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【新课标人教版】2014届高考英语一轮复习精讲精练学案必修4 Unit 3 A taste of English humour

Unit 3 A taste of English humour Ⅰ.重点单词聚焦 1.I found it________(令人惊讶的) that the young player beat the chess master in the game. 答案: astonishing 2.He is a________(失败者) as an artist,but a success as an art teacher. 答案: failure 3. we work with a strong will, can ________(克服) any difficulty, matter how great it is. If we no 答案: overcome 4.They often________(款待) their friends at weekends. 答案: entertain 5.Elizabeth Fry helped to improve prison conditions and gave the________(无家可归的) work and education. 答案: homeless 6.After graduating from Peking University,he was________(幸运的) in having a good job. 答案: fortunate 7.I lived in an area of________(显著的) natural beauty. 答案: outstanding 8.Most________(表演者) feel nervous before they go on stage. 答案: performers 9.So far there is no________(令人信服的) evidence that there exists life in outer space. 答案: convincing 10.Some kids are very ________(挑剔的、特别的) about food.That’s why they don’t have a balanced diet. 答案: particular Ⅱ.重点短语扫描 1.up 2.badly 3.cut 4.cut 5.burst now 直到现在 穷的;缺少的 切断;断绝 砍倒,缩小,削减 laughter 突然笑起来

6.feel content 7.pick attention 10. to off off down into with out in to in Ⅲ.课文原句突破 the open air

对……满足 挑出;辨别出 担任主角;主演 注意 在户外

1.不幸的是他的父亲去世了,使得他的家庭状况更糟了,因此查理的童年是在照顾生病的 母亲和弟弟中度过的。 Unfortunately his father died,__________ ________ ________ ____________ ________

________,so Charlie spent his childhood looking after his sick mother and his brother. 答案: leaving the family even worse off 2.查理首先挑出鞋带来吃,像是吃意大利面条一样。 Charlie first picks out the laces and eats them________ ________ they were spaghetti. 答案: as if 3.在十多岁的时候,凭借着自己的幽默,查理已经在英国成为受欢迎的童星之一。 By his teens,Charlie________,through his humour,________one of the most popular child actors in England. 答案: had;become 4.随着时间的推移,他开始拍电影。 ________time went by,he began making films.

答案: As content adj.满足的,满意的;n.内容,目录,容量;满足;vt.使满足 教材原句 P18: made people laugh at a time when they felt depressed, they could feel more He so content with their lives. 在人们感到沮丧的时候,他可以使他们开怀大笑,于是人们就对自己的生活感到比较满足。

①To be honest,I’m very content with my life at present. 诚实的说,我对目前的生活心满意足。 ②That rich man is tired of city life, he is content to live in the country.那位富人厌倦了城市生 so 活,于是他愿意生活在乡下。 ③We should never content ourselves with book knowledge only. 我们永远不要仅仅满足于书本知识。 ④She dropped her purse and the contents fell out on the floor. 她的皮包掉下,里面的东西散落在地板上。 ⑤It is advisable to look at the contents page of a book before buying it.买书前最好先看一看目 录。 1.完成句子 Those________________________________( 满 足 于 现 状 的 人 ) will surely make no more advance in life. 答案: who are content with their present situations astonish vt.使惊诧 教材原句 P18:You may find it astonishing that Charlie was taught to sing as soon as he could speak and dance as soon as he could walk.你可能会感到惊奇,查理刚会说话时大人就教他唱 歌,他刚会走路时大人就教他跳舞了。

①It astonished me that he could be so thoughtless. 我真没料到他会如此轻率。 ②I was astonished to hear that he had got the job. 听说他得到那份工作我很吃惊。 ③China is developing at an astonishing speed,and will soon be one of the most powerful

countries in the world.中国以令人惊讶的速度发展,不久将成为世界上最强大国家之一。 2.用 astonish 的适当形式填空: To our great________,the boss wasn’t________ at the________news at all. 答案: astonishment;astonished;astonishing direct vt.& vi.导演;指挥;指示;adj.径直的;直接的;直率的;adv.直接地 教材原句 P18:Charlie Chaplin wrote,directed and produced the films he starred in. 查理· 卓别林自编、自导、自制他主演的电影。

①The opera was directed by the wellknown Chinese director,Zhang Yimou.歌剧由中国著名导 演张艺谋执导。 ②The old man is willing to stand on the bend and directs the traffic.这位老人乐意站在转弯处指 挥交通。 ③I like to make friends with anyone who is open and direct. 我喜欢和任何坦诚直爽的人交朋友。 ④It’s only a small improvement but at least it’s a step in the right direction.虽然这只是一个小小 的改进,但至少是朝着正确的方向迈出的一步。 ⑤Directly the teacher came in everyone was quiet. 老师一进来大家就安静了。 3.When I was in hospital , my mother made a promise that she would take me to Qingdao________I was well enough to travel,which________my recovery.;contributed to C.directly;attributed to B.directly;contributed to;attributed to

