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句式考察: 1. A plane is a machine ________________ can fly. 2. The boy is standing there is my cousin.

3. The boy ___________________________you met yesterday is Tom. 4. He lives in a house 5. windows face south.

is known to all,Edison invented the electric lamp.

6. I’ll never forget the day ________________ I joined the Party. 7. The factory ________________I worked is gone now. 8. We didn’t know the reason __________________ he was late. 9. ________ he said was true. 10. __________the earth moves around the sun is known to all. 11.---- What did your parents think about your decision? ---- They always let me do I think I should do. I disagree.

12. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is 13. Is this the museum the exhibition was held? could do it.

14. You are the only person I’ve met 15. It was

it rained heavily that they didn’t come. an email arrived, informing me of the change of our travel plan. began brightly, ended with a violent storm. I would be staying. I came back from abroad.

16. I was about to turn off the computer

17. We went camping last Saturday. Unfortunately, the day, 18. When I arrived, Bryan took me to see the house 19. I have heard a lot of good things about you 20. The news ___________ we won the game was true. 21. Give me a chance, ________ I’ll give you a wonderful surprise.

22. I think _______ impresses me about his painting is the colours he uses. 23. We'll reach the sales targets in a month we set at the beginning of the year.

24. --- Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday? --- Yeah, but I have no idea he did it; that's one of his favorite universities. the bus had dropped her.

25.Half an hour later, Lucy still couldn't get a taxi 26. John thinks it won’t be long

he is ready for his new job. 1 / 11

XueDa Personalized Education Development Center

27. When it comes to job interviews, you really don’t know

you performed until you get the good-news call.

28. A company ______profits from home markets are declining may seek opportunities abroad. 29. The young couple, who returned my lost wallet, left _______ I could ask for their names. 30. Grandma pointed to the hospital and said, ―That’s ______ I was born.‖ 31. However, I lost sight of Wang Ping when we reached ________ looked like a large market. 32. Then the carpet flew away to Zimbabwe, __________ Daisy saw an elephant. 33. Of course, they must enrich our lives, ____________ can make it possible for us to gather many different experiences. 34. But these people don’t realize that many parasites(寄生虫),_______ do harm to our health, are found inside snakes. 35. Online bookstores offer great discounts,________ is a big attraction for book lovers. 36. It was with the help of the local guide ______ the mountain climber was rescued. 37. The smoggy weather has made us realize ________ terrible problems we are faced with. 38. It was after what seemed like a century ______ we were allowed to go home. 39. It is reported by the United Nations ______ $1 trillion food is wasted each year. 40. Therefore, it is advisable _________ you should value and treat them with care. 时态语态: 1. Much of the carbon in the earth _____________ (come) from things that once lived. 2. In the past two decades, research _____________ (expand) our knowledge about sleep and dream. 3. ——Have you known Dr. Jackson for a long time? ——Yes, since she _____________ (join) the Chinese Society. 4. ____________ (stand) at the gate was a young man in green coat. 5. Look at the timetable. Hurry up! Flight 4026 ____________(take)off at 18:20. 6. Seeing violence on television or reading about it in the newspapers every day ___________ (make) us tolerate crime more than we should. 7. I don’t know if he ________(come). If he ________(come), I’ll let you know. 8. The patient ______________ (send) to another hospital before we got there. 9. This is the third time that I _______________(come) here. 10. All the worries they might have felt for him ___________ (drive) off by the sight of his cheerful face. 11.They are living with their parents for the moment because their own house _____________ (rebuild). 12.Before you quit your job, ____________ (consider) how your family would feel about your decision. 13. ——Anything wrong? 2 / 11

