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复查测验: B-2 词汇测试(1) 分数 得 3 分,满分 3 分 问题 1 This glue will _____________ any surface, whether it is rough or smooth. 所选答案: C. adhere to

问题 2 The robbers were cornered and desperately fled into a resident house on Denman Street, which was later _______ and then searched by police officers. 所选答案: A. surrounded

问题 3 Tom had a vision of a society in which the members of different races could live together in __________ harmony. 所选答案: B. racial

问题 4 It is unfair that one fails to get his job just because his ________ has got a fake diploma or certificate. 所选答案: C. rival

问题 5 When you grow old, sometimes it can be fun to _________ on what you did in school times. 所选答案: B. look back

问题 6 Plans to develop shops, houses and public spaces at Leale's Yard in Guernsey are _______ to the public. 所选答案: D. displayed

问题 7 A record of the survey must be retained ________ and remedial action must be taken as appropriate. 所选答案: C. on site

问题 8 Among these I would list string and brown paper, kept by __________ people when a parcel has been opened, to save buying these two requisites next time. 所选答案: A. thrifty

问题 9 As soon as there's a need to wait for something, an orderly line will form, as if by magic,

and we'll all stand ___________ in line, waiting our turn. 所选答案: B. dutifully

问题 10 Beyond our expectation, that cold and _________ gentleman performed the Jazz album wonderfully. 所选答案: D. composed

问题 11 The university ___________ fee per year is about HK$ 40,000 which is quite expensive. Therefore, many students have got a loan from the bank. 所选答案: C. tuition

问题 12 The woman only made a real ____________ of herself by shouting at the waiter in the middle of a crowded restaurant. 所选答案: B. spectacle

问题 13 They could hardly __________ where the road was in the complete darkness. 所选答案: D. make out

问题 14 Never before has an African American woman won the best actress award and as she accepted the Oscar, Halle Berry was overcome with ____________. 所选答案: C. emotion

问题 15 Although there were many students in the hall, Prof. Smith easily _________ the twin from the crowd. 所选答案: B. picked out

问题 16 The children are competing _________ each other to reach the other end of the pool. 所选答案: B. against

问题 17 Police spent hours at the school gathering _________ testimony and were still not allowing people to enter the campus. 所选答案: C. witness

问题 18 These procedures __________ microorganisms responsible for diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.

所选答案: B. remove

问题 19 At first, the speaker was referring to the problem of pollution in the country, but halfway in her speech, she suddenly _________ to another subject. 所选答案: C. switched

问题 20 Normally, Andrea would never __________ a hitchhiker (搭车人) when she was alone, thinking it was too dangerous. 所选答案: A. pick up

问 题 21 There were some mediate contacts between the two countries before their ___________ relation was established. 所选答案: C. diplomatic

问题 22 There are various ways in which individual economic units can ____________ with one another. 所选答案: C. interact

问题 23 De Gaulle (戴高乐) was anxious that France should dependence on the United States. 所选答案: D. disengage

from military

问题 24 A new _________ restricting sex information on Internet from July1, 2009 was issued by the Ministry of Health lately. 所选答案: B. regulation

问题 25 Thailand's agriculture minister says his country will never __________ rice exports. He says that Thailand has enough supplies to meet demand at home and for export. 所选答案: A. restrict

问题 26 The lean showman smiled pleasantly as if he were about to _________ sugar cubes to a large group of joyful dogs around him. 所选答案: D. deliver

问题 27 I am willing to work

for a small salary for several months, if necessary.

