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2011 届山东高三一模英语阅读表达专题训练
枣庄一模】 【2011 枣庄一模】 答案: 76.Opening – up will make China change the world. 77.know little about China 78.To continue to take in what the world offers and transform it into something typically Chinese. 79.And once it does, its people might choose to about some of them. 80.随着接触的加深,尽管无从知道哪些中国的风俗习惯会在外国的土地上生根发芽,但是肯定有一些会 的。 [1]China will change the world as much as the world changes China, if the country continues its opening up. [2]How could it not? The rest of the world cannot remain unaffected by the culture of one-fifth of humanity. As China strengthens its economy, allows its citizens more overseas travel and participates in global efforts, the West surely will learn more about Chinese ways. [3]And once it does, its people might choose to adot some of them. [4]It might surprise Chinese that Westerners . When I announced my Beijing job to American friends, family and neighbors, they were very curious and mostly uninformed about China. [5] Our media carries little news about China except during unusual circumstances, which typically are times of stress between the two countries.We hear about arguments with China over climate change, Taiwan and Tibet, but that doesn' t tell average Americans anything about average Chinese. [6]Most American- don't know that Chinese weddings feature firecrackers; that Chinese parents make extraordinary sacrifices for their children; that Chinese diners eat off plates smaller than any on a Western table; that favorite Chinese drinks include hot soy milk and the potent white-grain alcohol, baijiu; and that elderly Chinese sometimes walk down streets backwards to keep their balancing skills sharp. [7]Westemers will learn as they and the Chinese increasingly mingle(接触) .As they do there' s no telling which Chirac customs will take root in foreiffl soil.but some of them surely will. [8] Maybe we' 11 see baijiu and green tea served at baseball stadiums along with beer and soda pop.That wouldn' t make the game any less American. [9] Meanwhile, I hope China continues to take in what the world has to offer and transform it into something typically Chinese.To think that exposure to Western ways weakens China, instead of strengthens it, assumes the country' s culture is fragile.That' s a surprising attitude for any Chinese to take. 76.What does the passage mainly tell us? (within 10 words) 77.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 4 with proper words. (within 6 words) 78.What an attitude should we Chinese take towards Western culture according to the author? (within 20 words)

79.Which sentence in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one? In that case, some of the Chinese way of life will, possibly, be accepted by the westerners. 80.Translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 7 into Chinese.


济南一模 【2011 济南一模】 答案: 76. Positive attitudes keep you healthy/Being cheerful keeps you healthy /Personality and emotion concern health. 评分建议:能正确概括文章大意均可得分。需保证含义与参考答案一对致,单词拼写无误。 77.who are cheerful and relaxed/who are positive/with positive attitudes/who are optimistic 评分建议:根据文章内容,使语句通顺。字体清楚、无拼写、语法错误,即可得分。 78.Their symptoms, however, differed depending on the types of emotions that they had reported over the previous fortnight. 评分建议:能准确找出句子。字体清楚,有抄写错误要酌情扣分。 79.这些发现很有趣,但不能证明一个人的态度对他/她是否生病产生影响。 评分建议:忠于原句,语句通顺,无语言错误,方可得 3 分。 80.Answers may vary. 评分建议:每条建议 1 分。有语言表达错误,或总体字数限制酌情扣分。 特别说明: 1.卷面涂抹(包括乱涂乱画)严重,总分扣 2 分; 2.异色笔、铅笔答题,一律判 0 分。 [1]Compared to people with bad attitudes,people are less likely to suffer from colds.It’s possible that being positive helps the body fight il1nesses. [2]In a previous study,people who tended to be cheerful and lively were least likely to develop coughs and other cold symptoms.People who showed positive feelings were also less likely to mention symptoms to their doctors,even when medical tests detected those symptoms. [3]Those findings were interesting,but they didn’t prove that a person’s attitude affects whether he or she gets sick.Instead,it was still possible that a person’s underlying personality is what matters. [4]Evidence suggests,for instance,that certain people are naturally more likely to be outgoing and optimistic, with high self-esteem and a sense of control over life. This would mean that who we are, how not we feel,ultimately decides our chances of catching colds. [5]To figure out which mattered more,personality or emotions,the researchers interviewed 193 healthy adults.The results showed that everyone in the study was equally likely to get infected.Their symptoms,however,differed depending on the types of emotions that they had reported over the previous fortnight. [6]Among those who reported good moods and had been infected with the flu virus,for example, 28 percent developed coughs and stuffy noses.On the other hand,those symptoms struck 41 percent of people who had been less positive. [7]Scientists argue about whether negative emotions or positive emotions have a stronger effect on how healthy we are.For now,it can’t hurt to look on the bright side more often than not ! 76.What’s the main idea of the passage?(Please answer within 10 words) 77.Fill in the blank with proper words in first paragraph.(Please answer within 10 words) 78.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? But,their symptoms were closely related to the emotions they had claimed to have in the last two weeks. 79.Translate the underlined sentence in the third paragraph into proper Chinese. 80.Suppose one of your friends had got infected with the H1N1 flu,give him/her at least

