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人教版 高中英语选修六 第三单元 热身 导学案附答案

N ever too old to learn (活到老学到老) 编号:gswhyyxx6u3…001 Unit 3 A Healthy Life Period 1: Warming up and Reading 编制人: 学习目标:
1. 了解吸烟的危害并养成好的生活习惯。 2. 记住本单元的重点单词及词组。 3. 通过快读了解文章大意。



2015. 10. 12

学习方法: 找读 快读 学习过程 知识链接

Step 1: 课前预习 (重点单词)
1. 3. 5. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14. 滥用,虐待 禁止 取缔 vt. 使为难 收回,退出 结果,效力 绝望的 感到羞耻的 判断,看法 2. 4. 7. 9. 11. 13. 15. 压力,加压力 adj. 入迷的 adj. 感到为难的 精神的,智力的 加强,巩固 失望的 停止,离开 笨拙的

Step 2: 自主学习 1.Who wrote the letter?
2.What is the purpose of his writing the letter? 3. From Para3, we can learn that . A. a person will be addicted to nicotine is one of the hundreds of chemicals in cigarettes. B. a person will be addicted to smoking if he treats it as a habit. C. a person will feel sick if his body gets used to having nicotine.

D. a person will really feel relaxed when having a cigarette. 4.Which is not the effect of smoking? A. Causing terrible damage to heart and lungs. B. Affecting the health of non-smokers. C. Having the fingers turn yellow. D. Not enjoying sport. 5. What is not included in the article about stopping smoking on the Internet. A. Relax B. Determination C. Courage D. Get help from others 6. The following statements are true EXCEPT . A. James’ grandfather was tired when returning from a long trip. B. there are three ways a person can become addicted to smoking. C. keeping your hands busy will stop smoking. D. some people have to try several times before quitting smoking.

Step3: 合作探究



Choose a day that is not 1. (stress) to quit smoking. Make a list of all the 2. (benefit) you will get from stopping smoking. Throw 3. all your cigarettes. Reread the list of benefits when you feel like 4. (smoke). Develop some other habits to keep yourself busy. If you feel 5. (nerve) or stressed. Try some 6. (relax) exercises like deep breathing. You can stop smoking 7. a friend or join a group . If necessary, ask a doctor or chemist for help. The most important is to keep 8. (determine) .Don’t feel 9. (shame) if you have 10.cigarette again. Just try again.

Step 4.当堂检测
Work out the meaning of these new words from the contest. 1. We were unable to go out on a picnic due to the bad weather. 2. He became addicted to cigarettes and could not stop smoking even though he knew it was bad for him. 3. I wish you would quit smoking. 4. The pregnant woman went shopping for baby clothes. 5. They were overjoyed to hear the enemy’s withdrawal.

Step5: 课后反思

Unit3 参考答案 001 导学案: Step1: abuse , stress, ban, addicted, embarrass embarrassed, withdrawal, mental, effect, strengthen, desperate, ashamed, quit, judgement, awkward. Step2: 1.James’ grandfather 2. He wanted to persuade his grandson to quit smoking. 3. B 4. C 5.C 6.A Step3: stressful, benefits, away, smoking, nervous, relaxation, with, determined, ashamed, a Step4:1.由于 2.对…..上瘾 3.停止抽烟 4.怀孕的 5. 撤退


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