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词汇讲解 unit1festivals around the world_图文

Unit1 Festivals around the world

take place 指事先计划或预想到的事情的发生。

happen 偶然或未能预见的发生,可以和to连用或接that引导的从 句。 occur: 突然有...想法 常用于;sth occurs to sb/it occurs to sb that….. break out 仅用于负面场合, 常用于灾难, 战争, 疾病,争吵之类 事情的突然发生。 come about 常与how连用

Our school sports meeting is going to ________ take place next Friday. It ________that he had read the novel. happened occurred to A good idea ___________him. broke out A fire __________ in the neighborhood,which killed many people. come about ? Can you tell me how the accident ________

2. beauty-beautiful - beautify v美化

3. harvest n/v 收获,收割 The farmer hired extra workers for the harvest. a good harvest 丰收 harvester 收割机/人 We will harvest the fruit in autumn.

4. celebrate 庆祝 We held a party to celebrate our success. celebration n. celebrate后常接日期,事情或场合 ~Christmas /one’s birthday /a victory congratulate后常接人,表示为某事而祝贺某人 congratulate sb. on/upon sth. I ~ him on passing the exam. congratulation n.

5.starve v.

1)挨饿; 饿死
Millions of people starved to death during the war. 2) (使某人)得不到某事物而受苦或渴望获得某事物; 缺乏 The homeless children starved for love . 3) to feel very hungry 感觉很饿, 仅用于进行时态 When will dinner be ready? I’m starving.

starvation n. [U] 饿死 die of starvation starvation wages 不够维持基本生活的工资
(1). starve to death=be starved to death: 饿死 (2). starve for sth: 渴望获得某物 starve to do sth: 渴望做某事 be starved of: 渴望;缺乏 (3). sb be starving:某人快饿死了

6. origin-orginal(原始的;起初的;新颖的) 起源,由来,起因 What was the origin of the accident? the origins of life on earth

7. religious 1)宗教上的,信奉宗教的 Most western people have religious beliefs.
2) 虔诚的 She is a very religious person.

religion n.

8. in memory of 纪念;追念 The museum was built in memory of the famous scientist. in in in in honor of 为了纪念... celebration of 为了庆祝... need of 需要... charge of 掌管...;负责 in in in in praise of 为了表扬... search of 寻找... favour of 支持... face of 面临;面对

______________ In memory of of the dead in Sichuan Earthquake, people set up a monument(纪念碑) A great many college graduates went to the big cities ___________ in search of better jobs. in charge of He is _____________ the company when his father passed away in face of the danger. We should calm down _________ in need of food and water. Many poor countries are __________ in favor of What he said is sensible, so we are __________his plan.

9. belief 1)信任; 信心 [U] I have strong belief in my future. 2) 信仰[C] religious beliefs

宗教信仰 beyond belief 难以置信 believe v.

10. dress up:
We dressed up for Lucy's wedding.


The whole family is dressing up the Christmas tree. 装饰 dress up as...: 装扮成...;打扮成... dress sb: 为某人穿衣 be dressed in: 穿着...(表示状态) dress up I'd like you to _________ for my birthday party tonight. up as soldiers. The children _______ ____ dressed themselves ____ dressing The young mother is _________(dress) her newly-born baby. Dressed _________(dress) in a red coat, she looks more beautiful.

11. trick 1) n. 诡计,花招 They had to think of a trick to get passed the guards. do/perform a trick 玩把戏 2) n. 窍门,招数 Daily practice is the trick in learning a foreign language. 3)vt. 欺骗,诈骗 She tricked the SnowWhite into eating the poisoned apple. The man tricked the old woman out of all her money. trick sb into sth/doing sth 诱骗某人做某事 trick sb. out of sth 诱骗某人某物

12. play a trick/tricks on… 捉弄… 戏弄…. The naughty boy loves playing tricks on others. play a joke/jokes on sb; make fun of; laugh at; make a fool of

13. poet 诗人 poem:诗 Li Bai was a great poet who wrote many famous poems.