three pieces of advice. (Please answer within 30 words) ① ② ③

烟台一模】 【2011 烟台一模】 答案: 76. Forgiveness is a good quality. 77. forgive you 78. The thought of my guilt would stop me in the middle of a smile or a handshake. 79. (One possible answer) I would surely forgive him because through forgiveness, a person would soon get out of his disturbance and learn from his mistakes and the kindness is sure to pass on. 80. 但是,原谅我们的过失并不意味着无视其存在,而是要诚实地、现实地面对它们。

For years Tom Anderson's life was withered(枯萎) up by the memory of his part in an outdoor adventure that resulted in the death of one of his classmates. He and his wife separated after six years of marriage. Then the news about Tom changed. His wife Betty came back; he earned a fine position in a company. One day he told me what had changed his life: I used to think, ‘Nothing can undo what I have done.’ The thought of my guilt would stop me in the middle of a smile or a handshake. It put a wall between my wife and me. Then I had an unexpected visit from the person I feared most to see —the mother of the college classmate who died. “Years ago”, she said, “I found it in my heart, through prayer, to . Betty forgave you. So

did your friends and employers.” She paused, and then said strictly, “You are the one person who hasn’t forgiven Tom Anderson. Who do you think you are to stand out against the people of this town and the Lord Almighty?” “I looked into her eyes and found there a kind of permission to be the person I might have been if her boy had lived. For the first time in my adult life I felt worthy to love and be loved.” It is only through forgiveness of our mistakes that we gain the freedom to learn from experience. But forgiving our shortcomings doesn't mean ignoring that they exist. On the contrary, it means facing them honestly, realistically. Unless you forgive, you cannot love. And without love, life has no meaning. Forgiveness is a good quality. 76. What is the best title of this passage? (Within 10 words)


77. Fill in the blank with proper words to complete the sentence in paragraph 2? (Within 5 words)

78. Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? I would hold back my smile and stop shaking hands with people at the thought of my fault in the adventure.

79. What would you do when someone does something wrong to you indeliberately? Why? (within 30 words)

80. Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese. 泰安一模】 【2011 泰安一模】 答案:

76. Shakespeare is a poet and his greatness is in his language. (评分要求:要求准确找出以上的句子。) 77. it is compulsory/required (评分要求:要求给出的答案要保持与上下文的连贯性,而且与参考答案的意思相近。) 78. They may help increase people’s interest in the classic. (评分要求:要求答出合理的见解即可得分。) 79. Yes, it is. Reading the original, we can really grasp the spirits of his works and can enjoy its language. (Answers may vary.) (评分要求:要求答出合理的见解即可得分。) 80. 读他(莎士比亚)作品的改写本就如同将香蕉剥皮后,弃其肉而食其皮。 (评分要求: 要求在准确、 全面的基础上, 翻译成较为通顺的汉语, 并表达出作者的思路。 )

