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【名师指津】外研版复习课件:第二部分 模块复习(阅读、写作微技能)记叙文和议论文的语篇连接词

记叙文和议论文的语篇连接词 记叙文
在记叙文中常用one day, at first, then, later, afterwards, soon, before, after, when, while, as soon as, since, during, eventually, at last, finally, in the end, immediately等表示时间顺序的连词 或连接性词语来叙述故事发展的先后或做某事 的过程。 其实, 前一节, “如何做到篇章结构连贯” 的练习也都是记叙文, 也是这类文章使用连接性 词语的典型范例。

语篇范例 The next day, we set off early in the morning. While climbing the mountain, we enjoyed the warm sunshine and a beautiful view. However, when reached the top, we were shocked to see litter here and there, such as bottles and banana peels. Then we started to pick up the litter. Afterwards, we put the rubbish into the nearby recycling bin and non-recycling bin respectively.

用finally, immediately, at first, one day, then等填空。 The naughty boy in the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” has grown up. Now he works as a weatherman in his village. _________ One day he studied the weather carefully and found that a storm was coming.

Immediately he told all the villagers to _____________, prepare for the bad weather, but no one At first the weather was believed him. _________, fine, so the villagers said that the young Then man was lying again. _______the weather suddenly changed and a storm wind came. All the villagers tried to save the crops but it was too late. ________, Finally the storm ruined all the crops.

在议论文中, 列举事实、陈述理由或 说明原因时, 常用for one thing…and for another…; in the first place, to begin with, first(ly), second(ly), third(ly), in addition, besides, first and most important, last but not least,等。这类连接词在近年高考的写 作中运用十分广泛。

1. First, … Second, …Third, … I think that Lora wants to work parttime for these reasons. First, she can make some pocket money to meet her daily needs and thus develop a sense of independence. Second, she can learn how to deal with various problems in the workplace. Third, she can build up new friendships and improve her social skills.

2. For one thing, …For another, … As far as I’m concerned, it does great benefit to students to attend enrichment classes during summer vacation. For one thing, attending enrichment classes during vacation, students can not only improve their main subjects but also make more friends. For another, if students attend enrichment classes, they can make better use of their spare time instead of playing all the time.

即时练习 1. 根据汉语提示填入适当的词完成句子。 可用下列方法保持健康。第一,保持合理 饮食;第二,经常锻炼;第三,改掉诸如 喝酒和抽烟这样的坏习惯;最后但同等重 要的是,一定要保持良好的心情。 One can keep fit in the following ways. Firstly one should keep _______, ___________________ a balanced diet .

Secondly one is to exercise _________, Thirdly one is _____ to get regularly. _______, as drinking rid of bad habits, such _____ ______ last but not least and smoking. And ______________, make sure to be always in a good mood.

2. Nowadays, with the living standards improving rapidly, masses of people have cars of their own, which certainly benefit them a lot. … (请列出两条益处)
For one thing, people can get around freely. For another, it is convenient for them to travel in cars.

3.I prefer to be taught by young teachers…. (请列出三条理由)
Firstly, we students have much in common with them. So they are our friends as well as our teachers. Secondly, they are more energetic and enthusiastic. Usually they can make their classes lively and interesting. Besides, they are more ready to accept or create new ideas, including teaching. Thirdly, most young teachers devote themselves to their work, making them teach creatively and effectively. In a word,I prefer young teachers to elderly teachers.


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