XueDa Personalized Education Development Center

——Well, I ________________ (take) a test and I’m waiting for the result. 14.Food supplies in the flood-stricken area __________ (run) out. We must act immediately before there’s nothing left. 15.I feel so excited! At this time tomorrow morning I _____________ (fly) to Shanghai. 16. —— I remember you were a talented pianist at college. Can you play the piano for me? ——Sorry, I _________________ (not play) the piano for years. 17. ——When did the computer crash? —— This morning, while I ________________ (sort) the reading materials downloaded from some websites. 18. Don’t worry. The hard work that you do now _______________ (repay) later in life. 19. Close the door of fear behind you, and you ____________ (see) the door of faith open before you. 20. "The moment _______________ (come) soon," he thought to himself, waiting nervously. 21. Peter had intended to take a job in business, but ___________ (abandon) that plan after the unpleasant experience in Canada in 2010. 22. The three of us ________________ (travel) around Europe for about a month last summer. 23. — Oh no! We’re too late. The train ________________(leave). — That’s Ok. We’ll catch the next train to London. 24. We were too late. The train ___________________(leave). 25.I ________________ (learn) music for a month. 26.I ________________(learn) music for a month last summer. 27. If their marketing plans succeed, they _______________ (increase) their sales by 20 percent. 28. ——Have you read a book called Waiting for Anya? ——Who _____________ (write) it? 29. No decision _______________ (make)about any future appointment until all the candidates have been interviewed. 30. ——Did you watch the basketball match yesterday? ——Yes, I did. You know, my brother ______________ (play) in the match. 非谓语动词: 用 see 的形式填空: 1.______________ from the top of the hill, our house looks like a car. 2.______________ the dog come over, our friend ran away. 3.______________ from the top of a hill, and you’ll find the city more beautiful. 4.______________ more clearly, they came up and got close to it. 用 discuss 的形式填空: 3 / 11

XueDa Personalized Education Development Center

5.The question _________________now at the meeting is very important. 6.The question _________________ at the meeting last week is very important. 7.The question __________________ at the meeting next week is very important. 用 turn 的形式填空: 8. If you ______________to the left , you'll find the post office . 9. _______________to the left , and you'll find the post office . 10. ______________ to the left , you'll find the post office . 11. They might have a place _____________(leave)on the writing course; why don’t you give it a try? 12. Let us make a deal, the last one ______________ (arrive) pays the meal. 13. _______________ (stand) in a long queue, we waited for the store to open to buy a new iPhone. 14. _______________(not know) which university to attend, the girl asked her teacher for advice. 15. _______________(eat) at the cafeteria before, Tina didn’t want to eat there again. 16._______________ (disappoint) at failing in the math exam, John wouldn’t like to talk about it to his parents. 17. It was very cruel of them _______________ (eat) rare wild animals. 18. She waved the red flag for the car to let it ______________ (stop). 19. The article is too difficult for a child of ten _______________ (understand). 20. Who were the guests _______________ (invite) to your party last night? 21. They are cleaning the_______________ (fall) leaves in the schoolyard. 22.After completing and signing it,please return the form to us in the envelope ____________(provide). 23. There was a ___________ (surprise) look on his face when he saw the ______________result. (surprise) 24. Some impolite football fans,________at the game result,expressed their anger and sadness by throwing bottles and other things into the football field. (disappoint) 25. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them ___________ in his lectures.(interest) 26.He is a man of strong self-respect,so he can’t stand ________________ (laugh at) in public. 27. We really appreciate ______________ (invite)to your party on Saturday. 28. Peter offered ______________ (teach)them waterskiing. 29. The old granny once told us she suffered a lot during World War II,__________ (lose)her husband and children. 30. Last night, there were so many people ___________ (watch)the opening ceremony live on TV. 31. ___________ (frighten) and guilty, Maggie put the book back on the shelf she had secretly placed in her schoolbag. 32. When I got off the bus, I found my pocket _____________ (pick) and the money gone. 33. John is the only one of the students in the class that never admits ________(make) a mistake even when it is pointed 4 / 11

