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U3 习题

核心词汇 1.Hearing the gun,the enemies were horrorstruck and____________(逃跑)in all directions. 2.The businessman___________(抛弃)his wife and went away with all their money. 3.You must be very careful to cut meat with this____________(锋利的)knife. 4.She sat____________(思考)on how much had changed since she’d bought the farm. 5. One of the firemen went back in and____________(拖)my husband out through the flames. 6.A man in a(n)____________(整洁的)grey suit sat on the other side of the bar. 7.Generally speaking,if you want to shoot the ____________(目标),you must aim at it a little bit higher because of the effect of gravity on the arrow. 8 . I ____________remember the picture he drew last week whose colors were____________.(vivid) 9.用 witness 的适当形式填空 (1)The two ____________to the accident said the driver appeared to be drunk. (2)The crash was ____________by millions of viewers who were watching the race on TV. 高频短语 1.________________ 2.________________ 3.________________ 4.________________ 5.________________ 6.________________ 7.________________ 8.________________ 9.________________ 10.________________

优于;在……前面 瞄准 在此期间;与此同时 帮助(某人)摆脱困境或危难 对……知道、明白;意识到 上下翻转 吓死了 举起,抬起;支撑;阻挡, 使延误 即将;将要 靠近


完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Many young people in the United States never finish high school. Exactly how many drop out is another issue. Recent studies of 36 rate have had conflicting results. For one thing, schools define and measure their dropout rates 37 . Some researchers say about 15 to 20 percent of public school students do not 38 their education on time. 39 many other experts and policymakers believe that for the past 20 years, the dropout rate has been around 30 percent. For Latino and black students, the 40 are even larger. Researchers say almost half of them 41 school. At the same time, almost half of the states let students leave school 42 the age of 18 without informing their parents. Finding a good job 43 a high school education is becoming more and more difficult. A Northeastern University 44 in 2002 found that almost half of all

dropouts aged 16 to 24 did not have a job. The 45 of a high school education can also 46 other problems. It is estimated that two-thirds of prisoners in the United States dropped out of high school. Recent studies have 47 that the majority of students who drop out do it because they are failing. Many are 48 with their classes or feel disconnected from their school and teachers. Some students feel that educators place low 49 on them. During the past 20 years, there have been efforts to 50 graduation rate through education reforms. Some communities are working on dropout 51 programs. These include some alternative high schools to meet special 52 . Experts think “early warning systems” can help 53 young schoolchildren at the risk of dropping out of high school. They say schools also need to get 54 more involved, especially if their children are 55 school often. 36. A. research B. finishing C. dropout D. completing 37. A. personally B. individually C. differently D. similarly 38. A. complete B. reach C. practise D. operate 39. A. And B. Besides C. Instead D. But 40. A. people B. students C. dropouts D. numbers 41. A. approach B. leave C. stay D. enter 42. A. after B. until C. before D. when 43. A. without B. together with C. out of D. off 44. A. project B. design C. sketch D. study 45. A. importance B. lack C. need D. requirement 46. A. lead to B. result C. conclude D. include 47. A. noticed B. watched C. shown D. inspected 48. A. bored B. interested C. indifferent D. unconcerned 49. A. outlook B. prediction C. remark D. expectations 50. A. decrease B. reduce C. increase D. unite 51. A. prevention B. conservation C. permission D. admittance 52. A. needs B. ways C. advantages D. means 53. A. receive B. accept C. get D. identify 54. A. mates B. teachers C. parents D. neighbours 55. A. missing B. staying C. leaving D. studying 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) For many years, women could only be seen on the seat behind the men operating the two-wheeled motorcycle. Now more and more women are taking the front seat. More than twenty million people in the United States ride motorcycles. Since 1998 the number of female bikers has risen sharply. Lady Sport Riders began in 1999 in Washington. The women formed the organization to share their love of motorcycle riding. But later it wanted to be more than just an organization for women to gather and ride motorcycles, so it started to organize events that help national health organizations and women’s shelters. It also permits women to share a strong sisterhood, and gives financial awards to poor students. Like other motorcycle clubs, the members of Lady Sport Riders also help their community. Different from male riders, female riders ride for more than fun. This sport

gives women a sense of freedom and control. Female riders have helped change motorcycle culture. More than five years ago manufacturers began making equipment especially for women. Some bikes now have smaller, softer seats and controls that are easier to reach. Modern clothes for riding now look good and still provide protection. In the past, women rode motorcycles that traveled at a moderate speed. Now theirs are as powerful as the ones men ride. Safety is very important when riding because the risk of injury is high. So the women wear protective clothing and equipment at all times, especially for the head. Lady Sport Riders believes women have earned their place in the sport of motorcycle riding. When speaking of male motorcyclists, the members of the club say, “They Made the Game. We Came to Play!” 56. What can we learn from the first paragraph? A. Motorcycle riding used to be considered a male sport. B. The number of female motorcyclists is now larger than that of male riders. C. Female motorcyclists are more skilled at riding than male riders. D. More and more women have an adventurous spirit. 57. In the beginning, Lady Sport Riders was organized to . A. allow women to take up motorcycling B. offer help to national health organizations C. share their great interest in the sport of motorcycling D. supply financial help to poor students 58. What do men motorcyclists mainly expect to get from motorcycling? A. Strength and power. B. A sense of freedom. C. Money and fame. D. Pleasure from this sport. 59. Compared with the past, the present equipment makes riding more ______ for women. A. difficult B. pleasant C. risky D. expensive 60. What is the purpose of the passage? A. To talk about the development of motorcycle riding. B. To talk about the characteristics of the sport of motorcycling. C. To introduce a female motorcycle club to readers. D. To talk about the role women have played in the sport of motor cycling.



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