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高二英语u3 lp1

offend (vt.): to make sb upset or angry 冒犯,激怒; 使…不愉快

offend sb. 触怒,冒犯某人
如果你不按时出席会议,你将冒犯总统。 If you don`t attend the meeting/conference on time/schedule, you will offend the president.


sb be ~ed by/at/with sth/sb.
每个人都被他的话激怒了。 Everyone was offended by his words. She was a bit offended that her husband hadn`t follow her instructions. 丈夫没有遵照她的指示,她感到不愉快。

offend (vi.)
offend against: 触法、违反 offend against the laws 违法 ? n.冒犯, 犯罪: offence=offense take ~ 生气 ? adj. 无礼的;冒犯性的: offensive behavior/behaviour

sb. had better do sth. = may/might as well do sth

你最好充分利用你与生俱来的天赋。 You`d better make full use of your born gift.
I think you`d better devote yourself to you realizing your dreams, hadn`t _____ _____? or Better stay where you are, _____you’ll be punished.



疑问词+(n.)+不定式 做宾语

你应该清楚地知道何时何地执行这项调查。 You should clearly when and where to carry the know________________________________ survey/research/study out _____________________________________.

avoid vt. :to miss or keep away from 避免;避开


如果你足够仔细的话,许多错误就可以避免了。 If you are careful enough, many mistakes can be avoided. If you aren’t sure of the meaning of the word, avoid using it.

doing sth (gerund)

Many illnesses are avoidable.

avoidable adj. 可避免的

imagine vt.: form a picture in your mind 想象

sth/doing sth./that从句

你能想象你获得成功时的情形吗? ? Can you imagine the situation when you achieve success? + 名词 ? I could not imagine there ____ so many products in the supermarket. A. to be B was C. are D being ? Just imagine that you had the power to change one thing in the world. What would it be?

imagine vt

imagination n. 想象力 Jobs was a man of imagination. imaginable imaginary


The ___________ child made the wonderful equipment. ? The story is not real, it is only ________. ? The approach to this problem is ________.

call out 大声喊叫
? 对某人大声喊叫:

call out at sb
? call

back Call back as soon as you arrive at home.

Once the producers find the low-quality products, they will call them back.
召回; 撤销

? Call

off the sports meeting if it rains.
取消 = cancel

prefer v.: to choose one thing rather than another更喜欢, 宁愿
? ?

preferred, preferred, preferring 比起B来更喜欢A
prefer A. to B.


prefer doing A. to doing B.


比起做B宁可做A(prefer, rather)
prefer to do A. ( rather than do B.)

He said he preferred the country/rural life to city/urban life.


On holidays, he prefers reading novels to watching TV.

白领们宁可到外面吃饭也不愿自己做饭。 White collar workers prefer to eat out rather than cook by themselves.

prefer v.

preference n.偏爱;优先权 我对蓝色有着偏爱。 I have a preference for blue.

Blue is my preferred color. ? adj. 偏爱的,优先的


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高二英语u3 lp1 - offend (vt.): to make sb up


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