解析: directly 作连词, 表示“一……就……”, direct 没有此用法; contribute to 有助于……。 句意为:在我住院的时候,妈妈向我承诺一旦我恢复到可以出行了,就带我去青岛,这有助 于我的康复。 答案: B particular adj.特殊的;特别的;挑剔的;n.细节;细目 教材原句 P20:Children particularly would burst into laughter at his behaviour.孩子们尤其对他 的表演报之以大笑。 be particular about/over sth.对……讲究,挑剔

in particular 尤其,特别,格外 particularly adv.尤其,特别 ①I have nothing particular to do this evening,so let’s go out for a walk.今晚我没有什么特别的 事要做,咱们出去散散步吧! ②He is very particular about food while he doesn’t care about money.他对吃的东西特别挑剔, 而不在乎金钱。 ③Text messages are very popular in recent years,particularly among young people.近年来手机 短信大受欢迎,尤其在年轻人当中。 4.完成句子 我们应该尊重每一个人,尤其是我们的父母和老人。 We should respect everyone,our parents and the elderly________________. 答案: in particular whisper vi.& vt.低语,小声说;把(秘密等)悄悄传开;n.耳语,低语 教材原句 P22:Sherlock Holmes looked up at the stars and whispered,“Watson,when you look at that beautiful sky,what do you think of?”夏洛克· 福尔摩斯仰望着繁星,轻声问道:“华生, 当你望着美丽的天空时,你想到了什么?” whisper to sb.与某人耳语 in a whisper=in whispers=in a low voice 耳语地,低声地 It is/was whispered that...据秘密传闻…… ①She leaned over and whispered something in his ear. 她探过身去附耳给他说了些什么。 ②It was whispered that he would soon die and he did. 有人私下说他不久于人世,他果然去世了。 ③They sat at the back of the room,talking in whispers. 他们坐在房间的后面低声谈话。 5.In order not to let the others hear what he said,he________the news to me. A.shouted C.whispered B.told D.said

解析: 句意为:为了不让别人听见他说的话,他低声告诉了我这个消息。whisper 低声说; 低语,符合题意。

答案: C convince vt.使信服;使相信 教材原句 P18:The acting is so convincing that it makes you believe that it is one of the best meals he has ever tasted!令人心悦诚服的表演使你相信这是他吃过的最可口的饭菜了!

①You need to convince your interviewer of your ability to master the work.你需要让你的面试 官相信你有驾驭这份工作的能力。 ②His mother has been trying to convince him to see a doctor. 他妈妈一直设法说服他去看医生。 ③I managed to convince them that the story was true. 我设法使他们相信那故事是真的。 ④Scientists are convinced the positive effect of laughter on physical and mental health. 科学家们坚信笑对身心健康有积极影响。 ⑤There is now convincing evidence that smoking causes lung cancer.现有令人信服的证据说吸 烟能导致肺癌。 6.Scientists are convinced________the positive effect of laughter________physical and mental health. A.of;at C.of;on;in D.on;at

解析: 句意为:科学家们坚信笑对身心健康有积极影响。be convinced of 坚信,深信,确 信;effect 常与 on 连用,意为“对……的影响”。以上两个均属于固定搭配,故选 C。 答案: C badly off 穷的;缺少的 教材原句 P18: Unfortunately his father died, leaving the family even worse off, Charlie spent so his childhood looking after his sick mother and his brother.不幸的是他父亲去世了,他的家境更 加贫困,因此查理的童年是在照顾生病的母亲和弟弟中度过的。 ①We aren’t too badly off but we can’t afford a house like that. 我们并不是一文不名,但我们负担不起那样的房子。 ②The school is rather badly off for books and equipment. 这所学校相当缺乏书和设备。

③I went to her home and found her living condition was worse off than mine.我去她家一看,发 现她的生活状况比我的更差。 ④If he had worked harder when young,he would be well off now.如果他年轻时多努力一点, 现在就能过得舒服些。 ⑤To make matters worse/What’s worse,it began to rain while we were marching.使事情更糟的 是,在我们行进过程中,天下起了雨。 7.We shouldn’t complain about being poor,because many families are much_______after the big earthquake. A.better off C.well off B.badly off D.worse off

