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2014年高考人教版英语总复习课件2-2The Olympic Games

Unit 2 The Olympic Games





Ⅰ.重点单词 1.________ 2.________ 的;义务的 vt. & vi. 自愿 3.________ 4.________ 5.________ 6.________ 主管

adj. 古代的;古老的 n. 志愿者;志愿兵 adj. 志愿

vt. 做东;主办;招待 n. 主人 vt. 取代;替换;代替 adj. 快的;迅速的 vt. & vi. 收费;控诉 n. 费用;

7.________ adj. 物理的;身体的 8.________ vi. 讨价还价;讲条件 n. 便宜 货 9.________ vi. & vt. 应受(报答或惩罚); 值得 10.________ n. 座右铭 11.________ vi. 比赛;竞争→________ n. 竞争→________ adj. 竞争的;有竞争 性的→________ n. 竞争者 12.________ adj. 规则的;定期的;常规

13.________ vt. & vi. 容许;承认;接纳 →________ n. 准入;准许 14.________ n. 责任;职责→________ adj. 有责任心的 15.________ vt. & vi. 做广告;登广告 →________ n. 广告商→________ n. 广 告

答案 1 . ancient 2.volunteer 4.replace 5.swift 6 . charge 7.physical 8.bargain 9.deserve 10.motto 11 . compete; competition; competitive; competitor 12.regular; regulate; regulation 13 . admit; admission 14.responsibility; responsible

Ⅱ.重点短语 1.take part ________ 参加;参与 2.stand ________ 代表;象征;表示 3.________ well 也;还;又 4.________ charge 主管;看管 5.make a ________ 做交易 6.pick ________ 拾起;接收;搭车;加 速 ________ 计算出;设计出;解决; 结果;锻炼 ________ another 陆续地;一个接 一个地 9.apart ________ 除了 10.________ a regular basis 有规律地 答案 2.for 5.bargain 6.up 7.out 8.after 9.from 10.on

1.compete vi.比赛;竞争;比得上 More than one thousand athletes will compete in the race. 一千多名运动员将参加赛跑。 She and her sister are always competing for attention. 她和姐姐总是争着引起别人的注意。

The children compete against each other for the red flower. 孩子们互相争着要那支红花。 compete in 在??方面竞争 compete for 为??而竞争 compete against/with sb. for sth. 与某人竞 争某物

即境活用 1 (2013·大 连 五 中 高 三 检 测 )Every year, many competitors from famous universities come to the Thames to compete ________ each other ________ boating. A.for; against C.with; in B.against; with; with

解 析 : compete with/against sb. in sth. “在??方面与某人竞争”,所以第一空 可填against 或with,而第二空只能填in。 答案:C

2.regular adj.规则的;定期的;常规的; 有规律的 She looks especially beautiful with her regular teeth. 她那整齐的牙齿使她看起来非常漂亮。 As a student, you should keep regular hours at school. 作为一名学生,你应该在校按时作息。

on a regular basis 定期;经常 have no regular education 没有接受正规教 育 a regular customer 老顾客 keep regular hours 按时;有规律 be regularly invited to do sth. 经常被邀请 做某事

即境活用 2 (2013· 济宁市期中考试)The employees have not been paid________since the new manager took over this company last year. A.regularly C.absolutely B.commonly D.ordinarily

解析:regularly 定期地。句意:自从去年新 经理接手这个公司以来雇工们没有被按时 付过工资。 答案:A

3.admit vt. & vi. 容许,允许进入;容纳; 承认 The theatre admits only 250 people. 这家戏院只能容纳250人。 He admitted not having done it as planned. 他承认没有按计划做那件事。 He is admitted to Shandong University. 他被山东大学录取了。

admit sb. into...=allow sb. to come 允许某 人进入 be admitted to 被(某校)录取;成为??的 一员 admit 200 people=seat/hold 200 people 容纳200人 admit sth./that-clause承认,认可

admit doing/having done sth. 承认做某事 admit sb./sth. to be... 承认??为??

形象记 忆

即境活用 3 The man didn't admit ________ anything at the store when he was questioned by the police. steal have stolen B.having stolen D.having been stealing

解 析 : admit 后 跟 v.-ing 形 式 或 having done 结构做宾语。 答案:B

4.replace vt.放回原处;代替,取代 You have to replace the books on the shelves before you leave. 你离开之前必须把书放回书架上。 I'm going to replace my old car with a new one. 我打算买辆新车来取代我那辆旧车。

replace sth. by/with... 以??代替或替换 replace sth. 把某物放回 replace sb. as... 取代某人担任??

