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高三英语阅读与理解训打战练题 2
A BEUING (Associated Press 美联社) —China has a growing middle class, a tradition (传统) of expecting education and 21 million new babies every year. Selling educatioinal toys should be easy. While China may be the world’s biggest toy?maker, many of the best are exported (出口). Department stores here do not have enough high quality toys. It is said that the demand for educational toys is low. A US company, BabyCare, is trying to change that with a new way to sell toys in China. BabyCare works basically together with doctors in Beijing hospitals. People who join the company’s "mother club"can get lectures and newsletters on baby and child development at no extra cost, if they agree to spend 18 dollars a month on the company’s educational toys and child?care books. "We want to build a seven?year relationship with those people," said Matthew J. Estes, BabyCare’s president. "It starts during pregnancy (孕期), when the anxiety and needs are highest." BabyCare works on a one?to?one basis. Doctors, nurses, and teachers paid by BabyCare advise parents, explain toys that are designed for children at each stage (阶段) of development to age six. BabyCare opened its first store in China last June in a shopping center in central Beijing and another near Beijing Zoo. It plans to have 80 stores in China within six years. It is a new model for China and develops a market in young children’s education and health that no other companies are in. 56. What do the first two paragraphs mainly tell us? A. Educational toys and foreign toy markets. B. Problems with China’s toy market and education. C. Reasons for pushing sales of educational toys in China. D. Baby population and various kinds of toys made in China. 57. Which of the following is a fact according to the passage? A. Club members buy BabyCare products for free child?care advice. B. Doctors in Beijing help in making BabyCare products. C. Parents are encouraged to pay $ 18 for club activities. D. BabyCare trains Chinese doctors at no extra cost. 58. BabyCare is developing its business in China by. A. opening stores in Beijing hospitals B. offering 18?month courses on child?care

C. setting up children’s education centers D. forming close relationships with parents 59. Which of the following would be the most suitable title for the passage? A. Mother’s Club in China. C. American Company Model. B. BabyCare and Doctors. D. Educational Toys in China. B STAGE Keep it in the air: The Chaoyang Theater is one of the Beijing theaters to present acrobatics(杂 技 ) all year round. Top acrobatic artists invited from all over the country perform for Chinese and foreign tourists. The program contains trick cycling, leaping through hoops and Chinese magic tricks. Some of the artists have won prizes in international competitions. Time: 7∶15 p.m. Daily Place: 36, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District Tel: 65072421, 65071818 Use your head: Green Hat is a new drama given by a group of young Chinese actors. It’s a rewrite of American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous novel The Scarlet Letter. describes the heroine’s great courage in finding the true love against the public disagreement. Time: 7∶15 p.m. until March 5, except Mondays Place: China Children’s Theater Tel: 66037255, 66037265 Mix and match: Story of Puppets tells of a fairy, Zixia, who looks for true love in the human world. After watching a puppet play Peony Pavilion, she thinks there must be true love in reality, so she uses magic to turn the puppet characters into humans, wanting to fall in love with the puppet hero. But things don’t go as she planned... Li Liuyi, the director of the play has made several successful attempts to present different traditional operas in one play. This time he combines Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Pingju Opera along with a band, using the structure of modern drama. Time: 7∶ 30 p.m. until March 10, except Mondays Place: Small Playhouse of Beijing People’s Art Theater Tel: 65250123 Peking Opera: The Beijing Peking Opera Troupe will give two performances at the Chang’an Grand Theater. Each performance includes two classical excerpts(选段). One is Wenxi(a play focusing on singing and dancing); the other is Wuxi (a play full of acrobatic dancing). The first night will be The Crossroad and Presenting a Pearl of the Rainbow Bridge. And the second night It

will see the performance of The Goddess of Heaven Scatters Flowers and Havoc in Heaven. Time: 7∶30 p.m. February 27, 28 Place:Chang’an Grand Theater Tel: 86531043 60. We can learn from the text that. A. Story of puppets is a play held in China Children’s Theater B. the artists who have won prizes will perform magic tricks C. on March 5 there will be two plays for us to choose D. the artists in the Beijing Peking Opera Troupe are from all over the country 61. If a tourist wants to see a performance on March 15, he can call to book a ticket. A. 86531043 B. 65250123 C. 66037255 D. 65071818

