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一、单句填空 1.As soon as she heard the tears. 2.—Excuse me! How can I get to the nearest post office? —Walk along this road for a few minutes,and you will make . (shock) news of his death,she burst into

3.I ’ ll look into the matter as soon as possible.Just have a little (patient). 4.Unbelievable it might sound,a boy of seventeen should have had three

novels published in 2013. 5.To our had feared. 6. Just in front of our house years. 7. Not only they bring snacks and drinks,but they also brought cards for (stand) a tall tree with a history of 1,000 (relieve),my brother’s illness proved not to be as serious as we

entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest. 8.—Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our business management? —If you make production. 9.Accustomed to the top. 10.The film festival (acknowledge)as an event of international (climb)the steep mountains,he had no difficulty reaching most of the equipment,there will be rise in

importance. 二、语法填空 These days,people around the globe use energy without thinking about comes from,how much of it is left,and if they 2 1 it

(actual)need to be using

it.Now,so-called supporters say that they are“going green!”Are they really going green?Maybe they are just trying to provide an even themselves or for their company.“Going green” earth,but in some cases,the people to pollute the earth. It is constantly argued 6 Americans should be more environmentally 5 4 3 (good)image for

(look)at as helping the

claim they are“going green”continue

friendly and be more efficient with energy usage.But not all people really care about the Earth.For example,car companies keep 7 (come)out with their new

hybrid and fuel efficient cars.The idea of helping the environment is great,but at what cost?How much energy does it take to make these cars?If they 8

(true)wanted to go green,wouldn ’ t they try to eliminate polluting the Earth and energy usage? Next time you think about buying a car or turning something on,think about what 9 (happen).Do I need to use this?Does it have to be this car?What are 10 (question)should

the consequences for leaving this on this long?All of the

be asked.Always remember that this Earth is not just yours;It ’s the people’ s from the past,the present,and the future. 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10.

三、完形填空 Last spring,I was fortunate to be chosen to participate in an exchange study program.In my application letter,I was careful to 1 how much I wanted 2

to see France;evidently,my excitement really came through in my words.Once I

that I was going,all I could think about was the fun of foreign travel and making all sorts of new and 3 friends.While traveling was inspiring and

meeting people was 4 ,nothing about my term in France was what I 5 . The moment I arrived in Paris,I was 6 by a nice French couple who would 7 I

become my host parents.My entire experience was joyous and exciting

received some shocking news from my program coordinator( 协调人 ):there had been a death in my host parents ’ extended family.They had to travel outside France for several weeks.That afternoon,I had to 8 out of one family ’ s house and 9 this time and

into another.The exchange coordinator told me I ’ d have a

asked whether I could share a bedroom with an English speaker.To avoid the temptation( 诱 惑 )to 10 my native language,I asked not to be 12 11 with an

English-speaking roommate.When I got to my new room,I

myself to my new

roommate Paolo,a Brazilian( 巴 西 人 )the same age as I,whom I was surprised to find playing one of my favorite CDs!In just a few hours,we knew we ’ d be good

friends for the rest of the 13 . I left France with many 14 ,so when people ask me what my favorite part 15 to hear me talk about my Brazilian friend

of the trip was,they are always

Paolo and the scores of weekdays in class,weeknights on the town,and weekends 16 France we enjoyed together.I love how people up being so 18 17 seem so different,but end

.The most valuable lesson I gained from studying in France 19 to respect all people,for your

wasn ’ t just to respect the French people

next best friend could be just a continent away.I would recommend an exchange program to anyone who wants to experience foreign cultures and gain meaningful 20 .

1.A.discuss C.announce D.argue

2.A.approved B.knew C.warned D.denied

3.A.stubborn B.anxious C.universal 4.A.boring C.exciting D.interesting B.upsetting D.promising

5.A.expected B.liked C.doubted D.feared

6.A.sponsored B.witnessed C.greeted 7.A.until C.since 8.A.move D.supported B.when D.while C.walk D.rush

9.A.housekeeper C.roommate 10.A.learn


D.colleague B.appreciate C.speak D.master

11.A.combined B.fitted 12.A.added 13.A.term C.involved D.placed D.adapted B.introduced C.devoted B.week C.month

