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高中英语 Unit2《Cloning》课件-Warming up& Reading 新人教版选修8

Period 1 Warming up& Reading

What will you think of ?
... Dolly




the same

The plant produces its own runners.

A stem Take cuttings from growing plants to make new ones.

They are identical in sex and appearance, who are produced from the same original egg.

Dolly the sheep



loned She was c______while the others were born naturally. It is the exact copy of another sheep and the first cloned mammal.

Its name is Andi, the first genetically modified monkey.

Dog Snuppy was created by Korean

and American

What is Cloning?

Cloning is a way of making an copy of exact _____ another animal or plant.

What is the difference among them ?


Natural clone Man-made clone

Clone, also called reproduce asexually (无性生殖 /繁殖), is the creation of cells or whole animals using DNA from a single “parent”, without using the normal reproductive (有 性生殖) process. The clone has


What do you think the article is about by reading this headline?

What is the main idea of the passage?
The passage tells us that animal arguments and cloning raised __________ future scientists are not sure about its______. What is the writing style?
A. Expositive(说明文) B. Descriptive(记叙文) C. Argumentative(议论文)

2 Cloning ___.
has two major uses and successful clone.

1 Cloning is a way of making an exact ___.
copy of another animal and plant(definition)

___. The effect of Dolly. 4

5 It is forbidden to clone human beings. ___.
___.The problems of Dolly. 3

Definition It is a way of __________________ making an exact copy of another animal and plant. commercial quantities 1)to produce ___________ 2 major of plants . uses of 2)It is valuable for research on new plants species cloning ______________and medical animals research on ________. straightforward Cloning Cloning plants ______________while procedure cloning of animals is ___________ complicated The first The cloning of_______________, Dolly the sheep a breakthrough in cloning tech. successful _____________ animal clone

True of false :
1.Four female sheep participate in the cloning of a new sheep. F
2.Electricity is needed in the procedure. T 3.Sheep B provides a somatic cell for the clone. T 4.The lamb is the exact copy of sheep A. F

Which of the following statements about cloning is NOT true according to text? A. Cloning is something that has been developed quite recently. B. Twins that look exactly the same are originally from the same egg. C. Cloning is used by gardeners to make more money. D. Animal cloning is much more difficult than plant cloning.

The cloning of Dolly the sheep succeeded because____. A. its easier to clone a sheep than other animals B. the scientists were determined and worked hard with patience C. the scientists were rewarded and got lots of money D. many other attempts to clone mammals failed

The determination and patience of the scientists was rewarded/ paid off.

? Encouraging news : normally and It seemed to develop ________ produced ______in natural a lamb a _______way. ? Disturbing news: 6 years, half the length It lived for ____ of the life of the _______ original sheep. ? Its appearance raised a storm of objections The ________and had a great impact on media and public___________. imagination effect of the _____ Dolly the ? It opened everybody’s eyes to the sheep possibility of using cloning to cure serious illnesses _______________and even produce human beings _____________. The problems of Dolly the sheep

? Evil leaders hope to clone ___________. themselves ? Religious leaders raised Argument moral questions. ________ s on cloning ? Many governments _______ forbade research into human cloning.

? Some countries continued to ___________evidence of the accumulate abundant medical aid.

Advantages of cloning new plant ? Cloning plants can be useful for research on ____ _____ species _______. quantities of plants for ? Cloning plants can produce large ________ sale ____. medical research on animals. ? Cloning is valuable for ________ cures serious illnesses ? Medical cloning could produce _____for in humans. Problems of cloning illnesses of older animals ? Animal clones may develop the _______ ? Animal clones may die _______ younger than the original animals. Evil _______may leaders ? ___ want to clone themselves. moral _________ objections to cloning human beings. ? There are_____

We can conclude _______
A. Cloning is good for us. B. Cloning has two aspects. C. If cloning is used in a correct way it can bring many convenience to us. D. If cloning is used in an evil way it can cause much trouble.

We should use cloning in a wise way !

As a coin has two sides, everything has

two aspects. On one hand, if cloning is
used in a correct way it can bring many

convenience to us. On the other hand, if
cloning is used in an evil way it can cause much trouble. Therefore, we should use cloning in a correct way.

1. In pairs, look at these pictures and discuss
which ones are natural clones and which ones are man-make. Explain how they differ.

