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高中英语课时配套课件:Unit5《Nelson mandela-a modern hero》Period 2(新人教版必修1)

1. And what qualities does a great person have? (P33) 伟人应具备什么样的品质呢? ①质量比数量更重要。 Quality is more important than quantity. ②我们的经理具备成功商人的所有品质。 Our manager has all the qualities of a successful businessman.

③成为一名宇航员需要很多优秀品质。 It needs many fine qualities to be an astronaut.

Large quantities of clothes and food are provided for the earthquake areas.

⑤ I think everyone should be kind to others for kindness is a

human___which everyone admires.
A. quality B. quantity C. activity D. courage

【解析】选A。考查词义辨析。句意:我认为每个人都应该 对别人表示友善,因为友善是一个大家都钦佩的人类的优秀 品质。quality 品质,特性;quantity 数量;activity 行动,活 动;courage 勇气,故选A。

quality n. [U]质量;[C] 品质,特点,特性

2. A great person is someone who devotes his/her life to helping others. (P33)伟大的人物是能终生致力于帮助别人的人。 ①她的母亲全力倾注于自己的事业。 Her mother devoted herself to her career. ②He has devoted his whole life to(把自己的一生献于) benefiting the mankind.

③She devoted her life to help the disabled. (改错) help 改为helping

④He will be devoted to art after graduation. (英译汉)

devote vt.
devoted adj. devotion n. devote one’s. . . to. . .

忠实的,深爱的 奉献,忠诚,热爱,献身 把……投入到……,在这个结

构中,to 是介词,因此to后面要用名词或动名词形式。 devote oneself to be devoted to 献身于,专心于, 献身于,专心于,忠诚于

3. Sadly I did not have it because I was not born there, and I worried about whether I would become out of work . (P34)糟糕 的是我没有这个证件,因为我不是在那里出生的,我很担心 我是不是会失业。

①Economic reform made a lot of workers out
of work(失业). ②I was out of breath(上气不接下气) after running for the

③The small car went out of control(失控) and ran into a shop front.

④ They led a hard life then, for their father____for a whole year. A. has lost his work C. had lost his work B. has been out of work D. had been out of work

的父亲已失业一年了。与一段时间连用,需用 be out of work, 而且失业是发生在then 之前,故用过去完成时;lose one’s work 表示瞬间动作,不能与一段时间连用,故选D。

你还能想出与out of work 类似的短语吗? out of breath喘不过气来 out of control 失控 out of date过时的 out of order 出故障 out of place不适当的 out of sight 看不见 out of question毫无疑问 out of touch 失去联系 out of reach够不着 out of danger 脱险

out of work lose one’s work/job

失业, 是介词短语 失业, 是动词短语

be at work
be in work off work

有工作 没上班

4. Black people could not vote or choose their leaders. (P34) 黑人不能投票或选举他们的领袖。

们投票表决吧。 As we are not in agreement on this matter, let’s vote on it. ②I don’t want to vote against (投票反对)our monitor.


Those who vote for the new president are almost young
people. ④In that country, people get the vote (选举权) at the age of 18.

vote vt. & vi.


vote on vote against

就……投票/表决 投票反对

vote for



5. We chose to attack the laws. (P34)我们选择攻击法律。 ① 那个国家的政府大楼遭到了恐怖分子的袭击。 The government buildings of that country were attacked by terrorists. ② 上课期间她肚子痛。 During the class she had an attack of stomach. ③ 新闻媒体对那位明星进行了抨击。

The media made an attack on the famous star.

attack v.
under attack


make an attack on/against (=attack) 攻击;袭击;抨击 have an attack of (指疾病)发作

be attacked with (a disease) 患病

6. But I was happy to help because I knew it would help us
achieve our dream of making black and white people equal . (P34)但是我愿意帮忙,因为我知道,这有助于实现我们黑人

①所有的人生来都是平等的。 All men are created equal . ②二加二等于四。Two plus two equals four. ③论力气,无人能与他相比。 No one equals him in strength.

Though she is young, she has no equal in music.

⑤To produce one pound of honey, a line of bees must fly a distance____to twice around the world.

A. similar

B. equal

C. familiar

D. near

【解析】选B。句意:为了酿出一磅的蜜,一群蜜蜂必须飞 上相当于地球周长两倍的路程。equal to 是形容词短语,作 后置定语修饰distance。

equal adj. vt.

