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初中英语人教版八年级下册Unit 3 Section A 1a-2d

Unit 3 Could you please clean your room?
一.Chinese-English 1.洗餐具 3.叠衣服 5.扔垃圾 7.遛狗 9.出去吃早饭 11.在外面待到很晚 二.Listen 1b again and fill in the blanks. Peter’s grandma is coming over. So Peter’s mother and Peter ________ clean the house. Mom needs to __________ the kitchen. She can ___________ and _____________. Peter needs to ________ the rubbish, ______ his ______ and ______ his ______. His mom has to _________ before his grandma arrives, too. 三.Listen 2a,Why does Peter’s father say “no”? Write the reasons in the chart below. Peter wants to… go out for dinner. go to the movies. stay out late. get a ride. Peter’s father says… His father’s reasons Yes Yes No No You have I have to 2.铺床 4.扫地 6.打扫客厅 8.去商店买饮料和小吃 10.去看电影 12.搭车

四.Read the dialogue in 2d, the translate these sentences. Sister: Tony,1.could you please help out with a few things.

Brother: 2.我能至少看完这个节目吗?

Sister: No. I think two hours of TV is enough for you! Brother: Fine. 3.你想让我做什么?

Sister: 4.你能倒垃圾,叠衣服和洗餐具吗?

Brother: So much? Sister:Yes,5.because Mom will be back from shopping any minute now.

And 6.如果她看到这么乱,她会不高兴的。

Brother: But the house is already pretty clean and tidy. Sister: Yes, well, it’s clean, 7.but it’s not “mother clean”!

五.Read the dialogue in 2d, then answer the questions below. 1.What chores does the sister want her brother to do?

2.Where do you think their mother is?

3.Who’s really the boss at home, the boy, the girl, or the mother?

六.Translate the sentences. 1.请你替我开门,好吗?

2. - 请你洗餐具,好吗?

- 对不起,我不能,我得做作业。

3.你能倒一下垃圾吗? 当然可以。

4.你能铺一下床和叠下衣服吗? 不行啊,我明天有考试。


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