1. differ vi. different, difference
她的方法跟我的没有很大不同。 doesn’t differ much from mine. Her method ____________________________. 现代飞机跟早期的在很多方面有所不同。 Modern airplanes _____________ early ones differ from in many aspects. ____ 对于如何解决问题, 我跟他的意见不一致。 differ with him how to solve the problem. I _____________

differ是不及物动词, 主要有两个义项:“不同,
相异;不同意, 意见相左”。

1). sb. differ from/with sb. on/about sth.; 2). sth. and sth. differ in… ; 3). sth. differ from sth .

2. 这种现象也发生在动物身上,从同一个原生 卵产生性别与外貌相同的双胞胎也是克隆。 It also happens in animals when twins ______________________________ identical in sex and appearance are original egg . produced from the same____________ 3. 研究克隆的科学家们沮丧地发现多莉得的病 更容易发生在年老的动物身上。 Cloning scientists ____________________ were cast down to find that Dolly’s illnesses were more ______________ appropriate to a much older animal.
不要这么沮丧, 打起精神来! Don’tbe _______________. so cast down Just keep up your spirits. 发现事情的真相使他很沮丧。 Finding out the truth cast him down. __________________________________

4. 这个过程很难实施。 The procedure is difficult to undertake.
undertake vt. 着手做, 从事, 进行; 担任, 承担, 答 应


The scientist _________________________. undertakes the experiment
我愿意承担这些变革的责任。 I can undertake _____________________ for the changes. the responsibility 那个律师接了一个新的案子。

The lawyer _____________________. undertook a new case

5. 多莉看来是在正常地成长着,这事很令人鼓舞。

that she seemed to develop normally The fact ______ was encouraging.

然后传来了多莉得了重病的令人烦恼的消息。 that Dolly Then came the disturbing news ____

became seriously ill.
disturb vt. 扰乱, 使不安, 弄乱; disturbed adj. 被扰乱的, 动乱的, 不安的; disturbing adj. 令人不安的。 外面的噪音妨碍我睡觉。 The noise outside disturbed my sleep.

6. 多莉的出现引来了巨大的反对, 激发了传媒 的热炒和公众的想像力。 Dolly’s appearanceraised ______________________ a storm of objections had a great impact on the media and and _______________________ public imagination. object v. objection n. 我极不愿意早起。 I feel a strong objection _________________. to getting up early 你反对我打开窗子吗? Have you any objection _______________ to my opening the window?

object vi.

I object to the plan.

We object to being treated like this.
object vt.

我提出反对意见: 他太年轻不适合那个职位。
I object that he is too young to take that position.

object 作不及物动词时后接介词to或against. 作及物动词时可接that引导的从句。 objection是名词, 常与have, take, feel 等连 用构成词组:

have objection to
take objection to

feel objection to

7. 政府开始感到不安, 有许多政府禁止对克隆的研究。

Governments became _________and many nervous _______________________ human clothing. forbade research into sth. doing sth. sb. to do sth. sb. sth that…


forbad/ forbade


1). 公共场所应禁止吸烟。

Smoking should be forbidden in public places. 2). The school forbids ______________________ students to smoke

(禁止学生吸烟). to enter the room 3) He is forbidden ___________________

8. 有些国家比如中国和英国继续收集克隆能

Some countries such as China and the UK continued to ___________________ accumulate evidence abundant of the ___________ medical aid that cloning could provide.
accumulate vt. Vi accumulation, accumulative

他因努力工作而积蓄了一笔财富。 He __________________ accumulated fortune by hard work. 我不在期间灰尘积聚了起来。 Dust accumulated during my absence. __________________

arise when humans 1.What problems may ____ are cloned? Dolly’s appearance _____ raiseda storm of objections.. raised moral … and religious leaders ______ questions.
2. Cloning plants is straightforward ____ but the cloning of animals is more complicated. The procedure is difficult to _______________. undertake At first it was not accurate enough and clone mammalsfailed. many attempts to ________________

3. Female sheep Bprovides _________ a somatic cell ____ forthe clone. The nucleus of this cell contains all the genes _______(need) to needed produce a new sheep.
4. The nucleus from sheep B and the egg cell from sheep A are joined ________ using (use) electricity.

came the disturbing news that Dolly 5. Then ______ had become seriously ill.