相等的,平等的,胜任的 等于,比得上

equally adv. be equal to sth. have no equal equal sth. equal sb. in sth. equality n.

均等地,同样 与……相等;胜任的 无与伦比,无敌 与某物相等 在某方面与某人匹敌 平等

7. Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was in trouble . (P35)

当伊莱亚斯处于困境时,他去见了纳尔逊· 曼德拉。
①你总是给自己找麻烦。 You are always getting yourself in trouble .

②With a local guide___ the way, they had no trouble __ _ out of the forest. A. leading; walking C. lead; walking B. led; walked D. leads; walking

他 们 毫 无 困 难 地 走 出 了 森 林 。 前 半 句 是 with 的 复 合 结 构 , guide与lead为主动关系;have no trouble (in) doing sth. ,是 固定搭配,故选A。

③I am sorry I have got you into a lot of trouble (给你添麻烦). ④He is always making trouble (捣乱) in class so all his teachers don’t like him. ⑤ Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. 翻译:麻烦没找你,你别找麻烦(别自找麻烦) 。(谚语)

in trouble out of trouble ask for trouble get into trouble

在受罚、痛苦、忧虑等的处境中 脱离困境 (口语)自找麻烦(苦吃) 陷入困境

make trouble
have trouble (in) doing sth. have trouble with sth. take the trouble to do sth. be a trouble to

做某事有困难 有麻烦/困难;有……的病痛 不辞辛劳做某事 对……是一个麻烦(讨厌的人)

8. Why did Nelson Mandela turn to violence to make black and white people equal? (P35) 为什么纳尔逊· 曼德拉会转向使用武力来使黑人和白人平等? 写出turn to 在下列各句中的含义 ① Please turn to Page 169. 翻到

② Our attention turned to the 19th Asian Olympic Games. 转到

③ When people are in trouble, they are always turning to the
police. 求助于 ④You can walk 100 meters and turn to the right, then you’ll

see the famous college.


⑤Thousands of people ______ to watch yesterday’s match
against Ireland. [2010辽宁高考] A.turned on C.turned around B.turned in D.turned out

赛。turn out 有“出动”的意思;turn on“打开”;turn in“(口语)上床睡觉, 上交”;turn around是“转身”的意

思。只有turn out 符合语境。

turn to
turn against turn around

反对;背叛 转身

turn in
turn over

上交,送还, 上床睡觉

turn on turn off

打开 关掉

turn out
turn up turn down

结果是,生产,制造, 出动
出现,发生,把(声音等)开大一些 把声音调低,拒绝

1. He was generous with his time, for which I was grateful. (P34) 他十分慷慨地给予我时间,我为此非常感激。 ① 她大方主动地为我付钱。

It was generous of her to offer to pay for me.

② Our headteacher is a very kind person. He is always

generous ___his time for us.
A. to B. of C. about D. with


人。他为了我们投入了很多时间。be generous with是固定短

③ 我们的经理非常宽宏大量,不计较我的小错误。

Our manager is generous enough to overlook my little

generous adj.
be generous with. . . be generous in doing sth. be generous to sb. It’s generous of sb. to do sth.

对……大方 做某事慷慨 对某人慷慨


2. . . . only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. (P34) …… 只有到那个时候我们才决定用暴力反抗暴力。 ① 只有当她告诉我时,我才知道怎样去烹饪鱼。

Only when she told me, did I know how to cook the fish.
② Only did a few of us know where she was from. (改错) 答案:Only a few of us knew where she was from .

③ Only in this way____English well.

A. you can learn
C. did you learn

B. can you learn
D. you did learn

【解析】选B。考查倒装句式。only 放在句首引导状语时,


only+状语位于句首,引起句子的部分倒装 only修饰时间、条件和方式状语,起强调作用。位于句首时,

则句子用部分倒装形式, 即:把原句中的情态动词、系动词或
助动词放到主语前面。 (1)如果句子为主从复合句,则主句倒装,从句不倒装。 (2)only修饰主语时,不用倒装。

3. Elias was willing to blow up government buildings. (P35) 伊莱亚斯心甘情愿去炸政府大楼。 ① 我愿意帮助你学英语。 I’m willing to help you with your English.

② 我非常乐意你弟弟加入我们的行列。
I’m quite willing to have your brother join us. ③ Where there is a will, there is a way. (英译汉)

有志者,事竟成 。(谚语)




will n.
(1) be willing to do sth.