14.arrival 1)到达,到来 The arrival of the train is 9:00. On our arrival at the farm, we were welcomed by the farmers. 2) 到达者 They went out to welcome the new arrivals. a new arrival=a baby arrive v

She gained high grades in English and maths. 获得;得到 You can gain a lot by watching how she works. 获益 My watch gains five minutes a day. 钟表走得快 No pains, no gains. 不劳无获 gain sth from/by sth: 从...中收益 gain strength/weight/power/experience: 增加力气/体重/能力 /经验 gain independence from... (脱离...)获得独立

辨析:gain, win, earn
gain: 指付出很大的努力、劳动、竞争等才能得到,所得的东西 常具有一定价值 win: 常跟: game, war, prize, fame, battle, medal等 earn: 常跟金钱;报酬;谋生;地位等

(1). A fall into the pit, a ____ gain in your wit.吃一堑长一智 (2). He has _______ earned a lot of money as a an engineer. win the election? (3). Who do you think will ____ gains (4). No pains, no ______.

16. independence; independent adj独立的,自主的 be independent of 不受…支配的,不依赖的 India gained independence from Britain in 1947. The fishing industry is independent of local government. depend v 依靠;依赖 dependent adj 依靠的;依赖的;取 决于…的 depend on:依靠;取决于 It depends:看情况 We depend on energy to do many things in our daily lives. The journey takes about two hours, depending on traffic.

17. gather 1)搜集 The writer is gathering materials for his works. 2)集合 The teacher gathered the students on the playground. 3) 聚集 The clouds are gathering.

18. award 1)v.授予,判定 They awarded him the title of Hero. Einstein was awarded in the Nobel Prize for Physics. The referee(裁判) awarded a free kick(任意球).

2) n. 奖,奖品 She got the first award in the English contest. The award for the year’s best actress was a young woman.

win/receive/get an reward: 赢得/得到/获得奖项 award sb sth (for sth): 因...颁发给某人 award sth to sb: 授予某人某物 e.g The judge awarded him a large sum of money as damages. Medals were awarded to be the best speakers on the debating team. 奖章授予辩论队中的最佳演说者。

reward 多指对某人的帮助、工作或服务等的报答或酬谢(可以是金 钱、物品或精神奖励)赏金、酬金 award 奖金;奖品 (多指奖励在工作中取得成就或成绩突出的人) 指 正式的或官方颁发、授予头衔;称号

prize 指在各类竞赛,比赛或抽奖活动中获得的奖项 reward We’ll offer a/an ______ of ten thousand dollars for information about her mising son. award The Olympic winner received a gold medal as a/an______. He won the second prize _____ in the compisition contest.
awarded the title of World's First City of Edinburgh was _______ Literature. reward your kindness? How can I _______

admire - admiration - admiring佩服的;称赞的 I admire him for his bravery and learning. 钦佩 We stopped halfway up the hill to admire the view.

He was looking at the picture with admiration. 赞赏
固定搭配: admire sb for sth: 因某事而钦佩某人 with/in admiration: 钦佩地 an admiring look: 赞赏的目光 赏月:admire the moon 自我欣赏:admire oneself

21. look forward to (doing) sth. 期待着(做)某事 Children are looking forward to Spring Festival. He’s looking forward to hearing from his pen pal. having She has been looking forward to _______(have) a chance to pay a visit to Taiwan. When the festival they have been looking forward to comes _______(come), people will dress up to celabrate it. 常见的带有介词to的动词短语: be used to doing:习惯于做某事 stick to doing sth坚持做某事 object to doing反对做某事 doing:致力于做某事 get down to doing sth: 开始认真做某事 pay attention to doing: 注意 doing sth认为做...重要

22. day and night 日夜; 昼夜; 整天 Her mother is ill. She has to take care of her day and night in the hospital. The machine worked day and night, at last it broke down. 服装(总称,除衣裤还包括鞋帽) an article of clothing 一件衣服 The cost of food, clothing and shelter is high. 辨析: cloth, clothes, clothing 1) cloth 指做衣服等用的材料, 如布料, 毛料, 丝绸等, 不可数。 “一块布料”是 a piece of cloth 注意: cloth 指具体用途的布时, 可与冠词连用。 a table cloth 一块桌布 a dish cloth 一块擦碗布 2). clothes 指具体的衣服, 包括上衣, 裤子等作主语时, 谓语用 复数形式。 3) clothing 是衣服, 服装的总称, 是集合名词。

as if/though 引导的从句用虚拟语气:
1.与现在事实相反,从句用一般过去时 He walks as if he were drunk. When a pencil is partly put into a glass of water, it looks as if it were broken. 2. 与过去事实相反,从句用过去完成时 He talked as if he had been to New York before. she talked as if she had attended the meeting.

