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2011 届高三英语一轮过关测试题(一)
第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项 涂黑。 21. The science garden is also ______ home to a growing number of overseas Chinese who have grasped the opportunity to develop their ideas at ______ home. A. the; / B. /; / C. a; / D. /; the

22. ______ I believe in you, I don’t _______ your viewpoint_______ she is failing to find a well-paid job again. A. When ; submit ; which C. If ; apply for ; / 23. —When can I use your computer? —Never! _______ should you touch it. A. At no time B. In no time C. At any time D. At one time B. As ; subscribe for ; where D. While ; subscribe to ; that

24. A forest is usually found _______ heavy rainfall is frequent. A. there B. which C. where D. because

25. The survey _______ ; I’m sure we’ll ________ the result soon. A. is to be conducted; informed of C. to be conducted; inform of B. being conducted; be informed of D. is being conducted; be informed of

26. Varieties of activities in the supermarket _______ many different types of interest and taste among the public _______ its out-of-date goods.. A. adjust to ; to deposit C. apply to ; to take to

B. cater to ; to promote D. appeal to ; to claim

27. It was ______ the second-hand car that the mechanic spent the whole afternoon in the factory. A. in repair B. repaired C. repairing D. to repair

28. This group of designers ______ a plan for the project of the company. A. drew up B. sent up C. set up D. turn up

29. Communication along with information industry ______ an important part in modern times. 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网

中国最大的教育门户 A. play B. plays C. have played

E 度高考网 D. are playing

30. I had wanted to help you last night but I couldn’t spare any time, for I ______ a composition which I have to hand in this morning. A. wrote B. was writing C. had written D. have written

31. --- Shall we go to Xufu Cultural Fair right away? --- ______. A. It’s your opinion B. I don’t mind C. That’s your decision D. It’s all up to you

32. There is no doubt ______ international cooperation is key to ______ with cybercrime, as Vinton Cerf has said that the problem of cybercrime is _______ huge that it requires UN to form a special agency to act as an international referee or steward. A. whether ; doing ; so C. whether ; dealing ; such B. that ; dealing ; so D. that ; doing ; such

33. He got well-prepared for the job interview, for he couldn’t risk the good opportunity ________. A. to lose B. losing C. to be lost D. being lost

34. A survey _______ in 2002 by the Computer Security Institute, a private organization in the USA, showed that 90 percent of the 503 biggest companies and government departments questioned _______ their security systems _______ into in the previous year. A. conducted ; had ; broke C. was conducted ; had had ; broken B. conducted; had had ; broken D. to be conducted; had ; broke

35. _______ about Lucy, the teacher called her parents to find out why she was so often absent from class. A. Concerning B. Considering C. Concerned D. Considered

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 My bed is supposed to be the best part of my home — the place where I go to find and relaxation after a long, stressful day. So, lately, why do I get leave this problem unsolved to the next day, because I can’t get to 中国最大的教育门户网站 37 38 36

just looking at it? I can’t in the first place: I am

E 度高考网

中国最大的教育门户 a vict im of insomnia (失眠). I’m not 39

E 度高考网

: studies show that more than one in three people worldwide 41 : some people can get to sleep on time, but 43 42


insomnia. It takes different

much too

early; others get a full-night’s sleep but still

very tired when they wake up. And then 44 , trying to fall asleep. 45 be caused by 47 a

there are people like me, ordinary insomniacs who toss and turn all

Insomnia is most commonly a side effect of depression, but it can many other ailments (小病痛). To find the 46

, doctors first find out the cause by

“sleep diary,” in which you record your sleep habits. The diary may reveal (揭示) lifestyle patterns, 48 an afternoon nap, which are causing your 49 . Dr. Mark Dyken, a specialist in sleep 50 51 the patients to ‘cure themselves.’” in the beginning or middle of the day,

disorders, writes that, “a good sleep diary can often A good night’s sleep is created during the day. and 52

from caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes in the afternoon and evening. After dark, dim 53 stress. Our bodies like consistent (一贯的) patterns, so we

(使暗淡) the lights and try to should let 54

know that it’s time to wind down. 55 . Try reading a book or listening to soft music.

