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综合教程6 unit 1 答案

Unit One: A Class Act
TEXT COMPREHENSION IV. Explain in your own words the following sentences taken from the text. 1. I was extremely excited when I imagined myself in attractive pictures like those of popular actresses in Hollywood. 2. I felt so frustrated that I was on the verge of tears when I wondered, as I had done innumerable times, why the unsympathetic teacher would not overlook my clothes even once and see how hard I tried to comply with the school policy and how eager I was to participate in all the activities. LANGUAGE WORK I. Explain the underlined parts in each sentence in your own words. 1). Because of the war, rationing was in place and most schools had relaxed their attitude towards proper uniforms, knowing how hard it was to obtain clothes. ? the amount of food, water, petrol or other necessary substances was limited; had become less severe or strict with 2). Every day I would battle back tears as I stood in front of my peers, embarrassed and, most often, alone. ? hold back; schoolmates 3). However, in my 12-year-old mind I had no choice but to see the punishment through. I knew it was very important not to let my well-meaning mother know about this ritual humiliation. ? endure the punishment; the embarrassment I had to go through every day 4). ... if she ever told my father he would have instantly been on the warpath in my defence. ? so angry and likely to argue with my teachers in order to protect me 5). There was none of my usual pleasure in putting on the cherished dress that day. ? the dress that I liked very much 6). At assembly I didn’t bother to wait for the command but trudged up to the stage of my own accord to endure the sniggers of the other girls and the beady eyes of the deputy head. ? walked slowly and reluctantly to the stage without being asked to do so 7). I consoled myself that I could at least lose myself in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities for a while at the back of the class to recover and regain my composure. ? I cheered myself up with the idea; get absorbed in the story of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and not think about anything else; calm down and get back my self-control 8). And then she came out with the most welcome sentence I had ever heard at that mean-spirited place. ? said unexpectedly; agreeable; vicious

9). I floated through the rest of the day buoyed by the warmth generated by her thoughtfully chosen words. ? was in high spirits; feeling happier and more confident due to 10). Although English Literature was her forte, that day Miss McVee taught me, and perhaps the whole class, a lesson in compassion that I have never forgotten. ? strong point; instilled in me, and perhaps the whole class, a feeling of pity, sympathy and understanding for someone who was suffering TRANSLATION I. Translate the following sentences into English, using the words or phrases given in brackets. 1).这家公司是由几名有事业心的年轻人创立的。(enterprising) ? The company was started by a couple of enterprising young men. 2). 那是他唯一一次自己在午夜前睡觉的,因为他实在太累了。(of one’s own accord) ?It was the only time when he went to bed of his own accord before midnight, because he was really too tired. 3). 经过长时间的仔细酝酿,书才得以完成。(meticulous) ? Many hours of meticulous preparation have gone into writing the book. 4). 她从头到脚穿着一身黑。(be attired) ? She was attired from head to foot in black. 5). 为攒我们去度假的钱,我节衣缩食整整一年。(scrimp and save) ? I’ve been scrimping and saving all year to pay for our holiday. 6). 我知道他是好意,但我希望他别来管我们。(well-meaning) ? I know he’s well-meaning, but I wish he’d leave us alone. 7). 当有人指出他犯了错误时,他非常生气。(indignant) ? He became very indignant when it was suggested he had made a mistake. 8). 说了多少次了,安东尼,刀子和叉子要放入中间的抽屉!(umpteen) ? I’ve told you for umpteen times, Anthony, knives and forks go in the middle drawer! 9). 缝纫恐怕不是我的专长。(forte) ? I’m afraid sewing isn’t one of my fortes. 10). 观众热烈的欢迎使她十分高兴。(buoy) ? She was buoyed by the warm reception her audience gave her. II. Translate the following passage into English. 参考译文 The foreign students at New York University come from more than 130 countries. Fifty percent are from Asia, especially South Korea, Japan and China. Foreign students are studying in all fourteen schools within the university. These include arts and sciences, law, business and education. Seventy-five percent of the foreign students are in graduate school. About twenty-five percent are in four-year programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree. The cost of attending New York University is different in each of its schools. For example, one year of study at the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service costs about $19,000. Some other schools within NYU cost more. Some cost less. The housing cost is about $9,000 a year.

Bachelor’s degree students at NYU can borrow money from financial institutions to help pay for their studies. Foreign students in graduate school at NYU can get teaching or research jobs at the university. They can also get loans from financial institutions.