练习: 1. He acted ____ A he had never lived in China before. A. as though B. even if C. as D. since

2. The two strangers talked as if they ___ D friends for years. A. were B.would be C. have been D.had been

B an adult. 3. The child talks as if she ____ A. is B.were C. had been D.has been A drunk. 4. He walks as if he ____ A. were B. had been C. has been

25. have fun (with sb)

We had fun with each other on that day. fun为不可数名词, 没有复数, 也不能加a. make fun of for fun 取笑…… read for fun

adj. funny


常见的不可数名词:information, progress, advice, fun, weather, luggage, baggage, news, furniture等

26. custom 1)风俗 The celebration of the Spring Festival is a custom for Chinese. It is the custom for the Japanese to take off their shoes when they get into a hall.

2) 习惯=habit It was her custom to rise early. the Customs 海关

fool n 愚人;白痴 vt 愚弄;欺骗 vi 干傻事 adj 傻的
However big the fool, there is always a bigger fool to admire him. 无论一个人有多傻,总会有另一个更傻的人羡慕他。 You can't fool me! I don't believe you. I'm very surprised that he should be fooled by such a trick. I was fooled into believing their promises. 我受了骗,竟然相信他们的诺言。

permission n - permit v ask for permission:请求许可 without permission:未经许可 permit sb sth: Please permit me a few words. permit doing sth: We don't permit talking in the library. permit sb to do sth: He permitted me to retake the test, and I pulled my grade to an A.

常考句型: Time permitting, I'll pick you up at the airport. Weather permitting, we will start tomorrow.

30. turn up. 1) 出席(某活动), 出现 We planned to meet at 7:00, but he didn’t turn up. 2) 把(收音机等)音量开大一些 Turn up the radio a little, I can hardly hear the program. The teacher turned down the students’ proposal(请求). 拒绝 I thought it would rain the next day, but it turned out to be a sunny day. 结果是…… turn off 关掉 turn to sb for help turn on 向某人求助 打开

keep one's word: 守信用 break one's word: 食言;失信 in other words: 换句话说 in a word: 总而言之 have a word with sb: 和某人说句话 have words with sb: 与某人吵架 word came that...有消息称 keep my word I promised my teacher to work hard, I must____________. break your word otherwise, no one will trust you. Don’t _____________, have a word with you before you go to the meeting? Could I ___________ have words with Don't ______________your teachers! Be polite! _________, In a word I am satisfied with what you have done these days. Tonny is the best student of the three.____________,he is In other words a better student than the other two.

32. hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸

breathe v.

The girl held her breath at the sight of the snake. All Americans held their breath to see who would win the election. be out of breath 上气不接下气;喘不过气来 lose one's breath 喘不过气来 catch one's breath喘口气 take/have a deep breath 深吸一口气 The weak girl was ___________ out of breath only after five minutes' running. lose your breath If you run very fast, you will _______________. take/have a deep breath before doing exercise. Please ____________________ his breath at The race was so close that everyone was holding _____________ the finish.

apologize v

apology n

Jhon apologized to Mary for having kept her waiting too long. apologize to sb for doing sth: 因做某事向某人道歉 make/offer an apology to sb for doing sth: 因做某事向某人道歉 accept/refuse one's apology: 接受/拒绝某人的道歉 你应该为你的粗心大意向她赔礼道歉。 You should make an apology/apologize to her for your carelessness. 他为遗失我的书而向我道歉。 He offered me an apology for losing my book.

34. drown (drowned, drowned) v. 1) 淹死 Don’t play by the river in case you fall and drown.

There was a drowning man .(快要淹死的) drowned 已经淹死的
2) 浸, 泡

The floods drowned the streets and houses. 3) 淹没 The noise in the street drowned out her voice. 借…… 消愁 drown one’s sorrow/sadness in…

35. obvious adj. 明显的, 清楚的 His meaning is obvious. 1) be obvious + to + 表示人的名词或代词 Her disappointment was obvious to her friend. 2) It + be + obvious +that-clause It is obvious that you are wrong.
Obviously, he is telling a lie.

