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Academic adj 学院的,学术的,理论的;n. 大学生,大学教师;学者 academic research 学术研究 academic circles 学术界 academic year 学年 academic achievement 学业成就;学业成绩 academic performance 学习成绩;学业表现;学术成就 1.This is not merely an academic question.这不仅仅是一个学术问题。 2.This is an academic appointment, after all.这毕竟是一个学术职位。 3.These are not just academic ‘s points.这可不仅是学者的观点。 province['pr?vins] n.省 Each pair represents one South Korean province.每一对都代表了南韩的一个省。 It became a province of Canada in 1905.它于1905年成为加拿大的一个省份。 By the way, which province are you from? 顺便问一下,您是哪个省来的? Then you might ask what province she was from. 然后可能问问她是哪个省来的。 enthusiastic[in,θ ju:zi'?stik]a.热情的,热心的 Here the crowd was thickest and most enthusiastic. 这里的人群最密集, 热情也最高。 And not only that, people just like to be around enthusiastic people in general. 不仅仅如此, 总体来说,人都比较倾向于与热情的人往来。 amazing [?'meizi?] a.令人吃惊的,令人惊讶的 Its amazing what we can learn from others in our lives.在生活中,我们可以从其他人身上学到的 东西是惊人的。 This is an amazing keyboard that can be rolled up easy. 这是一个神奇的键盘,可以像春卷那样卷 起来。 If so, I hope it’s amazing. 如果会/如果是这样,我真希望是惊人的体验。 information [,inf?'mei??n] n.消息,信息,通知 We can get some information from the map 我们可以从这幅图图中得到一些信息 We were able to get some information from the Internet 过去我们可以从网络中得到一些信息。 website [ web’sait],网址

We disagree with the article and will be taking it down from our website. 他说,我们的看法与这篇文章有出入,我们将把它从网站上拿下来。 If you do own a website you probably wondered about the value of it. 如果你拥有一家网站,那么你或许想知道它的价值究竟有多少。 brilliant['brilj?nt]a.(口语)极好的,灿烂的,闪耀的;杰出的;有才气的 The countryside was bathed in brilliant sunshine.

乡间沐浴在灿烂的阳光下。 He made a brilliant speech. 他的发言很精彩。 comprehension[,k?mpri'hen??n]n.理解,理解力,领悟 reading comprehension 阅读理解

I think this is the immediate comprehension, and the right one. 我觉得这个理解首先肯定是最直接的,也是对的。 Unlike many other people, however, I have never called God the light, because God is beyond our comprehension. instruction [in'str?k??n]n.(常复)指示,说明 However, the unconscious mind appears to need some instruction. 不过,无意识的思考似乎需要一些指导。 We execute that instruction, we move to the next one. 我们执行那个指令,我们继续下一轮。 method ['meθ ?d]n.方法,办法 Have you tried the new method? 你试过那个新的方法了吗? The new method departs from the old in all respects. 这种新方法与旧方法在各个方面都不同。 My First Day at Senior High

重点词语讲解 1. enthusiastic adj. 热情的 He is enthusiastic about helping others. 他热心助人。 He doesn't know much about the subject, but he's very enthusiastic. 他对这事所知不多, 但却极感兴趣。 His idea received an enthusiastic response.他的想法获得热烈的响应。 2. amaze vt. 使惊异; 使惊奇; 使吃惊 amazed adj. 感到惊讶的 amazing adj. 令人惊异的 Her knowledge amazes me. 她的学识令我吃惊。 It amazed me to learn that he had been promoted.得知他已晋升使我惊奇。

We were amazed that he refused to help us.他拒绝帮助我们,我们感到惊讶。 His amazing intelligence led him to make many discoveries. 他惊人的智力使他有很多发现。 3. instruction n.指示;命令;[pl.]用法说明;操作指南;(输入计算机的)指令 The doctor's instructions must be fulfilled exactly.医生的指示必须严格遵行。 The teacher gave them instructions to arrive early tomorrow morning. 老师命令他们明天早晨要早到。 Be sure to follow your teacher’s instructions while doing an experiment. 做实验时务必按照老师的话去做。 Before you take the medicine, you should read the instructions on the bottle carefully. 在服药之前,你应当仔细看药瓶上的用法说明。 4. method n.方法; 办法; 条理; 秩序 【注意】 method 指科学的、合乎逻辑的有效方法,侧重指较高层次的有系统的方法,其后可接 of 短语, 不接不定式。 Our teacher is showing us a new method of writing.老师告诉我们一种书写的新方法。 If you want to solve the problem, you must use method, rather than luck. 要是你想解决问题,就要讲究方法,不要凭运气。 If you had used more method, you wouldn't have wasted so much time. 要是你安排得更有条理些,就不会浪费那么多时间了。 5. bore vt. 烦扰,使厌烦 bored adj. 厌烦的 boring adj.令人厌烦的 The long speech bored us all. 那冗长的演讲使我们都感到厌烦。 He always bores her with the same story. 他总是重复同样的故事, 使她觉得厌烦。 I’m bored by history dates, battles and the like. 我让历史书上的日期、战争之类的事给烦透了。

