hit the boy in his chest. (p52) 6. I’m sceptical on his chances of winning. (p53) 7. He was close to give up after he failed again. (p51) 8. In China, the dragon was a bringer of good fortunes(p59) 9. Why shall the dragon have a different character in different parts of the world? 10. Due to the bad weather, we didn’t finish the task on time. (p59) 11. —What has happened to Tom? 12. —I don’t know. He must have got lost. (参考书 p73)

必修 4 单句改错练习题答案

1. where →which 2. 去掉 are 3. to→with 4. when→where 5. attached 后加 to 6. under→in 7. which →when

Module2→and 4. 去掉 of 5. 去掉 for 8. 去掉 the 2. .struck→stuck 3. crowding→crowded 6. madly→mad 7.occurred→ struck 或在 occurred 后加 to 9. rooms→room 10. in 后加 a

1. 去掉 no 2. that →what 3. in →on 4. 去掉 are 5. out →away 6. his →the 7. deal 后加 of 8. living→live 9. finished →finish 10. Greeting →Greetings 11.which 前加 on 或把 which 改成 where

1. rice-grown→rice-growing 3.feed →feeding 4. sells→selling 5. by 后加 the 2. up →in 6.去掉 the

7. for→to 9. to →by

8. has→have 10. escaped→escaping

1. mostly→most 2.comes 后加 from 3.highly →high 4. swim →swimming 5. his →the 6.on→about/of 7. give→giving 8. fortunes→fortune 9. shall →should 10. Due→Owing 11. must →may/might




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