If you can’t fall asleep, keep the lights You’ll most likely be asleep. 36. A. courage 37. A. nervous 38. A. live 39. A. sad 40. A. suffers from 41. A. ways 42. A. get up 43. A. feel 44. A. evening 45. A. still 46. A. cause 47. A. keeping 48. A. as B. knowledge B. comfortable B. rest B. alone B. benefits from B. effects B. wake up B. become B. day B. also B. reason B. discussing B. like

C. decision C. calm C. sleep C. pleased C. quarrels about C. results C. dream C. prove C. night C. even C. excuse C. writing C. for

D. energy D. satisfied D. play D. afraid D. struggles for D. forms D. turn over D. look D. time D. only D. cure D. describing D. about


E 度高考网

中国最大的教育门户 49. A. illness 50. A. have 51. A. Sleep 52. A. stay away 53. A. remember 54. A. it 55. A. bright B. question B. allow B. Work B. come out B. increase B. that B. low C. problem C. let C. Read C. stay out C. keep C. them C. bad

E 度高考网 D. worry D. make D. Exercise D. make out D. reduce D. this D. good

第三部分:阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A “I don’t want to write a story about girls! I don’t know anything about girls,” Louisa May Alcott told her publisher, Mr. Niles. But she was desperate for money. She seemed to be the only one in her family who could make any money. Niles had asked her to write about something she knew, instead of the romantic adventure stories she had been writing. “So I plod away,” Alcott wrote, “though I don’t enjoy this sort of thing.” It was 1867, and the horrible Civil War was over. Now Alcott could turn her energy to making money. Alcott wrote a simple story of life in her family, their pillow fights on Saturday nights and the amateur (业余的) plays they performed. “Our experiences may prove interesting, though I doubt it.” (“Good joke,” she wrote years later.) Her book described her days growing up with four sisters in a family that had no money. She sketched (勾画) a loving mother who took time to be interested in each child, and she told of the death of a beloved sister. She portrayed her family and friends in her book Little Women. Finally, in July of 1868, she finished writing. With a sigh and a headache, she sent off all 102 handwritten pages of her book. Niles thought the book was dull, and so did Alcott. But when she received her copies of the book, Alcott thought it seemed better than expected. “Not a bit sensational,” she wrote, “but simple and true. We really lived most of it.” Niles asked some girls to read Little Women, and they loved it. In three months, all the copies of Little Women had sold. It was already time to print more books! Niles thought he could sell three or four hundred more copies. “An honest publisher and a 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网


E 度高考网

lucky author made a dull book into a golden egg for an ugly duckling,” Alcott wrote in 1885. Later, with a great sigh of relief, she was able to write, “Paid off all the debts! Now I feel that I could die in peace. If my head holds out, I’ll do all I once hoped to do.” 56. Which of the following would be used to describe Alcott’s book? A. funny B. boring C. magic D. skillful

57. In which order did the following happen? a. Alcott began writing Little Women c. Alcott wrote romantic adventure stories e. Niles was not pleased with Alcott’s work. A. a, b, e, d, c B. d, c, a, b, e C. c, b, e, d, a D. d, c, e, b, a b. Niles asked Alcott to write about girls d. Alcott performed plays with her sisters

58. When she handed her first writing in, Niles was _________. A. sure of her success C. unsatisfied with the work B. happy about her work D. unpleased with the publisher

59. We l earn from the story that, after Little Women sold out, _________. A. Alcott wrote another book C. Alcott paid off all her bills B. some girls started to read the book D. Niles published hundreds of books girls liked B Sometimes life gets a little dull. What used to be fun and different becomes boring. That is the time to look for something new. It is the time for a big idea to get your mind off everyday life. So why not search for extraterrestrial (地球外的) intelligence? Or even better, why not get your computer to do it for you? Over two million people have joined the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence(SETI) project. Based in California, the SETI project analyzes information taken from a giant radio telescope based in South America. Its task is to look for signals from outer space that might prove that life exists on other planets. Processing this information is far too big a job for one computer. So the SETI project workers divide the work among volunteers who visit their website. Each computer gets some information to work out from the SETI network through the Internet. This process is often known as “meta-computing”. 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网


E 度高考网

It is a wonderful thought. You are sleeping, eating a meal or going out with friends. All this time, your computer is searching the stars for signs that might show something is out there trying to get in touch. Volunteers are proud of being involved in the SETI project. It shows that they understand the potential (潜能) of computing. They know that it is more than just a way of working or playing games. Meta-computing may also be creating intelligence as well as looking for it. This idea is based on the theory that human intelligence is created by the way in which different parts of the brain communicate with each other. As the saying goes, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” People who join the SETI project sometimes wonder whether their computer will become part of a huge network that has learned to think for itself. 60. According to the writer, meta-computing may be creating intelligence A. because human beings are intelligent .

