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【创新设计】2015届高三英语(四川专用)一轮同步作业:必修一 Module4 A Social Survey—My Neighbourhood

Module 4 A Social Survey—My Neighbourhood


1.(2013· 福建卷)Those poor and needy teenagers were excited to find a shop at the corner where they could buy ________ priced bikes. A.competitively B.recently C.reasonably D.affordably 答案 D [考查副词词义辨析。句意:那些穷困潦倒的青少年在拐角找到一家商店很兴

奋,在那里他们能买到付得起的价格的自行车。 affordably“付得起地” ;competitively“竞 争地”;recently“近来”;reasonably“合理地”。] 2.—Can you think of another good idea? —This is the best approach I can imagine ________ the work ahead of schedule. accomplish accomplishing C.accomplishing D.accomplished

答案 B [句意: ——你还能想出一个好主意吗?——这是我想象到的提前完成工作的最 好方法。I can imagine 为定语从句,approach to……的方法,to 为介词。] 3.I complained to the manager of the hotel about the poor service last week,but up to now,I ________ his reply. A.didn't receive B.haven't received C.wouldn't receive D.wasn't receiving

答案 B [句意:上周我向经理抱怨饭店的服务太差了,但到目前为止,我还没收到他的 回复。根据时间状语 up to now 可知应用现在完成时。] 4.According to the report,the number of animals used in experiments ________ by 30% over the years. A.was reduced B.has been reduced C.were reduced D.have been reduced

答案 B [时间状语 over the years 常与现在完成时连用;“the number of+ 复数名词” 作主语,谓语动词用单数,且 reduce 与 the number of animals 之间是动宾关系,故选 B。] 5.(2014· 长沙模拟)________, his idea was accepted by all the people at the A.Strange as might it sound B.As it might sound strange C.As strange it might sound D.Strange as it might sound 答案 D [考查 as 的用法。句意:尽管可能听起来奇怪,但是所有与会人员都接受了他 的想法。as 引导让步状语从句,需要倒装,作表语的形容词或者名词应该提前,故选 D。] 6.(2014· 乐山一诊)—What do you think of the film Empires of the Deep? —________,the film isn't interesting enough,though lots of money has been spent on it. A.What's worse B.That's to say C.To be honest D.I'm not sure 答案 C [句意:——你觉得《人鱼帝国》这部电影怎么样?——说实话,这部电影趣味 性不够, 尽管这部电影耗费巨资打造。 to be honest 说实话, 说实在的, 符合句意。 what's worse 更糟糕的是;that's to say 也就是说;I'm not sure 我不确定。] 7.(2014· 南充一诊)—What do you think of the music teacher? —________ she is an attractive lady,she can be extremely difficult to work with. A.If B.As C.Because D.While 答案 D [考查从属连词。句意:“你认为音乐老师怎么样?”“虽然她是个很有魅力 meeting.

的女士,但是有时很难与她共事。”while“虽然”,可引导让步状语从句。as 引导让步状 语从句时要用倒装语序。] 8.All the citizens here strongly insist those caught ________“harmful” advertisements in the streets ________ punished strictly. A.putting up; will be put up; should be

C.being put up; shall D.putting up; be




的人应受到严厉的惩罚。catch sb doing sth“撞见某人正在做某事”;insist 在此意为“坚决 要求”,宾语从句应用“(should+)动词原形”形式。] 9.—When did you get home last night? —It was almost midnight ________ we arrived home. A.that B.before C.since D.when 答案 D [考查状语从句。句意: “你们昨晚什么时候到家的?” “我们到家的时候差不

多是午夜了。 ”答语中“It was almost midnight”为主句,空处引导时间状语从句,应用连词 when。注意:此题容易误选 that,误把答语当作强调句型。如果是强调句型,应是:It was at midnight that we arrived home.] 10.(2011· 天津卷)—I need to advertise for a roommate for next term. —________? Mary is interested. A.Why bother B.Why not C.So what D.What for 答案 A [考查情景交际。句意:——下学期我要登广告找一位室友。——费那劲干嘛

吗?玛丽对广告感兴趣。A 项为“别费劲了,没必要”;B 项意思是“为什么不呢”;C 项 为“那又怎么样”;D 项“为什么”;根据 Mary is interested,可知选 A。] Ⅱ.完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~20 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出 最佳选项。 Outside our hotel,a seemingly ancient woman on a stick waited beside the door with her hand outstretched(张开的).Every day I put my hand in hers as our eyes met.She never failed to __1__ my smile,my grasp,and my greeting. On the last day of our visit,I found myself alone on a busy street with vehicles __2__ of me.We had been advised to walk straight through the crowded traffic __3__ left.Let them __4__ vehicles.As I __6__ in front

looking right or

us.But tonight I was by myself and felt __5__ to face the rapids of on the street,I felt a hand on my elbow and looked down to see my beggar

friend looking up at me.She nodded her head toward the street,__7__

that she would take me

across.Together,we moved slowly into the chaos(杂乱) __8__ she gently prodded me forward. When we reached the __9__ ,I looked down at her,yelling, “You have the most beautiful smile.”She __10__ knew little English,but must have recognized the __11__ ,for she threw both her arms and stick around me in a big hug,while the traffic streamed by us on both sides. Then we moved on slowly toward the sidewalk,where she __12__ kissed me on both cheeks,and limped(跛行) away,still smiling. I had not given her a single coin.We had __13__ something more important—the warming of hearts in friendship. This experience __14__ me of what Teresa once said:“If you cannot do great things,you can do small things with great love.” Traveling in poorer nations,I have __15__ various ways to deal with beggars.The most common __16__ of tourists facing the poor is to __17__ them and focus their eyes my face down to hers,