D.vacation D.dreams

14.A.presents B.suitcases 15.A.surprised



C.embarrassed D.concerned 16.A.analyzing B.exploring

C.describing D.investigating 17.A.need B.shall C.must D.can

18.A.generous B.independent C.similar 19.A.and D.distant B.but C.or

20.A.instructions C.facts 四、阅读理解


All of us should keep a kitchen diary,showing how much food are left uneaten as garbage.We all waste food,you and me,millions of tons of it.In China,enough food is wasted in restaurants every year to feed 200 million people.In the United States,40 percent of food is wasted from farm to fork.Each year,the amount of food thrown away in rich countries is almost the same as that produced in sub-Saharan Africa.This raises some important questions. In developing countries,food or is lost because access farmers for their do not have





grains,fruits and vegetables dry up and rot away.In developed countries,the picture is different,and food is wasted in supermarkets,restaurants and at home.China faces both problems,significant losses in farms,as well as at the sale and consumption stages.And the amount of food wasted by Chinese consumers is rapidly increasing. Consumer culture has filled China and urban residents can get quality food from anywhere in the country and from across the planet.Chinese consumers are as particular about their food as those in other countries.In supermarkets,they

refuse to buy vegetables that don ’ t look fresh or have an irregular shape,or milk and other products close to their expiry date(终止日期). Besides,Chinese consumers tend to be generous.In restaurants or at

home,often too much food is ordered or cooked and served.So while trooping out of a restaurant,full and happy,with colleagues or friends,they never look back at what ’ s left untouched on the table.Should Chinese consumers take more responsibility for the waste they create? Everyone deserves to have enough food to eat.Despite China ’ s impressive success in reducing hunger over the past three decades,the job is not completed yet.

1.According to Paragraph 1,we know that food waste is A.huge worldwide B.mainly in the USA C.only in rich countries D.just in African countries 2.In developing countries,food is lost mainly .


A.for the lack of cooling,storage and market access B.because of easy access to markets C.because of the wet weather D.because of the quality of food 3.The main reason for food waste in China is A.the effect of consumer culture B.the convenient food supply C.the worry about food quality D.people’s being particular about food 4.How do Chinese feel when they leave restaurants with much food left behind? .




D.Valuable. .

5.The purpose of the passage is to tell us A.not to waste any food from now on

B.the necessity to improve food quality C.the fact of food waste in developed countries D.the influence of consumer culture on Chinese

一、单句填空 1.shocking 句意:一听到他死亡的令人震惊的消息时 ,她大声哭了出来。考查非谓语动词。

设空处修饰 news,故填 shocking 令人震惊的。 句意:——对不起!到最近的邮局怎么走呢? ——沿着这条路走几分钟,你就能找到。 考查固定短语。make it 是固定短语,意为“获得成功;准时到达”。 3.patience 句意:我会尽快调查这件事的,请耐心等待。考查名词。设空处前为 a little, 故填名词 patience,“耐心”。 句意:尽管听起来难以置信,但是一个 17 岁的男孩在 2013 年竟然出版了三部小说。 考查让步状语从句。as 在引导让步状语从句时,其后的表语名词或形容词或作状语的副词 或动词原形要提到句首进行倒装,故填 as。 5.relief 句意:使我们松一口气的是,我弟弟的病并没有像我们所担心的那样严重。考查

名词。to one’s relief 固定短语,“令人轻松的是,令人宽慰的是”。 6.stands 句意:就在我们家的房前有一棵有一千年历史的大树。表示地点的状语置于句首, 句子要用完全倒装,把谓语动词全部提到主语之前,主语 a tall tree 是单数,所以答案为 stands。 7.did 句意 : 他们去森林野餐时 , 不仅仅带着快餐和饮料 , 还带着扑克来娱乐一下。 not

only 置于句首,后面的分句要用部分倒装结构。 8.the;a 句意:——你能就如何改善我们企业的经营管理提点建议吗?——如果你们能充分 利用这些设备的话,产量就会增加。考查冠词。第一个空考查固定搭配 make the most of sth.充分利用某物;第二个空是泛指,a rise in 某一方面的增长。 9.climbing 句意:因为他习惯了爬陡峭的山脉,所以他毫不费力地到达了山顶。根据固定

