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2015-2016高中英语 unit4 section2《Learning about Language》练习 新人教版选修8

Unit 4

Section Ⅱ

1.Believers of ________ (佛教) still come here for their ________ (宗教的) services. 2.The palace is full of priceless ________ (古玩). 3.Those boys intended to ________ (抢劫) the main post office. 4.She likes to wear silk ________ (长袜). 5.His ________ (音乐的)skill was so brilliant that he won scholarships. 答案:1.Buddhism; religious 2.antiques 3.rob 4.stockings 5.musical

Ⅱ.根据汉语提示用含过去分词的表达完成下列句子(每空一词) 1.________ ________________ ________ ________ (在夜晚看时),lights on top of tall buildings look like stars in the sky. 2.________ ________ ________ ________ ________ (对他所做的事情很满意 ),the teacher praised him in class. 3.________ ________ ________ (即使训练) for 10 hours every day,he will still be a fool. 4.________ ________ (一旦出版),this book will be popular with the students. 5.________ ________ (被抢了) all his money,he had to telephone his parents for help. 答案: 1. When seen in the evening 4.Once published 5.Robbed of Ⅲ.用所给词或短语的适当形式填空(每空一词) 1.Ideally ________ (locate) for Broadway theatre and Fifth Avenue,the New York Park hotel is a favourite with many guests. 2.—Who should be responsible for the accident? —The boss,not the workers.They just carried out the order ________ ________ (as,tell). 3.________ (drive) by a greater demand for vegetables,farmers have built more green houses. 4.The flowers his friend gave him will die unless ________ (water) every day. 5.________ ________ (mail out) automatically,the e?mail will be received by all the club members. 6.________ (face) with so much trouble,we failed to complete the task on time. 7.No matter how frequently ________ (perform),the works of Beethoven still 2. Satisfied with what he did 3. Even if trained

attract people all over the world. 8.________ (lost) in the mountains for a week,the two students were finally saved by the local police. 9.When ________ (offer) help,one often says “Thank you.”or“It's kind of you.” 10.________ (put) into use in April 2010,the hotline was meant for residents reporting water and heating supply breakdowns. 答案:1.located told 3.Driven 4.watered 5.Mailed out 6.Faced 7.performed 8.Lost 9.offered 10.Put Ⅳ.用恰当词语或形式填空 1.(真题改编·安徽)________ (found)in the early 20th century,the school keeps on inspiring children's love of art. 答案:Founded 本题考查非谓语动词。句意:建立于 20 世纪早期,这所学校一直激发 着孩子们对艺术的热爱。此处为非谓语动词作状语,与句子的主语 school 之间为被动关系, 故用过去分词形式。 2.That guy carved the old man up and robbed him ________ his money. 答案:of 考查动词在语境中的使用及固定搭配。rob sb.of sth.“抢劫某人某物”。 句意为“那个家伙砍伤了那个老头,抢走了他的钱”。根据题意填 of。 3.________(strike)by the heavy rain,the area was flooded seriously. 答案:Stricken 考查非谓语作状语的用法。the area 应该遭到大雨的侵袭,所以 the area 与动词 strike 之间应构成被动关系,被动且完成,应使过去分词作状语,填 stricken。 句意为“受到大雨的侵袭,这个地区涝情严重”。 4.Linda acts as if she were the boss,________ (order)people around. 答案:ordering 考查非谓语动词。Linda 和 order 之间是主谓关系,并且 order 和谓 语动词 act 之间没有先后关系,故用现在分词短语作状语。 5.Jack went to college last year,________ (determine)to return home until he achieves his goal. 答案:determined not 考查非谓语动词。句意:杰克去年上了大学,决心实现他的目 标才回家。此处过去分词短语作伴随状语,not 否定不定式,故置于其前。 6.________ (dress)warmly,she is going out for a walk with her parents. 答案: Dressed 考查非谓语动词。 此句中应用过去分词形式, 表示状态。 dressed warmly 在句中作状语。 7.Most of the reporters invited to the World Economic Forum in Dalian stayed in the flats in this building,each ________ (equip)with solar heaters.

