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辩论稿(全部英语) 辩论稿(全部英语)
1.正方一辩:Are interpersonal relationship more important than one’s 正方一辩: 正方一辩 practical ability to a successful career? Dear Mr President, Friends of the other debate, my friends: Hello everybody! As is known to all , The 21st century is the century of talents’ outbreak. It is a highly competitive age. but if you want to obtain a successful career, it relys on not only the practical ability of outstanding individuals, but also good relationships. Therefore, our view is that relationship is more important than the practical ability for a successful career. Here we described the following four aspects. First, as the development of the times, everyone should be raised to their real ability, but the single person's capacity is limited. A person's success, 85% attributed to his personal connections. Seemingly fortune to come, in fact, mostly the result of hard work,contacts. Second, we live in a certain social group among the people. A person's survival and development are inseparable from interaction with others. Chinese saying goes: at home by their parents, go out to rely on friends. If a person can properly handle the relationship, he can overcome many difficulties. Third, Fowler said that the closet friend is better than deposits in business. With good relationships, we can be better in many areas

and create more wealth. Fourth, as a college student, every day we live in the campus, to deeply realize that here is a small community. Even if a person with a greater capacity, he can not organize an event all by himself. A recent survey showed that fifteen percent of success is contributed by a person’s professional knowledge.85 percents rely on personal relationships. In summary, we must insist that relationship is more important than the practical ability for a successful career. 2.反方一辩: 反方一辩: 反方一辩 Respect other friends, chairman of the divides, each friend: hello! Today's opportunity to come to grips with so many friends and this undoubtedly superior personal quality and ability is a promotion of opportunity. We think that an individual career success, personal ability is more important than relationships. We think: an individual career success, by strength, no strength, interpersonal and how? Strength by himself, interpersonal relations also rely on yourself. Interpersonal relationship just for one person to provide a ready a shortcut to success. Admittedly, personal ability and interpersonal is successful two prerequisite, and today we is exploring the among them successful process in which the crucial: first, from philosophical Angle, the development of internal is things root causes, determines the nature of

things and the direction of development, external cause is things develop external conditions. Individual struggle is the internal cause and external cause interpersonal relationship is, therefore, own struggle is the key to success; In the second place, from success successful process to see, we first need to determine target, so as to choose direction and type, again through his own personal struggle, with their own quality and ability the enhancement, to expand interpersonal relationship, using interpersonal relationships, achieve their work and the perfect combination of external We all know, interpersonal relationship is again good, have no ability to also won't succeed. Only watched his repeated failure. On the premise of a fine winged capacity. Gold shine is the gold itself became! We think: interpersonal influence to be successful, it is like a good journey, the journey to walk, inevitable energy, wind, but if there is no firm to reach objective decision and overcome difficulties of perseverance and hard sweat, is impossible to reach the shore. Downwind or downwind or as long as we firmly stepping to the goal, we will definitely be able to arrive. Look at the great is how successful it, that is the gold and the individual effort, interpersonal relationship is a result of people, if their don't strive for, no ability to fight for, interpersonal relations will not come himself, and waiting for is only pulp. Only oneself to have true

ability really ability to overcome everything. To sum up, we think that an individual career success personal ability is more important than relationships. 3.反方二辩提问(一辩) 反方二辩提问(一辩) :Would I ask the first debater a question : Just 反方二辩提问 : in your account, you said that 85% person make success with interpersonal relationship, where did the data come from? And even if I don’t challenged this data, Edison had said: "genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Isn't the personal ability so important? 4.正方一辩回答:As the debate ,ninties perspiration plus one 正方一辩回答: 正方一辩回答 inspiration was a success, a person is required to pay 99 sweat, but the team of ten people only should spend 50 sweats and 50 inspirations to gain the success,Everybady can find which relationship is better meet the efficiency of modern society demands? It is clear that good relationships will be more than infinitely expand your horizons, so you do not have to take so many detours. 5.反方二辩提问 三辩) Would I ask the third debater a question : Your 反方二辩提问 三辩) ( : statement said: students should pay more attention to build relationships in the school. So I want to ask you whether the study is not important? Obviously, the study is very important, and It is just one’s practical ability. 6.正方三辩回答: 正方三辩回答: 正方三辩回答

7.正方四辩补充发言:Also known as interpersonal relationships, is a 正方四辩补充发言: 正方四辩补充发言 basic concept of sociology, its meaning is between people, the process of interaction, through the thoughts, feelings, behavior of the mutual exchange and interaction generated. People as social animals, even with a more tenacious survival skills, from social interaction, and can not have more development, because he is a man in combat. We are a group of people in the struggle. 8.正方二辩提问(一辩) 正方二辩提问(一辩) :Would I ask the first debater a question : if 正方二辩提问 : you think what a CEO needs most is a practical ability, so why will he hear so much about interpersonal relationship lecture? 9.反方一辩回答:They attend the lecture interpersonal relationship is 反方一辩回答: 反方一辩回答 in order to increase the ability of individuals with their own personal ability of interpersonal relations to succeed in his career, rather than using interpersonal relationship. 正方二辩提问( : 10. 正方二辩提问(三辩) Would I ask the third debater a question: practical ability is IQ and interpersonal relationship is EQ, success come from 20% of IQ and 80% of EQ, what do you think of it? 11. 反方三辩回答: 反方三辩回答: 辩回答 myfellowdebater,youmustbemisunderstandwhatisinterpersonalrelatio nship.youshouldhaveputinterpersonalrealatersonalrealationshipequate’sobviouslywrong.Bsides,myfellowdebater,haven’tyouheardofE dison’ssayings:99%perspirationplus1%inspirationequalssuccess?Ithink