36. wipe Wipe your hands with the handkerchief. The girl wiped her tears away. The students wiped the floor dry. weep (wept, wept) 哭泣,流泪 Failing in the exam, the girl wept over/for her bad learning results.

set off: 出发;动身 My father will set off for Shanghai tomorrow morning. That joke set off laughter. 引起 使爆炸 Be careful that you don't set the fireworks off by mistake. set out to do = set about doing sth 开始做 set aside: 留出/存;把...放置一边;对...置之不理 set down: 写下;记下 set up: 建立;创立 _________ Set aside some time each day to write, even if it is only five minutes. set down I don't want to __________ a series of facts in a diary as most people do. set off/out at 7:00, while the roads are empty. We ought to _________ set up The company plans to _______ factories else where in Europe. set out to clean The moment she arrived home, she ______________(clean) the house. set about cleaning

remind remind remind remind

提醒, 使想起 sb of/about sth 使某人想起… sb to do sth 提醒某人做某事 sb that 提醒…

这张照片时常让我想起我幸福的童年时代。 请提醒我明天给我母亲回电话。 老师提醒我我应该按时完成作业。 The photo often reminds me of my happy childhood.
Please remind me to call my mother tomorrow.

My teacher reminds me that I should hand in homework on time.

forgive (forgave, forgiven)---forgiveness forgive sb for doing sth: 原谅某人干了某事 forgive sb('s) doing sth: 原谅某人做某事 ask for forgiveness: 祈求宽恕 请宽恕我迟到了。 Please forgive me for being late. Please forgive my being late. 请原谅我,我不是故意伤害你的。 Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to hurt you.

1. 那照片让她想起淹死在海里的爱人,她哭了。当她走出房间时,尽管已经拭去了泪水, 但仍掩盖不住脸上的悲伤。( remind...of...; drown; weep; wipe; sadness) 2.多年来,这位身居墨西哥的老人日夜梦想着回到自己的祖国。(Mexico; day and night)3. 这位精力旺盛的诗人也没有能够找出这些词的起源。(energetic; poet; origin) 4.我们又见面时,他为自己没有信守诺言而向我道歉,并希望我能原谅他。(keep one's word; apologize; forgive)5. 根据专家们的预测,他会荣获今年金鸡奖的最佳男演员奖。 (prediction; award; rooster) 6. 很明显,他在尽力屏住呼吸.(obvious; hold one's breath) 7. 如果你没有获得夜间泊车许可,就不能在此停车。(parking; permission) 8.下 周举行的大会是为了纪念他们的祖先100多年前来到这个村庄。(take place; in memory of; ancestor; arrival)9. 我们的运动会将于下周五举行(take placce) (2). 这个街区昨晚发 生了火灾,死了很多人(break out) (3) 你知道这件事故是如何发生的吗(come about) 10. 我们举行了聚会来庆祝他们的婚礼(celebrate) (2)我们祝贺他通过了驾照考试 (congratulate sb on sth) 11.数百万人在战争中饿死(starve to death) (2).无家可归的人 们渴望爱(starve for) 12.你知道泰迪熊的起因吗(origin)? 13. 这个博物馆修建起来就是为 了纪念这位死去的科学家(in memory of) (2).很多年轻人来到大城市为了寻找好的工作(in search of ) 14.为了Lucy的婚礼,我盛装打扮(dress up) (2) 穿着红色的外套,她看起来更 加漂亮 15.她欺骗白雪公主吃这个毒苹果(trick; poisoned apple) 16.李白是著名的诗人写 了很多的诗(poet; poem) 17.一到农场,我们就受到了当地农民的欢迎(on one's arrival) 18.1947年印度脱离英国获得了独立(gain independence from...) (2). 我的手表快了五分 钟(gain) 19.我很钦佩他的勇敢和博学(learning) ( admire sb for sth)(2) 我们停在了半山 腰欣赏美丽的风景(admire) 20.我一直期待有机会到台湾旅游一下(look forward to) 21.他 走路时好像喝醉了一样(as if) 22. 他是一个信守诺言的人,所以他肯定会出现的(keep pne's word; turn up)。