62. According to the text, which of the following statements is true? A. The director of the Story of Puppets combines different operas in it. B. Green Hat is based on a famous novel acted by some American artists. C. Top Acrobatic artists will present their performances around our country. D. The Beijing Peking Opera Troupe will give two performances with the same excerpts.

C Beijing (Xinhua): When she appeared on stage, singing a Japanese song, hundreds of excited teenagers crowded around shouting, "Curarpikt (酷拉皮卡)!It’s Curarpikt!" At the Beijing Comic and Animation Expo last week, that’s exactly who Shi Jia was. The Senior 1 girl was cosplaying (角色扮演) "Curarpikt", a character from the popular Japanese comic book Hunter X Hunter (《猎人》)by Yoshihiro Togashi. "I cosplay Curarpikt because I like him," said the pretty 15?year?old girl. "I’m moved by his sad story and I’m attracted by his courage and personality." In the adventure comic story, Curarpikt, a handsome and kind?hearted boy, struggles to become a hunter so he can capture(掳获)the people who killed his tribe(部落). Shi has read all the comic books and is a big fan of the animated series(动画片)of Hunter X Hunter. Then last year she saw a real "Curarpikt"in a cosplay show. "I had watched cosplay shows before but only for fun," she explained. "It’s really exciting to see young people wearing the make?up and costumes of characters that you’ve read about and are familiar with." "But that time I just fell in love with cosplaying, probably because I like Curarpikt so much. I thought I could play the character better, so I decided to have a go."

Shi bought some cloth and asked a tailor to make a Curarpikt costume for her. She was delighted to find out there was a cosplay show in Beijing in October. "It’s a great way to spend the national holiday. Posing on the stage for all the comic book fans, I knew I was doing something I had always wanted to do," she said. But she never talks about her hobby with her parents. "They think it will distract me from my studies. I don’t want to upset them,that’s my secret hobby," she said. "It’s also why I don’t dye my hair for cosplaying like all the others." 63. What’s cosplay according to the passage? A.When cosplaying, comic fans wear costumes and pretend to be their favourite comic characters. B.Cosplay is a kind of performance in which you play a Curarpikt. C. Cosplay is a character from the popular Japanese comic book Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi. D.When cosplaying, some funny teenagers play some characters in the animated series. 64. Shi Jia cosplayed Curarpikt ______. A. in order to attract her fans B. because she liked animated series C. because she was greatly attracted by that role D. because it’s her secret hobby 65. The underlined word "distract" means_____. A. get rid of C. give courage to B. keep out of D. draw away attention of

66. Which of the following is wrong? A. Curarpikt was created by a Japanese cartoonist. B. Shi Jia’s parents were in favor of her performance. C. Shi Jia cosplayed Curarpikt successfully. D. Cosplay is popular with some teenagers. D James Cleveland Owens was the son of a farmer and the grandson of black slaves. His family moved to Cleveland when he was 9.There, "J.C., "he replied. She thought he had said "Jesse", and he had a new name. Owens ran his first race at age 13.After high school, he went to Ohio State University.He had to work part time so as to pay for his education.As a second? year student, in the Big Ten a school teacher asked the youth his name.

games in 1935, he set even more records than he would in the Olympic Games a year later.

A week before the Big Ten meet,

Owens accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. His back

hurt so much that he could not exercise all week, and he had to be helped in and out of the car that drove him to the meet. He refused to listen to the suggestions that he give up and said he would try, event by event. He did try, and the results are in the record book. and

The stage was set for Owens? victory at the Olympic Games in Berlin the next year,

his success would come to be regarded as not only athletic but also political.Hitler did not congratulate any of the African?American winners. "It was all right with me, "he said years later."I didn?t go to Berlin to shake hands with him, anyway." Having returned from Berlin, country, death. Owens? Olympic victories made little difference to him. He earned his living by looking motorcycles and he received no telephone calls from the president of his own

either.In fact, he was not honored by the United States until 1976, four years before his

after a school playground, and accepted money to race against cars, trucks, dogs.

