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What can we learn from an advertisement?

Brief introduction of advertisement
? Advertisement is an action or form of communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain and use them.

But an advertisement is more than it. A good advertisement not only helps to sell goods, but also touches our hearts and lets us to think.

Now, let’s share some impressive advertisements. You can guess what they advertise.

Baby And Me
It is an advertisement for Evian(依云),a brand of drink water.The new Evian commercial titled ‘Baby & Me’ features people dancing with baby versions of themselves in the mirror. At the beginning,a man walking down a street glimpses his reflection in a bus wing mirror only to see himself as a child gazing back….

Thinking Of Baby And Me
The advertisement is all about being connected with your inner baby--a sensation(感觉) that creates “a feeling of freedom, of letting go, a spontaneous(自发的) and communicative frenzy," It tell us to live young,and to hold a positive,optimistic attitude towards life,even when it comes to the unexpected."

Another advertisement

It’s Pantene’s(潘婷)advertisement. It tells a story about a teenage deaf girl who inspired by a street violinist playing Canon(卡农) , decides to practice on the violin, perhaps one of the most difficult instruments to play without hearing. She is hampered(阻碍) by her cruel peers. But again and again she overcomes the difficulties, finally making it to a classical music competition.

Thinking of Pantene
Throughout the film we’re shown a chrysalis(蝶蛹) opening to reveal a butterfly. During the final scenes the girl’s hair is revealed as a symbol of her shining, just like the Pantene’s concept——You can shine. People who have dreams should never compromise to fate.Having the courage to struggle for success and gold will glitter(发光) one day.

The last advertisement

John Lewis Market
It’s an advertisement for John Lewis Market. In the scene,the child in question is seven-year-old Lewis Gowan, who spends 10 days counting off the hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas. Not so he can indulge(沉迷) in a frenzied present-opening fest(集 会), but so that he can experience the joy of giving his parents a special gift of his own.

Thinking of John Lewis Market
What the advertisement wants to tell us is better to give than to receive. We should learn to have gratitude for our parents,our friends and so many people who love and be loved.We also need to appreciate their caring for us and give our love to them just like what they give it to us.

Learn from advertisements
Maybe advertisement is only a small step of selling goods,but a brilliant advertisement can leave a deep impression on customers and bring huge benefits.Just like advertising, little things perfectly accomplish great things . With no small steps, one can 't cover a thousand mile journey; with no small streams , there can be no oceans or seas(不积跬步, 无以至千里,不积小流,无以成江海)We should make things perfect even a small details if we want to succeed.

Thank you for watching



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