即境活用 4 Many people expect that credit cards will eventually ________ paper money for almost every purchase. C.replace D.reduce

解 析 : replace 代 替 。 trade 交 易 ; exchange 交换;reduce减少。 答案:C

5.relate v.有关;涉及;使联系;讲述, 叙述 Your statement does not relate well with the facts. 你的说法与事实不太符合。 These two events were related to each other. 这两个事件相互有联系。

relate... to/with... 把??和??联系起来 be related to 与??相关 relate to 涉及;和??有联系;理解 in relation to 关系到 have relations with sb. 和某人有某些具体 关系 have relation to sth. 同某事有关(抽象)

即境活用 5 Some parents can't ________ their children, which often sets off the conflicts of feelings between two generations. A.find out C.turn to B.relate to D.take in

解析:relate to 理解。 find out 弄清; turn to 转向; take in 吸收。 答案:B

6 . promise v . 允 诺 ; 有 希 望 ; 有 前 途 n.承诺;希望 He promised (me) to be here at six o'clock. 他答应我六点钟到。 promise sb. sth. = promise sth. to sb. 答 应某人某事 promise to do sth. 答应做某事 promise sb. to do sth. 向某人答应(许诺)做 某事 promise + that-clause 答应??

make a promise 许下诺言 keep a/one's promise 信守诺言 carry out a promise 履行诺言 break a promise 违约 promising adj.有希望的

即境活用 6 Tom________to win the game if he trains hard. A.wishes C.promises B.expects D.hopes

解析:promise 有??的希望。 答案:C

7 . charge vt. & vi. 收 费 ; 控 诉 ; 充 电 n.费用;主管 Do you think museums should charge for admission? 你认为博物馆应该收入馆费吗? He was charged with murder. 他被指控犯有谋杀罪。 He took charge of the farm after his father's death. 父亲去世后他掌管了农场。

charge sb. for sth. 收费,要价 charge sb. with sth./doing sth. 指控,起诉, 指责 free of charge 免费 in charge of 主管,负责 in the charge of 由??负责/掌管 take charge of 主管,负责

即境活用 7 A new manager will come to take ________ charge of this company, which was in ________ charge of Mr. Wang. A.the; the C.the;/ B./;/ D./;the

解析:take charge of 主管;in the charge of sb.被某人主管。 答案:D

8.bargain vi.讨价还价;讲条件 n.便宜 货 I bargained with the taxi driver about the price. 我与出租车司机讨价还价。 In my opinion, the car was a bargain at that price. 依我来看,那辆车的价格真便宜。

bargain with sb. about/over/for sth. (和某人就某事)讨价还价 make a bargain with sb. 和某人达成协议 a good/bad bargain 买得(不)合算

即境活用 8 I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale; it was a real ________. B.bargain

解 析 : bargain 便 宜 货 , 符 合 句 意 。 exchange 交换; trade 贸易; business 生意。 答案:B

9.deserve vi. & vt.应受(报答或惩罚);值 得 The report deserves careful consideration. 这报告应该给予认真考虑。 They didn't deserve to win. 他们不该赢。

deserve consideration/attention 值得考虑/注意 deserve to do 应该 deserve doing sth. 应该,值得 get what you deserve 罪有应得 deserve all/everything you get

deserve 后接 doing, 主动式表被动意义,等 于接动词不定式的被动语态。有相同用法 的动词还有: need, want, require 等。

即境活用 9 —It's better for you to lose weight by taking exercise every morning. —I think your suggestion deserves ________. A.try be tried B.tried try

解析:deserve to be done 相当于 deserve doing 意为“值得被”。 答案:C

10.marry v. 结婚 She was so angry that she said to her father that she would not marry anyone who could not run faster than her. 她如 此的生气以至于告诉她父亲她绝不嫁给任 何跑得不如她快的人。

表动作 ?marry ?vi.?=get married 结婚 ? ?marry sb.?vt.?=get married to sb. 与某人结婚 ?A marry B to C A让B娶?嫁给?C ?
?be ? 表状态? ?be ?

married married to sb.