Chinese Translation of Paragraphs
1. 二战时,曼彻斯特饱受空袭之苦。成长在那里, 意味着岁月艰难、钱财短缺、心情焦虑, 也意味着许多家庭都是当铺的常客,包括我家。 2. 不过,我的父母最是乐观向上。他们用勤劳、自尊和满屋子的欢笑撑起了这个家。我 父亲身体结实,心灵手巧,他那双手几乎无所不能,从不缺木匠和手工活儿。他甚至偶尔还 会参加偏 僻街道的拳击比赛,补贴家用。我母亲勤俭节约,把家收拾得干净利落 。尽管条 件艰苦,但她总能让自己的五个孩子吃得饱饱、穿得整整齐齐、干干净净地上学去。 3. 问题是:虽说我的衣服熨得有棱有角,皮鞋擦得铮亮铮亮的,可总有些地方不符合标 准校服的要求。 尽管母亲缩衣节食为我筹到了大部分装束, 但我仍然没能凑齐学校指定的蓝 色运动上衣和帽圈。 4. 由于战争影响,开始实施配给制度,大部分学校也放宽了对正规校服的要求,因为学 校明白能有衣服穿已属不易。然而,我就读的女子学校却严格规定,每位学生必须穿正规的 校服。于是那位负责每天集合的副校长就将训斥我视为她的任务来做。 5. 尽管我试图去解释我为何没能按规定着装,尽管我也正逐渐向全套校服靠近,我每天 依然会被揪出队列,在台上罚站,作为对违反校服规定者的警戒。 6. 我每天站在同学面前,只能强忍泪水,不仅羞愧难耐,而且常常只有我一人挨罚 。对 我的惩罚还扩大到不能上体操课或者我钟爱的每周一次的交谊舞课。 我多么希望在这所可怕 的学校里, 哪怕只有一位老师能睁开双眼看看我能够做什么, 而不是不停地告诉我不能做什 么啊! 7. 不过,12 岁的我在心里也毫无选择,只有眼睁睁地挨受惩罚。我明白不能让仁厚的母 亲知道我所遭受的这种习惯性羞辱,这点非常重要。我也不敢冒险让她到学校替我求情,因 为我知道那些心胸狭隘、 不讲情面的教员们也同样会令她难堪, 这意味着到时我们母女俩都 要伤心、愤怒。老天!要是母亲再 告诉父亲的话,他立马会大发雷霆,冲到学校来保护我 。 8. 一天,我们全家在一家报纸举办的不收取费用的肖像模特摄影比赛中获了奖。我为此 兴奋不已: 那些好莱坞女星魅力四射的照片更令我想入非非。 我迫不及待地想把这个激动人 心的消息告诉朋友们。 9. 在那之前,母亲告诉我必须穿那件绿色蕾丝镶边裙——我最好的服装——去上学,因为 摄影比赛正好安排在放学之后。她丝毫没有意识到我所要面临的痛苦。 10. 那天,我没有往常穿上这件心爱衣服时的喜悦。我心情郁闷地拖着沉重的步伐来到学 校, 发现自己成为了蓝色海洋中的一颗绿宝石。 集合的时候, 我没等人下命令就慢步走上台,

去承受其他女生的窃笑和副校长那尖刻的眼神。 11. 当我第无数次想到,这位老师怎么会如此麻木不仁,竟然从未透过我的着装,看看这 颗顺从听话、渴望参与的女孩的心灵的时候,沮丧的泪水几欲夺眶而出。 12. 集合之后的第一节课是我钟爱的英国文学,上课的教师也是我所钟爱的。我安慰自己 说,至少我可以在后排座位上暂时沉浸在查尔斯· 狄更斯的《双城记》之中,以便能回过神 儿镇定下来。可是上课铃一响,麦克维小姐就叫我坐在前排正对她的座位上。可想而知,我 当时是多么惊慌失措。我缓慢地站了起来,忍着泪水,走到前排。心想,麦克维小姐不会也 加入到敌人的阵营里了吧? 13. 我在前排坐下,麦克维小姐将头扭到一边,上下仔细地打量着我。接着,她说出了在 那所讨厌的学校里听到的最中听的一句话。 14. “亲爱的,我敢说你是这所死气沉沉的学校里一道最亮丽、最可爱的风景。可惜啊, 我只能有幸看你一节课,而不是一整天。 ”我幼小心灵中的那块坚冰瞬间消融了,我也不禁 挺直了肩膀。 15. 我相信我当时回敬她的笑容是她所见过的最灿烂的笑容了。她仔细斟酌的话语温暖了 我,让我兴高采烈地度过了整整一天。 16. 我垂着双眼低着头。在一次又一次地被叫出队列之后,虽然我始终竭力不让自己的痛苦 外露,但泪水还是又差点出卖了我内心的沮丧。 17. 虽然麦克维小姐的专长是英语文学, 但那天她却给我——给全班——上了一堂持怜悯 之心的课,我永志不忘。她让我明白,一句及时的友善之言可以让人受益终生。着实,她贴 心的话让我内心变得坚强起来,再也不为什么人、什么事所伤害。


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