It is boring to listen to the same story. 听相同的故事是令人厌烦的。 His long boring story made me yawn. 他的冗长的故事听得我直打呵欠。 6. embarrass vt. 使窘迫; 使局促不安; 使尴尬; 使感到拮据 embarrassed adj. 感到为难的 embarrassing adj.令人困窘的; 令人为难的 She was embarrassed when they kept telling her how clever she was. 他们不停地说她聪明,令她感到不好意思。 A large family embarrassed him.他子女多, 这使他经济拮据。 I was embarrassed, because I had no idea.我因为没有主意而不知如何是好。 I don't like making speeches in public; it's so embarrassing. 我不喜欢在公开场合演说,太难为情了。 7. attitude n.姿势; 态度; 看法; 姿势 take a correct attitude towards? 对?抱正确态度 What I was surprised at was his attitude towards his study. 我所吃惊的是他对学习的态度。 From different stands there follow different attitudes.不同的立场就有不同的态度。 As you get older, your attitude towards death changes. 人随著年龄的增长,对死亡的看法也会有所改变。 They sat around in easy attitude. 他们以舒适的姿势围坐在一起。 8. behaviour n. [U] 行为; 举止;表现 An unhappy home environment can affect a child's behaviour. 不愉快的家庭环境能影响儿童的行为. Such behaviour lost him our trust.他这种行为使得我们不再信任他了。 Someday you will answer for your foolish behaviour. 总有一天你将因你的愚蠢行为而受到惩罚。 behave vi. 行为; 举止; 待人; 表现; 举止端正; 守规矩 The boy behaved as if he were an adult.这个男孩表现得像个大人。

Behave yourself; don't make a fool of yourself. 注意你的举止, 别闹出笑话来。 It's hard to train children to behave well at the table. 培养儿童用餐时举止得体是很困难的。 You must promise to behave at the party before I can consider taking you along. 你必须承诺在晚会上规规矩矩,我才考虑带你们去。. 9. *previous adj.先的; 前的; 以前的 His previous attempt was successful.他以前的尝试成功了。 In previous times, I didn’t realize how valuable his advice was. 早先时候,我没有意识到他的意见是多么宝贵。 The previous train was delayed by the bad weather. 前一辆火车因为恶劣天气延误了。 10. description n. 描写; 描述; 记述 beyond / past description 难以形容 answer ( to ) the description 与描述相符 The beauty of the sunrise is beyond description. 日出的美景难以描述。 This girl gave a vivid description of the event. 那女孩对这件事作了一番生动的描述。 11. *impress vt. 使印象深刻; 使铭记; 使感动; 使留下印象 She impressed me as a woman of great kindness.在我印象中,她是一位非常仁慈的女性。 What impressed me most was that they never lost heart. 给我印象最深的是他们绝不丧失信心。 He tried to impress everything he had explained upon us. 他试图要我们把他所解释的内容都记住。 impress sb. with sth. (=impress sth. on sb. 或 impress sb. sth.)使某人铭记/牢记某事 My father impressed me with the importance of work.父亲要我铭记工作的重要性。 They impressed on their children the virtue of always telling the truth. 他们要孩子们明白讲实话的美德。

