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Unit 1

the average size 平均大小 back cover (书的)封底 1. be happy with 对…满意;因为…开心 2. attend assembly 参加集会 attend to sb./sth. 照顾,关照某人,处理某事 3. devote oneself to be devoted to 致力于,devotion , show devotion to 对 –忠 心 4. earn respect from sb. 赢得某人的尊重 show/have respect for 尊敬某人 be respectful to 尊敬某人 5. be challenging for sb. 对某人有挑战性 make use of 利用 make the most/best of 充分利用 6. stop some subjects 退出一些课程的学习经验 7. with much/rich experience 有丰富 have experience in doing 在做某事有经验 be experienced at adj. 8. get interested in 对…产生兴趣 9. develop an interest in 养成对…的兴趣 10. make a speech about 做关于…的演讲 11. miss a chance to do sth. 失去做某事的机会 12. leave out 省略,遗漏 13. pay attention to 注意 14. regret doing/having done sth. 后悔做过某事 regret to do sth 遗憾地做-15. struggle to do 努力做某事 struggle with/against/for 与 — 作斗争 It’s a struggle( for sb )to do 做某事是个难事 16. 17. inform sb.of/about sth./inform sb.that… 通知某人某事 18. run a company/a school 开办,经营,管理公司学校 run across run after run away run for 竞选 run out of 用完, 19. require do sth. 要求某人做某事 meet requirements 满足需求 20. be responsible for 对…负责 21. than usual 比往常 22. for free/for nothing/free of charge 免费 23. be fond of 24. on the school field 在学校运动场上 25. upon finishing his studies 学习一结束 upon doing/n. 26. all year round 一年到头 27. come up with 提出 28. look back on 回顾 iook down on.瞧不起 look forward to look into 调 查 look on 旁观, 看作 look out。 当心 look through 浏览 lookup 查找 l ook up to 尊敬 29. prepare for 为…做准, 30. prepare sb.for/to do sth. 使某人为…做好准备/准备做某事 in preparation for/ make preparations for 做…的准备 be prepared(for/to do sth.) 准备好/愿 意做某事 31. in charge of 负责某事 in the charge of 在 某人的负责下

32. more than.不仅仅 no more than。仅仅 ,只不过 more---than –与其说—倒不 如-33. achieve high grades 取得好成绩,获得高 34. surf the Internet 上网 35. drop out 退出,辍学 36. on(the)average 平均起来 37. approve the plan 批准计划 approve of sb ./one’s doing 同意、/赞成某人做某 事 approve of n./doing 同意、/赞成(做)某事 38. compare – with---比较两者 39. be/become used to sth./doing sth. 习惯 40. with satisfaction satisfy vt. satisfied satisfying adj. 41. on display 在展览中 42.drop in on sb. 拜访某人
drop in at sp. 拜访某地 44.

earn one’s living 谋生 M1 Unit 2 1. be common to 对…来说很普遍 2. turn up 调大音量,出现,往上翻 3. a waste of time (money…) 浪费时间(金钱) 4. force sb to do sth 强迫某人做某事 5. be angry with sb at/about sth 对某人/某事生气 6. arrive back home from vacation 度假归来 7. than expected 比预料的 8. can’t wait to do sth 等不急得去干某事 9. be supposed to do sth 理应干某事 10. be to do 计划做,注定要,应该做,想要做 11. in a mess 一团糟 12. in charge (of) 负责 13. in the charge of 被负责 14. sth goes unpunished 未受惩罚 15. go out go through 经历

熄灭 16. have one’s arms crossed 交叉着手臂 17. deserve to do sth 理应做 18. deserve doing/to be done /be worth doing 19. be too hard on sb 对某人太苛刻 20. punish sb for sth/doing 因为某事惩罚某人 21. in the form of 以…的形式 22. replace…with… 用…来代替 23. have no choice but to do 只好做某事 24. run out (of) 用完 25. treat sb as/like 把某人当作 26. explain to sb sth 向某人解释 27. the cause of/the reason for …的原因 28. cause sb to do sth 促使某人做某事 29. practise doing sth 练习做某事 30. change sth for sth 用东西换东西 31. feel a bit better 感到好多了 32. in formal English 用正式的英语 33. a no-brainer 很容易懂得事 34. a wet blanket 一个扫兴的人 35. all ears 认真听讲 36. pull one’s leg 开某人的玩笑 37. look sth up