Despite her problems, Dolly 6. _________ successfully produced a lamb in a natural birth.
7.It suddenly opened everybody’s eyes to the possibility of using ______ cloning to cure serious illnesses, and even ____________ human beings. producing

differ _______ 1 In many respects natural clones greatly from man-made clones. cast down 2 He was much ____________ by the failure of his accumulated cloning experiment. 3 Dust had ____________ during the years undertake when the house was deserted . 4 Robert suggested that I should __________ exact the job of decorating the ceiling of the hall. altogether 5 Her memory is ______, and she seldom goes wrong.

1 Compared with her brother, she is so honest about her opinions straightforward

2 The decisions of the factory leaders that had been made without any reason caused anger among the workers. arbitrary

3 Is your new factory in the business area of Beijing?

4 Do you support the government's plan to build more railway Are lines? you in favour of

5 This is the way we arrange for you to procedure have your teeth out.

6 I don't agree to your plan because it will cost too much money.
I object

7 Your mother and I will not allow you to stay out so late when you have will forbid homework to do.


When Freddy the frog grew older undertake he wanted to _______ cloning so that his musical career could controversial continue. The doctor explained that cloning was a __________ question that he should consider seriously. So satisfaction Freddy asked his friends and noted cast down with _________ that they agreed breakthrough with him. However, shortly after he did some research, he

Dolly the sheep. The dream that one could live forever now seemed impossible. So Freddy made up accumulate his mind to enjoy his singing and __________ many happy experiences so that when he retired he would be able to look back on his life with great pleasure.


1 What is your point of view about human cloning? C

2 How can you prove a clone is authentic?



D How do gardeners benefit from

4 How differently do people think of the cloning of plants and that of E animals? 5 What was the breakthrough inB the history of cloning? 6 Why do some people object to


Cloning is a way of making an (1)_______ exact copy of another animal and plant. (2)___________ (clone) plants is Cloning straightforward but the cloning of to undertake animals is more difficult (3)__________ (undertake). The fact (4)__________ the that cloned sheep Dolly seemed to develop normally was very encouraging. But were cast down cloning scientists (5)________________ (cast down) to find that she became

seriously ill and the illnesses were more (6)____________ appropriate (适合的) to a much older animal. On the other hand, Dolly’s appearance raised a storm of (7)__________ objections (object) and had a great on/ over the media and public impact (8)_______ imagination. The research (9)_______ into human cloning of human beings is specifically (10)___________ forbidden (forbid) by law in most parts of the world.

4. 为什么有些人反对克隆人类? Why do some peopleobject _______ to human cloning?
5. 她后来得了严重的肺病的问题让科学家们很烦恼。

The problem that she later____________ developed a serious lung disease __________ bothered scientists. 6. 多莉的死,正如她的出生一样,必将引发人们 的担心。 Dolly’s death, like her birth, was bound to raise worries _________________________.

1.作者的观点是赞成还是反对克隆? in_______ favor of __ Is the writer’s point of view __ cloning or against it?

2. 做了一些研究以后没多久,当他发现取得了突 破性成功的克隆物多莉羊的命运时,觉得很沮丧。 _______ after he did some research, he felt Shortly _____________ when he discovered the fate ____ cast down of the breakthrough clone, Dolly the sheep. 3. 这两个字的字义完全一样。 identical in meaning. The two words are __________

7. 科学家相信克隆人类只是时间问题, 不过 克隆人是否已诞生的设想还未得到证实。 Scientists believe human cloning is just a matter of time but the assumption ________________ ____________ that human clones have already been born hasn’t been proved yet.
8. 他赞同工厂女工五十岁退休的规定。 regulation that women He agrees to the __________ retire workers ________ at 50 in the factory.

9. 克隆凶猛和灭绝的野生动物的可能性一直使电 影制片商感到兴奋。 of cloning fierce and extinct The possibility ______________________ has wild animals always excited film makers.

a long way from being We are ______________________ able to clone extinct animals. We are far from being able to clone extinct animals.

11. 不时地会有人提议,克隆技术将有可能使地 球上已经灭绝的动物(如恐龙)复活。 ________________ From time to time people suggest that the animals that have disappeared from the earth, like dinosaurs, can possibly ____________________ be brought back to life through cloning. 12.另外一些能存活下来并且把这种抗病能力传 给下一代。 pass on the ability Others will survive and _______ ___________ that disease to their children. to resist

13. 就我们现在所知,你不可能克隆那些已 经绝种了一万年以上的动物。 Based on what _________________ we know now, As far as you cannot clone animals that have been extinct longer than 10,000 years.