所选答案: A. on a trial basis

问题 28 Climate change is a direct ___________of the way human beings act. 所选答案: D. consequence

问题 29 The government has successfully coped with the economic __________ and has won its people’s trust as a result. 所选答案: C. crisis

问题 30 Drugs with an estimated street value(毒品等街头黑市价) of more than ? 150,000 have been ______ in a police crackdown in Moray. 所选答案: B. seized

问题 31 In recent years, human activities have caused serious impact on the eco- environment, which __________ the water pollution of the lake. 所选答案: D. intensify

问题 32 China has determined its focus of high-tech research for the coming five years, and ____________drawing up the next century’s high-tech research plans. 所选答案: A. set about

问题 33 At last I have to cultivate the habit of feeling the joy of sorrow which makes the dire (terrible) ___________ also look positive. 所选答案: A. circumstance

问题 34 London hotel growth is set to ___________in the years leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games. 所选答案: D. boom

问题 35 Mary darted an interested __________ at the handsome newcomer from under lowered eyelids. 所选答案: C. glance

问题 36 The railway timetable shows the times when the trains arrive and ____________. 所选答案: D. depart

问题 37 To impress your loved ones this Valentine's Day, why not try some other alternatives instead of the usual of hastily-purchased flowers or a box of chocolates? 所选答案: C. bunch

问题 38 WTO members should act against protectionism by adhering to WTO rules. China anyhow will continue to _______ the WTO, and sincerely hope the US side does the same. 所选答案: C. show faith in

问题 39 Don’t ask me, following your ____________ and do what you think is right. 所选答案: C. instincts

问题 40 They are trying to ____________ all obstacles and difficulties to finish the task by the end of the month. 所选答案: C. push aside

问题 41 When Washington created a $700-billion fund to keep the financial system from __________, which the Treasury Department named a bailout czar (救市沙皇). 所选答案: D. collapsing

问题 42 The report says that, especially in the longer term, the airports would be likely to compete more ___________ if they were separately owned. 所选答案: C. vigorously

问题 43 Be quiet! I can't __________ the noise a moment longer. You guys know that I have a test to take tomorrow morning. 所选答案: C. endure

问题 44 Masks are just covering one part of the body so your hands and clothes could all have the virus on and when you take them off you will infect yourself. 所选答案: B. obviously

问题 45 A particularly pointed chin is his most memorable facial ____________. 所选答案: A. feature

问题 46

There's enormous compassion, love, __________, and even tenderness in this movie.

所选答案: A. humanity

问题 47 Future workers will learn a wide array of skills and will be expected to constantly upgrade those skills. Self-_______ and internal motivation will also be critical success factors. 所选答案: A. discipline

问题 48 A BBC journalist and broadcaster in BBC Northern Ireland, talked to people about their_____ for the future of Northern Ireland. 所选答案: B. vision

问题 49 I want to tell you our company is going to merge(合并) with a big New York __________ -- they'll announce it sometime next week. 所选答案: D. corporation

问题 50 Raising kids will make people turn to be more responsible and __________ and help people to understand life better. 所选答案: C. mature

问题 51 The pictures of airplanes flying into buildings, fires burning, huge structures collapsing, have filled us with ____________, terrible sadness and a quiet, unyielding anger. 所选答案: C. disbelief

问题 52 With great effort, Jim was able to __________ his anger and avoid a fight. 所选答案: C. hold in

问题 53 Gmail is a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, __________, useful and even fun. 所选答案: C. efficient

问题 54 The parents hoped the son would_______ and fulfill their dreams to become a successful economist. 所选答案: A. follow in their footsteps

问题 55 Rumors ___________ as to the reasons why he didn’ show up at the news conference. t 所选答案: D. abound

问题 56 Thomas Edison said: “____________ is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” 所选答案: C. Genius

问题 57 Jane seemed a little ____________ on her feet, and her friends were afraid she might not make it down the corridor. 所选答案: C. unsteady

问题 58 While a(n) ___________ amount of stress can be beneficial, too much stress can exhaust you. 所选答案: D. moderate

问题 59 Democrats in the US Congress are _________ plans for a second stimulus bill amid fears the first one was not big enough to kick start the US economy. 所选答案: D. drawing up

问题 60 Several hundred people were arrested after _________ on Sunday turned violent. 所选答案: A. protests



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