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英语:必修5 Unit4 Making the news-Language points课件(新人教版)

Unit 4

Language points

occupation n. (job, profession) Please state your name, age and ~. occupy v. ~oneself( in doing sth/with sth) ——keep oneself busy (doing sth/with sth) 忙着(做某事);忙(于某事物) =be occupied (in doing sth/with sth.) He’s occupied in looking after/ with three small children.

1)Never will Zhou Yang forget his first assignment…. 2)Not only am I interested in photography,…. 3)Only when you have seen what he or she does, can you cover a story by yourself. 4)Only if you ask… will you acquire all the information…. 5) Not until you are more experienced!= Not until you are more experienced, can you go out on your own story.

? Only+状语放在句首,部分倒装 状语放在句首, 状语放在句首 ? Only in a big city was it possible to buy a new wheelchair. ? Only by seizing every minute can we finish it on time. ? Only then did we realize that the man was blind. ? Only when his dream comes true does she feel relieved. ? Only Mike has got the invitation. ? Only修饰其他成分,如主语不引起倒装 修饰其他成分, 修饰其他成分 如主语不引起倒装

go out on a story/ cover a story. cover 1). She was sent to cover the event. ( ) 2). The road was covered with snow. ( ) 3). She laughed to cover her worry. ( ) 4). The red army covered about 30 miles a day. ( ) 5). Is the money enough to cover the cost of a new shirt? ( ) 6). The city covers ten square miles. ( ) 7). So far this month I have covered ten lessons. ( ) 1.报道,采访 报道,采访 2.覆盖 3.掩盖;掩饰 覆盖 6.范围为;占 4.行,行过 7.看完多少页书 看完多少页书 5. (钱)够支付

eager adj 热切的; 渴望的 be eager for sth. (eg. success) 渴望…,很想… be eager to do sth. 渴望做某事 be eager that clause 他很渴望见到他的女儿。 He was (is) eager to see his daughter She is eager for success. 我们都很想那项工程早点开始。 We were eager that the project would start early. eager与anxious 与 eager强调“对成功的期望,或进取的热情”含有积极向 上 anxious 强调“担心,或 焦急 ”,表示对结果感到不安。

assist vt./vi..援助,帮助;搀扶 assistance n. assistant n. assist (sb) in sth assist (sb) in doing assist sb with sth. = help sb with sth 帮某人做某事 concentrate vt 集中;聚集 ~ one’s attention (effort, thoughts) on/upon sth 把注意力(经精力,思想)集中在某事上 我们必须把注意力集中在效率上。 We must concentrate our attention on efficiency. vi 全神贯注 Can you turn the music down, please? I can’t concentrate (on my lessons).……我不能集中注意力(做功课)

acquire vt.——gain 获得,取得,得到 获得,取得, Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to know. 你只有在提出了许多不同的问题之后才有可能获得你所 需要知道的信息。 have a nose for 对……很敏感;很善于发现 He has a good nose for danger. ?此类形象表达法还有: : She has an ear for music. (对。。。有欣赏能力 对。。。有欣赏能力 ) She has an eye for color and style in clothes. (对。。。有眼 对。。。有眼 光)

inform vt. 告知,通知 告知, inform sb (of /about sth) ——tell sb Inform sb that…… eg:1)Did you inform them of the progress of the work? 你把工作进程告诉他们了吗? 2)I beg to inform you that ... ... .谨通知你。。。 。。。。 3)We‘ll keep you informed (of /about what happens). 我们 将随时向你报告情况。 meanwhile adv = meantime 同时 = in the meantime = at the same time 妈妈去购物,与此同时,我打扫房间。 My mother went shopping. Meanwhile, I cleaned the house.

知识拓展 depend on/upon +wh-从句 视….而定, 取决于 depend on/ upon+ n 依靠,依赖, 确(坚)信 坚 depend on/upon+sb.+to do 指望某人做…… depend on/upon +it +that…. 指望….. That (all) depends./ it all depends. (口语)视情况而定,单 独使用或置于句首。

1、你不能永远依赖你的父母。 You can’t depend on your parents forever. 2、你不能指望他能按时来。 You can’t depend on him to come on time. 3、你可相信他会来。 You may depend on it that he will come. 4、我能帮你,但那要看情况而定。 I may help you. But that/ it depends. 5. 我肯定你会来的 I‘m depending on your coming. 6. 你能否通过考试取决于你有多努力 Whether you can pass the exam depends on how hard you work.

depend on/upon 取决于 依靠 赖),确(坚)信,需要 取决于,依靠 依靠(赖 确 坚 信 需要...... eg:1)Whether you can pass the exam depends on how hard you work.你能否通过考试取决于你有多努力。 2)Children depend on their parents for living. 儿童依靠父母生活。 3)I‘m depending on your coming. 我肯定你会来的 That depents./It all depends.那得看情况。 case n. 事(实)例,情形;情(状)况;案件,诉讼 情形; 状 况 案件 案件, 实 例 情形 eg:1.This is a common case where the word can be used. 这是这个单词运用的常用例子。 2)The case he was looking into two years ago was settled at last.两年前他调查的案件终于结案了。

