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高二 英语 外研版 必修5 模块2 Reading 教案00

高二 英语 外研版 必修 5 模块 2 Reading 教案
By miss yi

Teaching aims:
1. Help the Ss have some information of the present jobs. 2. Develop the Ss' ability of reading comprehension. Teaching difficult and important points It’s difficult for the students to improve their reading ability. It’s difficult for the students to realize the importance of respecting the traffic rules.

Emotional aims
Enable the students to know more about the traffic law

Teaching aids: Multimedia
Teaching Procedures step1 Warming up By learning about “jobs” and lead into the questions about the job whether worth doing or not. Good morning, class. Today we shall learn Module 2: A Job Worth Doing. , reading part. First, I’d like to show you a short video (After the ss enjoyed the video). T: What do you think of the couple? Do you think their job is worth doing or not ? (Discuss with your partner. The answer is open.) Today we will learn another great man, he is also a volunteer, but he is

not in China. Now go to page 12. Let’s read about an unusual job. The man in the article is working as a traffic light or traffic signal. Do you think it strange? A traffic light or traffic signal is a signaling device positioned at a road intersection or pedestrian crossing to indicate when it is safe to drive, ride or walk, using a universal color code. Yes, this man is working as a signaling device, not for money but for helping people.

Step 2 warming up Look at the pictures and answer the questions. 1. Where is the man standing? 2.What is he holding? 3.Can the bus driver see the lorry(货车)? 4. Is his work dangerous? Is it helpful(有帮助的)? 5.Do all the drivers respect the rules? Please look at the picture and then answer the questions on page 12.

Step 3

Fast reading

Skimming Please look at the picture and then answer the questions on page 12. Scanning Read the first paragraph and answer the questions.(第一段)

Step 4 Careful reading Multiple choice Read the last two paragraphs and choose the correct answers in part 4 on page 13.(第 2.3 段 P13) True or False (4m) 1. The mountains make communication easy. 2. Many roads are in bad condition and accidents are unfrequent. 3. Timoteo has an unusual job. 4. He climbs up to the bend with a large square board in his hand. 5. Some one asked him to do the job. 6. He felt that it was others mission to do it.

Step 5 Summary Please fill in the blanks. La Paz, is the highest capital in the world, and the mountains1. __________________. ( 使 交 通 困 难 的 ).Many roads

are2.____________(状况不好)and accidents are3.___________(经常地). On one road4._______(尤其),one vehicle comes off the road every two weeks 5.__________ ( 平 均 ).But6._______( 由 于 )Timoteo

Apaza,7.___________ (死亡人数)has fallen. Once he had an accident on the road and has a close 8.________(与死神擦肩而过). So he felt it was

a 9.______(使命)in life to help others. So he acts as a human traffic signal and directs the traffic 10._________ ( 从 早 到 晚 ). Some drivers give him a tip, but most of them just 11._______(经过),taking the human traffic signal for granted.

Step 6 Homework 1. Retell the story. 2. Tick out all the important phrases.

Blackboard design Write down the title “A job worth doing” at the center of the blackboard. Write down some important word on the right of the blackboard,


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