Joan didn't marry until 30. 琼30岁才结婚。 He's going to marry his daughter to a merchant. 他打算把女儿嫁给一位商人。 It's eight years since they got married. 他们结婚八年了。

即境活用 10 My daughter got married ________ a handsome young man last month. C.of B.with D./

解析:get married to sb. 与某人结婚。 答案:A

1.take part in 参加 She takes an active part in local politics. 她积极参与地方政治活动。 She played a major part in the success of the scheme. 她对该计划的成功起了重要作用。

take an active part in 积极参加 play an important part in 在??方面起重 要作用 play a role in 在??中扮演角色

即境活用 11 The Browns sent lots of invitations for their party. But because of the improper time, few people ________ it. A.attended C.received B.accepted D.took part in

解析:attend 出席(会议),上课,上学等。 答案:A well as 也;还 Future agriculture should depend on high technology as well as traditional methods. 未来的农业应依靠高科技,也要靠传统方式。 as well as 的关键在于放在主语之后作插入 语,这时它和 with, including, together with 等用法一样,即主语为 as well as 插 入语前的部分。当 as well as 连接两个不 定式时,后面的不定式应该省去 to。

即境活用 12 —Lydia, what did our headteacher say just now? —Every boy and every girl as well as the teachers who ________ to lead the group ________ asked to be at the school gate before 6:30 in the morning.; is C.are; is B.are; are; are

解析:第一空的先行词为 teachers, 故用 are; 第 二 空 的 主 语 为 every boy and every girl, 与单数谓语动词连用。 答案:C out 计算出;制定出;结果是,锻 炼 Things worked out quite well. 事情的结果很不错。 The general worked out a new plan of attack. 将军制定出了新的进攻方案。

即境活用 13 With the midterm examination approaching, students should __________ to stay energetic. out C.give out B.pull out D.figure out

解析:work out 锻炼,符合句意。 pull out 驶出;give out 用完;figure out 计算出。 答案:A

4.pick up 捡起;收听;接送某人;收拾; 不经意间获得;好转 The train was gradually picking up speed. 火车在渐渐加速。 The children have picked up the local accent. 孩子都学会了当地口音了。 I'd really like to pick up Grandpa at the railroad station. 我真想去火车站接爷爷。

I don't want Roger to pick up any bad habits of speech. 我不想让罗杰养成不良的说话习惯。 We're waiting until the weather picks up a bit. 我们等到天气好些再说。

即境活用 14 (2013· 阳 二 中 月 考 )Under good treatment, she is 沈 beginning to ________ and will soon come back to work. A.wake up C.pick up B.grow up up

解析:pick up 好转,康复,符合句意。句 意:在好的治疗下,她开始康复,很快就 会回来工作了。wake up 醒来; grow up 长大; show up 出现。 答案:C

5.stand for 代表;主张,支持;容忍,接 受 UN stands for the United Nations. UN是联合国的缩写。 I'm not standing for it any longer. 这种事我再也不能容忍了。

stand stand stand stand stand

by 袖手旁观,站在一边 out 显眼,引人注目 up for 支持,维护 down 退出(比赛等) up to 勇敢地面对,经得起

即境活用 15 TV________ television. A.stands for C.stands by B.stands out D.stands up for

解析:stand for 代表,符合句意。 stand out 突出; stand by 袖手旁观; stand up for 支持。 答案:A

6.used to 过去常常,过去曾经 I used to live in London. 我曾经在伦敦居住过。

(1)used to 有两种否定和疑问形式,一种直 接使用 used; 一种借助助动词did。即: used not to + 动词原形=usedn't to + 动 词原形 did not use to + 动词原形=didn't use to + 动词原形 疑问形式: used + 主语 + to +动词原形 did + 主语 + use + to + 动词原形

(2)used to 用于否定句时,其后的反意疑问 句要在形式上前后一致。 (3)used to 用于 there be 句型中成为 There used to be... 意思是“过去曾经有??, 过去曾存在??”。

即境活用 16 He used to ________ up late at night. A.stay C.staying stay D.stayed

解析:used to 后跟动词原形;表示过去常 常做某事。 答案:A

7.every four years 每隔三年 Take the medicine every six hours. 每6小时吃一次药。 He comes to see his uncle every third week. 他每三个星期来看望他叔叔一次。 Write on every other line. 请隔行写。

every two days =every second day =every other day 每隔一天 every few years 每隔几年 every four metres 每隔三米