be impressed by / at / with 被?所感动; 使(某人)印象深刻 【注意】不用进行时 All present were impressed with / by his noble need. 所有在场的人都被他的崇高行为感动。 Walking around the city, we were impressed by the city's new look. 在城里走时,城市的新容给我们留下深刻印象。 be impressed on one's mind / memory 被印在脑海里; 留下很深的印象 What he said that day was deeply impressed on my memory. 他那天说的话深深地印在我的脑海里。 His words are strongly impressed on my memory.他的话使我深深铭记在心里。 12. encouragement n.鼓励; 支持; 鼓励;赞同 Praise acts as an encouragement to the young.称赞对于青年来说是一种鼓励。 Your encouragement made me more confident of my future. 你的鼓励使我对我的未来更加有信心。 You will never know how much your encouragement meant to me. 你决不会知道你的鼓励对我多么有意义。 13. *disappoint vt. 使失望; 使沮丧; 使扫兴; 破坏(计划),使(希望)落空 I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I can't come after all. 让你失望,真抱歉,可是我实在不能来。 The experiment disappointed their hopes. 那一次实验使他们的希望落空了。 disappointing adj. 令人失望的,灰心的,扫兴的 disappointed adj. (指人)失望的,扫兴的 Your examination marks are rather disappointing. 你的成绩真叫人失望。 He was disappointed to find that his suggestions had been turned down. 发现自己的建议被拒绝了,他很失望。 He was not so disappointed because he had foreseen those difficulties. 他并不是很失望,因为他已经预见到了那种困难。 14. cover vt. 覆盖; 遮盖; 占有(面积); 采访(新闻); 包括; 包含; 论及; 走过; 支付(开支等); 弥补 (损失等) Please cover the table with a tablecloth.请把桌布盖在桌子上。 Water covers nearly third quarters of the earth's surface. 水大约覆盖了地球表面的四分之三。 He used to be sent to cover the battles during the war. 他曾经被派去做战地采访。

Do the rules cover all possible cases? 这些规则是否通用于所有可能的情形? The discussion covered a wide range of subjects. 这次讨论涉及内容广泛。 15. divide vt. 分; 划分; 分配; 分享; 分担; 隔开 divide the profit 分配利润 His time is divided between work and play.他把时间分别用在工作和娱乐上。 Mother divided the food into four equal shares.母亲把食物分成相同的四份。 A low wall divides our garden from our neighbour's garden. 一堵矮墙把我家的花园和邻居的花园隔开来。 The Red Sea divides Africa from Asia.红海把非洲和亚洲隔开。 divided adj.被分割的; 分开的; 对立的, 意见分歧的 a divided country 分裂的国家 Public opinions are divided on this question.对于这问题,公众舆论不一致。 【辨析】divide 和 separate 都含“分开”的意思。divide 指施加外力或自然地把某人或某物由整体分成若干部分 ,如: divide the candies among the children 给孩子们把糖块分开。Our class is divided into four groups.我们班被 分成四组。The shop assistants divided the apples into different classes.店员把苹果按级分类。 separate 指把原来在一起的人或物分开, 或把混杂在一起的东西分开, 有时含有强行分隔的意味, 也可 指“离别”,如果指由于某种自然障碍而造成的阻隔, 其后常与 from 连用, 可与 divide 通用。Separate those two boys who are fighting, will you? (你)把那两个打架的孩子拉开,好吗? The Taiwan Straits separates / divides Taiwan from Fujian.台湾海峡把台湾和福建分隔开了。 注意:被 divide 分开的东西在一定的条件下具有统一性,被 separate 分开的东西没有统一性。 16. similar adj.相像的; 相似的; 近似的 be similar to? 与?相似 be similar in 在?相似 The products of these two factories are similar. 这两家工厂的产品很相似。 Your views on education are similar to mine.你的教育观点和我的类似。 This city appears similar to mine, but I’m not familiar with it at all. 那座城市和我的城市很相似,但我对它一点也不熟悉。 My wife and I have similar tastes in music.我妻子与我有相似的音乐爱好。 【辨析】similar,like 与 alike similar 指有明显的共同性质, 但不完全一致或同一。like 指事物在外貌、性质或特征上非常相似以致区 别不开,但并非同一。alike 意义同 like,但只能作表语。 A similar mistake occurs at the end of the paragraph. 这一段末尾有一个类似的错误。Like thinking produces like ideas. 相似的思维产生相似的主张。He and his brother are very alike. 他们兄弟俩 太相似了。 17. in other words 换句话说; 也就是说 The woman has stopped crying,in other words,she calmed down. 妇女停止了哭泣,也就是说,她平静下来了。 You failed the exam this time.In other words, you didn't pass the exam this time. 你这次没有通过考试。换句话说,你这次考试没及格。 To help students develop the social skills, schools offer a large number of after-school activities, in other words, activities that take place outside classroom lessons.为帮助学生 发展社交技能,学校安排大量的课外活动,即在教室里上完课后进行的活动。 18. look forward to sth. / doing sth. 期待某事物/ 做某事 I am looking forward to seeing you again. 我盼望再见到你。 Mary is looking forward to a birthday gift. 玛丽期待着一份生日礼物。