解析: 由句意和句子成分分析可知,空格处应用比较级,表示“更拮据,更贫穷,境况更 不好”,故选 D。well off 情况很好,富裕;badly off 穷的,缺少的。 答案: D pick out 挑出;辨别出 教材原句 P18:Charlie first picks out the laces and eats them as if they were spaghetti. 查理首先挑出鞋带来吃,像是吃意大利面条一样。 ①It took Mary a long time to pick out a new dress at the store. 玛丽花了很长时间才从那家商店挑选了一件新衣服。 ②A competition was held to pick out the best table tennis players.为选拔出最好的乒乓球选手 举行了一场比赛。 pick up 拾起,捡起;收拾,整理;(偶然)学会;用车接某人; 收听到;身体好转 pick up with sb.结识某人 pick and choose 挑三拣四 ③He picked up some French while he was away on a business trip in Paris.他在巴黎出差时顺便 学会了一些法语。 ④You’ll soon pick up health when you get to the seaside. 到了海滨,你就很快地恢复健康。 8.(2010· 山东卷)Sam________some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working

on it. A.brought up C.picked up B.looked up D.set up

解析: 句意为: Sam 只通过观看别人操作电脑便学到了一些电脑知识。 考查动词短语辨析。 bring up 抚养;look up 抬头看,查询;pick up 好转,开车接人,认出,学会;set up 建造, 搭起。根据句意故选 C 项。 答案: C 9.—How could you________my sister so easily in the crowd? —Because she stood out in her bright red dress. A.pick up C.take up B.pick out D.take out

解析: 句意为:“在人群中你怎么那么容易认出我妹妹来的?”“因为她穿着鲜艳的红裙子, 十分显眼。”pick out 认出,挑出,符合句意。pick up 拣出;take up 从事,学习;take out 拿 出,均不符合题意。 答案: B Unfortunately his father died,leaving the family even worse off,so Charlie spent his childhood looking after his sick mother and his brother. 不幸的是他的父亲去世了, 使得他的家庭状况更糟了, 因此查理的童年是在照顾生病的母亲 和弟弟中度过的。 ①His parents died,leaving him an orphan. 他的父母去世了,使他成为孤儿。 ②The child fell,striking his head against the door. 小孩摔了一跤,头在门上碰了一下。 ③European football is played in 80 countries,making it the most popular sport in the world. 八十个国家踢欧式足球,使它成为世界上最流行的运动。 现在分词作结果状语常表示“意料、情理之中”,而不定式作结果状语常表出乎意料的结果。 ④He hurried to the bus stop,only to find the bus had left. 他匆匆地去了车站,结果发现车已离开。 ⑤Her father disappeared,never to be heard from again. 她的父亲离家出走,从此杳无音讯。

10.(2010· 重庆卷)The news shocked the public,________to great concern about students’ safety at school. A.having led C.leading B.led lead

解析: 句意为:这条新闻使广大民众感到很震惊,引起了人们对在校学生安全的担忧。考 查非谓语动词作结果状语。首先排除 B 和 D 两项;having done 指动作先于谓语动词发生, 在此不符合语境,故只能选择 C。 答案: C By his teens,Charlie had,through his humour,become one of the most popular child actors in England.在十多岁的时候,凭借着自己的幽默,查理已经在英国成为最受欢迎的童星之一。 by 在加时间点引导的时间状语句子中,表示“到……为止,到……底”时,句子经常用完成 时态。 ①By 2010 the population of our city will have risen to over 20 million.到 2010 年,我们城市的 人口将超过两千万。 ②By this time of next year, of you will have become college students.到明年的这个时刻, all 你 们大家就都成为大学生了。 11.(山东高考)By the time he realizes he________into a trap,it’ll be too late for him to do anything about it. A.walks C.has walked B.walked D.had walked

解析: 句意为:到他认识到已经中计的时候,再做任何事情也就无济于事了。根据句意, 可知本句讲的是现在的事情,故用现在时,排除 B、D 两项,本句强调“已经中计”,用完成 时,故答案为 C。 答案: C Ⅰ.选词填空

1.__________________,Xu Jinglei has starred in a great number of famous films. 答案: Up to now

2.What worries us is that this is the third time the electricity has been__________________this week. 答案: cut off cut off;badly off;content with;pick out;be caught in;at times;up to now;in a mess 3.It’s very difficult to__________________the best composition,since they’re all so good. 答案: pick out 4.He__________________a heavy traffic jam and arrived late for the job interview. 答案: was caught in 5.You shouldn’t complain so much.Other people are much__________________than you. 答案: worse off 6.Not__________________his present job,he has been busy hunting for a new one. 答案: content with 7.Peter can be really difficult__________________even though he’s a nice person in general. 答案: at times 8.Tom is very untidy;he always leaves his room________________. 答案: in a mess Ⅱ.巧思妙解 1. (福建高考)What’s the________of having a public open space where you can’t eat,drink or even simply hang out for a while? A.sense B.matter D.opinion