A poet is in his words
The writings of William Shakespeare are today little read by young people in Britian. His young readership is limited to those who choose to study literature at university. Still, in British schools, ____________ to study the poet, and when something is made compulsory, usually the result is boredom, resentment or both. Shakespeare, Chareles Dickens, Jane Austen-for many of the young, reading them can seem like being forced to eat medicine, especially when people are at an age when they are beginning to discover themselves and wanting to claim their independence. This was my experience of the classics at school. But when I reached my late teenage years, I had a change of heart. Like every other young person since the dawn of time, the world confused me. I wanted answers, so I turned to books to find them. I went on to take a PhD in literature and have taught the subject in universities in Britain and China. I have never regretted it. There is something in literature that people want, even if they

don’t read books. You see this in the popularity of TV and movie adaptations of great works, the recent film version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice being a case in point. These popular adaptations may help increase people’s interest in the classic. Reading a simplified Romeo and Juliet may perhaps lead to a reading of Shakespeare’s actual play. If that is the case then I welcome the trend. But do not make the mistake of thinking that it is the same thing. Shakespeare is a poet and his greatness is in his language. Reading someone else’s rewriting of his work is like peeling (剥皮) a banana, throwing away the fruit, and eating the skin. Take on the original. It really is worth the effort. 76. Find a sentence from the text which can explain the title. ___________________________________________________________________ 77. Fill in the blank in Paragraph 2 with proper words to complete the sentence. (within 5 words) ___________________________________________________________________ 78. Why are the adaptations of great works popular? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 79. Do you think it necessary to read the original? Why? (within 30 words) ________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 80. Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese. ________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

日照一模】 【2011 日照一模】 答案: 76. True Friends / Friendship/What Is Friendship 77. They have their little angry moments but what’s done is done and all is forgiven and forgotten. 78. they also have their differences 79. ① Accept differences ② Argue ③ Love unconditionally ④ Believe in love at first sight (写出任意三项即可) 80. 相信恋爱中的一见钟情吧,因为友情也是如此。 [1] People today, in all this new world of technology and thinking, have lost sight of what a true friendship is. So, though I own my best friend Jenny, I thought I would help the world out a little and explain what real, true friends are. [2] Friends don’t have to be exactly the same. They have similarities but __________________. The key to opening up the world of friendship is not only to expand on similarities but to accept each other’s faults, because you can’t ever judge your friend. [3] Friends have to argue! No one likes to but it is necessary to be healthy. Because if you agree on everything, either the government has expanded cloning subjects or someone isn’t being true and is trying a little too hard. [4] You have to be comfortable together. Otherwise, you just aren’t going to click. If you feel uneasy around

the person then something isn’t quite right. [5] Friends love unconditionally. They have their little angry moments but what’s done is done and all is forgiven and forgotten. Why let something that happened in the past ruin the happiness you could have in the future? [6] Believe in love at first sight because there is the same thing happening in friendship. Some people think that you have to know someone really well to become good friends. Trust me, it’s not true. [7] These are only a few of the basics. Just remember, friends are forever. But only if you keep it that way. Don’t disrespect your friends, love them instead. 76. What is the best title of the passage? (no more than 6 words) _____________________________________________________________________________ 77. Which sentence in the passage is the closest in meaning to the following one? Make up with your friends after the quarrels and don’t let the sadness last long. _____________________________________________________________________________ 78. Please fill in the blank in Paragraph 2 with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (no more than 8 words) _____________________________________________________________________________ 79. Please list three of the writer’s viewpoints on friendship. (no more than 10 words) ①______________________ ②_______________________ ③________________________ 80. Translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 6 into Chinese. ______________________________________________________________________________ 青岛一模】 【2011 青岛一模】 答案: 76. 并不是树林和田野总是很遥远,而是因为他们离城市较远,人们要当天往返是做不到的。 77. How the first Youth Hostel came into existence/ How the first Youth Hostel began 78. Some spend a week or more in the same hostel, seeing the surrounding sights and meeting the people of the area. 79. learn a lot (of things) / get to know a lot 80. ① Breathe fresh air ② enjoy the beauties of the countryside ③ learn things about other places ④ make new friends For years children in the industrial areas of Europe and America seldom left their smoky cities to see the beauties of the countryside. Not that the woods and fields were always far away, but they were too far from the city to permit people to make a round trip between morning and nightfall. What's more, factory workers did not have enough money to send their children on country holidays away from home. In 1907 a young German schoolmaster had an idea which changed this state of affairs. He decided to turn his little schoolhouse into a dormitory for the summer holidays. Anyone who brought his sleeping bag and cooking equipment along could stay there for a very small amount of money. The idea was a success. A few years later the schoolhouse was far too small to hold so many young people who wanted to stay there. So, a dormitory was set up in an old castle nearby. This was the first Youth Hostel. Today young students and workers of every country can meet in the hostels and get to know each other.