elsewhere.But I've learned that those considered the world's most hopeless are so often __18__ in humanity. My life continues to be __19__ by connecting with everyday humanity.Each time I do this,I

rediscover what I have been given is far beyond monetary value and that everyone is __20__ . 【解题导语】 与平凡的人,即使是乞丐交往,也会丰富我们的生活。当你与世界上那些 被认为是最没有希望的人打交道时,你会发现你收获的远远大于金钱的价值。请务必牢记: 每个人都值得尊敬。 1.A.return B.reward C.answer D.respond 答案 A [她也会对“我”的微笑、 握手及问候报以同样的微笑、 握手及问候。 return“回 应,回报”,符合语境。] 2.A.screaming C.wandering D.slipping 答案 B [“我”发现“我”独自一人置身于繁忙的街道,车辆在“我”前面疾驰而过。 根据第二段第四句中的“the rapids of vehicles”可知,应选 racing,表示“快速移动”。]

3.A.without B.after C.before 答案 A [之前,有人建议我们径直穿过拥挤的车流,不要左顾右盼。without“不(做某

事)”,符合语境。] 4.A.escape B.follow C.avoid D.fear 答案 C [联系前一句话可知,该句表示:让车“避开”我们。] 5.A.embarrassed B.inadequate

C.courageous D.easy 答案 B [今夜“我”是独自一人, 面对车流, “我”没有把握(能穿过去)。 inadequate“缺 乏自信的,不能胜任的,不充分的”,符合语境。] 6.A.walked B.marched C.hesitated D.stopped 答案 C [联系语境可知,此处表示当“我”在街头犹豫不前的时候。] 7.A.saying B.telling

C.indicating D.expressing 答案 境。] B.when C.if D.though 答案 A [句意: 她轻轻地推着“我”往前走, 这样我们慢慢步入人群嘈杂的地方。 as“随 着,当……时”,符合上下文逻辑。] B.hotel C.sidewalk D.destination 答案 A [根据第三段中的“while the traffic streamed by us on both sides”和第四段中的 “Then we moved on slowly toward the sidewalk”可推知,我们是到了路中央。] 10.A.hardly B.obviously C.naturally D.gradually 答案 B [根据后文的内容“but must have recognized the __11__”可知,很显然,她几乎不 懂英语。obviously“明显地” ,符合语境。] C [她朝大街上点点头,意思是她带“我”穿过大街。indicate“表明”,符合语

11.A.voice B.expressions C.tone D.words 答案 C [虽然她几乎不懂英语,但她一定意识到了“我”说话的语气。tone“语气,音 调”,符合语境。] 12.A.patted B.pulled C.held D.overlooked 答案 B [我们慢慢地向人行道走去,在那里(在人行道上)她把“我”的脸拉向她……从 第二段中的“looked down to see my beggar friend”及第三段中的“I looked down at her”可知, 乞丐老人比较矮,由此推知,此处指乞丐老人把“我”的脸拉向她的脸。pull“拖,拉动”, down 表示方向。] 13.A.experienced B.understood C.shared D.sensed 答案 C [“我”没有给她一分钱, 但我们却一起分享了一些更重要的东西——暖人心房 的友谊。share“分享,共享”。] 14.A.reminded B.informed C.convinced D.confirmed 答案 A [这个经历让“我”想起特蕾莎曾经说过的一句话:“如果你做不了伟大的事

情,那就用伟大的爱心做点小事吧。”remind sb.of sth.“使……想起……“,为固定用法。] 15.A.consulted B.classified C.adopted D.witnessed 答案 D [在一些更贫穷的国家旅游, “我”目睹了与乞丐打交道的不同方式。

witness“目击,见证”,符合语境。] 16.A.action B.performance C.response D.conduct 答案 C [response“回应,反应”。根据语境可知,此处表示:面对穷人,旅游者最常

见的反应是……] C.ignore D.leave 答案 C [根据下文“眼睛盯着别处”可知, 此处应为“不理睬, 忽视”, 故选 ignore“忽 视,对……不予理会”。] 18.A.kind C.curious D.enthusiastic 答案 B [但“我”知道,那些被认为是世界上最没有希望的人却经常富有爱心。be rich in“富含……的”。] 19.A.strengthened B.enriched C.transferred D.encouraged 答案 B [与平凡人保持联系一直丰富着“我”的生活。enrich“使丰富,充实”。] 20.A.worthy B.mature C.friendly D.humorous 答案 A [根据全文内容尤其是最后一段的第一句话可知,与平凡的人交往,即使对方

是乞丐,我们的生活也会变得丰富,每次“我”这样做都会再次发现,我所得到的远不止金 钱的价值,每个人都值得尊敬。] Ⅲ.书面表达 假如你是李明,你在美国学习的表哥张华于 2014 年元旦期间给你来信,询问你的学习和 生活情况,请你据此给他写一封回信。词数 120 个左右。大致内容如下: 1.简要介绍自己的学习情况(至少两点)。 2.邀请他春节期间来你这里住一段时间。 3.可适当增加细节,使内容完善。 Dear Zhang Hua, ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Yours, Li Ming 【参考范文】 Dear__Zhang__Hua, I am very glad to have received your letter and I am writing to tell you something about my study and life at school. As you know,it's only five months before I take the college entrance exam.So I spend most of my time studying.with endless homework to do all day long.However,I still manage to spare some time to enjoy myself by playing football and basketball after class and listening to my favourite music during the breaks.In general,I think I am in a good state of mind and feel confident of achieving my goal of being admitted to a firstclass university. The Spring Festival is only a month away and I'd like to invite you to stay with us for a few days during that time.I am sure we can have a wonderful time together. I hope you accept my invitation.I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes. Yours, Li__Ming


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