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高三英语课件M10 U3 language points



Language points, M10U3

Aids Today

Please try to find out the following
useful expressions and underline them in the article.

1.远方地一声尖叫 a far-off scream L1 2. 给某人洗澡 bathe sb. L2 3. 因为艾滋病失去 lose one’s father to Aids L4 父亲 4. 死于某种疾病 die of / from L5 5. 攻击身体地免疫 系统 attack the body’s immune system L7 6. 没有任何外在的 症状 have no outward symptoms L10

7. 被感染的人

infected people (line 10)
8. 变弱的免疫系统 a weakened immune system (line 12) 9. 以令人恐怖的速度传播

spreading at a frightening rate (line 17) 10. 未加防护的性行为 unprotected sex (line 19)

11. 血液接触 blood-to-blood contact L19 12. 母婴传播 mother-to-child transmission L19 account for L21 13.占据(百分比) 14. 选择流产 seek an abortion L25 15. 拿孩子的健康 冒险 risk their child’s health L25 16. 赞同某种观点 subscribe to the view L27

17. 感染率 the infection rate L28 18. 其他任何地方 everywhere in between L30 19. 检验和观测疾病 test and monitor the disease L40 20. 全身心致力于 devote one’s body and soul to L45 21. 参与,卷入 be involved in L49

22. 建立治疗中心 set up treatment centers L55 23. 处于危险中的人 people at risk L68 24. 除了政府的努力外 apart from government efforts L43 aside from / in addition to / besides

Aids Today

Key sentences

1.Eleven-year-old Ajani hears a far-off yell when / while scream as he washes his little sister in a bath that leaks water. during the time that sth. is happening 2.While he bathes her, he waits for to cry noisily his mother to return; he doesn’t sob because no one has told him yet what happened. (line1-4)

When 3. As the immune system weakens, it loses the ability to fight illness. (line1-4)

4. Ajani and his sister lost their father to Aids two years ago, and now their mother has died of the same disease. (L4)

If we use the phrase “lose someone to a certain illness,” it means “the person has died of the illness.”

If action is not taken, more and more children will lose their parents to Aids and become orphans.

When the verb lose is followed with the preposition to, it means “to be defeated”. ◆ In the semi-final of the World Cup, the German football team lost to Italy, which made the German people very disappointed.

5. There is no cure for HIV or Aids, and after a person has been infected, he or she will always carry the virus. (L8)

cure: n. a medicine or a treatment that can make a sick person become well again治愈, 治疗, 药物; 疗法 Prevention is far better than any cure. ◆ His doctor promised him that the new medicine would be the cure for That’s the cure for the firm’s problem. his illness.

Cure: v. to make a sick person become well again Before the widespread use of penicillin in World War II, almost no doctors were able to cure tuberculosis.(肺结核 )

be infected with (a disease): a disease to be passed to a person, an animal or a plant.

If you cut yourself, you must make sure that you keep the area of the cut clean, or it might get infected.

People who have been infected with a disease must take care not to infect others around them. ◆ If chickens are infected with a dangerous disease, such as bird flu, they will need to be killed. ◆ Dirt infected an open cut.


6. Unprotected sex is the most common way that the virus is spread, accounting for 75 percent of adult infections worldwide. (line 20)

account for: to be the explanation or cause of something; to make up a particular amount or part of something

来自日本的进口货物占进口总量的 40%。 Imports from Japan accounted for 40% of the total. 你能解释为什么错过考试吗? Can you account for missing the school exam? The hot weather accounted for the rise in sales of cold drinks.

7. To avoid this, some infected women seek an abortion rather than risk their child’s health. (line 24) seek: to look for, to try to achieve or get something寻求,设法获得 After World War II, many people left Europe to seek refuge in the USA. (寻求 庇护) seek—sought—sought

8. Although many people are familiar with Aids and how it is transmitted, more than a few people subscribe to the view that HIV and Aids are an African problem because the infection rates there are very high. (line 26)

support, agree with


Transmit: to send out electric signals, messages etc by radio or other similar equipment;broadcast 发送,播送, 播放(电子信号,信息等) The US Open will be transmitted live via satellite.