Some spend a week or more in the same hostel, seeing the surrounding sights and meeting the people of the area. Other youths go on foot or by bicycle from place to place, spending a night or two in one hostel, then going to the next. Sometimes an informal program will be organized after the meal, with dances, songs, or short talks followed by a question period. One can _____________________________ about other places, just by meeting people who come from these places. For this reason, a few weeks spent "hostelling" can be just as useful a part of one's education as classes in school. 76. Translate the underlined sentence in paragraph 1 into Chinese. 77. What does paragraph 2 mainly tell us? (Please answer within10 words.) 78. Which sentence in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one? Some youths stay in a hostel for several days, during which period they go sightseeing and visit the local people. 79. Fill in the blank in the 4th paragraph with proper words to complete the sentence.(Please answer within 7 words) 80. List 3 of the advantages of hostelling according to the text. (Please answer within 15 words.)

聊城一模】 【2011 聊城一模】 答案: 76.To tell applicants how to get into an lvy / To introduce the criteria by which an lvy admits students / To show applicants how to give themselves the best chance of admission to an lvy 77.Schools look to such students because they believe their peers find them stimulating inside and outside the classroom. get a place / to be admitted / to enter an Ivy / to become a student there 79.①Intellectual curiosity ②Leadership ③Personal warmth and caring attitude 80.因为在大幅度过程中表现出了这些大学所希望看到的一系列优点,他们脱颖而出。 [1] If you are applying for an American higher education, you probably dream of getting into an Ivy League (常 青藤联盟) university. The eight schools with the best reputations attract top students from the United States and many other countries . However, on average, the Ivy League schools accept less than 15 percent of applicants.And with the applicants growing in size year on year, it is becoming more and more difficult _________. [2] So how can you give yourself the best chance of admission? [3]Having a high school grade point average (GPA) in the top 10 percent of your class and being ranked among the top few students dramatically betters your chances.But although GPA and SAT scores are important, they only tell admission deans(主任) part of the story. [4] The whole admissions process will single out (挑选出) from a large pool of academically strong applicants the unique individuals.They stand out because they have shown in their interviews a range of virtues (优点) expected of these universities. Take Harvard for example. Although there is no guarantee of admission, the school judges applicants based on 15 additional criteria.

[5] Intellectual curiosity(求知欲) comes first tor almost all admission deans. Schools look to such students because they believe their peers find them slimulaling(激励人的)inside and outside the classroom. [6] Leadership also weighs heavily.The school would rather see an applicant who takes on additional responsibility in one or two areas where he or she is good at, rather than one who is merely "very good" academically. This can mean the class presidencv (主席职务) leading the cheerleading team or being the officer , of a student union. [7] Whether a person has personal warmth and cares about others counts a lot with the admission deans.Writing an essay on a personal experience, like a summer spent raising funds for the earthquake victims or teaching in a local school, can show that a person has qualities in addition to academic experience. 76.What is the purpose of the passage? (no more than 15 words) 77.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? The universities pay attention to the students with this virtue in that they can inspire their fellow students at school.

78.Fill in the blank in the first paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (no more than 5 words) 79. Based on the passage, list three additional criteria for admission besides academic more than ( 10 words) ①_________________ ?②_______________ ?③____________________ 80.Translate the underlined sentence in the fourth paragraph into Chinese.

济宁一模】 【2011 济宁一模】 答案: 76. The cell phone gets in the way of face ? to ? face communication./Communications technology is interfering with human contact. / It does harm to the closeness of human interaction. / It is a hurt to the closeness of human interaction.? 77. But I became invisible, absent from the conversation.? 78. the more disconnected I feel/ the lonelier we feel/ the farther away we seem to be/the more left out we feel ? 79. Yes. For example, he doesn’t contact people living near him with instant messaging. / Yes. For example, he doesn’t use his cell ? phone in the presence of friends. / Yes. He doesn’let the voice mail pick up when he is at t home. 80. 我发现自己越来越频繁地借用电子邮件回避面对面交谈。/ 越来越多地,我发现本应该用对话交流来 解决的事情,自己却用不用露面的电子邮件来做。/ 本该通过对话交流来解决的事情,我却发现自己越来 越多地通过不用当面交谈的电子邮件来做。 [1] I was walking in the park with a friend recently, and his cell phone rang, interrupting our conversation. There we were, walking and talking on a beautiful sunny day. But I became in visible, absent from the conversation. [2] The telephone used to connect you to the absent. Now it makes people sitting next to you feel absent. Recently I was in a car with three friends. The driver told us to be quiet because he could not hear the person on the other end of his cell phone. There we were, four friends going down the highway, unable to talk to one another because of a tool designed to make communication easier.