19.20.我一直期待有机会到台湾旅游一下(look forward to)

21.他走路时好像喝醉了一样(as if) (2)他谈起来仿佛自己之前去过纽约(as if)
22.他是一个信守诺言的人,所以他肯定会出现的(keep one's word; turn up)。 23.这个旅行要花费大约两个小时, 具体还要依据交通情况(depend on) 24.老师让学生们在操场上集合(gather) 25.机器日日夜夜地工作,结果机器出故障了(day and night; break down)

27.我很奇怪你竟然被这个恶作剧给愚弄了(fool; trick) 28时间允许的话,我去机场接你(permit; pick up) 29.我本以为明天会下雨,结果却是晴天(turn out) 30. 他因违背诺言向我道歉,最终我还是原谅了他(break one’s promise; apologize to sb for sth; forgive sb)

1. The photo reminded her of her lover who had drowned at sea, and she wept. Although she wiped all her tears away when she came out of the room, she could not hide the sadness on her face. 2. For many years this old man who lives in Mexico has been dreaming day and night about going back to his homeland. 3. The energetic poet could not find the origins of the words. 4. when we met again, he apologized to me for not having kept his word and asked me to forgive him. 5. According to experts' prediction, he will win the best actor at the Golden Rooster Award this year. 6. It was obvious that he was trying to hold his breath. 7. If you haven't got a night parking permission, you can't park your car here. 8. The meeting that will take place next week is in memory of their ancestors' arrival in the village one hundred years ago.

9. Our sports meeting is going to take place next friday. (2). A fire broke out in the neighborhood, killing many people. (3)Do you know how the accident came about? 10. We hold a party to celebrate their wedding. (2) We congratulated him on passing the driving test. 11. Millions of people starved to death during the war. (2) Many homeless people starve for love. 12. Do you know the origin of the Teddy Bear? 13. This museum is built in memory of the dead scientist. (2) Many young people go to big cities in search of a good job. 14. We dressed up for Lucy's wedding. (2) Dressed in a red coat, she looks more beautiful. 15. She tricked the Snow White into eating poisoned apples. 16. Li Bai is a famous poet who wrote many famous poems.

17. On our arrival at the farm, we are welcomed by local farmers. 18. India gained independence from England in 1947. 19.I admire him for his bravery and learning. 20. We stopped at the halfway of the hill to admire the beautiful scenery. 21. He walks as if he were drunk. (2) He talked as if he had been to New York. 22. He is a man who keeps his word, so he is certain to turn up. 23. The journey will take about two hours, depending on the traffic. 24. The teacher gathers students on the playground. 25.The machine worked day and night, finally it broke out. 26. It's our traditional custom to celebrate spring festival. 27. I'm surprised that you are fooled by such a trick. 28. Time permitting, I'll pick you up at the airport. 29. I (had) thought it would rain the next day, but it turned out to be a sunny day. 30. He apologized to me for breaking his promise, eventually I forgave him.


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英语词汇句型复习必修3Unit1Festivals around the world概要_职高对口_职业教育_教育专区。英语词汇句型复习必修3Unit1Festivals around the world概要 ...

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unit1 festivals-around-the-world 词汇_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Unit1 Festivals around the world find out all festivals in the vocabulary 1.Obon 盂兰...

...Unit 1 Festivals around the world课件_图文.ppt

高三英语一轮复习 Unit 1 Festivals around the world课件_幼儿读物_幼儿教育_...停放 -7Ⅰ.单词 积累 串记 Ⅱ.短语 联想 归纳 Ⅲ.句式 仿造句子 Ⅳ....

公开课教案 Unit 1 Festivals around the world_图文.doc

公开课教案 Unit 1 Festivals around the world_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育...按照课本单元词汇表顺序, 《金色教案》重点提供动词、短语搭配的讲解。 所提供的...

Unit 1 Festivals around the world词汇_图文.ppt

Unit 1 Festivals around the world词汇_英语_高

Festivals around the world_单词讲解_图文.ppt

Festivals around the world_单词讲解_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Festivals around the world Language points Language points 1. mean的用法 What do you mean to ...


Unit1__Festivals_around_the_world - Ⅰ.词汇链条 1.___vt.& vi.淹没;溺死;淹死 drown 2.___adj.明显的;显而...

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