查询/找 38. green fingers 园艺技能 39. all thumbs 苯手苯脚,十分苯拙 40. the pot calling the kettle black 锅笑壶黑,乌鸦笑猪黑 41. rain cats and dogs 下倾盆大雨 42. make a mountain out of a molehill 小题大做 43. fill in / out 填写 44.handle a problem 处理 45. go with 伴随,与…相配 46. give lessons to sb 给某人上课 47. wait for sb to do sth 等候某人干某事 48. a little bit + adj. 有点儿 49. be proud of 对…感到骄傲 50. get good marks 取得好成绩 51. fail to do sth 未能干某事 52. be tired of 对…感到厌烦 53. be tired with/from 因…而累 54. stay up 熬夜,挺住 55. feel very well 感到身体很好 56. for nothing 徒劳 57. after all 毕竟,终究 59. someone else’s 某个别的人的 (P35)60. ask for advice

征求意见 61. take/follow one’s advice 接受某人的建议 62. all the time 一直,总是 63. take sb out for dinner 带某人出去吃晚餐 64. be meant to do 被打算用来做某事 65. keep sth in mind 把…记在心里 66. What’s up ? 什么事呀? 67. tidy up 使整齐 68. keep sth looking tidy 使某物看上去整洁 69. clean up 清理,整理 70. make a bit of difference 有点与众不同 71. either … or … 要么…要么… 72.find fault of sb 找—-的缺点 It’s one’s fault 这是某人的错 73. fix one’s problem 解决某人的问题 (p38)74. be/become upset with 对…感到生气 75. early on 早些时候 76.defend …against/from ..保护--免遭—defend one’s deed— Guard the farm from being attacked 警严以防卫,protect our eyes from sunlight 77. as if/though 好象 78. insist on/upon n/doing sth insister that …(should)… 坚持做 Stick to 名词,坚持坚守原则计划任务 stick to our task 79. waste some time doing sth 浪费时间做某事 80. in/at Internet cafes 在网吧 81. every time/each time/next time 引导时间状语从句 82. at present

目前,现在 83. prevent sb (from) doing 阻止某人做某事 84. do harm to=be harmful to 对…有害(危害抽象事物) injure 事故中/wound 武器伤 hurt 肉体、情感 85. suggest doing sth 建议做某事 86. like crazy 疯狂地 87. now that 既然 88. play foreign music 演奏外国音乐 89. send/put sb to bed 打发某人去睡觉 90. forbid sb from doing 阻止某人做某事 91. solve the problem 解决问题 92. bridge the generation gap 缩小代沟 93. get along better 相处的更好 94. work on 演算,从事 95. work out 解出,结果是 96. make a draft 打个草稿 97. make a final version 作出最后的样本 98. be included in… 被包含在 99.tend to do 趋向于做 in society 融入社会 101.leave out 省略,遗漏 leave…alone 不管 /leave…behind 留下,忘带 Leave over 剩下 102.a piece of cake 小菜一碟 103.have difficulty/trouble doing 104.mix up 混合 105 Set a limit to 限制 limit…to….把---限制在106.go back/return to normal 恢复正常

above/below normal 107.along with 108.tolerate doing tolerate sb doing 109.have his arms crossed 双臂交叉 110.bend down/over, 弯腰 bend…to 使---屈从于-bend one’s attention 专心于 be bent on 专心于 frighten sb into doing 吓得—做某事 frighten sb away/off 吓跑 error / mistake / fault 通常指人的过失,过错 find fault with be upset about /that 从句 upset the balance 打破平衡 normal 正常的,常规的 ordinary 平凡的,普通的,和 common 基本一样 usual 通常的,习 惯的 unusual 。average 一般性质,平均的 common 共有的,常见的,不值得奇怪的 tend to do/ have a tendency to 往往,趋向 tend(to) sb 照顾某人



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