myfellowdebaterdidn’tunderstandwhatisinterpersonalreationship? 12. 反方四辩补充发言: 反方四辩补充发言: 13.反方二辩小结: Each person is in his own success way, or shallow 反方二辩小结: 反方二辩小结 point in the way of job and work, we will face more challenges, we may have a good interpersonal relationship, we may be introduced to find a good job by friend, but when we truly work, we have no our workmate admitted, we also have no ability to truly achieve the company's demand, so in the end ,we will face ousted, we also have no the so-called success. If interpersonal relationship is important, I think interpersonal relationship also belongs to a part of one’s practical ability, So one’s practical ability is very important. 14.正方二辩小结: 正方二辩小结: 正方二辩小结 Interpersonal relationship is a very good platform to improve one’s practical ability, people can learn more from this platform, in order to improve their ability. In modern society, people live in groups all over the world. If you do not have interpersonal relationship, others will not know your ability . Such as advertising, no matter how good the commodity is, if others do not know that, and don't use it, the commodity will be a waste product. For another example, if a CEO only have ability but can not deal with various kinds of business relationship, this company will close down. No matter how strong one’s practical ability is, he could not separate himself from the whole society and exists, and he must learn to work with others to be

successful, as 80% of EQ lead to success. Practical ability would not make you starve to death in the society, but the relationship can make a better life for you. 15.正方一辩:Interpersonal communication is the important to college 正方一辩: 正方一辩 students’ interpersonal growth and success .Also,it is an important way of exchanging the information and acquiring knowledge in modern society. Many students high IQ, EQ is very low.They often donot handle well that how to get along with others, Nowadays a good communication is the necessary ability and qualityto the most companies recruitment。 My fellow debaters, please tell me ,how 。 many guys who has high IQ but low EQ have gained the success? ? 16.反方三辩: 反方三辩: 反方三辩 myfellowdebater,ithinkyoustillmisunderstandwhat’stheinterpersonalre ationship.youshouldbetterlookourdebatetopic.Don’tmyfellowdebaterd on’tknowinternaldebateisfundamental,extenalcondiitions?personalabil ityistheintenalcause.obviously,itismoreusefultooursuccess,isn’tit? 17.正方三辩:my fellow debaters are obviously evading our question. 正方三辩: 正方三辩 You have said that swift horses cover a thousand li in a single day. Yet if there are no talent scouts, can the swift horses develop their abilities? Aren’t they still in the old stables? 18.反方一辩:This is a cannot be judged facts. I think personal ability 反方一辩: 反方一辩 including interpersonal relationship, you how explanation?

19.正方二辩:if the relationship between the practical ability and 正方二辩: 正方二辩 interpersonal relationship is that of including and included, our debate will have no meaning now, because the argument itself has become unequal. My fellow debaters, please explain the meaning of practical ability clearly. 20.反方三辩:myfellowdebater, We emphasize individual ability 反方三辩: 反方三辩

is broad not narrow. In our view, interpersonal relations can become part of personal ability. Excuse memyfellowdebater, You think only relationships can leads to success?
21.正方三辩:Debater, we never deny the importance of personal 正方三辩: 正方三辩 , ability, and we also admit the influence of personal ability to success, but we insist that interpersonal relationship is more important. Without ability we can live well, while we will be abandoned by the world, if we do not have interpersonal relationship. 22.反方二辩:myfelloedebater, Obviously misinterpret our view. We 反方二辩: 反方二辩 have not denied interpersonal relationships, but think one aspect of a man ability. But you overstating the ability of interpersonal relationship 23.反方四辩总结: 反方四辩总结: 反方四辩总结 24.正方四辩总结:To sum up, we insist that interpersonal relationship 正方四辩总结: 正方四辩总结 is more important . In the adolescent, students always have active thinking and rich feeling, who need very strong interpersonal communication. Good

interpersonal relationship can make people have high spirits, become confident, and be optimistic attitude to life. In general, most of students with good interpersonal can maintain a cheerful disposition and an enthusiasm optimistic quality to understand and treat a variety of practical problems correctly and settle the arguments in life or study, forming good qualities, and quickly adapt to college life. Conversely, without positive interpersonal relationships, we can not correctly treat ourselves and others, and become narrow-minded and short-sighted. So we can easily form a mental, psychological pressure, which is difficult to resolve psychological conflicts. What’s more, it may also lead to serious morbid mentality. Interpersonal relationship is the protection of college students’ success. Interpersonal communication is the guarantor of the exchange of information, and an important way to acquire knowledge .Modern society is an information society, the large amount of information and the high of the information value are unprecedented. Along with the expansion of information, people’s requirements of owning and using all kinds of information are continually growing. Through interpersonal communication, we can exchange information and results with each other, by which way we will enrich our knowledge, broaden our horizons, and have active thinking and inspired ideas. Many students have high IQ, while their EQ is very low, who often

can not handle well how to get along or communicate with others, which is nowadays the most valued business recruitment ability and quality. Therefore, to university students make up this class for university students is of great urgency. At last, let me repeat our opinion: interpersonal relationship is more important than one’s practical ability to a successful career.

(请各位好好背诵,祝大家考出好成绩) 请各位好好背诵,祝大家考出好成绩)



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