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Vocabulary .(10)

1.Ms. Chang t_____ us English this term. 2.We c______ for the actors in the theatre. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. They wanted to draw a picture. So their friends b______ some paper for them. Don’t talk to s_______. T_______ is a kind of musical instrument. “Sorry to There was an i_________ you, I want to ask you a question.” i_____ last week in the street.

The cake in the oven is b______. If you want to speak English well, you have to p_______ speaking everyday.

10. We all ran for s_______ under the tree.

II. Multiple choices.(25)
( ) 1. I want to drink ___ water. Is there ___ water in the glass? A. some, some ( B. some, any C. any, any D. any, some

) 2. Look! There ___ some sheep near the river. A. is B. are C. have D. see


) 3. Mother and father worry ____ my study all the time. A. with B. about C. in D. to


) 4. In our school, one of the girls ___ English, _____ Chinese. A. are, all other girls are C. are, the all others are ( B. is, other are D. is, all the others are

) 5. I have no time ____ home for lunch. A. go B. going C. to go D. to go to


) 6. My sister would _____ a glass of milk. A. to like B. like to C. likes D. like


) 7. How many _____ do you want? A. bread B. pieces of bread C. piece of bread D. a piece of bread


) 8. Kate ___ her mother. She ___ swimming very much, but her mother doesn’t. A. doesn’t like, is likes B. isn’t like, likes

C. doesn’t like, is like (

D. isn’t like, is like

) 9. I’m not good at ____, but Jim is. A. play basketball B. to play basketball C. playing basketball D. playing the basketball ( ) 10. Would you like to come to meet my family? A. Yes, I’d like. B. Yes, I’d like to. ( ) 11. Could you give me _____ of your bread? A. any ( B. many C. other D. some _________. D. No, please.

C. No, I wouldn’t like.

) 12. Put ____, please. You must ____ your things. A. away them, look after C. away them, have a look at B. them away, look after D. them away, look at


) 13. There are so many red apples ___ the tree. But now, Mike is _____ the tree. A. in, in B. in, on C. on, on D. on, in


) 14. I want ____ take the clothes ____ my bedroom. A. to, to B. to, in C. /, to D. /, in


) 15. I think the student _____ must come to school early. A. is on duty B. to be on duty or a plane?_____ . C. on duty D. are on duty


)16. Is that a UFO

A. Yes, it is a UFO.

B. Yes, it’s plane C .No, it’s not UFO D. It is a UFO. C.for D.on

( )17.Students in Class One pay 210Yuan ____ these gifts. ( )18. What was Jay doing _____ 9 a.m. yesterday?

A. in B .at C .on D.for

( )19.DingJunhui decides_____ all his time playing snooker. A. spend B. spending C. to spend D. spends

( )20.We hope that Japan______ a lesson from the war between us in the 1930s and 40s. learn B.learn C.will learn D.learning.

( )21. What about ______ a picnic? A.have have C.having D.had ( )22.How ______the flowers smell? A.well B.nice C.badly.D.hard ( )23—Can I help you? ----Yes,I ‘d like five _____and some peas.

A. potato B. tomatoes C. meat D. banana ( )24.Nine _____ pounds a week?That’s very good. A.hundred of B.hundreds of C.hundreds D. hundred.

( )25.—Many children like to read the book Harry Potter. ----That’s right. There’s _____in it. A. something interesting B.interesting something C.nothing interesting D.interesting nothing

III.Fill in the blank with right forms of the verbs.(10)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

She likes _______(play) computer games and help her mum cook. Jolin _______(learn) to speak Japanese. Is Jay____(sing) or _____(dance)? My cat Mimi _____(dance) along with the piano. I _____(high) than a plane, when you _____(call) out my name. S.H.E sang songs when it ____(start) to rain yesterday. Bush ______(send) a reply to Putin last month. The girl _____(ride) a bike when she saw a UFO in 1968. Jim wanted his mother______(tell )him the truth.

10. ____ she often _____(do) homework at 9p.m.?

IV. Answer the questions. (5)
1.Could you help me? Could you_____ _______ _______ _________?

2.Please give cartoons to Jeffery. Please_____ ______ ________. 3.He was riding his bike when it started to rain. 4.Do you prefer English or Maths?(回答) 5.The audience in the theatre clap for the dancers.(变为一般过去时)

V. Correct mistakes in the sentences below.(10)
1. Pan Weibo’s music sounds nicely. 2. Cindy teach us last year. 3. Daming return from America. 4. I’ve bring a book about computer. 5. Please take me a book about basketball.

6. Where school do you study in? 7. This cloth is for clean the classroom. 8. The plate falls of the table. 9. Candy didn’t leave nothing in the classroom. 10.--Do you mind my close the window?—It’s too cold here.

VI. You want to join questions below.(10)
--Welcome to our club. How old are you? ---_________________.

a Music club. Please answer the

--Do you like music? ---________________. ---Who is your favourite singer? ---________________. ---____________________? ---I often listen to music on Sunday. --Do you prefer Chinese music or American music? ---____________________.

