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U16-L3学案Helen Keller (Reading)

U16-L3 Life stories Helen Keller (Reading)

Teaching Objectives(教学目标) 1. Learn to use some useful reading strategies(阅读策略): ? to predict the general idea ? to guess unknown words from the context. 2. Find out detailed information in the text. Teaching important points(教学重点) How to develop students’ reading strategies Teaching difficulty(教学难点) How to predict the unknown words Pre-reading(阅读前) Reading strategies (1) 1 Before reading, look at the title, pictures and the first couple of lines of the text. Predict what kind of text it is and what it is about. 2 Read the first sentence of each paragraph to get the general idea . Reading(阅读中) Read the first sentence of each paragraph quickly to find out the answer. 1 What is the text going to tell us? A how Helen Keller learned to play games. B. how Helen Keller learned the words. C. how Helen Keller communicated with her teacher. 2 Guess new words (you may use words ,phrases or even sentences before or after the new word to help you) (1)Helen was a very special girl who needed a superb teacher. A awful B distinguished (2) This was because Helen couldn’t see or hear. With these severe restrictions on her communication, Hellen’s behavour was often unbearable. ? A advantages B limits (3 ) Children who can see and hear learn language easily but for Helen, it was a gradual and sometimes painful process. A sudden Reading strategy (2) ? Read questions and try to think of possible answers. Read the text again. Then find

B slow

answers to the questions in the text. 1 If you were Miss Sullivan, which one you would teach first love water doll think

2Read the text and work in pairs to find out how Anne Sullivan taught the words to Helen. Fill in the blanks with words or phrases.

Anne Sullivan let Helen ______________ the doll and ________ the letters __________________.

Anne let water ________ one of Helen’s hands and ________ the letters into the other hand. Helen had a _________________.

“Think” was also difficult but Helen had ______________. When Helen ___________ her mistakes when making necklaces, Anne _______ Helen’s head and _______ “think” into her hand.

Anne _____ her arm ______ round Helen. She ____ Helen _____ to her and pointed to ______________.


After Helen asked again if love was __________, Anne told her that love could not be ___________ but she could _______________________ of love. Post-reading(阅读后)

1Correct errors 短文改错 Nick is a 31-year-old Australian man, which life is full of hardships. He born without arms or legs, so some people used to making fun of him and said he looked like a monster. Doing normal things seemed impossible to him. Therefore, Nick never gave up. and after many failure, he finally learned to swim, fish and even surf. What that surprised us is that he completed a university education and get two degrees. Now he is the CEO of two companies. when ask about the secret of his success, Nick's answer is "Attitude is altitude". In his eyes, nothing is impossible whether he is determined to overcome any difficulties. She thinks a positive attitude is the key to succeed. 知识梳理
? ? 1.As Helen’s knowledge and vocabulary expanded,she asked more and more questions. 随着海伦知识和词汇的增加,她问的问题越来越多了。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

【精讲拓展】 (1)more and more 表示越来越多;比较级+and+比较级表示越来越…… Why are more and more people in China interested in learning English? 为什么在中国越来 越多的人对学习英语感兴趣? (2)as 引导时间状语从句,意为“随着,当……的时候”。 ③但属下列情形时,只用 as,而不用 when 或 while。 a.用于表示同一个人的两个动作交替进行,指“一边……,一边……”。 The girl dances as she sings on the stage. b.表示两个同步发展的动作或行为,译为“随着……”。 As time went on/by,she became more and more worried. c.后接名词表示某一年龄段时,用 as。 As a young man,he was active in sports. (2)as=since,作“既然”“由于”解,引导原因状语从句,常用来表示已为人们所知或显而易 见的原因或理由。 As/Since you’re not feeling well,you may stay at home. (3)as=in the way that,作“像”“按照……的方式”解,引导方式状语从句。 He speaks English as Americans do. (4)用于或 not so/中,前一个 as 是副词,后一个 as 是连词,引导比较状语 从句。 I don’t speak English so/ as well as he does. (5)“虽然”“尽管”,引导让步状语从句。常用倒装,adj./adv./n.+as +主语+谓语+主句。 Tired as they were,they walked on.Child as he is,he knows a lot.(child 前不用冠词) as 作关系代词 (1)引导非限制性定语从句,作“正如”“这一点”解。 As is wellknown,Taiwan belongs to China. as 的这种用法,请看下面的高考题: ________ is known to everybody,the moon travels round the earth once every month. A.It B.As C.That D.What 经常搭配 as is mentioned above;as is often the case;as you have seen;as we all know 等。 (2)当先行词被 the same,such 等词修饰时,常用 as 来引导定语从句。

Such a clever boy as he can learn everything quickly. I was reading the same book as he bought yesterday. as 作介词的用法: as 引导的介词短语大多用作状语,as 译为“作为”;少数情况可引起宾语补足语。 As a League member,I’ll take the lead in everything.(状语) She works as a doctor.(状语) They treat me as one of their own children.(引起宾语补足语) 即学即用 According to statistics,a man is more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer ________ a woman.(2009· 江西,24) A.than B.such ? ______ I explained on the phone,your request will be considered at the next meeting. ? A.When B.After C.As D.Since Ⅰ. 单项填空 ? 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 ? 1. Freezing is at present one of the most important methods of vegetables.

meats and

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

A. remaining B. maintaining C. containing D. preserving 2. My sister likes eating very much but she isn’t about the food she eats. A. special B. strict C. particular D. unusual 3. I was almost totally at a loss, but then an idea suddenly to me. A. occurred B. happened C. appeared D. started 4. The public service industries are rapidly in China. More than a million jobs will be created within the next five years. A. expending B. expanding C. spending D. stretching 5. If you happen to my lost papers while you are looking for your book, let me know at once by telephone. A. come out B. come up C. come across D. come over 6. The more civilized man has become, he is limited by the disadvantage of his environment. A. the more B. the less C. and the more D. and the less 7. Following his advice would have made us avoid such cold and hunger. A. suffering B. suffer C. suffering from D. to suffer 8. When I was walking in the street, I to meet a friend of mine. A. happened B. broke out C. occurred D. took place 9. The engineers have refused the employer’s proposals to end the strike and the other workers have also come out in . A. fantasy B. sympathy C. particularly D. fairy 10. —Did you remember to give Tom the ticket for the concert? —Yes. I gave it to him I saw him. A. while B. the instant C. suddenly D. once 11. —What were you doing when I phoned you? —I my homework and was starting to take a shower. A. had just finished B. was finishing C. finished D. have finished 12. I have lost my walkman. I it on the school bus. A. must leave B. must have left C. must be leaving D. must have been left 13. It was in the hall we met yesterday the meeting was held. A. that; that B. which; which C. where; which D. where; that 14. In a sudden of anger, the man tore up everything within reach. A. attack B. split C. breakthrough D. burst 15. The boss 40 pounds from Tom’s salary without any good reason. A. kept back B. brought down C. cut off D. held up

Attitude is altitude


? Keep your face to the sunshine ,and you will not see the shadow .---------Helen Keller There is no greater disability that we have in our life than to make the decision to give up. When you give up, there is no hope. You can only win, if you don’t give up. ---Nick ? 人生最大的残障莫过于决定放弃。当你一旦放弃,便再没有希望。 只要不放弃,便一定会成功。 ?

Never give up!

Never be discouraged by difficulties!


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