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M1U2 三维设计project

三维设计:P42 语言点一: 识记掌握:

(一) 1. adolescence 2. wisdom 3. last 4. misunderstand; misunderstanding 5. normal; abnormal 6. physical; physically 7. tend; tendency 8. independence; independent 9. balance; balanced

(二) 10. confused; confused; confusing 11. challenging; challenge 12. limitless; limited

三维设计:P43-44 理解与拓展:


Ⅰ 1. ② returned to normal 1. tends ③ It’s normal for us 2. limits 2. ② are confused about 3. wisdom 3. ② tends to get angry 4. misunderstand 4. ② set a limit o 5. normal 5. ② lost his balance/ was out of balance 6. confused 7. ②challenged the boys to 7. balance 8 challenged


Ⅱ 1. You must have misunderstood my meaning. 2. It’s normal to feel nervous before an important exam. 3. The difference between the two words confused him. 4. It tends to get very cold here in winter. 5. They are young people who want independence from their parents. Ⅲ DBDB ACD

三维设计:P45 语言点二 识记掌握

1. through 2. control 3. with 4. as 5. in 6. out 7. on 8. at

理解拓展 1. ②went over 3. ②turned up 应用落实 Ⅰ 1. (1)go over (2)go through (3) go against (4)go down 2. (5) turned up (6) turn down (7) turned away (8) turned out Ⅱ BCA

三维设计:P46 语言点三

理解拓展 ②had (in) raising 应用落实 Ⅰ 1. (in) finding the post office 2. that no one in this group has a car 3. had no difficulty making himself understood Ⅱ DD


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M1U2 三维设计project - 三维设计:P42 语言点一: 识记掌握:

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