The writer of the text_____ excited by the possibility of cloning fierce and extinct animals B. believes that extinct animals can be brought back to life by cloning C. thinks it impossible or unsuitable to clone extinct animals like dinosaurs D. dreams of dinosaurs returning to the earth

2. We can infer from the text that____ A.scientists are experimenting to clone dinosaurs B. dinosaurs will never return to the earth C. cloned animals will only live in the zoo D. the DNA of dinosaurs can only survive 10 000 year

1.Why should’t you clone an extinct animal unless there is enough diversity in the group?

There will not be enough genetic variation in the group to be able to resist new illnesses.

2. Why is it wrong to clone an extinct

animal if it would have to live in a zoo?

It is not a good idea to clone an animal that would have to live in a zoo because it is not a suitable habitat to develop and increase its numbers.The zoo is not a natural environment for a wild animal.

3. Why can’t you clone the DNA of

animals that have been extinct longer than 10,000 years?

The DNA of animals more than 10,000 years old is not suitable for cloning ,for it can’t survive so long.

一、单词拼写 1.The brothers d_________ widely in their iffer tastes. traightforward , 2. The question is quite s______________ while that one is much more complicated. 3. It is quite d_________ isturbing to hear the bad news. 4. Smoking is f__________ orbidden in public places. 5. His suggestion sounds quite r__________ easonable to most of us.

6. The film was a commercial _________ (商业的)success. 7. I’d like to come, too, if you have no objection ______ (反对). 8. He ___________ merely/ just (仅仅)asked us our names. arguments 9. There were strong ____________ (争论) for and against the plan. obtain 10. He always managed to __________( 得到) what he wanted.


11.At the beginning, he was against my proposal.
However, in the end, he was for it.

At first he disagreed with my suggestion , but in favor of__ it. at last he was ___ _____ 12. Later they learnt that an earthquake had
taken place in that area. came the Then _____ ___ news ____ that the area had been hit by an earthquake.

13. Although he was not strong, he joined in the work. _______ Despite ___ his weakness, he took part in the work.

14.We are still far from being able to clone extinct animals. a long way We are still ___ ____ ___ from being able to clone extinct animals.

15.They don’t know if the new policy is in their favor. wonder if/ whether They ________ _________ this new policy can bring benefit to them. 16.Have you any objection to my opening the window?object to Would you ______ ____ my opening the window?

1.使沮丧 ___________________ cast down

object to/ have objection to 2.反对______________________
3.赞成; 支持________________ in favor of
4.一定; 注定(做)_____________ be bound to do

5.不时; 偶尔________________ from time to time
6.使复生___________________ bring … back to life

7.偿清; 取得成功____________ pay off

all the time 8.一直; 总是________________

on the other hand/ at the same time 9.另一方面__________________
10.引起道德问题______________ raise moral questions 11.对…产生巨大影响______________ have a great impact on

a storm of objection 12.一阵强烈的反对________________

medical aid 13.医疗救助__________________
in the 1950s 14.在20世纪50年代______________ give birth to 15.生产; 产出 _______________

a scientific breakthrough 16.科学突破__________________

17.自然生产方式_______________ in a natural birth 18.禁止人类克隆________________ forbid human cloning 19.抵制做某事__________________ resist doing sth

20.承担一个项目________________ undertake a project
21.适合于 _______________________ appropriate to

accumulated much 1. .He quickly_________________________ knowledge about cloning 最近积蓄了很多有关克隆方面的知识(accumulate) to be cast down by failure 2. He is not a man ______________________. 他不是那种会被失败击垮的人。(cast down)

decision of the factory 3.Thearbitrary _________________ owners caused anger among the workers.

in favor of 4.The score was 80 to 78 ____________ the guest team. 比分是80比78,客队获胜。 is bound to clear up 5. The weather _____________________ tomorrow. 明天天气一定会变好。
6. My uncle comes to have dinner with us ______________________________ from time to time/ now and then/ .(有时) at times off/ 7. Finally his efforts paid _________________ . (有了回报)

was rewarded

8. 我的意见和他的相同.

from / is Our opiniondiffers ______________________ his.

different from
9. 我们双方对应当怎么办的看法是一致的. We are _____________________ each identical with

other about what to do. 10. 普通鞋不适于下稻田. Ordinary shoes

to are not appropriate __________________ the rice field.

11. 他的缺席引起了人们对他安全的 担心. raised worries about him. His absence ________________
12. 这本书对其读者产生了巨大的影响. a great impact on readers. The bookhad ______________________


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