Xiao Ming looked forward to visiting the moon by spaceship day and night. 小明日夜盼望着能够乘坐宇宙飞船到月球上去参观。 19. far from 离?很远; 远远不 The sun is far (away) from the earth. 太阳离地球很远。 Your home is not far from here。So you needn’t have left in such a hurry then. 你家离这儿不远, 因此你当时没必要匆匆忙忙的。 Looking back on it, one realizes that it was far from being a satisfactory conference. 回顾过去,人们会意识到那不是一次成功的会议。 Your work is far from (being) satisfactory. 你的工作远远不能令人满意。 20. nothing like 一点也不象; 没有什么能比得上 Her cooking is nothing like as good as yours. 她做饭的手艺绝比不上你。 The town offers entertainments of a kind, but nothing like what you'll find in the city. 镇上有些所谓的娱乐, 但与城里的截然不同。 21. take part in 参加(某一活动并发挥作用) He makes it a rule to take part in some physical labor though he is old. 虽然年龄已大,他仍习惯于参加一些体力劳动。 Every summer vacation I'll take part in social practice.每年暑假我都参加社会实践。 【辨析】take part in, attend 和 join(in) take part in 指参加会议或群众性活动等,重在说明句子主语参加该项活动并在活动中发挥作用;part 前有修饰语时,要用不定冠词 a/an。 Lincoln took an active part in politics and was strongly against slavery. 林肯积极参加政治活动,强烈反对奴隶制。The leading group decided to tell all the workers to take part in the strike. 领导小组决定通知所有的工人参加罢工。 attend 主要指出席,参加某一活动,强调出席者只是在其中“听”或“看”等,不起积极作用,主要指参 加会议;上课(学);参加典礼(葬礼);听演讲等。They went to their school to attend a get-together. 他们去学校参加联欢会去了。 join 可指参加某一团体或组织,成为其中一员,也指参加某项正在进行着的活动,但不如 join in 常用。 Do you know how many people joined the organization? 你知道有多少人参加了那个组织吗? Will you join us? 你参加我们的活动,好吗? join in 多指参加比赛或活动,参加竞赛、娱乐、游戏、谈话等某项具体活动,常用于口语。有时 join in 后不跟宾语。 I first just watched the game,then was invited to join in. 我起初只是看比赛, 后来被邀请参加。 join (sb.) in join?in 中的 join 为及物动词,须接人称代词宾语。in 后接表示某项活动的名词或动名 词,意为“和??一起”。 Will you join us in playing basketball now? 现在和我们一起打篮球好 吗? They watched the game,and then they were invited to join in it. 他们先是观看比赛,后来 又被邀请参加。 活学活用: (1)He _____ yesterday’s lecture and found it interesting. (2)The teacher _____ us in the experiment. (3)Thousands of workers _____ the strike. (4)Did you _____ the meeting last week? Answers:(1)attended (2)joined(3)took part in(4)attend 22. 倍数表达法 1) 倍数 + as + 形容词原级 + as ? (是?的?倍) 倍数 + as + many + 可数名词 + as ? (是?的?倍) 倍数 + as + much + 不可数名词 + as ? (是?的?倍) Asia is four times as large as Europe.亚洲是欧洲的四倍大。/ 亚洲比欧洲大三倍。

This box is three times as heavy as that one. 这个箱子是那个箱子的三倍重。/ 这个箱子比那个箱子重两倍。 They have twice as many students as our school.他们学生的数量是我们学校的两倍。 They need four times as much water as they had. 他们需要水的数量是他们所有数量的四倍 2) 倍数 + 比较级 + than? (比?倍) The meeting-room is three times bigger than our office. 会议室比我们的办公室大三倍。/会议室是我们办公室的四倍大。 Our total income of 2006 increased three times more than that of 2004. 我们2006年的总收入比2004年的增加了两倍。 3) 倍数 + 名词 ( 如:height, length,width,area 等 ) (是?的?倍) The moon is one-third the size of the earth.月亮是地球的三分之一那么大。 The new building is four times the height of the old one. (=The height of the new building is four times that of the old one.) 这座新楼是那座旧楼的四倍大(四倍高)。或:这座楼比那座旧楼大三倍(高三倍)。 I wish I had twice his strength. (=I wish I was twice as strong as he. ) 我真希望我的力量比他的大一倍。



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外研版高中英语必修一单词module 6详解.doc

外研版高中英语必修一单词module 6详解 - Module 6 contai

外研版高中英语必修一单词Module 5详解.doc

外研版高中英语必修一单词Module 5详解 - Module 5 liquid

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