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《英语 1》第一章练习: 1. Before I knew it, I had spent ________ on the journey as had been

planned.twice as much
2. The furniture was at last arranged ________ her taste.To 3. The child ________ while on her way home after a game of tennis.Vanished 4. He tends to ________ his elder brother in the things he says and the way he

5. ”Why is the university doing so much building?”The number of students

________ that there aren’t enough classrooms.”has increased so rapidly
6. I was ________ that he had made so great progress in study.Amazed 7. Why are children so easily ________ by what their friends do, think, or

8. If you don’t like to go shopping, you ________ stay at home watching TV.may

just as well
9. I think it was your Dad ________ phoned.Who 10. The world ________ we live is in constant change.Where 《英语 1》第二章练习: 1. I ________ you all to take the time to read at least three novels on the list.Urge 2. Kim stepped into the conference room, ________ the situation quickly and

grabbed the phone from Catrina’s hand.sized up
3. The harbour can ________ large liners and cargo boats.Admit 4. The sad news broke her ________.Heart 5. Brazilian











6. The language spoken in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern

Ireland, however, remains English, and not British, though we do sometimes say British English to distinguish it ________ American English.From
7. Alex may be late. _________, he may not come at all.Worse still 8. John _________ his work as soon as he was out of hospital.Resumed 9. Kate’s first meeting with Tom went smoothly, _____ made her feel less

10. Let’s ________ everything and find out where the trouble was.go over 《英语 1》第三章练习: 1. I try to avoid ________ him face to face.Meeting 2. Within six years, the cable television industry will ________ in U.S., said

speakers at a New York conference Wednesday.Dominate
3. In a word, we have no doubt ________ you are perfectly sound in mind and

4. You misspelled a word. You ________ it up in the dictionary.ought to have

5. The report shows that poor families spend a large ________ of their income on


6. A

bus ________ into a canal in southern India Thursday, killing 34

7. In his ________ to catch the train, he left his luggage in the taxi.Hurry 8. Why do men ________ enjoying themselves with getting drunken?Associate 9. For wildlife enthusiasts the journey is ________ because the region is known for

its sea birds.Worthwhile
10. We were ________ tired ________ we could not work any 《英语 1》第四章练习: 1. The flat ________ of four rooms, with a kitchen and a bathroom.Consists 2. He ________ the door and ripped the top part of some sort of hinge.pulled on 3. He pursued his ________ of collecting stamps for so many yearshobby 4. If only I ________ more money, I could buy the new house.Had 5. He is so busy that he can’t ________ the services of a without 6. Scarcely had the speaker begun to talk ________ there were laughs.When 7. Don’t drop your cigarette butts on the floor. You could ________ fire to the

8. She says she is very sorry and realizes she ________ it.shouldn’t have done 9. She didn’t inform me of her decision. That is to say, I have no idea ________ she

will dismiss Linda.Whether
10. Please be patient ________ my aunt -- she’s old and forgetful.For 《英语 1》第五章练习: 1. People cried in ________ as they watched the building go up in flames.Horror 2. I’d like you to describe to my friend your exciting adventures in Africa ________

you have described them to me.As
3. No Iraqi prisoner would willingly subject himself ________ such abuse.To 4. Once we failed to pay the electricity bill, they didn’t hesitate to _________ us
5. Here tourists could hear the ________ stream splashing as water tumbles over

the dam, powering the overshot waterwheel.Mill
6. When no one answered the door, she ________ through the window to see if

anyone was there.Peered
7. It was when she lived with him that she found out the darker side to his

8. Two decades after liberation, war scenarios ________ Egypt again.Haunt 9. The old banknotes are being taken out of ________.Circulation 10. Falling into a sleeplike condition, he suddenly felt as though he ________

sinking in a mighty floodof water.Were
《英语 1》第六章练习: 1. ________ he prepared his lessons well; at other times he does very poor

work.Now and then
2. In a hospital for the mentally ill, much of the nurse’s time is devoted to

maintaining a safe environment for the patients and also helping them to understand and ________ essential safety measures.put into practice
3. He was a handsome young man, usually ________, in pleasant contrast to

Tottenhoe’s glumness.Cheerful
4. All ________ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life.that is needed 5. She anxiously ________ the faces of the men leaving the train in the hope of

finding her husband.Scanned
6. His advice was ________.paid much attention to 7. The ________ face sends a strong emotional message: “Do Not Disturb,” a

subtle sign used to keep others a polite distance away.Blank
8. We are ________ our trip until the weather grows warmer.Postponing 9. Some fish have a greater ________ for acid water than others.Tolerance 10. I could see that my wife was ________ having that fur coat, whether I approved

of it or not.intent on
《英语 1》第七章练习: 1. God ________ that you should ever regret your marriage.Forbid 2. The package had been badly ________ in the post.Crushed 3. I broke him of his bad habit before it could ________.take hold 4. I noticed in her book she makes only a brief ________ to her first

5. _______ with the veteran, I changed my view on life.Having talked 6. We dare not play jokes on her ________ she should become angry.Lest 7. He put his coat over the baby for fear that she ________ cold.should catch 8. ________ and the lecture began.In came the professor 9. More than 100 fire-fighters ________ Florida blaze on Monday.struggled with 10. He is ________ to visit us if he knows where we live.Likely 《英语 1》第八章练习: 1. Amy didn’t see your car, so she ________ you’d gone out.Assumed 2. She ________ about the time of flights to Shanghai.Inquired 3. As a result of the radio ________ for help for the earthquake victims, over a

million pounds have been raised.Appeal
4. ________ was proved that he was the guilty man.It 5. There are good books written ________ Dutch and English, and rubbish written

________ Dutch and English. The language is irrelevant,” said
6. She commanded that the troops ________ the water.Cross 7. He ________ his way through the crowd and followed her.Thrust 8. I regret ________ your advice.not having taken 9. He is ________ more hardworking than any of the other boys in the far 10. It was decided that the search ended 《英语 1》第九章练习:

1. The course ________ a class book, a practice book and an audio tape.Comprises 2. At least 76 people died when a Sibir Airlines Tu-154 ________ into the sea about

180 kilometers from the Russian resort of Sochi on Thursday.Plunged

3. Grandma was insistent that we ________ her soon.go and visit 4. ________, we’d better make some changes in the plan.That being the case 5. I really don’t want to go tonight and I’m trying to _______an excuse.think up 6. Our holidays were ruined by the weather; so ________ have stayed at home!
we might just as well

7. Helen











8. Ann has a fine reputation for being an old hand ______ cooking Italian food.At 9. The ants, ________, have their times for play.hardworking as they are
10. 11. A large part of human activity, particularly in relation to the environment, is I have always liked café and ________ in them even now. A café is an s ________ conditions or response to interactive (交互式的) place with a nice atmosphere where people meet.hang out
《英语 1》第十章练习:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

The ________ she felt over the death of her husband was almost too much to bear.Sorrow Participating schools will receive full credit for researching and reporting on their chosen endangered ________.Species Having no money but ________ to know, Joe simply said he would go without dinner.not wanting anyone It is impossible to ________ the news unless you read the newspaper every day.keep up with We will be ________ to help you in any way we can.more than glad The lifestyle is so very different --- it takes a while to ________.Adjust Application papers may be sent ________ e-mail.Via Average students who work hard usually do better than clever students who are _________.Idle Those people who questioned the soldiers for a series of controversial reports, are facing a possible jail term for refusing to ________ their sources.reveal

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