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? Unit 2 Reading

The search for happiness

? What does happiness mean to you?

Brainstorming: ? What does happiness mean to them?

Being creative

Doing exciting things

Playing sport


spending time with family

learning new things


(3 minutes)

Answer some questions: 1.What is the topic of the TV interview? Happiness 2. When and where was Sang Lan born? 1981, Ningbo. 3. What did Sang Lan study after leaving hospital? Journalism.

Main idea of each part
Multiple choices:
1. The main idea of part 1(para. 1—para. 4) : B A. Dr. Brain do some research on happiness B. Brief introduction of happiness and Sang Lan C. A sorrowful accident

2. The main idea of part 2(para. 5—para. 12): C A. Sang Lan’s accident B Sang Lan’ achivements C. How Sang Lan searched for happinss
3. Conclusion (para. 13)

Detailed reading 1. Brief introduction (2 minutes) Read para.1—para.4 and answer the questions:
1) What does happiness mean to common people? To some, happiness is being surrounded by family and friends. To others, achieving success in something. 2) What does happiness mean to the disabled? Happiness can simply mean a day without pain or just being alive. 3) How did Sang Lan search for happiness after the accident? She finds happiness through reaching much smaller goals and through the love of the people around her.

2. Sang Lan’s experiences (para5—12) 3 minutes

Rules:1. If you give the right answer, you will win a point for your group. 2. If you make a mistake, the other group will get a point.

Round 1 Some information of Sang Lan:

Age: ____ 29 17 Age of being disabled:___ Ningbo, China Birthplace: __________ vault Best event :_________ New York Place of the accident: ________

Round 2 Important events
? ? ? ? ?
she was born 1981 ______________ began learning 1987 ______________gymnastics. 1991 ______________ start winning competitions an accident during Goodwill Games 1998 ______________ 2008 she hopes to play table tennis in the ______________

special Olympics for disabled people in 2008.

brave optimistic

Round 3
determined cheerful many adjectives as hard-working

Use as possible to describe Sang Lan.

personality of Sang Lan



Task-based reading comprehension( 1 word )
Before going to hospital Sang Lan was happy to work hard and was very successful.

She fell from the 2.______ and would never vault walk again. Many 3._______ visitors like Leonardo went famous to see her. Sang While Sang Lan was always in good 4.________and spirits Lan’s goals search for staying in focused on 5.__________. happiness hospital She never cried or 6._________ up hope. gave
She was also happy for her teammates’ 7._________ and was proud of her successes 8.__________. accomplishments 1.______ After She has 9._________ to her new life and adapted leaving keeps learning and stays 10._____________. optimistic hospital

3. Conclusion
Her courage is admirable. Everyone will think about how she rebuilt her life whenever his life feels unbearable. Her example shows how people can find happiness even in difficult times.

H: We’re lucky to invite SL to our interview Today’s topic is… S: Thank you for inviting me. … H: … S: …

H: I hope we can learn much from SL and try to achieve more goals.

Reading strategy– how to read an interview
? When reading an interview, it is important to 1) scan the first paragraph to find out the topic 2) take note who is being interviewed and what they do 3) try to think about the kind of opinions on the topic they might have 4) carefully read each question and try to fully understand the question before reading the interviewee’s response

What impressed you most after knowing her story?

Make an interview
Suppose you are the host and invite Sang Lan to your interview . Now You are required to make an interview according to the following key words. Please write down your questions and answers.

key words
1. birth 2. success 3. accident 4. attitudes 5. new life

Useful expressions
1. Can you tell us a little bit about …? 2. We’d like to know something about … 3. We heard that your best event is… 4. That must have been difficult for you. 5. How did you deal with it? …

Share happiness

Ready to help others

Smile more

Respect the weaker

Set goals

Be confident

An optimist sees the rose; a pessimist the thorn. 乐观的人看到的是玫瑰, 悲观的人只看到它的刺。 Happiness is a form of courage . 幸福是勇气的一种形式。

1 Finish Part D and Part E on page 20 in the textbook. 2 Retell the story of Sang Lan.





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