-----in case 假使;免得,以防,以防万一(引导状语从句, 从句谓语用一般现在时,不用将来时态) in case of ... 假使,如果发生 in any case 无论如何,不管怎样 in no case 无论如何不,在任何情况下决不(置于句首时, 句子采用倒装语序) in the case of ... 就... ...来说,至于 in this/that case 既然这/那样,假使这/那样 eg:1)I will stay at home all day long in case he calls me. 我将一整天呆在家里,以防他给我打电话。 2)In case of fire, ring the alarm bell.如遇火警,就按警铃。 3)In no case will I give in to difficulty.我绝不会向困难低头 4)You have finished, haven’t you? In that case, you may go.

accuse vt. 指责,谴责;控告 指责,谴责; accuse sb. of sth. 指控某人做某事= charge sb. with sth. 指责某人做某事 eg:1)The police accused him of theft.警察控告他偷窃。 2)He was accused of murder. 他被控谋杀。 -----归纳总结: 归纳总结: 归纳总结 ... 思考:与accuse sb.of ...类似的搭配还有哪些? 思考: accuse remind sb. of sth. 提醒某人某事/使某人想起某事 warn sb. of sth. 警告某人某事 suspect sb.of sth. 怀疑某人某事 inform sb. of sth. 通知某人某事 cure sb. of sth. 治好某人... ...

Have you ever had a case where somebody accused your reporters of getting the wrong end of the stick? ? get the wrong end of the stick 完全误解,弄错 完全误解, 他完全搞错了。 他完全搞错了。 He got (held of) the wrong end of the stick so as to do sth. “为了 为了…” 不能用在句首 为了 = in order to do sth. 可放句子中任何位置 可放句子中任何 任何位置 =so that + 从句 = in order that + 从句 句型转换 : I got up at five so as to catch the train = I got up at five in order to catch the train. =I got up at five so that I could catch the train. I

? 我买了些牛肉和蔬菜,为的是给晚饭做个汤。 我买了些牛肉和蔬菜,为的是给晚饭做个汤。 ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ so as to make a soup for dinner. ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ in order to make a soup for dinner ? I bought some beef and vegetables so that I could make a soup for dinner _________________________________ ? I bought some beef and vegetables in order that I could make a soup for dinner _________________________________

demand vt./vi./n. (强烈 要求,需要,查问 强烈)要求 强烈 要求,需要, eg:1) to demand an immediate answer of/from sb. 要求某人立即答复 2)This work demands care and patience. 这工作需要细心和耐心。 3)She demanded that she (should) be told everything.她要求将一切都告诉她 她要求将一切都告诉她 4)I demanded to see the manager. 我坚决要求见经理。 5)By popular demand, the play will run for another week. 由于许多人的要求/由于普遍要求,这出戏将加演一周。 6)Good workers are always in demand. 优秀的工人总是哪里都需要。

thorough adj. 彻底的 详尽的 完全的 周密的 人) 彻底的,详尽的 完全的,周密的 详尽的,完全的 周密的,(人 十分仔细的 eg:1) a thorough knowledge of the subject 对这一学科透彻的了解 2) The film was a thorouth success. 这部电影获得极大的成功。 3) You must promise me to take a thorough rest. 你得答应让我好好休息一下。 4)She is not brilliant, but she is thorough. 她并非才华横溢,但很细心。 -----thoroughly adv.极其完全,彻底 极其完全, 极其完全 thoroughness n. 深入,彻底 深入, 15.ahead of ... (时间,空间 在.....前面;早于;领先 时间, 前面; 时间 空间)在 前面 早于; eg:1)Three boys were ahead of us. 有三个小伙子在我们前面。

2)I finished the work several days ahead of the deadline. 我在最后期限的前几天完成了工作。 3)She was always well ahead of the rest of the class. 她总是遥遥领先班上的同学。 senior adj. 年长的,高年级的;高级的 年长的,高年级的; eg:1)Many of them are published for senior high school students. students.许多报纸是为高中生出版的。 2)Senior people can visit the place free of charge. 年纪大的人可以免费浏览这个地方。 3)Only one manager is senior to me now. 只有一个经理比我职位高。 4)Jill will be a senior this year. 吉尔今年毕业。 -----归纳总结: 归纳总结: 归纳总结 (1)senior n.高年级学生,毕业班学生

approve vt. 赞成;认可;批准 通过 赞成;认可;批准; eg:1)She doesn't want to take her new boyfriend home in case her parents don't approve (of him). 她不愿把新男朋友带回家,怕父母不同意。 2)I approve of your trying to earn some money, but please don't neglect your studies. 我同意你去挣些钱,可是请不要耽误了功课。 3)The course is approved by the Department for Education. 课程已获得教育部批准。 -----approval n.[U]赞成,同意,批准,许可 approving adj. 赞成的,同意的

process vt./n. 加工,处理,审阅;过程,程序,步骤 加工,处理,审阅;过程,程序, eg:1)Please process the film.请把胶卷冲洗一下。 2)It may take a few weeks for your application to be processed. 审阅你的申请书也许要花几个星期的时间。 3)Building a car is a long process. 制造一辆小汽车是一个很长的工序。 4)Changes are in process. 变化正在发生。 5)The house is in (the) process of repair. 房子正在修理中。

He admitted that he knew the man who was supposed to have bribed him, be supposed to do 应当,认为必须 应当, be supposed to have done 表示理应做 过某事,(但可能没做) ,(但可能没做 过某事,(但可能没做) 他大约一小时后到 He___________________ in about an is supposed to be here hour. 杰克现在应当完成工作了。 is supposed to have Jack_____________________________ finished the work. _________________________.



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