XueDa Personalized Education Development Center

to him. 34. It takes about 30 minutes to go there by car, ______________(depend) on the traffic. 35.There are still many problems _____________ before we are ready for a long stay on the Moon. ( solve) 36. Amie Salmon, disabled, is attended throughout her school days by a nurse ____________ (appoint) to guard her. 37.Today there are more airplanes _____________ (carry) more people than ever before in the skies. 38. Some people try to knock me down, only ______________ (make) me more determined to do things better. 39.When it comes to ____________ (speak) in public, no one can match him. 40.The manager was satisfied to see many new products _____________ (develop) after great effort. 41. There is nothing more I can try ____________(persuade)you to stay, so I wish you good luck. 42. —She should not have done that sort of thing. —Whatever she did was reasonable, ___________(compare)to what you had done. Besides, it’s none of your business. Get down to _________(do)your lessons. 43. _____________ (not see )him before, I didn’t recognize him. 44. There’s a man at the reception desk who seems very angry and I think he means ___________ (make) trouble. 45. Doctor, I’m a lady of 48 ____________ (weigh) 80 kg. Can I lose weight by breathing exercise? 46. The 8.8 quake in central Chile caused widespread damage, destroying lots of buildings and hundreds of thousands of people _____________ (affect). 47. ____________ (save) a little money, Jimmy was able to buy his mother a lovely birthday present. 48. There is a great deal of evidence ____________ (indicate) that music activities engage different parts of the brain. 49. A small plane crashed into a hillside five miles east of the city, _____________ (kill) all four people on board. 50._____________ (spend ) nearly all our money, we couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel. 51. Listen! Do you hear someone ___________(call) for help? 52. To learn English well, we should find opportunities to hear English ____________(speak) as much as we can. 53. Be careful when you cross the road in rush hours so as to avoid _____________ (knock down)by a car. 54. Cao Cao’s tomb is reported __________________ (find)in China, which attracts nationwide attention. 55. Mary had to go to a meeting, so she left her children________________(play)at home. 56. A cook will be immediately fired if the manager found him______________(smoke)in the kitchen. 57. Mr. Smith warned his daughter_________________(never drive) after drinking. 58. _____________ (lost) his keys, he couldn’t enter the room. 59. Who is the man standing beside the school gate?—a man _________(call)Mr.Smith. 60. The room is empty except for a bookshelf __________(stand)in one corner. 5 / 11

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冠词: 1.There is _______ picture of _______ elephant on _______ wall. 2. This is _______ useful book.I've read it for _______ hour. 3.One afternoon he found_______ handbag.There was _______―s‖ on the corner of _______ handbag. 4. _______ doctor told him to take _______ medicine three times _______ day. 5. Let's go out for _______ walk. 6. It's too hot.Open _______ door,please. 7.__________ old lady with white hair spoke _______ English well at _______ meeting. 8. _______ sun rises in _________ east. 9. _______ Changjiang River is _______ longest river in _______ China. 10. Are you going to do it _______ second time? 11. Washington is _______ capital of _______ USA. 12. _______ woman over there is _______ popular teacher in our school. 13. He joined the army in _______ spring of _______ 1995. 14. _______ old man is _______ teacher.He likes playing _______ basketball after _______ supper. 15. After I had _______ quick breakfast,I hurried to school. 16. He used to be _______ teacher but later he turned _______ writer. 17. What _______ important news! 18. I think _______ maths is more important than any other subject. 19. _______ day of _______ December 20,1999 is Monday. 20. Tomorrow is _______ Christmas Day and my father and I went to choose _______ Christmas tree today. 21. When Linda was a child, her mother always let her have ______ breakfast in ______ bed. 22. ______ earth we live on is bigger than _______ moon. 23. Alexander Graham Bell invented ________ telephone in 1876. 24. After watching ______TV,she played _________ violin for an hour. 25. Many people are still in _______ habit of writing silly things in ________ public places. 26. Paper money was in ________ use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in ____ thirteenth century. 27. ---Have you seen ________ pen? I left it here this morning. ---Is it _______ black one? I think I saw it somewhere. 28. She is ________ newcomer to __________ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. 29. — What’s the matter with you ? —I caught _______ bad cold and had to stay in ________bed. 30. He grabbed me by ______ arm and pulled me onto _______bus. 31. In the United States,Father’s Day falls on _____ third Sunday in ________ June. 32. I have two dogs. ______ black one is two years old and ______ yellow one is three years old. 33._______on-going division between English –speaking Canadians and French-speaking Canadians is _______major 6 / 11