即境活用 17 I go home every ________ days and I'll finish this task within ________ days. A.a few; a few C.few; a few B.few; few D.a few; few

解析:every few days 每隔几天; within a few days 几天内。 答案:C after another 陆续地;一个接一个 地 The good stories came one after another. 好消息一个接一个而至。 one after another 指三者以上一个接一个地, 强调连续性。(用于三者或三者以上) one by one 指一个一个地,强调一次一个。 one another=each other 指相互,彼此。 one after the other 一个接一个地(用于两者)

即境活用 18 Class was over and the children came out of the classroom ________. after the other C.from one to another after another another

解析:one after another 一个接一个地,陆 续地(用于三者或三者以上)。 答案:B

1.I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and I used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago. 我生活在你们称之为“古希腊”的地方,我 过去也经常写有关很久前奥运会的情况。 what 引出宾语从句,并在从句中作 call 的 宾语,“Ancient Greece”作宾补。

He drove at what I thought was a dangerous speed. 他以我认为危险的速度开车。 The teacher was satisfied with what we had done. 老师对我们所做的一切感到满意。

即境活用 19 (2013· 原 五 中 月 考 )________makes this small 太 restaurant different is that it offers three free cups of beer to its customers every Sunday morning. A.Who C.Whoever B.What D.Whatever

解析:what 引导主语从句,作从句中的主 语。 答案:B

2 . No other country could join in, nor could slaves or women! 别的国家不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加! 句型“nor/neither + 系动词/助动词/情 态动词 + 另一个主语”用于否定陈述句 之后,表示“也不”,相当于 either 用于 否定句。

My sister can't swim, nor/neither can her husband. 我姐姐不会游泳,她丈夫也不会。 I haven't seen the film, nor/neither has Mary. 我没看过这部电影,玛丽也没看过。 I don't know, nor do I care. 我不知道,也不关心。

(1)“so + 助动词/be/情态动词+主语”, 是一种倒装句型,意为“也是如此”,表 示上句所谈到的情况也适用于另一主语, so 用来代替上句的内容。 He has finished his homework, and so have I. 他完成了作业,我也完成了。 If you go to school early tomorrow, so shall I. 如果明天你上学早,我也早去。

(2)如果下文表示的是对上文的赞成或肯定, 则仅需要把 so 放于句首,其后用正常语 序。
?—He came to school late yesterday. ? ?他昨天上学迟到了。 ?—So he did.他确实迟到了。 ? ?—It is very hot today. ? ?今天天气真热。 ?—So it is.是啊,的确很热。 ?

(3)如果表示前面两件或两件以上的事也适 合于另一人或物时,则需要用 So it is/was with... 或 It is/was the same with...。

Mary was born in Australia and she lived in the United States. So it was with Jane./It was the same with Jane. 玛丽在澳大利亚出生,在美国居住。简也是。 —I like English but I can't study it well. 我喜欢英语但学不好。 —So it is with my brother.


即境活用 20 (2012· 山东高考)—I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of this weather. —________.I can't stand all this rain. A.I don't care C.So am I B.It's hard to say D.I hope so

解析:So am I 为I'm sick and tired of this weather 的省略表达。 答案:C

3 . There's as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals. 国与国之间争取奥运会举办权的竞争,就跟 争夺奥运奖牌一样激烈。 像??一样;正如 (1)结构特点:第一个as为副词,修饰形容 词或副词的原级;第二个as可为连词,引 导状语从句;也可是介词,其后加名词或 代词。

(2)否定式:not as/不如 (3)表达倍数关系句型时则表达为:X times两倍用twice 或 double) (4)当 中间有名词时,应采用以下格 式: as+ adj.+a/an+ n.+as或as+many/much +n.+as

Obviously, the boy doesn't work as hard as many of his classmates. 显然,这个男孩没有他的许多同学那么刻苦。 You have as much time/space/money, etc. as you want. 你想要多少时间、空间、金钱等,你就会拥 有多少。 We have to pay twice as much as I used to live in the house. 住在这里我们不得不支付两倍于过去的房租。

在as+adj.+a/an+n.+as...结构中形容词 放在不定冠词a/an之前,同样的结构还有: ①so+adj.+a/an+n.+that..., ②too+adj.+a/an+n.+to..., ③How+adj.+a/an+n.+主语+谓语!

