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Unit 4 Body language 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组:adult, yawn, curious, express, general, major, gesture, action, represent, chest 1 When people become tired or bored, they often ________. 2 My English is so poor that I can hardly ________ myself. 3 My car needs some _______ repairs, so it will be days before I get it back. 4 The bullet(子弹) hit him in the ________ and he died soon. 5 As a saying goes, ________ speak louder than words. 6 He ________ his country in the men’s 100-meter finals and won a bronze medal. 7 I don’t know their language but we can communicate with each other by using different ________. 8 The cooking oil is running out. Please go and get some at the ________ store nearby. 9 Young children are often ________ about everything new to them. 10 This film is for ________ only, so children under 18 are not allowed to see it. 第二组:stranger, avoid, facial, introduce, cheek, punish, similar, comedy, spoken, approach, touch, agreement, misunderstand 11 In order to ________ being robbed of your things, you’d better not go out at such a late hour. 12 He _________ me to a Greek girl at the party and soon we became good friends. 13 Whoever breaks the law should be _________. 14 This is a romantic ________ and gives us lots of laughter. 15 We heard the sound of a car ________. 16 In most countries people show __________ by nodding their heads up and down. 17 People from different cultures may sometimes _________ each other. 18 After seeing the film, I was _________ to tears. 19 As long as you keep practising speaking, your _________ English will become better and better. 20 I bought this hat yesterday. It is ________ to yours. 21 I kissed her on the _________ and said goodbye to her. 22 Just smile! You know a smile is the universal ________ expression. 23 We’ve told our daughter not to speak to ________. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化): --------------------------------------------------------------------be likely to at ease shake hands (with sb) in general --------------------------------------------------------------------1 __________, Japanese cars are reliable and breakdowns are rare. 2 It _________ rain, for dark clouds are gathering. 3 People usually _________ when meeting for the first time. 4 I never feel completely ________ with him. 参考答案 Unit 4 一 第一组:1 yawn 2 express 3 major 4 chest 5 actions 6 represented 7 gestures 8 general 9 curious 10 adults 11 avoid 12 introduced 第二组:13 punished 14 comedy 15 approaching 16 agreement 17 misunderstand 18 touched 19 spoken 20 similar 21 cheek 22 facial 23 strangers 二 1 In general 2 is likely to 3 shake hands 4 at ease



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标签: 英语| 词汇| 必修4Unit4Body language_词汇要点与讲解_英语_高中教育_教育专区。单词讲解 Unit 4 Body language ? New words and explanation; ? 1 ...

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必修4 Unit 4 Body language 核心考点 单元特训 课前预习 重点单词、句型详解:完成方式: 1.小组讨论: 讨论关于昨日预习单词、短语详解部 分的重点 用法归纳(...


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英语必修4unit2 词汇 - 建业外国语中学教学案 高一年级英语(必修 4) 序号: Unit4 Body Language Period 1 Words & Expressions...

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人教版高中必修四unit 4 - Unit 4 Body Language 知识点及单元测试 一、语言要点 A. 核心词汇 1. represent vt. 象征;表示;作为……的代表;代表; ...


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必修4 Unit4 重点词汇 - Unit 4 Body language 高考必背单词: 1. n. 陈述;说明 2. v. 迎接;问候 3. vt. 代表;象征 4. n. 社团;联系...


高中英语必修4_Unit_4_重点词汇_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高中英语,必修4,unit4,重点词汇 1.represent vt. 代表,象征 representation n.代表,代理 ...

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