XueDa Personalized Education Development Center

concern of the country. 34. When he left _____college, he got a job as ______reporter in a newspaper office . 35. The most important thing about cotton in history is ______ part that it played in _______ Industrial Revolution. 36. While he was investigating ways to improve the telescope, Newton made _______discovery which completely changed ________ man’s understanding of color. 37. It is _______world of wonders, ________world where anything can happen. 38. The Wilsons live in ______A-shaped house near the coast. It is _______17th century cottage. 39. Tom owns _________ larger collection of _________ books than any other student in our class. 40. For a long time they walked without saying ________ word .Jim was the first t break ________ silence. 41. There was _______time when I hated to go to _______school. 42. When you finish reading the book, you will have ______better understanding of ______life., 43. We were informed by ________ telephone that a foreign delegation would come to visit our school by ________ bus. 44.The sign reads ―in case of ________ fire ,break the glass and push _________ red button‖ 45. It is said that about a quarter of ______European can speak _______foreign language besides their native languages. 46. Jumping out of __________ airplane at ten thousand feet is quite _________ exciting experience. 47. At __________ length everything is in _________ place, which made us greatly relieved. 48. The cakes are delicious. He’d like have _________ third one because __________ second one is rather too small. 49. In __________ time of great danger, ___________ Smiths always act bravely. 50. It is often said that _________ teachers have _________ very easy life. 词汇转化: 1. Please speak ___________ (slow) so that we can make full notes. 2. They all come early, but she come ____________ (early) of all. 3. He played the piano ____________ (success) than we have thought. 4. The boy looked at his father ________ (hope) because he thought his father had brought him a present. 5. This radio is even ___________ (expensive) than that one. 6. This trip to China has ___________ (real) inspired me to relearn my Mandarin. 7. John’s handwriting is the __________ (bad) of the three. 8. The most used letter in the English alphabet is "E", and "Q" is the ________ (little) used! 9. Those who eat most are not always ________ (fat); those who read most, not always wisest. 10. The mother is ___________ (worry) about her son’s safety. 11. I’m going on a diet for I want to become ___________ (thin). 12. In my grandfather’s time, computers were far ___________ (popular) than they are today. 13. So ____________ (excite) was the game that I forgot all about the coming finals. 14. Tom is _____________ (tall) of all his brothers. 15. This is our _____________ (cheap) pen in our shop. 16. My __________ brother is two years ___________ than I. (old) 17. When he was 18, he was completely _________ (dependent) and received no money from his family. 18. After the meeting, the leaders had a __________ (far) discussion about it. 19. The little girl walked ____________ (confident) onto the stage, ready for her first speech. 20. He was born and brought up in France, but he speaks English ____________ (fluent). 7 / 11

