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2010 年 1 月 9 日 Some people think charitable organizations should help people in their own country while others think they should help those in the greatest need, no matter where they are. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 2010 年 1 月 14 日 Some people think the government,instead of private companies, should be responsible for scientific research. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 2010 年 1 月 23 日 The gap between the wealthy people and the poor people is increasing. What are the causes of this problem and what are the solutions to this problem? 2010 年 1 月 30 日 There is an increasing amount of anti-social behavior and lack of respect for others. What are the causes of this problem and what are your solutions? (report 再次出现,令那些 23 号之后匆忙 断言"不可能连续考两次 report"的人大跌眼镜) 2010 年 2 月 6 日 Air travel only brings advantages to the rich people. But the majority of people do not benefit from it. To what extent do you agree? 2010 年 2 月 20 日 Economic development has caused some traditional values to be lost. To what extent do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? 2010 年 2 月 27 日 Technological progress in the last century had negative effects, despite its remarkable contribution to human society. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 2010 年 3 月 6 日 The life expectancy is longer in many countries, which is causing problems for society. What kinds of effect does this situation have on individuals and society as a whole? 2010 年 3 月 18 日 Some people think zoos are cruel and all the zoos should be closed. Some other people think zoos are useful for the protection of the rare animals. Discuss both views and give your opinion. 2010 年 3 月 20 日 With the technology developing rapidly, machines are used widely in our lives. To what extent do the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages?

2010 年 3 月 27 日 Many children prefer to watch TV rather than to do creative things. Why is this case? How can we solve this problem? 2010 年 4 月 10 日 重复中国大陆 2 月 6 日考题 2010 年 4 月 17 日 Some people think the government should help citizens adopt healthy lifestyles while others think citizens should live in ways they like. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 2010 年 4 月 24 日 It has been suggested that everyone in the world wants to own a car, a TV and a fridge. Do you think the disadvantage of such social development outweighs the advantage? 2010 年 5 月 8 日 Schools should teach children some academic subjects which will be beneficial to their future careers. Therefore, other subjects such as music and sports are not important. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? (= 08.05.22 = 04.10.23) 2010 年 5 月 15 日(重复 2009 年 4 月 25 日考题) Some people think that computers and the Internet are more important to a child's education than going to school. However, others believe that schools and teachers are essential for children to learn effectively. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 2010 年 5 月 22 日 Some people think children should be made to obey rules while others think students who are controlled too much will not be prepared for the future. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 2010 年 5 月 29 日 Many young people leave schools with a negative attitude. Why does this happen? What do you think can encourage young people to have a positive attitude? 2010 年 6 月 5 日 Students from rural areas often find it difficult to access university education, so people think universities should make it especially easy for them to study at. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 2010 年 6 月 19 日 The world is changing rapidly. An increasing number of people change their jobs and the places they live frequently. Is this a negative or a positive development? 2010 年 6 月 26 日(典型的 report。可用"影响"类句型+建议句型+旅游类词汇) 重复 2008-8-21

Task2: International tourism sometimes makes people prejudiced rather than broad-minded. Give out reasons why people can not benefit from it and suggest ways to improve people's understanding about the countries they visit. 国际旅游有时使人有偏见而并不会使人视野开阔.说明理由及解决方 法. 2010 年 7 月 10 日 Task2: Some people think that younger people are not suitable for important positions in governments of countries. Others argue that younger people have new ideas in these positions. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for that? (新题) Task1: 地图题:3 个地图 描述一个 village 分别是 1800 1900 2000 的变化 2010 年 7 月 17 日 Task2: More and more agricultural people move to cities to get work. What are the major problems? What measures we can take to solve the problems? Task1: 6 个饼图,关于在校大学生和研究生对三个不同的校园设施满意度的调查 2010 年 7 月 31 日 Task2: University student should pay full of cost of their study, because a university education benefit individuals than the society on the whole. Task1: 柱状图作文第一个是一个横着的柱状图-4 个国家 1975 到 2002 在 cities 的人口比例和全世界比较的一个 图,还给了一个 2012 年的预测数字,三个柱子一组. 2010 年 8 月 5 日 Task1:table,分 3 个项目比较 4 个国家的用水量 different water use in different countries,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Canada,前两个 国家 agricultrue 用水最多,Canada 是 industry 用水最多(还有一个是 domestic use) Task2:儿童及青少年犯罪现象愈演愈烈,分析原因,列举可行的惩罚措施 In many parts of the world children and teenages are committing more crimes, what are the causes? How should these young criminals be punished? 2010 年 8 月 14 日 Task 1:bar chart/ global digital games sales / console games, handmade games, online games and mobile phone games Task 2: Major cities grow into the surrounding contryside, as a result, yong people from the country are now living in the city, what problems are caused due to the cities' continued growth? What are the reasons and what solutions can you suggest? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.