B. because a computer works as the brain does

C. because of a network of many computers D. because of the number of computers 61. Which of the following shows the order in which the SETI network works? A. Radio telescope→SETI website→Volunteers’ computer→SETI base B. Radio telescope→SETI base→SETI website→Volunteers’ computer C. SETI base→SETI website→Volunteers’ computers→Radio telescope D. SETI base→Radio telescope→SETI website→Volunteers’ computers 62. The underlined word “it” in the last paragraph refers to A. extra-terrestrial intelligence C. the SETI project 63. The passage mainly tells us about A. a new way to work on the computer B. a new way to work and play games C. a new way to search for life outside the earth D. a new way to make life interesting and different C Air quality in Shanghai worsened last week compared with the previous week, according to the latest report from the Shanghai Environment Monitoring Centre. 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网 B. human intelligence D. meta-computing . .


E 度高考网

The average air pollution index (API) for sulphur dioxide (SO2) remain almost unchanged from the previous week, but the APIs for nitrogen oxide (NOx) and total suspended (悬浮) particles (TSP) rose b y 35 and 27 percent. The overall quality still belonged to class 2

category. Nitrogen oxide, caused mainly by vehicle exhaust and burning of cooking gas, was still the major pollutant of the week. The Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Centre operates six automatic air monitors in the city’s Putuo, Yangpu, Luwan, Hongkou, Jing’an and Xuhui districts . API 140

120 100 80 60 40 20 NOX SO2 TSP









0-50: excellent 201-300: medium pollution

51-100: good 301-400: heavy pollution

101-200: slight pollution

64. Judging from the chart, on which day was the air quality the worst? A. October 13. B. October 14. C. October 17. D. October 18.

65. Which of the following can be used to describe the air quality of the week? A. Good B. Seriously polluted. C. Excellent. D. Slightly polluted.

66. Six automatic air monitors are operated in the city except ________. A. Putuo District B. Xuhui District C. Chang’an District D. Hongkou District

67. In Shanghai, nitrogen oxide mainly comes from ________. A. the burning natural gas C. the burning coal B. the burning cooking gas D. dust raised by vehicles D 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网


E 度高考网

The terrible college entrance exam is not only a big challenge (挑战) for Chinese high school students, but also a very important exam in the lives of South Korean students. Although the long, cold winter has already started in South Korea, the annual (一年一度的) national exams have made the atmosphere very heated. More than 675,000 South Korean high school graduates took the college entrance exam last Wednesday. They usually take exams in Korean, maths, sociology (社会学), history and foreign languages. Officially there is one college place for every 1.33 students. But because all the students want to go to the top universities in the country, the competition can reach one place fo r 10 students. The students want to attend these colleges for both their famous names and better job opportunities. Because students face fierce competition, they have to study very hard to realize their dreams. Park Seung said he and his classmates often go to school before 7:30 a.m. After school has finished at 6:30 p.m., most of them go to the library to continue their study instead of returning home. Since many libraries in South Korea are open 24 hours a day, they often stay long into the night. Many of the Senior 3 students only sleep for three to four hours a day. “I feel a lot of pressure, but I have to study very hard in order to make my dream come true. This is my lifetime goal and it will be a turning point in my life which could decide my future,” Park said. The exam day is a very serious day for the whole of South Korea. Vehicles are not allowed within a 200-metre radius (范围) of all the test sites to make sure the students have quiet surroundings. Tooting (吹奏) of horns is forbidden, even airplanes are ordered to avoid landing and take-off near the test sites during listening comprehension test hours. Students are told their scores in December before they app ly for college. This is followed by face-to-face oral tests. There are public and private universities in South Korea. Many private universities are well-known, but their fees can be 18, 000 yuan each term. This has made a lot of students think again. 68. We can infer that there are almost ________ college places for high school graduates. A. 675, 000 B. 507, 520 C. 500, 000 D. 600, 000

69. The students want to study in top colleges mainly because ________. 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网

