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2012-1013 学年第一学期六年级英语期末知识检测
同学们,愿你放松心情,满怀信心,充分发挥,争取交一份圆满的答卷,相信你一定会成功! 一、听力检测 (一)听音选单词(10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1、A .fork )2、A . place )3、A .always )4、A . behind )5、A . hundred )6、A . grandma )7、A .fantastic )8、A . clean )9、A .lantern )10、A .moon B .life B . peace B . almost B . believe B .thousand B .grandpa B .festival B . clear B . line B . soon C. knife C. palace C .lucky C . beside C .address C .grandparents C. first C .clap C . land C . none
总分 等级

( (

)22 )23


How long is it?


How big is it? B

C How old is it?

Do you play with dolls? Do you clean your room? B B

Do you like football?

( (

)24 )25

A They love the sun. A Pleased to meet you !

They love bamboo. Please hurry! C


They like water. Be quite!

四、听问句,选答语。 分) (5 ( ( )26 A Yes, you can. B Yes, I can. C No, you can.

)27.A. It’s in the north of China. C.It’s in the south of China.

B. It’s in the north of America.

( ( (

)28、A. Last week. )29、A. That’s a good idea. )30、A. milk.

B. By plane. B. Thank you. B. bird.

C . America. C.Yes, please. C. cake.

五、听对话,根据对话内容选出能回答所提问题的最佳答案。 (10 分) ( )31、Has Simon got any dolls from China? A 18 19 20 ( ( Yes, I have. B Yes, he has. A Reading C No, he hasn’t. B Riding C Writing

(二)、听单词选择正确的图片,将答案标号写在方框内(10 分) 题号 答案 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

)32 、What’s Daming’s hobby? )33 、Where do pandas sleep? A Under the tree.

B On the tree.

C I don’t know. Dancing C Painting

( (

)34、What does Jim like? A

Collecting stamps. B

)35、What does dad do on Sunday? A Cook B Play computer C Play table tennis. 笔试部分





E (

一、单项选择题。 (10 分) )1______ stamp is my hobby. B.collects C.Collecting

A.Collect ( F G H I J ( B I want you to be my friend. (

)2.There _______ a bed and two desks in the room. A.are C.have

三、听句子,选出你所听到的句子。(5 分) ( )21 A C I want to be your friend. I can send you one.

)3.I like play_____football.She likes play ______violin. A.X,X B.the,X C.X,the No, she hasn`t.

)4. _______ your pen friend got yellow hair?

A.Have (


C.Has English ?No,she can`t.

四、阅读理解(正确的打 T 错误的打 F) (10 分)

)5.Can Lingling ________ A.speaks B.speak

She is American
Betty comes from New York. She’s American. She speaks English. She can also speak B.puts C.puting a little Chinese. She’s in Tianjin now. She’s studying in a middle school of Tianjin. She has classes on workdays. On Sundays she often plays games with her Chinese friends. Her father is working in Tianjin. Her mother teaches English. Betty and her father like

C.speaking A.put

( (

) 6.Don`t _______

books on the floor.

) 7.There were ______ bikes.There weren`t ________ cars. A.some any B.any,some C.some, some A read C.on C.reads C.but

( ( (

)8.What do you do _______ Flag Day? )9.Do you like_______stories?

Chinese food. And they like China and the Chinese people very much. ( ( ( ) 1. Betty and her parents are in Tianjin. ) 2. Betty is a middle school student in China. ) 3. She has no class on Sundays. ) 4. She can’t speak Chinese. ) 5. Her mother is teaching English.

B.reading A and B.or

)10.I want to go swimming____I have got a cold. 二、选择配伍。 (10 分)

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

)1.How long is the Great Wall? )2.What are you ding?

A.I`m listening to music. B.No,I haven`t

( (

)3.Have you got any stamps from China? C Not very often. )4.Do you often play with dolls? )5.Can you speak English ? )6.Do they like music ? )7.Thank you. )8.Where are you going? D.To the library. E.No,they don`t. F. It`s got eight million people. G It`s six thousand seven hundred kilometres. H.You`re welcome. 1 fl__g 2 ch__pst__ck__ 3 d__ __c__r 4 P__n___ __ 5 r__st__ __r__nt 6 It’s a picture of the G______ W_____.( 长城 ) 五、补全单词(10 分)

)9.Has your pen friend got yellow hair ? I.Yes ,I can. )10.How big is New York? J. Yes,she has.

7 I don’t b__ l__ __v __ it.(相信) 8 They want to bring p__ __ c__ to the world.(和平)

三、补全对话。 (10 分) A They want to bring peace to the world. B Yes, we do.

9 __________ stamps is my hobby. (收集) 10 Tian’an men Sq__ __r__ is very beautiful. 六.读一读,画一画.(10 分) (广场)

C Do you want to go inside ?D Look at all the flags! E It’s a train. Simon’s dad: Do you want to visit the UN building in New York? Simon: _____________ Simon: ___________________ Simon: Daming: What a big building! Daming: Yes, Here’s a flag from China.

This is the West Lake. Near the lake there are some trees .There are many flowers and grass under the tree. There are some lanterns on the tree.A panda is eating bamboo under the trees.

There are flags from all around the world.

Simon’s dad: That’s right. They are from 191 countries.________________ Simon’s dad:__________________ Daming:What’s it? Daming:Yes,please!

Simon:Here it is._____________



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