即境活用 21 His room is ________ mine. big as C.too big as big as bigger as

解析:“as+形容词原级+as”既可以用于 肯定句,也可以用于否定句,而“so+形 容词原级+as”只用于否定句。 答案:A

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.I'd like someone to sing the song to us. Anyone ________(自愿)? 2.As an ________(古老)saying goes, “A gentleman should seek fortune in an allowable way”. 3.We ________(替换)the old computers with new ones yesterday. 4 . I heard that there would be a basketball game in the ______( 体 育 馆).

5 . Don't lose heart; please keep the ________( 座 右 铭 )“Never say die”in your mind. 6.The headmaster is to ________(主持)a welcome party for foreign teachers at the hall of the school next week. 7.We have the ________(责任)to teach the single-child generation about the importance of friendship and love for their families.

8.Exercise ________ (有规律地). Doing so, over time, helps bodies stay strong. 9.Your pocket money should be cut by 15 percent on the ________(基础) of the average amount in the coming three weeks. 10.Healthy students should know what's going on with them mentally and ________(身体地)in youthhood.

1 . volunteers 4.stadium 5 . motto 8.regularly 9.basis 10.physically

答案 2.ancient



Ⅱ.短语填空 take part in; stand for; as well; in charge; one after another; on a regular basis; compete against; as a matter of fact; pick up; apart from 1 . As a full-time student, you should attend classes ________. 2.We're going to the cinema tonight, why don't you come along ________?

3.No, I wasn't annoyed. ________, I was very glad to see them. 4.She soon ________ some French when she went to live in France. 5 . Do you know how many countries ________ the last Olympic Games? 6.________ the injuries to his face and hands, he broke both legs.

7 . —My name is Dean E . Beller.—What does the E________? 8.In my opinion, this firm is too small to ________ large ones in trade. 9.Who will be ________ here when the manager is away? 10.It was the time of break and students came out of classroom________.

答案 1.on a regular basis well 3.As a matter of fact 4 . picked up 5.took part in 6.Apart from 7.stand for 8.compete against charge after another

Ⅲ.单项填空 1 . (2013· 丽 江高 三检测 )He hasn't been there; ________ he want to go there. has does C.neither has D . neither does 解析:句意:他没有去过那里;他也不想去 那里。由题意可知D项正确。 答案:D

2.You may not like the new comer, but you have to ________ that she is good at her job. A.admit B.declare C.announce 解析:句意:也许你不喜欢这个新来的人, 但你必须承认她很擅长自己的工作。 答案:A

3.The father as well as his three children ________ skating on the frozen river every Sunday afternoon in winter. going B.go C.goes D.are going 解析:主语含有as well as 时,谓语动词应 和as well as 前面的名词一致。the father 是主语,所以谓语动词用单数。 答案:C

4.Finding information in today's world is easy. The ________ is how you can tell if the information you get is useful or not. A.ability B.competition C.challenge D.knowledge

解析:句意:在当今世界,发现信息是很容 易的事,所面临的挑战是你如何分辨出你 所得到的信息是否有用。ability “能力”; competition “竞争;比赛”;challenge “挑战”;knowledge “知识”。 答案:C

5.(2013·青岛二中高三检测)There will be a discussion tomorrow. If you want to ________, please raise your hand. A.join B.take part C.take part in D.attend

解析:take part in 表示参加活动并在其中 发挥一定的作用,若其后无宾语则不用介 词in; join指参加某个组织或团体,并成为 其中一员;attend 意为“出席”,其宾语 常是school, meeting 等。 答案:B

6.In this list, two names ____________ particularly, which attracted our attention. A.stand up B.stand by C.stand for D.stand out 解析:句意:在这个名单中,两个名字特别 显眼,这吸引了我们的注意力。stand up “ 起 立 ” ; stand by “ 袖 手 旁 观 ” ; stand for “ 代 表 ” , 后 接 宾 语 ; stand out “醒目;显眼”。 答案:D