XueDa Personalized Education Development Center

21. Do you think English is one of ___________________ (interesting) subjects? 22. — Are they ____________ (busy) than before? —No, they are not as ___________ (busy) as before. 23. They all finished the work two hours ____________ (early) than usual. 24. — May I speak to Mr. Smith? — I am afraid not. He is at a meeting now. It’s not ____________ (convenience). 25. What was so _____________ (impress) about Jasmine Westland’s victory was that she came first in the marathon bare-footed. 26. Whoever is _____________ (quick) is going to have the better chance. 27. Two years later, he left his parents and entered a _____________ (medicine) school. 28. His teacher took a deep drink, smiled _____________ (warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water. 29. The teacher is glad that everyone in her class is ______________ (anxiety) to learn. 30. I have been ______________ (deep) impressed by a number of experiences in her life. 31.That doesn’t sound very frightening, Paul. I’ve seen __________(bad). What did you like most about the film? 32. ____________(surprise)and happy, Tony stood up and accepted the prize. 33.—Did you take enough money with you?? —No, I needed as _____________(much)as I thought I would. 34.Bob ran the 100 meters in 9.91 seconds, and I have not seen _____________(good)this year. 35.Progress so far has been very good. ________________, we are sure that the project will be completed on time. 36.Alan is a careful driver, but he drives __________________(careful)of my friends. 37.If a person has not had enough sleep, his actions will give him _____________ during the day. 38.After the long journey, the three of them went back home, _____________(hungrily)and tired. 39.My uncle’s house in the downtown area is much smaller than ours , but it is twice _____________expensive . 40.—Can you lend me some money?I forgot to go to the bank. —Well,I’ve only got a few pounds ____________(leave). 41.—Is your headache getting ____________(good)? —No, it’s worse. 42.Mr. Smith owns ______________(large)collection of coins than anyone else I have ever met. 43.To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it ______________ into parts. 44.It seems that living green is _____________(surprise)easy and affordable. A small step marks a big difference. 45._____________ beautifully did Alice sing that she won the first prize in the singing contest last night. 46.Everything seemed to be going _________(smooth)for the first two days after I moved to New York. 47.Some people say that every Senior 3 student is undergoing the most stressful times and with this I can’t agree _____________. 48.Just a month before the earthquake the school practiced an emergency drill showing the children how to ____________(calm)find their ―safe place‖. 49.None of the underwater workers has been harmed by the great fish. _____________, most fish were so friendly that 8 / 11

XueDa Personalized Education Development Center

they played with the instruments. 50.This is by far _______________ movie that I have ever seen(inspire). 语法综合: 1.If I ________(be) you, I _________(go) now. 2.If he __________(come) yesterday, he would have met my sister. 3.If he _____________(come) tomorrow, we would have a meeting. 4. My request is that we ___________ (hold) another session to discuss the problem. 5.The baby smiled as if he __________ (understand) what his mother ________ (say). 6.If only we _______________ (have) a phone! I’m tired of queuing outside the public phone box. 7.But for your help, we ______________(not be) able to finish the work in time. 8.If it ________________ (not, be) for the leadership of the Party, we would not have achieved so much. 9.I wish I ___________________(study) hard while I was young. 10.It is about time that we ____________________ (go) to school. 11.Sometimes as ___________________ as 10 tons of snakes are served on dinner tables in Shenzhen in a single day! 12. So let’s start not to eat snakes any more because ―to protect the snake is to protect _________________.‖ 13. He painted on half of it, and the ____________________ half was always empty. 14.Every day ___________________ (read)a proverb aloud several times until you have it memorized. 15.Tom comes here. 转化为倒装句:Here __________________. 16.A boy sat in front of the house. 转化为倒装句:In front of the house __________________. 17.The attack was so sudden that the enemy had no time to escape. 转化为倒装句:So sudden ________________that the enemy had no time to escape. 18. She managed to escape from the rising flood waters with the greatest of luck 转化为倒装句:Only with the greatest of luck _______________to escape from the rising flood waters. 19.Though it is difficult, we must finish it. 强调 difficult 的倒装句:_____________________, we must finish it. 20. It was not until near the end of the letter __________________ she mentioned her own plan.