[3]Why is it that the more connected we get, ________________________ ? Every advance in communications technology is a hurt to the closeness of human interaction (互动). With e-mail and instant messaging over the Internet, we can now communicate without seeing or talking to one another. With voice mail, you can conduct entire conversations without ever reaching anyone. [4] More and more. l find myself hiding behind e-mail to do a job meant for conversation. Or being relieved that voice mail picked up because I didn’t really have time to talk. The industry devoted to helping me keep in touch is making me lonelier. [5] So I've put myself on technology restriction: no instant messaging with people who live near me, no cell-phoning in the presence of friends, no letting the voice mail pick up when I' m home. 76. What does the author say about communications technology according to the first two paragraphs? (within 15 words) _____________________________________________________________________________ 77. Which sentences in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one? However, I felt left out as if we were not conducting the conversation. _____________________________________________________________________________ 78. Fill in the blanks in Paragraph 3 with proper words. (within 10 words) _____________________________________________________________________________ 79. Does the author restrict his own activity to improving the situation? (within 15 words) _____________________________________________________________________________ 80. Translate the underlined sentences in Paragraph 4 into Chinese. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 德州一模】 【2011 德州一模】 答案: 76. To give some advice on how to battle boredom as you work 77. If you're not working toward something, it's no wonder that work has become boring. 78. Change the way to go to work. 79. Enjoying music; Playing basketball with friends; Change to another subject 80.你的目标不必多么远大,只要你有足够的热情去完成它。 Even if you really enjoy your job, it’ s still possible to battle boredom as you work. You may not be able to make big changes---or change your job---but you can make small adjustments to your routine that can make every day seem, well, a little less routine. 1. Switch Your Seat Change your outlook at the office by changing your office. Ask your supervisor to help you find a new desk. Even switching desks with a neighboring coworker can offer a fresh atmosphere. If it's not possible to change your location, see if you can change your desk’s direction. A new view can be just as refreshing as a new location. 2. ______________ Start and end your day in a different way. Consider a new mode of transportation, if it’s possible. Take a subway. Ride a bike on sunny days. Carpool with a coworker. Use a new route to get to your job. You needn't change it for ever---just long enough to help you escape the boredom. 3. Find a New Work Style Sick of attending that long-standing Monday morning meeting? Try to change it to the afternoon. If you find yourself feeling most bored in the afternoons, try to arrange to do your favorite tasks then and

tackle less desirable projects in the mornings. If you usually communicate with coworkers via email and instant messaging, start dealing with people face to face. Increased communication with coworkers may help improve your mood. 4. Get and Set a Goal If your work is short of objectives, it's no wonder that work has become boring. Identify a goal and set an “achieve by” date for it. Your goal needn’t be lofty as long as you have sufficient enthusiasm for it. Perhaps you want to make a new project. Maybe you’d like to pursue a promotion. Or you may even set a goal of finding a new job altogether. Whatever it is, actively move toward an objective. 76. What is the purpose of the passage? (within 15 words) ______________________________________________________________ 77. Which sentence in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one? You will feel bored when you are not working toward something. ______________________________________________________________ 78. Fill in the blank in Paragraph 5 with proper words. (within 8 words)

79. List three methods of escaping from boredom in your daily. (within 5 words for each) ① ②__________________________ ③__________________________ 80. Translate the underlined sentence in the Last Paragraph into Chinese.






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10页 1财富值 2011届山东高三一模英语阅... 10页 免费喜欢此文档的还喜欢 2011...完型填空专项训练50篇[附详... 72页 免费 2011高考英语阅读理解分类... 3...

2011届高考英语名词专题 新人教版.doc

2011届高考英语名词专题 新人教版_英语_高中教育_...14.(2010湖北黄冈中学一模)She’s hoping her ...23.(2010山东潍坊高考模拟训练 A) The police ...

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