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【金榜新学案】人教必修4 Unit 2 Working the land第一学时_图文


Reading and Comprehension

1.Rice is a main food in all East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. What do you think would happen if tomorrow there was suddenly no rice to eat? It is said that there are 2.4 billion people to eat rice every day throughout the world.If tomorrow there was suddenly no rice to eat, the world would be in panic, some would die of hunger.

If so, people in the south people would have to change their eating habit.They could turn to potatoes, wheat flour etc.for food, which are the bases of the traditional food in North China.

2.Do you know some facts on hunger in the world? ①Every eight seconds, a child somewhere in the world dies from starvation.More than 6 million children under the age of 5 die from starvation every year. ② The African countries suffering most severely from food shortage are Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia

and Zimbabwe.

3.If you had the chance to help end hunger in the world, what would you do? If I had the chance to help end hunger, I would: Invent a new kind of plant to produce more food. Find a sort of fertilizer(肥料)to give rice enough nutrition. Stop the pollution to the environment and protect the soil in the field.

Task 1

快速阅读课文A Pioneer for all People,以约30词写出
文章的段落大意。 温馨提示: 本文是写人记叙文, 写摘要时要突出伟 人袁隆平的主要贡献。 __________________________________________________ ______________________ Yuan Longping, an ordinary person but famous scientist,

has been working hard to increase rice harvest without
expanding the area of the field, helping China as well as the world get rid of hunger.

Task 2

1.Why does Yuan Longping work the land? ( B )

A.Because he was born into a farmer’s family.
B.Because he needs to do his research on farming. C.Because he is interested in farming. D.Because he has a slim and strong body.

2.According to the text,in 1950,Chinese farmers could produce only ________ million tons of rice.( C )



3.The following are all Yuan Longping’s hobbies EXCEPT ________ . ( D ) A.listening to violin music B.swimming and reading C.playing mah-jong D.smoking and drinking

4.How does Yuan Longping feel about money? (

A )

A.Too much money can only bring more troubles than happiness. B.One has to own a large of money. C.Money is not important at all.

D.One has to spend all his money on his own research.
5.The whole passage mainly talks about ____. ( to solve the world’s hunger problem C ) to increase rice harvests
C.Yuan Longping’s achievements in farming D.Yuan Longping’s daily life

Task 3 根据课文内容,完成下面的表格: Name Born Yuan Longping 1.________


2.________ He has 3. ________ face and arms. His body is 4.________but 5. ________. All this makes him look like a real 6.________.

1.1930 2.from Southwest Agricultural College? 3.sunburnt 4.slim 5.strong 6.farmer

He succeeded in 7.________. He became the first agricultural 8.________ in Achievements

the world to grow 9._______ whose output is
high. He helped the government greatly increase the

10.________of grain.

①cares little for 11.________.

②has great 12.________.
8. pioneer 9.rice

7. growing super hybrid rice

10. output? 11. money 12. ambitions?

Task 4 根据课文内容,在下文空格中填上恰当的词语,使文章 连贯完整。 Famous scientist as he is,Yuan Longping considers himself a farmer. As a young man,Yuan Longping saw the great need for increasing the rice (1)_______.At the time,(2)_______was a disturbing problem in China. He wanted to increase rice harvests without (3)______the area of the fields. In 1973,a special strain of rice made it possible to produce 20% more of the (4)____in the same fields.(5)______to his research,the UN has more tools in the (6)______to rid the world of hunger. He is now (7)_____his rice knowledge in less developed countries to increase their rice harvests and he wants to (8)______his rice so that it can be grown around the globe. Though he has (9)________for the past

five decades,Yuan Longping is quite (10)________with his life.In his spare time,he enjoys listening to violin music , playing mah?jong,swimming and reading. (1)output (4)crop (7)circulating? (10)satisfied? (2)hunger (5)Thanks (8)export (3)expanding? (6)battle (9)struggled

一、请将课文A Pioneer for All People译成汉语, 然后 参考译文助读自主勘误。

造福全人类的先驱者 尽管是中国最著名的科学家之一,袁隆平仍然认为自 己是个农民,因为他在田间耕作,进行科学研究。的确,他 那被太阳晒得黝黑的脸庞和手臂,以及他那瘦削而又结实的 身躯,就跟其他千百万中国农民一样,过去50年来,他一直 在努力帮助他们。袁隆平种植的是被称为“超级杂交水稻” 的稻种。1973年,他成为世界上第一位种植高产水稻的农业 先锋。 这种特殊的稻种使得同样的田地多收获20%的产量。 如今中国每年出产的稻米有60 %以上出自这种杂交稻种。

于西南农学院。从那时起,找到水稻高产的方法就成为他一 生的目标。年轻时,他就看到了稻田增产的巨大需求。当时,

地面积的基础上寻求达到增收稻谷的途径。1950年,中国农 民只能生产5600吨稻谷,而近年来却生产了将近两亿吨稻谷。

这一粮食产量的增加意味着中国仅仅7 %的耕地养活了世界22
%的人口。袁隆平现在在印度、越南和很多其他欠发达国家 传播提高水稻产量的知识。由于他的研究,联合国在消除世 界饥饿的战斗中有了更多的方法。用他的杂交水稻种子,农 民们种出的粮食比以前多了一倍。

袁隆平对生活非常满足。但是,他对成名并不在意,并 且觉得出名后搞科研就不那么自由了。他宁愿把时间花在自 己的业余爱好上。他喜欢听小提琴乐曲、搓麻将、游泳和读 书。在自己身上花钱或者享受舒适的生活对他来说意义也不 大。事实上,他认为一个人有了太多钱,他的麻烦事只会更 多,而不是更少。于是,他拿出好几百万元帮助其他人进行 农业科学研究。 梦想是不花本钱的。很久以前,袁隆平曾在梦里看到水 稻长得像高粱一样高,稻穗跟玉米穗一样大,而每粒稻谷像 花生米一般大。他从梦中醒来,希望能种植一种能养活更多 人的水稻。如今袁隆平还有另外一个梦想,那就是他的稻谷 可以出口并长遍全球。一个梦想总是不够的,尤其对一个热 爱和关心人民的人来说更是如此。

二、 将下列词语译成英语,然后参考Unit 2的词汇表自 主勘误。
1.饥饿,欲望n.&v. ____________________

2.工作, 职业, 占领n.
3.谷物, 粮食, 颗粒n. 4.产量, 输出 n.

____________________ ____________________

5.庄稼, 农作物, 产量n. ____________________ 1.hunger 2.occupation 3.grain 4.output 5.crop?

6.评论, 议论, 表达意见 n.&v. ___________________

8.对……感到满意 9.幸亏, 由于 10.使……免受…… 6.comment 7.lead to satisfied with?

____________________ ____________________ ____________________

9.thanks to from...?

三、佳句背诵 1.的确,他那被太阳晒得黝黑的脸庞和手臂,以及

过去50年来,他一直在努力帮助他们。 Indeed, his________ and arms and his slim, strong body are just like_______ millions of Chinese farmers, for whom he has________ the past five decades. 1.sunburnt face, those of, struggled for?

2.袁隆平寻求一种在不扩大种植面积的情况下提高水 稻产量的方法。 Yuan Longping ________a way to increase rice harvests_______ the area of fields. 3.由于他的研究,联合国在消除世界饥饿的战斗中有 了更多的方法。

________his research, the UN has more tools in the battle ________the world______ hunger.
2.searched for, without expanding ? 3.Thanks to, to rid, of?


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