中国最大的教育门户 A. they can succeed more easily in future C. they can make more money

E 度高考网

B. they can learn more D. it is interesting to study there

70. Before students are allowed to colleges ________. A. they will be interviewed C. they will not be tested any more B. they will ask questions of colleges D. first they will pay all the education fee at all

第Ⅱ卷(共 35 分)
第四部分 任务型阅读(共 10 小题;满分 10 分)
认真阅读下面短文,并根据所读内 容在文章后表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 (注意:每空不超过 6 个单词。) Have you ever been frustrated (沮丧的) when left talking to yourself after your mobile phone battery runs out in the middle of a call? If y es, then here comes some good news. Scientists are now perfecting a way to recharge (充电) electrical equipment while on the move. Researchers from the Netherlands, France and Portugal announced last week that they have developed very thin solar panels (太阳能板) that can be put on clothes. They can also be added to furniture and rooftops. They change light from the sun into electricity. In about three years, you'll be able to wear a jacket that will recharge your phone as you walk. For camping fans, the development could lead to a tent which charges batteries all day so you can have light or music at night. The basic technology of wearable solar panels is the same as that used for conventional (传统 的) solar panels. Pairs of sheets of semi-conducting silicon (半导体硅) are linked together to form the panel. But scientists made them much thinner by using different silicon. At one micrometre, they are the same thickness as photographic film. "This technology will make it easier for people to use clean energy sources," said Gerrit Kroesen, a physicist in the Netherlands who led the team of scientists. But the thin panels are not as efficient as the thicker ones. While some solar panels now operate at an efficiency of about 20 per cent, the new flexible (柔韧的) panels are only 7 per cent efficient. But the scientists believe that this is worth accepting for a stronger and more useful 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网

中国最大的教育门户 panel.

E 度高考网

But the thi nner panel is cheaper. An A4 sized panel put onto the back of a jacket costs less than US$13. It could charge a cell phone during a summer walk in the countryside. As long as you stay within range of the transmitting masts (发射天线) that relay a call to the networks, phones will never again run out of power.

New Way to Recharge Electrical Equipment New invention 72. _____________ Basic material Development in technology 71. _____________ Change light from the sun into electricity 73. _____________ 74. _____________
[来源:学_科_网] [来源:学科网]

75. _____________ Easier to use clean energy sources 76. _____________ Cheaper 77. _____________ Where to fix 78. _____________ Rooftops The Netherlands 79. _____________ France Portugal Country of the leading researcher 80. _____________


E 度高考网


E 度高考网

第五部分 书面表达(共 1 小题;满分 25 分)
假如下图是你对你班上周午休时间学生活动的调查结果。请根据图表,用英语进行描 述,再谈谈你对这个结果的看法。要求 150 词左右。 (首句已经给出,不记入总词数。 )

Last week, I had a survey about the activities the students of our class did at noon at school. _ ______________________________________________________________________________ _ ________________________________________________________________________ Last week, I had a survey about the activities the students of our class did at noon at school. _ ________________________________________________________________


E 度高考网


E 度高考网

答案: 单选(15 分)21—25 BDACD 完型(20 分)36—40 DACBA 阅读(30 分)56—60 ADCCC 填空(10 分) 71. Recharging solar battery 72. Function 75. Flexible 73. Semi-conducting silicon 74. Thinner 78. Furniture 26—30 BCABB 41—45 DBACB 61—65 BACBA 31—35 DBDBC 46—50 DABCB 66—70 CBBAA 51—55 DADCB

76. Advantages 77. Clothes

79. Countries of researchers 80. The Netherlands

表达(25 分)One possible version Last week, I had a survey about the activities the students of our class did at noon at school. The results are as follows. Many students, about 55percent, were doing their homework. About 30 percent were having a rest. About 10 percent were listening to MP3. Only 5 percent of them were eating snacks at that time. 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网


E 度高考网

As is shown in the chart, we al ways have too much homework to do every day. We students should learn to balance our spare time and studies. Just like a saying goes:☆ “All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy.”☆ What’s more, it’s necessary for us students to have a good rest at noon so that we will be energetic to attend lessons in the afternoon. Therefore, making full use of our time, getting our work done more efficiently and then going in for more out-of-classroom activities are very important. Only in this way can we enjoy a healthier life. (143words)


E 度高考网



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