9 / 11

XueDa Personalized Education Development Center

句式考察: 1.that / which 6.when / on which 11. what 16.when 21.and 26.before 31. what 36. that 时态语态: 1.comes 6.makes 2.has expanded 7. will come; comes 12.consider 17.was sorting 22.travelled 27. will increase 3.joined 8.had been sent 13.took 18.will be repaid 23.has left 28.wrote 12. where 17.which 22.what 32. where 37. what 2.who / that 3.who / that / whom / 省略 8.why / for which 14.who 19.since 24. why 29.before 34. which 39. that


4.whose 9.What 15.because 20.that 25. where 30.where 35. which 40. that

5.As 10.That

7.where / in which

13.where/ in which 18. where / at which 23.which/ that 28.whose 33. which 38. that

4.Standing 9.have come 14.are running 19.will see 24.had left 29.will be made

5.takes 10.were driven 15.will be flying coming 25.have learned 30.was playing being rebuilt 16.haven’t played 21.abandoned 26.learned 非谓语动词: 1.Seen 6.discussed 11. left 16. Disappointed 21.fallen

2.Seeing be discussed arrive 17. to eat 22.provided

3.See 8.turn 13.Standing 18 stop

4.To see 9.Turn

5.being discussed 10.Turning 15.Having eaten 20. invited 25.interested 30. watching 35. to be solved 40.developed 45. weighing 50.Having spent 55. playing \

14.Not knowing 19. to understand 24.disappointed 29.losing 34. depending 39. speaking 44. to make 49. killing

23.surprised; surprising 28. to teach 33.making 38. to make

26. being laughed at 31. Frightened 36. appointed persuade 46. affected 51. calling 56. smoking

27.being invited 32.picked 37.carrying 42.compared; doing 47.Having saved

43. Not having seen 48.indicating


53.being knocked down 58. Having lost

54. to have been found 59.called

57. never to drive


10 / 11

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冠词: 1.a;an;the 6.the 11.the;the 16.a, / 21./;/ 26./;the 31. the;/ 36.a ,/ 41. a ,/ 46. an. an 词汇转化: 1. more slowly2. the earliest 3. more successfully 6. really 11. thinner 16. elder; older 26.quicker 31.worse 41.better 46.smoothly 语法综合: 1.were; would go 2.had come 6. had 3.were to come / came / should come 7. wouldn’t have been 18.did she manage 8. were not 15.comes Tom 19.Difficult though it is 20. that 4. (should) hold 9. had studied 10. went / should go 36.the least carefully 42.a larger 47.more 7. worst 12. more popular 17. independent 22. busier; busy 33.much 38.hungry 43.down 48.calmly 27. medical 32.Surprised 37.away 8.least 13.exciting 18. further 28. warmly 4.hopefully 5. more expensive 10.worried 15.cheapest 20.fluently 30. deeply 35.Therefore/So 40.left 45.So 50.the most inspiring 9. fattest 14.the tallest 19.confidently 29. anxious 34.better 44.surprisingly 49.Instead 2.a;an 7.The;/; the 12.The;a 17./ 22.The;the 27.a;a 32. The; the 37. a, a 42.a,/ 47. /; / 3.a;an;the 8.The;the 13.the;/ 18./ 23.the 28.a;/ 33.The ,a 38. an ,a 43. /; / 48. a ,the 4.The;the;a 9.The;the ; / 14.The; a;/;/ 19.The;/ 24./;the 29.a;/ 34. /, a 39. a,/ 44. /,the 49./; the 5.a 10.a 15.a 20?/;a 25.the;/ 30.the;the 35. the , the 40. a ,the 45. the; a 50. /; a

21. the most interesting

23. earlier 24. convenient 25.impressive

5.had understood / said 11. many 16.sat a boy

12. ourselves

13. other

17.was the attack

11 / 11



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高一英语 必修1 M1-6语法填空(单句)2016.doc

高一英语 必修1 M1-6语法填空(单句)2016_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高一必修一英语 单句语法填空 高一英语必修一 单句语法填空 1. We had an ___(amaze) time...


高中单句语法填空50题 - 单句语法填空练习 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


高考英语语法填空单句训练 - 语法填空题单句训练 给提示词---提示词为动词

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