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2014 高考英语阅读理解基础精品练习题(3)及答案
A (201*· 重庆卷,B) Mapping Your World Different forms of maps are appearing.They allow independent travelers to get local knowledge of places they are visiting,from the official to the unusual.Meanwhile,hitech developments are creating new ways for us to map the world.Here are two of our favorites: Green Maps Green Maps allows people to share with the world their knowledge of environmentally friendly places and attractions in the local areas. Users add information with a set of icons(图标), making it easy to read any map, whatever the nationalities of those who produce it . At present there are over five hundred map projects being developed in 54 countries. Green Maps' advertised idea is “think global, map local”. It is a wonderful way of gaining all sorts of information of a place ,ranging from community gardens to good places of birdwatching. Green Maps is not specifically intended for travelers. Not all of its maps are online, so it may be necessary for some users to communicate with the producers through the Green Maps website. Map Mashups Many people use online maps developed by Google, but not many know about the mashups of them. Working in a similar way to Green Maps, Map Mashups allows people to add icons of their own to existing maps to express a certain topic. The mashups is so called because it combines all the knowledge you could ever need. It ranges from the extremely useful, such as where all the World Heritage Sites are, to the most bizarre (古怪的),such as where America's drunkest cities are.With the mashups added to the basic Google Maps, a multilayered (多层的) map can be created. 本文讲述了人们最喜欢的地图,一种是 Greens maps,另一种是 Maps Mashups。他们的 共同特点是人们可以在网上编辑地图。 1.According to the passage,which of the following is a characteristic of Green Maps? A.Aiming at environmental protection. B.Introducing local at tractions with icons. C.Offering advice to independent travelers. D.Collecting icons worldwide for local maps. 答案:B。细节理解题。根据第二段一、二句话可知,绿色地图可允许人们分享当地一 些环保的地方及吸引人的东西,并且用图标来添加信息,使人们更容易地看地图,由此可知 B 项正确。

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2.Which of the following icons is most probably NOT used in Green Maps?

答案:B。细节理解题。根据第三段第二句话“It's a wonderful good places of bird watching”可知答案为 B。 3.“Map Mashups” is named with the word “mashups”because ________. is produced by users all o ver the world gathers various kinds of information shares icons with Green Maps is a branch of Google Maps 答案:B。由最后一段的第三句话可知,为什么用 “mashups”这个名,是因为它把所有 的知识都结合起来,从最有用的到最古怪的。由此可知 B 项正确。 4.What do Green Maps and Map Mashups have in common? A. They are created by local people. B. They are environmentally friendly. C. Users can edit maps on the Internet. D. Users need to communicate with producers. 答案: C。细节理解题。根据短文最后一段第二句话“Working in a similar way to Greens Maps,Map Mashups allows people to add icons of their own to existing maps to express a certain topic.”可知 C 项正确。
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Foreigners are likely to acquire(获得)more investment opportunities in china since the central government has passed a fresh regulation to Tuesday to attract foreign capital(资本) The regulation, which will take effect on April 1, out-lines how china will expand co-owned enterprises re-form(企业改革) According to the regulation, overseas investors are expected to become shareholders in the key state-owned enterprises. Overseas investors will even allowed to hold the controlling stake(控 股 )in the large state-owned enterprises, except for those of key importance to national or
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economic security. “China’s WTO membership has reduced the risks and costs for foreign investors, and more capital and advanced techniques and expert knowledge or skill are expected to flown in,”an official said. In particular, the new regulation appeals(makes an ear-nest request) for capital for agricultural technology, transportation, energy and new material industry, The service industry, including banking, will gradually become another focal point of co-operation. The country hopes foreign investors start businesses in the we stern regions, where they will enjoy more favourable taxation policies for the nest 10years. 10.A great deal of foreign capital has come to china because A the foreign investors have too much money B there are too many enterprises in china .

C China is a large country D China’s reform will bring great benefit to the foreign investors 11.If foreign investors start their business in the west-ern regions, they will A pay more taxes B lose more benefit .

C offer more taxes D gain more advantages

12.which of the following statements is Not true? A.F oreign capital is appealed for to develop the new material industry. B.Foreign capital is appealed to take part in China’ C.Foreigners are encouraged to take part in China’s enterprises reform. D.Foreign investors can hold the controlling stake of all the large state-owned enterprises. 13.From the passage we can infer that china’s service industry will A fall behind others in future.’

