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语法 过去分词做定语和表语

V-ed as Attribute and Predicative

V-ed 作______定语 前置 定语 单个的过去分词作定语放在被修饰的名词 前面 ________,表示被动 和______。 ,表示______和 完成 。 honored guest 一位受到尊重的客人 a guest who is honored (by people)

(被动 被动) 被动

2.They are cleaning the fallen leaves (=leaves that have fallen) ) 他们正在打扫院子里的落叶。 in the yard. 他们正在打扫院子里的落叶。

(完成 完成) 完成

1.They had beef and ________ for supper. A. smoking fish B. fish smoking C. fish to smoke D. smoked fish 2.The _____glass cup was_____ by John. ? broking, broken ? breaking, breaking ? broken, broken ? broken, breaking

V-ed 短语作______定语,通常放在被修饰 短语作 后置 定语 定语, 的名词_____,它的作用相当于一个______. 的名词 后面 ,它的作用相当于一个 定语从句

a. It came from the river polluted by the dirty water. b. It came from the river which was polluted by the dirty water.

Describe the pictures using v-ed The Story of Ah Q written by Lu Xun
(which is written by Lu Xun)


the Great Wall built by Chinese people
(which is built by Chinese people)

1. I have read plenty of plays ________ by Shakespeare. A.written B. wrote C. write D. writing 2. The first textbooks ______ for teaching English came out in the 16th century. be produced B. produced C. being produced D. having produced

V-ing 与V-ed 作定语的区别(1) 作定语的区别( ) 1. There was a terrible noise ____ the sudden burst of light. A.followed B. following C. to be followed D. being followed 2. What’s the language ____ in Germany? A. speaking B. spoken C. be spoken D. to speak V-ing表主动, V-ed表被动 表主动, 表被动 表主动

V-ing 与V-ed 作定语的区别(2) 作定语的区别( )
正在沸腾的水 正在沸腾的水 boiling water 已经烧开的水 已经烧开的水 boiled water the changing world 正在发生变化的世界 正在发生变化的世界 已经变化了的世界 the changed world 已经变化了的世界 the rising sun 正在升起的太阳 正在升起的太阳 升起了的太阳 升起了的太阳 the risen sun V-ing表动作正在进行, V-ed表动作 表动作正在进行, 表动作正在进行 表动作 已经完成

1.You seem frightened. 2.They are excited. 3.He looked worried after reading the letter. 4.When we heard of this, we were deeply moved.

作表语的过去分词, 作表语的过去分词,在主-系-表句 系 表句 说明主语所处的一种状态 状态。 型中,说明主语所处的一种状态。其 中包括系动词在内的多种形式。 系动词在内的多种形式 中包括系动词在内的多种形式。

系动词的分类: 系动词的分类:
基本形式:Be( am, is, are) 基本形式 “似乎类”: 似乎类” seem, 似乎类

appear, look

“感觉类”: feel, sound, smell, taste 感觉类” 感觉类 “变成类”: 变成类” become, go, get, grow, fall, turn 变成类 “仍然类”: 仍然类” remain, continue, stay, keep 仍然类

1. The door remained ________ . A. locked B. to lock C. locking D. lock 2. He looks very ________ . A.excite B. exciting C. excited D. to excite

V-ing 与V-ed 作表语的区别
? What he said was encouraging __________ (encourage). encouraged ? We were ______________ (encourage )at what he said. boring ? The football game is very ________(bore). bored ? We were _______(bore) at the football game.

V-ing 修饰物,翻译为“使人感到 修饰物,翻译为“使人感到---” V-ed 修饰人,翻译为“感到” 修饰人,翻译为“感到”

区别“ 系动词+过去分词 系表结构) 过去分词( 区别“ 系动词 过去分词(系表结构)” 系动词+ 过去分词(被动语态) 和“系动词 过去分词(被动语态)” A. The library is closed. 系表结构) (系表结构) B. The library is closed at six. (被动语态) 被动语态) 被动语态 C. The library is closed by the teacher. (被动语态) 被动语态) 被动语态 系表结构表示主语的特点或所处的状态, 表示主语的特点或所处的状态 系表结构表示主语的特点或所处的状态,强 主谓关系。被动语态表示动作,强调动宾 表示动作 调主谓关系。被动语态表示动作,强调动宾 关系。标志:行为执行者由by短语来表示 短语来表示; 关系。标志:行为执行者由 短语来表示; 有具体的时间,表示当时的动作。 有具体的时间,表示当时的动作。

All the doors are locked.
(系表结构) 系表结构)

All the doors are locked by the guard.
(被动语态) 被动语态) 被动语态

He is buried here.
(系表结构) 系表结构)

He is buried here in 1925.
(被动语态) 被动语态) 被动语态



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