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Friendship--Period4 Using language

Expressions preview

get along with 与……相处;进展 fall in love 相爱;爱上

What kind of boy would you like to make friends with? What kind of girl would you like to make friends with? gossip gossip about

Dear Miss Wang, I am having some trouble with my classmates at the moment. I’m getting along well with a boy in my class. We often do homework together and we enjoy helping each other. We have become really good friends. But other students have started gossiping.

They say that this boy and I have fallen in love. This has made me angry. I don’t want to end the friendship, but I hate others gossiping. What should I do? Yours, Lisa

What advice would you give? Miss Wang: an editor of Radio for Teenagers What is Miss Wang’s advice?

1 get along with
1 How’s your son getting along with his school work? 2 How are you getting along?

3 I’m getting along very well with my new work.
4 I’ll get along with a bicycle until we can afford a car.

2 fall in love to be very attracted to someone and begin to love them: 1 They met and fell madly in love. 2 He fell in love with a young German student. 3 I thought I was falling in love.

Listen to the tape again and use the exercise above to help you answer the following questions. 1. What does Miss Wang say about their friendship? She says that there is nothing wrong in Lisa making friends with a boy and that it is possible for a boy and a girl to be just good friends.

2. Why doesn’t she think that Lisa should end their friendship? She thinks that Lisa would lose a good friend who can help her with her studies.

3. How does she explain why Lisa’s classmates gossip about their friendship? She says that teenagers like to gossip and that perhaps they can’t understand Lisa’s friendship with the boy. 4. What is Miss Wang’s advice? She asks Lisa to ignore her gossiping classmates.

Listening text
Dear Lisa, There is nothing wrong with you and this boy being friends and studying together. And no matter what other students say, it is possible for a boy and a girl to be just good friends. Ending your friendship with this boy would be a stupid thing to do.

Not only would you lose a good friend, but you would also lose someone who is helping you with your studies. Teenagers like to gossip, and they often see something that doesn’t exist. Perhaps they can’t understand your friendship with this boy. But that’s no reason to throw it away.

You should feel sorry for those students who have never enjoyed such a friendship. My advice is to ignore your gossiping classmates. That way you will show them that you are more grown up than they are. Yours, Wang Fei

A letter to Xiaodong The topic sentence ( your point of view ) Structure Body ( your reasons ) Conclusion

Dear Miss Wang, I’m a student from Huzhou Senior High School. I have a problem. I’m not very good at communicating with people. Although I try to talk to my classmates, I still find it hard to make good friends with them.

So I feel quite lonely sometimes. I do want to change this situation, but I don’t know how. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. Yours, Xiaodong

Write your advice to Xiaodong as an editor. The following points may help you. Make an effort to change the situation. Start talking to people about what you both like. Join in people’s discussion. Show your interest in their talk. Try to make friends with one or two classmates.

Connecting words
Illustration (阐述) Addition (递进) Contrast (转折) Summary (总结)
I think… I believe… I suggest… In my opinion… Secondly… And then… Besides… In addition… But… However… On the other hand… In short… In a word… Therefore… So…


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