答案: equipped 句意: 应邀参加大连世界经济论坛的多数记者住在这座大楼的公寓里, 每套公寓都搭配有太阳能加热器。be equipped with 装备着,分析句子结构可知此处为“逻 辑主语+过去分词”构成的独立主格结构。 8.________ (promise)to go to the cinema with my brother already,I can't accept your invitation. 答案:Having promised 句意:我因已答应与我弟弟去看电影而不能接受你的邀请。因 为 promise 与主句的主语 I 之间是主动关系,并且其表示的动作明显地发生在主句谓语表示 的动作之前,所以要用现在分词的完成式作状语。 9.________ (settle)in a friendly way,their quarrel came to an end. 答案:Settled 考查非谓语动词。句意:他们的争吵通过一种友好的解决方式结束了。 their quarrel 和 settle 之间是动宾关系,故用过去分词。 10.________ (determine)to overcome the difficulty,Lucy works day and night. 答案:Determined 考查非谓语动词。句意:决定克服困难,露西夜以继日地工作。本 题涉及形容词化的过去分词在句中作状语,be determined to do sth.决定做某事。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 A Thomas Hart Benton was born on April 15,1889 in Neosho,Missouri.He grew up going to boarding schools and spent much of his early years during his father's four terms as a US congressman. Benton's first art job was as a cartoonist for the Joplin Americans in Missouri. In 1907 , when he was eighteen , Benton began his serious art training at

Washington, DC's Corcoran Gallery School.Later on in 1907 Benton studied at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago but left out of dissatisfaction with the school's teaching techniques. In 1908, Benton went to Paris and studied at the Academie Julian for three years.It was here that he learned of modern European art styles such as postimpressionism (后期印象派).Benton's early works followed these European styles.More of his early works would be available except that were destroyed in a fire in 1917 in Neosho,Missouri. In 1918,Benton became a draftsman for the US Navy and worked out of Norfolk, Virginia naval yard.This draftsman experience also led him away from the European influences he had gained in Paris.Benton began working more in the form of realism in his work.In 1923,following his naval duty,Benton moved to New York City and taught art at the Art Students League for twelve years. In 1935,Benton moved back to his home state of Missouri and taught at the Kansas

City Art Institute.He also directed the institute.Benton would stay here for the rest of his life . His most famous student was Jackson Pollock , the Abstract Expressionist.On January 19,1975,he died at the age of eighty?five in his studio. 文章大意:本文介绍了美国著名艺术家 Benton 的生平,包括他早期的学习成长经历、中 期的艺术发展以及后来他在海军服役的经历。他最后走向追求艺术之路。 1.Benton left the school of the Art Institute of Chicago because________. A.he thought he had learned enough skills B.he didn't like the school's ways of teaching C.he wanted to receive serious art training D.he decided to learn postimpressionism 答案:B 细节理解题。第二段第二句中的 but left out of dissatisfaction with the school's teaching techniques 说明了他离开的原因:他不喜欢这所学校的教学方法。 2.The main idea of the second paragraph is that________. A.Benton studies at Corcoran Gallery School B.a fire broke out in 1917 in Neosho,Missouri C.Benton went to the school of the Art Institute D.Benton developed his modern European art styles 答案:D 主旨大意题。由该段内容可知,Benton 在这期间接触并学习到现代欧洲艺术 风格,D 项的意思和段意相符。 3.All the following are Benton's art styles EXCEPT________. A.modern style C.realistic style B.serious style D.classic style

答案:D 细节理解题。文中提到了 Benton 艺术创作风格的变化,他从早期的严肃艺术 风格转向现代欧洲艺术风格,然后转向现实主义风格。D 项不是他的艺术风格。 4.Which of the following is the right order according to this passage? a.Benton took up his study of serious art at a gallery school. b.Benton became a teacher at the Kansas City Art Institute. c.Benton worked as a cartoonist in Missouri.

d.Benton learned the modern European art styles. e.Benton spent his boyhood going to boarding schools. f.Benton turned his style into the form of realism. A.b,d,e,f,c,a C.e,c,a,d,f,b B.c,a,e,f,d,b D.a,d,f,b,c,e

答案:C 排列组合题。根据文章情节的发展可知,Benton 童年在寄宿制学校上学,然

后成为漫画家,之后进行严肃艺术的学习,后来学习现代欧洲艺术风格,之后又转向现实主 义风格,后来在堪萨斯艺术学院任教,故 C 项是正确答案。 B In Europe, during the early part of the Middle Ages , there were no towns or cities . But as time went on , small settlements sprang up here and there . These settlements grew into towns. The Middle Ages were dangerous times. Men fought to gain control of the land, and outlaws roamed the countryside.A town was built with high stone walls around

it.Sometimes there was a moat around the walls for added protection.The only way to enter a town was through gates in its walls. During the day, these gates were guarded by soldiers,and they were closed and locked at night. Inside the thick walls , the people of the town lived and carried on their business.But the town held more than houses.There was a church,a town hall,and an inn where travelers could stay.In later years,there were sometimes schools and libraries. A town always had an open marketplace where small shops were set up.People came to the marketplace to buy or sell goods,and once or twice a year a fair was held there. More towns were founded in the hundred years between 1100 and 1200 than that had been built during the past thousand years.By the 1500s,towns had become centers of trade and industry.Because towns provided jobs for many people,more and more people lived and worked there.Towns became more important than ever before. 文章大意:本文是一篇说明文,主要讲述了欧洲中世纪早期是没有城镇的,但是随着时 间的推移,人们不断地迁移,就形成了城镇。 5.By the 1500s,towns had become centers of________. and industry C.outlaws and robbers and music D.schools and libraries