=be happy to do sth. =be glad to do sth. (2) be unwilling to do sth. 不愿做某事

Ⅰ. 单词拼写
1. I’m willing (乐意) to do anything for you. 2.Indian women vote (投票)their own minds, not their husbands’. 3. Many people find lots of violence (暴力)shown on television. 4. Nowadays the young students are all active (积极的)in school activities. 5. He is generous (慷慨的)in giving help.

6. Sun Yat-sen founded the first Republic (共和国) in China in 1911 after many years’ fighting. 7. Eton college was founded (建立) by Henry Ⅵ in 1440. 8. The insurance company paid all my medical fees (费用). 9. He has no principles (原则);he’ll do anything as long as it’s profitable.

10. Tim was attacked (袭击)by a man in the park.

Ⅱ. 选词填空

When Elias was 12 years old in 1952, Nelson Mandela

was a black lawyer, who often 1. offered guidance to poor
black people on legal problems. And he 2. was generous with his time, so Elias 3. was grateful to him.

When Elias had no passbook and no one to 4. turn to , he was worried about whether he would become 5. out of work . Nelson Mandela encouraged him not to 6. give up but 7. be hopeful about future. 8. As a matter of fact , with the help of Nelson Mandela, Elias also struggled for the freedom of black people with Nelson Mandela in the end.

Ⅲ. 单项填空

1. After that she devoted her entire energy ______the pursuit
of these studies. A. to B. in C. at D. for

【解析】选A。考查devote 的固定搭配。句意:后来她全力
以赴从事这些研究工作。devote. . . to. . . 表示“把……献身 于……;投身于……”,故选A。

2. Food is important in diet, but of at least___importance are food habits. A. fair B. reasonable C. equal D. proper


但 是 饮 食 习 惯 至 少 同 样 重 要 。 fair 公 平 的 , 公 正 的 ;
reasonable 合理的,适度的;proper 适合的,适度的;equal 相等的,平等的,符合句意,故选C。

3. Everything we eat and drink contains some salt; we can
meet the body’s needs from natural sources without turning _______ the salt bottle.

A. to B. over C. on D. up

【解析】选A。考查词义辨析。句意:我们每天吃的和喝的 东西都含有许多盐;我们完全可以不求助于盐瓶,而从自然 的东西中获取来满足身体的需要。turn over 翻转过来;turn

on 打开;turn up 出现,把音量调大;turn to 求助于,符合

4. I’m_____to admit that I have hurt her, but that’s not my
real intentions. A. agreeable B. content C. delighted D. willing

了她,但那并不是我的本意。agreeable 愉快的;content 满 意的;delighted 高兴的;willing 乐意的,情愿的,符合句意, 故选D。

5. We have got into such a position___some changes are needed. A. that B. which C. when D. where

改变的境地。position作先行词,并且在定语从句中作状语, 通常由where 来引导,故选D。

6. Some students have trouble___grammar while others

have difficulty___new words.
A. in; remember C. on; remembering B. for; to remember D. with; remembering

记忆新单词上有困难。题目涉及have trouble with sth. 和have difficulty(in) doing sth. 结构。故D项为正确答案。

7.___ is well known to us, the earth travels around the sun

all day and night.
A. Which B. Where C. As D. That

【解析】选C。考查非限制性定语从句。句意:众所周知, 地球围着太阳转。as is well known to us 表示“众所周知”, 用在句首,引导非限制性定语从句,只能用as;which/that


【规律方法】as 的用法知多少
1) as 用来引导非限制性定语从句位于句首时,它引导的从句 与后面的主句要用逗号分开。 As was reported in the newspaper, over fifty persons died in the fire of Shanghai high buildings on November 15, 2010. 2) it在句中作形式主语,其结构后必须跟that 引导的从句(即 主语从句),从而构成It is well known/reported/said. . . that + 从句。例如:

It is reported that over fifty persons died in the fire of
Shanghai high buildings on November 15, 2010.