"Sure, it bothered me, "he said later."But at least it was an honest living. I had to eat." In time, however, his gold medals changed his life."They have kept me alive over the

years, "he once said."Time has stood still for me.That golden moment dies hard." 67. Owens got his other name "Jesse" when. A. he went to Ohio State University B. C. his teacher made fun of him his teacher took "J. C."for "Jesse"

D. he won gold medals in the Big Ten meet 68. In the Big Ten meet,Owens. B. succeeded in setting many records

A. hurt himself in the back C. tried every sports event but failed

D. had to give up some events

69. We can infer from the text that Owens was treated unfairly in the US at that time because. A. he was not of the right race B. C. he was the son of a poor farmer he didnˊt shake hands with Hitler

D. he didnˊt talk to the US president on the phone 70. When Owens says "They have kept me alive over the years ",he means that the medals. A. have been changed for money to help him live on B. C. have made him famous in the US have encouraged him to overcome difficulties in life

D. have kept him busy with all kinds of jobs 71. What would be the best title for the text? A. Jesse Owens, A Great American Athlete B. Golden Moment — A Life?time Struggle C. Making A Living As A Sportsman

D. How To Be A Successful Athlete

E Have you ever dreamed of visiting a planet in the Milky Way (银河系)? While the trip sounds exciting, it would take years and years to reach your destination. So in the future, bedtime for astronauts may be more than a few hours of regular shut eye. They would have to sleep for years. European researchers are now conducting hibernation experiments. The study may help them understand whether humans could ever sleep through the years it would take for a spaceflight to distant planets. "If there was an effective technology, it could make deep?space travel a reality," said Mark Ayre of the European Space Agency last month. What seems like a science fiction is not completely unlikely. Researchers have been able to use chemicals to put living cells into a sleep?like state where they don’t age. They have now moved on to the small, non?hibernating mammals (哺乳动物) like rats. A major challenge is the fact that cells can be very simple systems, whereas body organs are far more complex (复杂的). "It’s like moving from a simple Apple computer to a supercomputer," said Marco Biggiogera, a hibernation researcher at Italy’s University of Pavia. Just like bears and frogs, the hibernation of human beings would cause a person’s metabolism (新陈代谢) to lower so they would need less energy. Medical research, however, is just half of a spaceflight hibernation system. There is a challenge of designing a suitable protective shelter (栖身所). Such a shelter would provide the proper environment for hibernation, such as the proper temperature. It would also have to monitor (监控) life functions and serve the physiological needs of the hibernator. According to Ayre, the six?person Human Outer Planets Exploration Mission (使命) to Jupiter’s moon (木星的卫星) Callisto, could be an opportunity to use human hibernation. The mission aims to send six persons on a five?year flight to Callisto, where they will spend 30 days, in 2045. 72.According to the article, the hibernation research _______. A. is just an ideaB. is always a science fiction C. has already finished successfullyD. has made some progress

73.In a hibernating state, a person needs ________. A. less sleep B. more food C. less energy D. more movement

74.The first try of the hibernation technologythe six?person Human Outer Planets Exploration Mission to Jupiter’s moon Callisto. A. will be C. is certain to be B. has been planned for D. may be

75.What is the best title of the article? A. Hibernation study for space travel C. To hibernate, to live longer B. Welcome to our space travel D. Welcome to the Milky Way