解析: 句意为:在这样一个公共场所,你不可以吃、喝,甚至不可以走动,你会有什么样 的感觉?sense 感觉;matter 问题;case 情况,状况;opinion 观点。根据题意选 A。 答案: A 2.I am sure David will be able to find the library—he has a pretty good________of direction. A.idea C.experience B.feeling D.sense

解析: have a sense of...有……的感觉,该句意为“我敢肯定戴维能找到图书馆,他有很好 的方向感”。 答案: D

3.No matter how I tried to read it,I just couldn’t make______of this sentence. A.meaning C.sense B.thought D.idea

解析: make sense of 理解,明白。句意为“不管我怎么努力读,可就是不明白这个句子的 意思”。 答案: C 4.My aunt always loses her way when she is out by herself,because she has no________of direction. A.sense C.touch 解析: B.feeling D.scene have no sense of direction 是 习 惯 用 法 , 指 没 有 方 向 感 。 sense of

sight/hearing/smell/taste/touch 视/听/嗅/味/触觉。 答案: A Ⅲ.语法专练 本单元语法——v.- 作表语、宾语和宾语补足语 ing 1.(2011· 东城检测)The driver braked hard to avoid________a child coming in his way. A.hit C.hitting hit have hit

解析: 考查非谓语动词。此处谓语动词 avoid 后面要跟动名词作宾语,类似的动词与词组 有 enjoy,suggest,imagine,consider,dislike,risk,insist on,get used to,can’t help 等, 据此选 C 项。 答案: C 2.(2011· 陕西教学检测)It looks like my cousin,but I don’t remember him________a pair of glasses. wear C.wear B.wore D.wearing

解析: 考查非谓语动词。wear 和其逻辑主语之间是主动关系,故这里用现在分词作宾语 补足语。 答案: D 3.(2010· 湖南卷)Listen!Do you hear someone________for help?

A.calling call D.called

解析: 句意为:听!你听到有人正在求救吗?本题考查非谓语动词作宾补。设空处与宾语 之间为逻辑上的主谓关系,故排除 D 项;不定式作感官动词或使役动词的宾补要省去 to 且 不表示动作正在进行,故排除 C 项;因为表示动作正在进行,故排除 B 项;现在分词 calling 表主动且表正在进行,故为答案。 答案: A 4.(2010· 南昌二模)The plan to be carried out next month needs________among the members of the labor union before________. discuss;carrying out be discussed;carried out C.discussing;being carried out D.discussed;to be carried out 解析: 考查非谓语动词。need 表示“需要”,主语是物时,其后可以接动词的- 形式,此 ing 时用主动形式表示被动含义;第二空前的 before 在此是介词,其后接名词或动名词,故答 案为 C。 答案: C 5. (2011· 成都第一次诊断)At the airport, man dressed in a black suit was caught________on the a clean floor. A.spit C.spat B.spitting spit

解析: 现在分词作主语补足语。catch sb.doing sth.意为“发现某人正在做某事”。 答案: B


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Book4 Unit 3 A taste of English__ humour.doc

Book4 Unit 3 A taste of English__ humour_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 3 A taste of English humour 一、复习目标:帮助学生巩固和强化运用本单元...


【新课标人教版】(福建专用)2012届高考英语一轮复习精品学案:必修4 Unit 4 Body language_高考_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 4 Body language 导读:当你既不能说,...


2019届一轮复习人教版必修四Unit3AtasteofEnglishhumor单元学案(19页word解析版) - 2019 届一轮复习人教版必修四 Unit3A taste of Engli...


2018届高考英语一轮复习高效学案:必修3Unit3含答案解析_英语_高中教育_教育专区...后面加 a 3.marry 改为 marrying 4.for 改为 of 5.第二个 is 改为 am...

2014届高考英语(人教版)复习教学案:必修4 Unit 1 Women....doc

2014届高考英语(人教版)复习学案:必修4 Unit 1 Womenofachievement_英语_高中教育_教育专区。必修 4 Units 1~2 四、漫画类 Step Ⅰ 千里之行,始于足下。A...

新人教必修四 Unit 3 A Taste of English Humor词汇学案.doc

新人教必修四 Unit 3 A Taste of English Humor词汇学案_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。A taste of English humour 词汇学案人教版新课标 必修四 unit 3 ...

最新人教版高考英语复习必修4 unit1_图文.ppt

最新人教版高考英语复习必修4 unit1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高三大一轮复习学案 话题积累 基础盘点 要点精研 水滴石穿 自我演练 考点讲练 课时规范训练 第1页 ...

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