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北京市房山区房山中学 高一英语寒假作业:2013 年 2 月 2 日
一.根据所给汉语及词性,写出英语单词。 1. ___________________n. 共和国 3. ___________________n.拼搏,斗争 5. ___________________n.抗议 9. ___________________n.运 动员 11. ___________________n.灾难 13. ___________________n.关系 15. ___________________n.奖章,勋章 地 17. __________________adj.幽默的 二:根据汉语提示,写出英语词组。 1.为黑人的权利而战________________________ 2.反击,还击 _____________ 3.上升到第三 _______________ 和------作斗争(打架、打仗)___________________ 4.回忆,回顾_______________________ 18. __________________adj.危险的 2. ___________________n. 看法,主张 4. __________________ vi&n.行军;游行 6. __________________ vi.比赛,竞争 10. ___________________n.超人 12. ___________________n.伤害,损害 14. __________________ vi.反应 16. __________________ adv.完全地,绝对

7. ___________________n.职业,一生的事业 8. __________________ adv.幸运地

5.与----竞争(比赛)______________________ 6. 对----极感兴趣_______________________ 7.结束______________________ 8.取得惊人的进步______________________ 因-----而闻名________ ______________ 10.吸引公众对------的关注_____________________________ 11.向------妥协(让步) ______________________ 12.改变人们对环境的看法_____________________________ 13.别胡扯_______________ 三:单项填空 1.I won’t go th ere. It’s late now. __________, it is raining so hard. A. That’s University . ------______________ A. It’s impossible! C. Congratulations! B. I’m so pleased. D. That’s all right. B. married; married D. married; been married to C. would sell D. took off C. won’t D. don’t B. What’s more C. However D. So 2.------Mary, I have good news to tell you. I have been admitted to Peking 9.对某人要求严格______________________ 34.

3. She ________a German. She has _______him for three years. A. married with; married with C. married to; been married A. will sell B. sells A. ought to B. can’t

4. The new type of computer ________ better if it is advertised on TV. 5. I’m sorry boy ,you __________see this film. It is for adults only.


6. —What time will you arrive? —I don’t know. It ___________ the traffic. A. depends on B. relies on C. asks for A. should build C. will be set up and necessary job. farmers. A. is, many, are C. are, large, are from our hotel window. A. sights 四:阅读理解 Today, roller skating is easy and fun.But a long time ago, it wasn’t easy at all. Before 1750, the idea of skating didn’t exist. That changed because of a man named Joseph Merlin. Merlin’s work was making musical instruments. In his spare time he liked to play the violin. Joseph Merlin was a man of ideas and dreams. People called him a dreamer. One day Merlin received an invitation to attend a fancy dress ball(化装舞会). He was very pleased and a little excited. As the day of the party came near, Merlin began to think how to make a grand entrance at the party. He had an idea. He thought he would get a lot of attention if he could skate into the room. Merlin tried different ways to make himself roll. Finally, he decided to put two wheels under each shoe. These were the first roller skates. Merlin was very proud of his invention and dreamed of arriving at the party on wheels while playing the violin. On the night of the party Merlin rolled into the room playin g his violin. Everyone was astonished to see him. There was just one problem. Merlin had no way to stop his roller skates. He rolled on and on. Suddenly, he ran into a huge mirror that was hanging on the wall. Down fell the mirror, breaking to pieces. Nobody forgot Merlin’s grand entrance for a long time! 1.The text is mainly about ________. A.a strange man unusual party the roller skating began D.h ow people enjoyed themselves in the 18th century B. picture C. vi ew D. screen B. is, large, are D. is, much, are A. that B. be set up D. will build B. this C. it D. one D. deals with 7. It is suggested that another school___________ in our city.

8. They want to make _____ clear to the public that they are doing an important 9. The population in our country ____ very ________. 80% of the population ______

10.The mountains lie n ear our hotel. There is a fine ________ of the mountains


2.People thought Me rlin was a dreamer because he _________. A.often gave others surprises C.invented the roller skates A.impress the party guests C.test his invention 4. One day, Merlin received _________. A. a letter B. an invitation C. a violin D. a gift 5.What is the main point the writer is trying to make in the last paragra ph? A.The roller skates needed further improvement. B.The party guests took Merlin for a fool. C.Merlin succeeded beyond expectation. D .Merlin got himself into trouble. B.was a gifted musician D.was full of imagination B.arrive at the party sooner his skill in walking on wheels

3.Merlin put wheels under his shoes in order to ________ .




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