搭配 be accustomed to doing sth.可知答案为 climbing。 acknowledged 句意 : 该电影节被人们认为是具有国际重要性的事件。考查 be

acknowledged as 被承认,被认为。 二、语法填空 [语篇解读] 为什么人们使用世界上的能源的时候根本不考虑是否还有更多的资源可以利

用?到底有多少人会为环保而付出一点努力? 1.where 考查宾语从句。where 引导的宾语从句作介词 about 的宾语。 2.actually 考查词形转换。这里需要一个副词修饰动词,用来加强语气。 3.better 考查形容词的比较级。根据句中的 even 可知此处用比较级。 looked 考查被动语态。这里指的是人们是如何看待“going green”的,也就是其被 如何看待的,所以用被动语态。 5.who/that 考查定语从句。本句中含有定语从句,先行词是 people,who 或者 that 引导定 语从句并在从句中作主语。 6.that 考查名词性从句。句意:人们一直争论不休的就是美国人应该更加环保 ,而且更有

效地使用能源。句中 it 是形式主语,that 引导的主语从句作真正的主语。 7.coming 考查非谓语动词。这里用 keep doing sth 表示“继续做某事”。 8.truly 考查词形转换。这里需要一个副词修饰动词 want,用来加强语气。 happening 考查动词的时态。此处用现在进行时表将来。 10.questions 考查名词。根据句中的 all 可知,这里的 question 应该使用复数形式。 三、完形填空 [语篇解读] 本文为记叙文,题材为人物故事类。讲述的是作者因交换学习去法国的一次经 历。 1.B 在我的申请信里面,我小心谨慎地表达了自己是多么想去法国看看。 2.B 一旦我知道我要去法国,我所能想到的都是国外旅行的有趣之处和交各种各样有趣的

新朋友。 3.D 有趣的。解析见上句。 4.C 虽然去国外旅行很让人欢欣鼓舞,遇到一些人也让人激动不已,但是在我在法国学习的 那一学期里所发生的事是我从没预料到的。 5.A 解析同上。 6.C 我一到法国,就有一对友好的法国夫妇过来迎接我。 7.A 我在法国所有经历都很愉快和令人激动直到我从我的项目协调人那里得到了令人震惊 的消息。 8.A move 表示搬家。由于第一个住家有亲戚过世了,那天下午我不得不从一个家庭搬出去 再搬到另一家。 9.C 我的交换项目协调人告诉我这一次我会有一个室友。 10.C 为了避免自己说母语,我要求不要和一个说英语的室友安置在一起。

11.D place 安置,安顿。 12.B 我向我的新室友介绍自己。 13.A 友。 14.C 我是带着许多故事离开法国的,这里应该表示我在法国交换学习期间体验了许多 ,就 term 学期。仅仅几个小时的时间,我们就知道彼此会在接下来的一学期里成为好朋

像是一个个故事一样。 15.A 每当有人问我去法国的这一趟我最喜欢的是什么,他们总会很惊讶地听到我说??。 16.B exploring 在这里是探索,探险,由于我们对法国很好奇,在周末的时候我们应该很享 受一起去探索法国的事情。 17.D 人们看起来很不一样,但是最后却是如此相似。对于这一点我很喜欢。 18.C 与前面的 different 对应。 19.B not...but...我在法国学习期间学到的最有价值的不仅仅是尊重法国人,而是尊重所 有的人。 20.B 我会推荐一个交换项目给那些想要体验外国文化和获得有意义的友谊的人。 四、阅读理解 [语篇解读] 文章介绍了粮食浪费现象并分析了导致这一现象的原因。 1.A 推理判断题。第一段通过列举中国、美国和许多富裕国家的粮食浪费情况来说明 ,全

世界存在着巨大的粮食浪费现象。 2.A 细节理解题。根据第二段第一句可知,在发展中国家,因为农民缺乏对农产品的冷藏或 者缺少进入市场的渠道,导致粮食损失。 3.A 推理判断题。根据文章第三、四两段的介绍可推断出 ,中国的粮食浪费深受中国消费

文化的影响。 4.A 细节理解题。根据第四段第一句可知答案选 A。 5.A 主旨大意题。文章通过介绍全球粮食浪费情况以及分析粮食浪费的原因 ,目的是告诉






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