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演讲稿keep healthy

Good afternoon, everyone! Today I want to say something about how to keep healthy. It concludes three aspects: mental health, physical health and environmental impact to us. First, with the quickening pace of urban life and ever-increasing pleasure, people in growing numbers are suffering mental problems. There are many ways of keeping happy in life. We need to maintain an optimistic mentality to pull through life’s pain and sorrow, twists and turns. Because there is no other way than adopting a positive attitude toward life can make us energetic. If we have mental problems, we should face them bravely and resolve them quickly. Secondly, to keep us healthy physically, we should put great emphasis on forming good habits and chose different activities as our interest. A sufficient sleep

is indispensable to our daily life, so we should sleep at least 8 hours a day. Fruit and vegetables are good for our health.I think we should eat more .We should look at the nutrition label whenever we buy food and drinks. Look at how much calcium does the food has because it’s an essential nutrient to our body needs everyday and keeps our body run smoothly. Thirdly, in HanDan, the air pollution is extremely serious. Due to the poor quality of air, the rate of lung ailments are higher in large cities than in rural areas. Motor exhaust is the primary cause for it. HanDan has more cars than at any other time in history. For our health, we should know well the importance of saving energy and enhance our environmental awareness. Living a healthy and relaxing life is very important in our lives because you can live longer. Trust me you will feel different in your life.


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演讲稿keep healthy_面试_求职/职场_实用文档。Good afternoon, everyone! Today I want to say something about how to keep healthy. It concludes thre ...

How To Keep Healthy演讲.doc

How To Keep Healthy演讲 - How To Keep Healthy Hello everyone, my name is Wendy. I’m from Zhaoqing. ...

How to keep healthy 主题演讲_图文.ppt

How to keep healthy 主题演讲_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。How to keep healthy 14商英1班 陈妍 ?Keep a balanced Diet ?Take exercise ?Form a Good ...


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