阅读理解训练题( 阅读理解训练题(二)解答提示 56.C 由第一段和第二段可知。 57.A 由第四段第二句可知。 58.D 由第五段第一句可知。 59.D 本文主要是谈中国具有教育性的玩具。 这是一篇广告, 主要介绍了北京朝阳剧院的杂技节目、 中国儿童剧院的戏剧 《绿帽子》 、 北京人民艺术剧院的《木偶戏》和长安大剧院的京剧节目播出的相关信息。 60.C本题为细节判断题。Story of Puppets是在北京人民艺术剧院演出而不是在中国儿童剧 院,故A不正确;由广告一可知参加演出的一些演员获过奖,而不是在这些节目由获过奖的 人演出,故选项B不正确;广告四并未提及京剧演出者来自全国各地,故选项D不正确;由 广告二、广告三可知这两个剧院在三月五号有演出,故有两个剧可选择。 61.D本题为细节判断题。在March 15继续举行演出的只有广告一中所提到的杂技节目,因为 演出是每天晚上`7∶15(7∶15 p.m. Daily)。 62.A 本题为正误判断题。由广告三可知Story of Puppets将融合京剧(Peking Opera), 昆曲 (Kunqu Opera),平剧(Pingju Opera)等,故A选项正确。 本文是一篇新闻报道类文章。主要介绍了在北京举办的观众喜爱的动画人物模仿秀的表演 中,一位特别引人注目的扮演 Curarpikt 的 15 岁女孩 Shi Jia 的有关情况。 63.A 通读全文可知本文是重点介绍上星期在北京举办的观众喜爱的动画人物模仿秀, 其中 一位特别引人注目, 她是扮演 Curarpikt 的 15 岁女孩 Shi Jia, 所以选 A。 动画片的角色很多, Curarpikt 只是孩子们喜欢的角色之一,所以可以排除 B;cosplay 文中已有该单词的注解, 意为"角色扮演",显然 C 项错误。被模仿的角色是动画片中的人物,文章所介绍的模仿秀是 在舞台上进行表演,不是在动画片中扮演角色,故也排除 D 项。 64.C 根据本文第三段 Shi Jia 之所以扮演 Curarpikt 是因为 she likes him and is attracted by his courage and personality,从文章的第三段她说的话可以证实。

65.D 根据 Shi Jia 在最后一段中所说的话"I don’t want to upset them,that’s my secret hobby..." 可以推测 distract 意为"分散注意力";get rid of:摆脱;keep out of: 不让某人进入,让某人 避开某物;give courage to:鼓励。 66.B 据第二段第二句话可以知道 A 项正确;从第一段观众对 Shi Jia 出现在台上的热烈反 应可知表演很成功,也由此可知 teenagers 十分喜欢动画片人物,因此排除 C、D 两项;从 最后一段 I don’t want to upset them, that’s my secret hobby.可知 Shi Jia 的 父母不支持她。 本文讲述美国著名运动员Jesse Owens生平的简要情况。 67.C 文中提到She (Owens? teacher) thought he had said "Jesse", and he had a new name。 68.B 文中提到"... later"。 69.A 从文章中可以推断是种族歧视的原因。 70.C 从keep sb. alive可以得知。 71.A 整篇文章都是讲的这名著名的运动员Jesse Owens。 E 星际探索固然重要, 可是怎样打发漫漫旅途呢?别急, 人类"冬眠"技术让你一觉睡到目的地。 结构层次:星际探索旅途遥远,漫长的时间难以打发;欧洲科学家正在研制"冬眠"技术;科 学家们需要解决两个问题:降低太空人的新陈代谢速度;给太空人提供理想的栖身处。 72.D 推理判断题。由原文第三段可以推出答案。 73.C 细节判断题。由原文第四段的最后一句可知。 74.D 推理判断题。由原文最后一段的第一句话中 could 一词的委婉语气可推出答案。 he set even more records than he would in the Olympic Games a year

75.A 标题判断题。认真分析原文可知,本文自始至终介绍的是在星际探索中使用冬眠技术 的研究情况,因此以 Hibernation study for space travel 为题既具有高度的概括性、强烈的针 对性,又具有一定的醒目性。



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