答案:A 细节理解题。由最后一段第二句 By the 1500s,towns had become centers of trade and industry.可知,城镇成为了贸易和工业的中心。 6.On the whole,this story is about________. A.outlaws roaming the countryside B.what soldiers did in the Middle Ages C.towns during the Middle Ages D.the difference between the towns and the countryside

答案: C


“These settlements grew into towns。”接下来就讲述有关城镇的情况,故只有 C 项能体 现文章的中心。 7.Why did people live in towns with walls around them? A.They lived inside the walls for protection. B.They thought walls were very pretty. C.They did not like to look at the countryside. D.They could do business there. 答案:A 细节理解题。由第二段第四句. . .around the walls for added protection.可 知,建立城墙是为了起保护作用。 8.Which statement does the story lead you to believe? A.There have always been towns and cities in Europe. B.During the Middle Ages,people had no libraries. C.No strangers were allowed to enter the town. D.The open countryside was a dangerous place. 答案:D 推理判断题。从第二、三段可知所有城镇都建立了城墙,大门有士兵守卫,人 们生活在城里是安全的,反之,说明城外是危险的,故 D 项正确。 Ⅵ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 A marvelous (最佳的) lesson appeared for me just now as I was exiting through the garage,to come to this little place they call an office. As I opened__1__garage door,I startled (使??吓一跳) a large moth,which, upon__2__(spread) its wings,displayed a bright red “tail”__3__(hide) by the brown wings,more a “butterfly” than a moth. It flew__4__(immediate) to its perceived escape, the circle?topped window__5__it wildly tried to fly through the invisible wall of closed glass. I raised the third?car garage door__6__hopes of aiding its escape.That caused it to fly higher and higher and become trapped in a spider web.Fearful that it would remain trapped in the web,I selected a long?handled broom__7__(assist) him escaping the tangled threads. At this,he returned to fiercely pumping his wings and banging into the glass, which was,in his point of view,the pathway of escape,__8__remained his cage. __9__simply turning his focus to one side , he would have easily escaped from__10__prison.Rather,due to his intent on one direction,he remained confined,

captive (逃不掉的). 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 答案: 1.the 特指车库的门,用定冠词 the。 2.spreading 介词 upon 后接动词?ing 形式。 3.hidden 由空后的 by 可知用过去分词 hidden,过去分词短语作定语修饰 tail。 4.immediately 修饰动词 flew 用副词,immediately 作状语。 5.where where 引导定语从句,修饰 window。 in hopes of“希望”。 assist 不定式短语作目的状语。 8.but 前后存在转折意味,蛾子认为玻璃窗是逃生之路,但其实还是在牢笼(车库)里。 9.By by 在此意为“通过”。 10.his 主语是 he,所以用 his,表示蛾子只要把它的注意力转向一边,它就会很容易 地逃出禁锢之地(车库)了。 Ⅶ.短文改错 阅读短文,文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删 除或修改。增加:在缺词处加一个漏词符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。删除:把多余 的词用斜线(划掉。修改:在错的词下画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误仅限 1 词;2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 (2015·课标全国Ⅰ) When I was a child,I hoped to live in the city.I think I would be happy there.Now I am living in a city,but I miss my home in countryside.There the air is clean or the mountains are green.Unfortunately,on the development of industrialization, the environment has been polluted.Lots of studies have been shown that global warming has already become a very seriously problem.The airs we breathe in is getting dirtier and dirtier.Much rare animals are dying out.We must found ways to protect your environment.If we fail to do so,we'll live to regret it. 答案: When I was a child, I hoped to live in the city. I think I would be happy there. Now thought I am living in a city,but I miss my home in ∧ countryside.There the air is clean the or and the mountains are green . Unfortunately , on with the development of 5.______ 10.______

industrialization,the environment has been polluted.Lots of studies have been shown

that global warming has already become a very seriously problem.The airs we breathe serious air in is getting dirtier and dirtier.Much rare animals are dying out.We must found Many find ways to protect your environment.If we fail to do so,we'll live to regret it. our/the



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