2010 年 8 月 21 日 Task 1 英国、意大利、美国、日本和中国成年人从网络上下载资料的(TV clips or whole programmes; videos made by others; News Clips)的百分比。属于同一个时间的数据。 Task 2 Many charities or organisations use a particular day, for example, National Children's Day, Non-smoking Day, to publicize their activities. Why do these organisations use these special days? How effective is this? [旧题] 2010 年 8 月 28 日 Task 1 横向的柱形图 3 个年龄段的人从网上下载 TV programs,videos,music and news 各自比例 Task2 City planners locate schools, offices, hospitals and homes in specific areas which are separated from each other. To what extent do you think the advantages of this outweigh its disadvantages? 2010 年 9 月 4 日 Task 1 曲线图:Government spending as a percentage of GDP on Pension, Education and Health from 2001 to 2051. Task 2 Almost anyone can use a cell phone to answer work calls and home calls at any place 7 days a week. Some people think this development has negative effects on both individuals and society. Do you agree or disagree? 2010 年 9 月 11 日 Task 1. 柱形图 (17-25 岁的男性中,观看和参加 6 种不同体育运动的人的比例) Task 2 Nowadays live animals are used for the testing of newly developed medicines. Some people think this is very cruel and unnecessary. However others believe that it is justified in the interest of human beings. Discuss these two points of view and give your own opinion. 2010 年 9 月 25 日 Task 1 Bar Chart 提供了一个小镇 Crowborough 的人数,人们去这个小镇的频率(frequency)和原因(reason); 频率有 daily, weekly, monthly 和 never;原因有 shopping, work, education, visiting people, 和 entertainment. Task2 A recent study shows that children aged between 7 and 11 spend too much time watching television or playing video games. How do you think this problem influence the children, their families and the society? What measures should be taken to solve this problem?

2010 年 10 月 9 日 Task 1 2 组曲线图,4 个国家 18 岁之前参加 secondary education 的人占这个年龄段总人数的比例.男性一个曲线 图,女性一个曲线图.每个图上都有 4 条线. 时间从 1996-2003. Task 2 Many countries have introduced a law that limits the number of hours employers can have their employees work.Why do you think such a law is introduced? Do you think it is a positive or negative development? 2010 年 10 月 23 日 Task 1 The pie charts are the results of a survey conducted by a university library to work out the feelings of both full-time students and part-time students on its service

Task 2 Pollution and environmental damages result from a country developing and becoming richer. And these problems can't be avoided. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

2010 年 11 月 6 日 Task 1 The following line graph shows the number of people playing four kinds of sports in a particular European countrybetween 1985 and 2005. (曲线图中有 4 条线,分别代表 Basketball,Badminton,Rugby 和 Tennis 的 players, 图的左边数轴旁有 单位,是 thousands。 Task 2 Everybody should stay at school until the age of eighteen.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

2010 年 11 月 20 日 Task 1 六个国家在 Agicultural, Industrial 和 Domestic 三个方面的用水比例。 Task 2 Some people have benefied from modern communications technology, but some other people have not benefited from it at all. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

2010 年 11 月 27 日 Task 1:The percentage of boys and girls aged 5-14 who took part in organised cultural activities and sports in Australia in 2003. 第一个 Bar Chart 是在 drama, playing instruments, dancing 三个方面男孩和女孩所占的比例。第二个 Bar Chart 参加 sports 的男孩和女孩各自所占的比例。 Task 2 In some countries, small town-centre shops are replaced by large out-of-town stores. As a result, people without cars have limited access to shops and more and more of them have to buy cars to get to those faraway stores.To what extent do you think the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages? 2010 年 12 月 4 日 Task 1 柱形图 + 表格 横向的柱形图 (UK,Germany,Italy, Netherlands 的 postal charges by weight). 表格 四个国家对 postal services 的满意程度 (百分比) Task 2 People can now see on the Internet the cultural and historic exhibits which used to be stored in the museum. Some people think we will not need museums in the future. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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