8. Only in this way___to make improvement in your study. A. you can hope C. can you hope B. you did hope D. did you hope

【解析】选C。考查倒装结构。句意:只有用这种方法,你 才有希望在学习上得到提高。only+状语位于句首,句子用部 分倒装。结合语境,题干不涉及一般过去时,C项中的can符


9. While a person is asleep, a part of his brain is still ___. A. alive B. active C. awake D. aware

【解析】选B。考查词义辨析。句意:当一个人睡觉时,他 大脑的一部分仍然是活跃的。alive 活着的;awake 醒着的; aware 有意识的,明白的;active 积极的,活跃的,符合句意,


10. Whether he is at or ___of work, he is always___
about his ability and faith. A. up; useful C. out; hopeful B. forward; careful D. outside; thankful

【解析】选C。考查固定短语的用法。从whether. . . or. . . 的

对比意义可以看出第一个空要填out, out of work 与 at work
相对;第二个空由“about his ability and faith”可知需填 hopeful, 是固定搭配,故选C。

Almost a year after Michael Jackson’s
death, the spirit of King of Pop appears to

live on a 4-year-old Chinese boy, who
is fast becoming internationally popular.

Wang Yiming, who is known as Xiao Bao, has already
been making waves across the world with his dance moves.

As a favorite of Chinese, Xiao Bao draws attention of crowds whenever he appears, which his mother says happens

almost every time he hears music. “When he was young, we
just started playing music to him and he started moving round like this, ” his mother said. “When he was just a couple of months old, we would let him listen to music and he would immediately stop crying and calm down, ” she told Reuters


Xiao Bao was born prematurely (早产),

and doctors

suggested moving his body to music would do good to him, but his parents were surprised by how quickly and interestedly he took to the rhythm(节奏).

Dancing since he was two years old, he is skilled at the
moonwalk and other Jackson moves, such as Beat It, Billie Jean and Dangerous. Before long, his interest turned into an obsession (着 迷)—the family spends up to 20, 000 yuan a month on dance

training with a professional and outfits including tailor-made
suits, hats and shirts.

Xiao Bao is serious about his dancing and says he will not mind becoming famous one day. But his parents say that no matter how talented their son is, his schooling will be the first choice.

四岁街舞天才王一鸣(小宝)在2011年春节联欢晚会上 一展才艺,为大家所知晓。殊不知,小宝的舞蹈由迈克尔· 杰

节目《The Ellen Show》的专访,让众多海外观众认识了小 宝,纷纷赞叹中国小宝的可爱与舞蹈天赋。小宝的视频在网 络上的点击率已经突破上百万。随后小宝作为世界上杰克逊 的最小模仿者风靡一时,受到了全世界媒体的广泛关注。

1. What Xiao Bao’s mother said suggested that____. A. she didn’t expect her son to take up music B. Xiao Bao had a strong love for music C. she taught him music when Xiao Bao was young

D. she was very sad at the beginning
【解析】选B。推理判断题。从文章第三段中小宝的妈妈所 说可知: 小宝从小就非常喜欢音乐。

2. How did Xiao Bao’s parents feel when they saw his reaction to music? A. Amazed. B. Happy. C. Angry. D. Anxious.

【解析】选A。细节理解题 。根据文章第四段 “. . . his parents were surprised by how quickly and interestedly he took to the rhythm. ”可知:小宝的父母对小宝对音乐的反应


3. We can learn from the passage that________. A. his parents taught him the moonwalk B. he began to perform on stage at two C. moonwalk moves were first done by Jackson D. his parents found him hard to please 【解析】选C。细节理解题。根据文章倒数第三段“. . . he is

skilled at the moonwalk and other Jackson moves”可知:太

4. The underlined word “outfits” in Paragraph 6 is closest in meaning to___. A. clothes B. shoes C. bags D. tools

【解析】选A。词义猜测题。根据outfits 后面的解释:. . .

including tailor-made suits, hats and shirts. 可得知:outfits

Jeanne Calment, a French woman,
became a record breaker on 17 October of

1995, when at the age of 120 years and 238
days, she became the longest-lived human being on record. A

Japanese man died in 1986 at the age of 120 years and 237

Jeanne Calment lives in a small old people’s home in the
south of France; her husband, her only child and her

grandson have all died. She is nearly blind and deaf and is always in a wheelchair, but her doctor describes her as being more like a 90-year-old in good health than someone of 120.

She still has a lively sense of humor. When asked on her 120th
birthday what she expected of the future, she replied: A very short one. She also remarked that she thought the good Lord

had forgotten all about her.