B. develop at the same speed as now developed rapidly D.continue

co-operation with foreigners

【参考答案】C 10.推理题。 首先中国政府给外资提供了越来越多的投资机会, 同时如文章所说 “China’s WTO membership has reduced the risks and costs for foreign investors” 中国入世后给外国投资者降低 了风险、降低了费用 。这就是给他们的利益。答案 D。 11.推理题。由于中国正在对西部进行开发,如果外国投资者去西部地区投资,机会肯定会 更多,其他几个选项与文章和题意都不符。答案 D
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12.细节题。文章第三段说“Overseas investors will even be allowed to hold the controlling stake in the large state-owned enterprises, except for those of key importance to national or economic security.而 D 与该句话不一致。 ”答案 D 13.推理题。根据倒数第二段中“The service industry, including banking, telecommunication, insurance, and tourism, will gradually become another focal point of co-operation.” 一句话,可 以看出服务业将成为另一个合作的焦点,故服务业将在未来发展迅速。答案 C ********************************************************结束

D. Mrs Keller had a big family.Her husband had a factory in the town.One of her sons was a lawyers and the other two were drivers.And her two daughters worked in the post office.The old woman stayed at home and could do all housework and wouldn`t employ anybody. One evening, the telephone rang while the old woman was preparing supper.She went to answer it.She was told that one of her sons died in a traffic accident.She heard this and fell in a faint.When she came back to life, she was in hospital.And she needed to be helped after that. Several months later she was told on the telephone her daughter died while she was being operated on.The old woman was so sad that she had to be in hospital again.From then on she was afraid to answer any telephones and sometimes she was afraid hear the bell.Of course it brought them some trouble and some important business was held up.So her husband advised her to see a psychiatrist.The man examined her carefully and then asked her some questions. “You will soon be all right if you follow my advice, Mrs Keller”said the psychiatrist. The old woman took the medicine the doctor gave on time and tried to forget her dead son and daughter.And two months later she went to see the psychiatrist again. “You hav e saved me, Doctor, ”the old woman said, as soon as she saw him. “Are you afraid to answer the telephone now ?” “No,”answered Keller. “I dare answer it whether it rings or not ” 14.Mrs Keller could do all housework because ______. A.she had no money to employ a helper.
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B.she was strong enough to do all at home C.she didn`t believe anybody D.only she was free at home 15.The old woman fell in a faint because _____ A.she went to answer the telephone. B.she was very ill that evening C.she walked in the room carelessly D.she heard the news about her son`s death. 16.After she came out of hospital, Mrs Keller wasn`t ___as before. A.strong C.clever D.sad 17.___made the old woman not answer the telephone. A.The doctor`s advice B.Her husband`s su ggestion C.Her poor health D.The two pieces of bad news

【参考答案】D 14.推理题。第一段最后一句,Mrs Keller 在家里做所有的家务,并且不雇佣人,住院后,做 什么事情就需要人帮助,由此推断她很强壮。她丈夫有一家工厂,故不是没钱雇佣人,而是 她自己能做家务。答案:B 15.细节题。第二段中,Mrs Keller 接到电话,知道她儿子死了,她就晕倒了。答案:D. 16.细节题。第二段中,根据此句:She heard this and fell in a faint.When she came back to life, she was in hospital.And she needed to be helped after that。这句告诉我们她健康状况不如以前。 故此选:A. 17.细节题。 Mrs Ke ller 连续两次在接电话时受到打击,都是关于子女死亡的电话,所以不 敢再接电话。故选:D *****************************************************************结束 E London ---“Everyone has one ! ” Lucy declared to her parents, trying to get a cell-phone as a gift for her 14th birthday.Her parents gave in. Curious to know how her daughter would use the phone, Jane Bidder, the mother, followed Lucy to the school bus in the morning.The bus eats 20,of whom half have a cell-phone.One rings
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and several adolescent owners feel in their bags. Many parents have just realize that the cell-phone is no longer only for traveling businessmen—it is as likely to be found in school bags. The cell-phone seems to have become something essential for today`s teens in Britain, according to a survey published last week, by NOP, a leading market research company in Britain.Research found that 66 percent of 16-year-olds now have access to a cell-phone. The cell-phone has been turned into a secret messaging service by teen-users.When they are talking on the cell-phone, their parents are not able to eavesdrop on the second line. The interviews with 2,019 young people aged 7 to 16 found that they favor the text massaging services because they offer a secret way of keeping in touch.The days of secret notes in the classroom are dying out. For example, “cya” means “see you”; “lol” means “laugh out loud ”;and “2nite”is an abbreviation of “tonight”.All these are based on shorthand phrases used on the Internet. Many schools have banned students using cell-phones.But they are not very successful.Still phones ring in the class and disturb study. Besides, people are worried about the health risk to kids using cell-phone radiation. 18.The story of Lucy to show us ____. A.British parents meet their children `s needs whatever they are. B.British kids have good relationships with their parents. British parents accept the truth of teenagers owning a cell-phone. D.why every child gets a cell-phone as a birthday present in UK. 19.What would be the best title for this news story ? A.School bans cell-phones B.Parents` curiosity about children using cellphones. C.Cell-phone popularity among UK teens D.Secret messages popular among kids in UK. 20.Interview discover children like sending messages instead of _____. A.calling each other B.writing notes to each other C.playing games online
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D.greeting each other