Transmit: to send or pass something from one person, place or thing to another 传送,传递,传播 An infection transmitted by mosquitoes

Glass transmits light but not sound.

transmitter 发射机,发报机

9. According to WHO estimates from 2005, more than 4 million children had died from Aids, … (L32) estimate: n. [C] a calculation of the value, size, amount etc of sth. That seems a conservative estimate.

estimate: to try to judge the value, size, speed, cost etc of sth. The mechanic estimated the cost of repairs at $ 150. 修理工估计维修费用为150美元。 Iraq is estimated to have over 100 such weapons. 估计伊拉克有100多件这样的武器。

It is estimated that between 70 and 90 percent of car crimes occur in the daytime.
It is difficult to estimate how many deaths are caused by passive smoking each year. 很难估计每年有多少人死于被动吸烟.

at a rough estimate 据大致估计
据大致估计, 他一定已经走了20 英里。 At a rough estimate, he must have walked twenty miles.

10. The government is working hard to control the Aids epidemic, and has opened labs to test and monitor the disease. (line 39-40)政府努力工作 以控制艾滋病传播,已经开设了实 验室来检验和观测这种疾病。 monitor: to check on the progress of sth. ; to watch sth. or sb. carefully so as to find out what is happening

The president of the company will monitor how a large sum of money is used. 护士很细心地监察病人的状况。 The nurse monitored the patient's condition carefully.

据说警方在那段时间监听了他的 电话。 It is said that the police monitored his phone calls during that period. The patient was connected to the monitor. 病人被接上了监测器。

11. In 2003, the government also started providing free drugs for Aids patients in need. In 2003, the government also started providing free drugs for Aids patients (who are )in need (of drugs). 2003年,政府还开始为有需要的艾滋 病人提供免费药物。

12. Dr David Ho, a Chinese American leading Aids expert, has devoted his body and soul to bringing up-to-date technology and international attention to China’s Aids problem. (line 44) 美籍华裔杰出艾滋病专家何大一博 士已全身心地致力于引进最新技术, 吸引国际关注中国地艾滋病问题。

one’s life

one’s body and soul devote oneself to one’s efforts one’s time


He has devoted his whole life to benefiting mankind. He was still devoted to the study of chemistry. 他仍专心致力于化学研究。 keep body and soul together 能活下去 He is so poor that he cannot keep body and soul together.

13. The work of international organizations , such as the United Nations, is even more important when you consider how much more severe the situation around the world could become. (line 58 ) 当你考虑到全球范围情况会变得有 多么严重时,联合国一类的国际组 织的工作就显得更加重要。

14. The number of children who have lost both parents to Aids is also expected to rise, reaching more than 26 million in 2010. (line 62 )
reaching more than 26 million in 2010 作结果状语

It was unbelievable that the fans waited outside the gym for three hours just _____a look at the sports stars. (上海卷) A. had B. having ● C. to have D. have

_________ more about university courses, call (920) 746-3789. (浙江卷) ● To find out A. B. Finding out C. Find out D. Having found out

Daddy didn’t mind what we were doing, as long as we were together, _________fun. (重庆卷) A. had B. have ● having C. to have D. 用现在分词表伴随情况。

Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start of the year, _________a record US $ 57.65 a barrel on April 4. (山东卷) A. have reached ● reaching B. C. to reach D. to be reaching

The storm left, _________a lot of damage to this area. (全国卷I) A. caused B. to have caused C. to cause D. ● having caused 因暴风雨给这个地区“造成损失” 是在“结束”之前,所以用完成 式。

15. Because their mother has access to prescription Aids medications during pregnancy, they did not get HIV from her. (L65)由于他们地妈妈在怀孕期间使用

了处方艾滋病药物,他们没有从 她那里感染艾滋病。 Only a few people have access to the full facts of the case. 只有少数几个人能看 到有关该案全部事实的材料。

16. He believes that educating people at risk, as well as treating infected people, is the key to stopping the disease in the future. (line 68)

educating people( who are) at risk 那侦探认为那把丢失的枪是侦破 这宗疑案的线索。 The detective believes the missing gun is the key to the mystery.

这是世界和平的关键。 This is the key to world peace.

The captain was the key of their team.


P117, D1, D2(1-4)


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