7 . Researchers found that people who often skip breakfast have a bigger chance of gaining weight than those who ________ have a morning meal. A.regularly B.commonly C.ordinarily D.normally 解析:句意:研究人员发现:那些不吃早餐 的人比那些早餐规律的人更有可能长胖。 正常吃早餐,强调规律性,所以要用 regularly。 答案:A

8 . The company provides a telephone service free of ________ charge and you can dial to find out how you should pay ________ charge for what you ordered. A./; / B./; a C.a; the D./; the 解析:free of charge “免费”,无需加冠 词;pay the charge for... “付??的费 用”,为特指。 答案:D

9.With the development of __________, various ________ come into being. A.advertising; advertising B.advertisement; advertisements C.advertisements; advertising D.advertising; advertisements

解析:句意:随着广告业的发展,出现了各 种各样的广告。广告业用advertising,为 不可数名词,而广告则是advertisement, 为可数名词。 答案:D

10 . About 1,000 singers competed ________ each other ________ six medals in the National Singing Competition. A.against; with B.with; on C.with; in D.against; for 解 析 : compete with/against sb. for sth.“为??和某人竞争”,为固定搭配, 故选D项。 答案:D

11. (2013· 江西名 校联考 )—Bob failed in the exam again. —He ________ it; he never worked hard. A.deserved B.knew C.considered D.missed 解析:句意:“鲍勃考试又没及格”。“他 理应如此,他从没有努力学习过”。 deserve “值得;应受(奖励、惩罚)”, 符合句意。 答案:A

12.Don't worry. I'll help to ________ the guests. A.hold C.wait D.accept 解析:考查动词词义辨析。句意:不用担心, 我帮你招待客人。host the guests 意为 “招待客人”。hold “保持;容纳”; wait “等待”,是不及物动词;accept “接受”。 答案:B

13 . Some people would like to do the shopping on Sundays since they expect to pick up wonderful ________ in the market. A.batteries B.baskets C.balloons

解析:考查名词辨析。句意:有些人喜欢星 期天购物,因为他们指望着能在市场上买 到很便宜的好东西 。battery“电池”; basket “ 篮 子 ” ; balloon “ 气 球 ” ; bargain “廉价品;便宜货”。 答案:D

14 . (2013· 南 昌 二 中 高 三 检 测 )We must keep our room clean, for dirt and disease go ________, you know. A.hand in hand B.step by step C.from time to time D . one after another

解析:考查介词短语。句意:我们必须保持 房间清洁,因为脏与疾病是密切相关的。 hand in hand “连在一起;手拉手”,符 合句意。step by step “逐步地”;from time to time “有时;不时”;one after another “一个接一个地”。 答案:A

15 . ________ providing entertainment, the website also turns out to be a helpful learning tool. A.Far from B.Apart from C.Instead of D.Regardless of 解析:apart from 除了。句意:除了提供娱 乐,这个网址证明也是一个有用的学习工 具。far from 远非;instead of 而不是; regardless of 不管,不顾。 答案:B

——专家支招·妙解高考—— 语法和词汇知识(七)——标点符号法

做题时,不能忽略标点符号。标点符号虽小, 但有时却能提供许多信息。句末标点表示 一句话的结束,包括句号、感叹号、问号。 句末为问号时要用疑问语序,句末为感叹 号时要用感叹句语序。句中标点包括逗号、 破折号、分号。

其中逗号的作用较大:可以提示句子成分或 表示分句是平行的;表示其后是非限制性 定语从句;提示后面是简单句的附加成分 等。破折号往往用在一个解释性的分句前, 或一个插入语前、后。分号则主要用来连 接两个意思上有一定关联的句子或者连接 两个对等的分句,这两个句子之间不需要 连词。

1.They believe that the spirits will be with the body for 3 days;________ someone always stays with the dead person. A. during which time B. so during which C. during this time D. so when

【解析】 根据分号可以看出前后两个分句 是并列关系,故选C。有些考生因不注意 标点而误认为后一句是非限制性定语从句 而选A。 【答案】 C

2.Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettable moment, ________ I will always treasure. A. that B. one C. it D. what 【解析】 本题可用标点符号法解答。逗号 后可以填一个关系词来引导一个非限制性 定语从句,但 that 不能引导非限制性定 语从句,what不能引导定语从句,排除A 和D。逗号后还可以跟一个附加成分,此 处one作插入语。

温 馨 提 示



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