So what is the key to a long life? According to some doctors, diet, exercise and no smoking are the three

important factors. Jeanne Calment has followed two of the tips(窍门). She has always eaten a healthy diet, and she used to do exercises every day until she broke her leg at the age of 115. However, until recently she drank two glasses of strong

red wine a day,

and she does smoke (now only a little).

Besides, Jeanne Calment might have got very good genes(基 因) from her parents. Her father lived to the age of 94 and her mother to 86.

A local lawyer bought her house when she was 80 under an agreement that he would pay her some money every year until her death. It must have seemed a good move at the time,

but so far the lawyer has paid her at least three times the
value of the house. Every year on her birthday Jeanne Calment sends him a card saying:

Sorry, I’m still alive!

5. How does Jeanne Calment feel about her old age?
A. She is miserable and unhappy. B. She is cheerful and humorous.

C. She would like to live much longer.
D. She feels she is going to die very soon. 【解析】选B。细节理解题。根据文章内容及第二段第三句 She still has a lively sense of humor. 可推知此题答案为 B。

6. Jeanne Calment owes her good health and long life to__. A. smoking only a little every day

B. her giving up smoking and drinking
C. drinking two glasses of strong red wine every day D. the good genes from her parents, a healthy diet and some

【解析】选D。细节理解题。根据文章第三段第四句 She has always eaten a healthy diet. . . 及本段倒数第二句. . . Jeanne Calment might have got very good genes from her parents 可 推知此题答案为 D。

7. Which of the following could best replace the underlined word “move” in the fourth paragraph? A. deal B. trick C. march D. sport


A local lawyer bought her house. . . until her death. 可推知
“move”意为“交易”,故此题答案为 A。

8. Why does Jeanne Calment say “Sorry, I’m still alive! ” to the local lawyer every year on her birthday? A. Because she had an agreement at 80 with the lawyer which was to her advantage. B. Because she has asked the lawyer to pay her more rent than they first agreed.

C. Because the lawyer has paid her much more money than
the value of the house. D. Because the house she sold to the lawyer isn’t worth the money he has already paid.

【解析】选C。推理判断题。文章倒数第二段第一二句说. . . so far the lawyer has paid her at least three times the value of the house,而老太太本人也感到不好意思,据此可推知答案 为 C。


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人教版高中英语必修一Unit5NelsonMandela-amodernheroperiod1课件2(共51张PPT)_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教版高中英语必修一课件 ...


高中英语Unit5NelsonMandelaamodernhero课件2新人教版必修1 - Unit 5 Nelson Mandela --- a modern hero Period 2...


英语:unit5《nelson-mandela-a-modern-hero》课件(2)(新人教版必修1) - education job fight against antiblack law...

高中英语 Unit 5 Nelson Mandelaa modern hero-Perio....ppt

高中英语 Unit 5 Nelson Mandelaa modern hero-Period 2课件 新人教版必修1 - Period 2 Learning about Language &...


英语:unit5《nelson-mandela-a-modern-hero》课件(2)(新人教版必修1) - education job fight against antiblack law...


英语:unit5《nelson-mandela-a-modern-hero》课件(2)(新人教版必修1) - education job fight against antiblack law...

高中英语课时配套课件:Unit5《Nelson mandela-a modern....ppt

高中英语课时配套课件:Unit5《Nelson mandela-a modern hero》单元质量评估(五)(新人教版必修1)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。(五) Unit 5 (100分钟 120分) 第Ⅰ...

...1Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero Period 2 Vo....ppt

(人教新课标)高一英语必修1Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero Period 2 Vocabulary 课件_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教课标 高一 必修 5 Unit 5 friends 首先...


高中英语Unit5NelsonMandelaamodernhero课件1新人教版必修1 - Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero Period 1 新知预习课 ...


人教版高中英语必修一Unit5NelsonMandela-amodernheroperiod5课件1(共35张PPT) - Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero...

英语:Unit5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero-writing教案....doc

英语:Unit5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero-writing教案 (新人教版必修1)_英语...课时安排 Period 1:Warming up and Reading Period 2:Important language points...


【最新】人教版高中英语必修一:Unit5+1+课件 - Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero Period 1 新知预习课 Match the words(...

英语:Unit5《Canada-“The True North”》课件(2)(新人....ppt

英语:Unit5《Canada-“The True North”》课件(2)(新人教版必修3)_建筑/...课题高中英语新课程标准必修1Unit5 Nelson Mandela- a modern hero 第三课时 ...

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