【参考答案】E 18.推理题。第三自然段,许多父母都意识到孩子们也可以拥有手机。故此答案选:C 19.主旨大意。通过父母的见闻,说明手机在英国学生中很普遍。故此答案选:C 20.细节题。倒数第五段,The interviews with 2,019 young people aged 7 to 16 found that they favor the text massaging services because they offer a secret way of keeping in touch.The days of secret notes in the classroom are dying out.可以知道,学生喜欢发短信,故此答案为:B

B (2011· 四川卷,B) Exploit your parking space An unused parking space or garage can make money. If you live near a city center or an airport, you could make anything up to £200 or £300 a week. Put an advertisement(广告)for free on Letpark or Atmyhousepark. Rent(出租)a room Spare room? Not only will a lodger(房客)earn you an income, but also, thanks to the gove rnment?backed “rent a room” program, you won't have to pay any tax on the first £4,500 you make per year. Try advertising your room on Roomspare or Roommateeasy. Make money during special events Don't want a fulltime lodger? Then rent on a shortterm basis. If you live in the capital, renting a room out during the Olympics or other big events could bring in money. Grashpadder can advertise your space. Live on set Renting your home out as a “film set” could earn you hundreds of pounds a day, depending on the film production company and how long your home is needed. A quick search on the Internet will bring up dozens of online companies that allow you to register your home for free—but you will be charged if your home gets picked. Use your roof You need the right kind of roof, but some energy companies pay the cost of fixing solar equipment(around£14,000), and let you use the energy produced for nothing. In return, they get paid for unused energy fed back into the National Grid. However, you have to sign a 25year agreement with the supplier, which could prevent you from changing the roof.
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如果你拥有自己的多余的房子, 房间或停车场, 如果你按照作者告诉你的上述做法去做, 会轻松地挣到大钱。 5. If you earn £5,000 from renting a room in one year, the tax you need to pay will be based on ________. A.£300 C.£4,500 B.£500 D.£5,000

答案:B。数字计算题。根据第二个段落的信息句“...won't have to pay any tax for the first £4,500”,可以明确:所挣得的 4500 磅是不用缴税的,即:需要缴税的是多于这个数字的 钱,本题中,该是 500 磅需要缴税。 6.Where can you put an advertisement to rent out a room during a big event? A.On Letpark. C.On Grashpadder. B.On Roomspare. D.On Roommateeasy.

答案:C。细节判断题。 根据第三个段落的最后一句话可以找到明确的答案,即选项 C 是正确的。 7.If you want to use energy free, you have to ________. A.sign an agreement with the government
[来源:学科网] around £14,000 for the equipment C.sell the roof to some energy companies D.keep the roof unchanged within 25 years 答案:D。推理判断题。在最后一段中的最后一句话里含有本答案的信息: “25?year agreement”以及“prevent you from changing your roof”都可以断定选项 D 的说法是符合原文 的。 8.For whom is the text most probably written? A.Lodgers. C.House owners. B. Advertisers. D.Online companies.

答案:C。推理判断题。从每个段落都可以确定:这是个能够对外出租停车位,房间, 房顶等的人,即:是个 house owner,选项 C 是正确的。 ***********************结束*****************02***************结束

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