I am __1___Daqing No.1 Middle School Foreign Language School. I am _2_ Junior One. I like

__3___books and___4___computer games. But I can’t play all __5____.I’ve got a lot of subjects. English is my__6____. English class is ___7_____.I love my English ___8____.She often let us___9__ ___10___ English songs from6:00 to 6:30p.m..Now we can __11___many beautiful English songs. We also practise __12____ English in Oral Lesson. Our Oral __13___ is MS.Chan. She _14____ kind and beautiful. Our ___15__ life is colorful. We can _16____knowledge in class and play happily __17____class. All the __18____ in our school are kind. They teach _19___ well. We all love our __20___. 1_______ 2_______3________4_________5________6________7_______8______ 9________10_______11________12________13__________14_________15_______ 16_______17______18________19________20________

VIII. Reading Comprehension.(10)
Do you know Jay Chou? He is a very famous popular singer from Tainwan . When he was young , he was shy. He didn’t study well at school, and his mother often worried about his future. From then on he was interested in

music .He developed a love of musical instrument when he was three years old. In 2ooo he became a singer Many fans like Jay and his special style of R&B. They love his music and his talents. He has released three ablums. YeHuimei is the new one. All the music in his ablum is made by himself. Some of the lyrics are written by him ,too. True Or False ( ( ( ( ( )1.Jay was born in Hong Kong. )2.His special style is R& B. )3.He liked studying when he was young. )4.His new album is YeHuimei. )5.He can’t write lyrics.

班级:________ 班级 姓名:________ 姓名

一、找出一列每组单词中不是同一类的那个单词:(14%) ( )1、A cinema B school C where D bookstore ( )2、A bike B subway C ship D traffic ( )3、A tonight B park C tomorrow D week ( )4、A magazine B comic book C busy D newspaper ( )5、A ride B play C teach D does ( )6、A making B diving C hobby D collecting ( ) 7、A east B west C south D right 二、英汉互译:(20%) 1、 go to the cinema 6、上学 ________________ ________________ 2、 next week 7、今天下午 ________________ ________________ 3、 science museum 8、与……相邻 ________________ ________________ 4、 shoe store 9、骑自行车 ________________ ________________ 5、 read a magazine 10、交通规则 ________________ ________________ 三、选择题:(20%) ( ) 1、________, Li Ming. Nice to meet you. A How are you B Nice to meet you C What are you ( ) 2、How do you go to school? -I go to school ________ foot. A on B at C in ( ) 3、________ at a yellow light. A Stop B Wait C Go ( ) 4、________, where is the library? A Sorry B Excuse me C Ask you ( ) 5、How can I ________ the hospital? A next to B go C get to




) 6、What are you going to do on the weekend? -I’m ________ my grandparents this weekend. A going visit B go to visiting C going to visit ) 7、________ are you going this afternoon? I’m going to the bookstore. A What B Where C When ) 8、What’s ________ hobby?

-I like diving. A your B you C yours ( ) 9、He ________ playing the violin. A liking B like to C likes ( ) 10、Does she teach English? -________ A Yes, she do. B No, she doesn’t. C Yes, she doesn’t. 四、从Ⅱ栏中找出能对Ⅰ栏句子做出正确应答的句子,将序号填在题前括号内: (16%) I. II. ( )1、How do you go to Canada? A、Turn left, then go straight. ( )2、Can I go on foot? B、A comic book. ( )3、Where is the cinema,please? C、I am going at 3 o’clock. ( )4、How can I get there? D、I like making plane. ( )5、What are you going to buy? E、I go by plane. ( )6、When are you going? F、It’s east of the museum. ( )7、What’s your hobby? G、Yes, he does. ( )8、Does he live in Zhengzhou? H、Yes, you can. 五、阅读理解:(30%) A) 阅读对话,然后标序号。 John: Mom, what are we going to do this afternoon? Mom: First, clean your room. John: Oh, Mom, that’s no fun! Mom: Next, we’re going to do something fun. John: Like what? Mom: You can watch TV, and then we are going to thee bookstore. You can buy a new comic book. John: Yes! I can buy a present for Liu Yun’s birthday,too. Mom: When is Liu Yun’s birthday ? John: It’s tomorrow. We are going to have a party at her home tomorrow afternoon. Mom: Oh, dear. Tomorrow we are going to grandma’s house. John: But I’m going to Liu Yun’s party! Mom: OK. Tomorrow afternoon you can go to Liu Yun’s party, and in the evening we’re going to Grandma’s house. John: OK. What are we going to buy for Liu Yun’s present? Mom: We’re going to buy her a nice dictionary. John: Great! 标号: ( )John is going to clean his room. ( )John is going to buy a new comic book and a dictionary in the bookstore. ( )John is going to watch TV. ( )John is going to Grandma’s house. ( )John is going to attend Liu Yun’s birthday party.


1. Are the two men putting the furniture(家具)into a lorry(卡车)? ________________________________________ 2. Where is the TV set? ________________________________________ 3. How many chairs can you see in the picture? ________________________________________

4. What is sleeping on the bed? ________________________________________ 5. Where is the nice cooker(灶)? ________________________________________ C)阅读短文,判断下列句子的正(T)误(F).

This is a special school. All the students at this school work on different things. The students in the science class are learning about plants and they are growing plants in a greenhouse. Look! Some students are planting new flowers. They have been digging since this morning. Other students are cutting the bushes(树丛) around the school. The bushes are smaller now. The students also build a new greenhouse because the old one is very small. Next week, their parents are going to visit the new greenhouse, so some students are working to finish it. What will you do to make your school more beautiful?

( )1. The students in the science class are growing plants. ( )2. Some students have been digging since this morning to build the greenhouse. ( )3. The bushes are smaller. ( )4. The students don't build a new greenhouse. ( )5. Some students are working to finish the new greenhouse.





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