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高中英语(人教版)必修四 Unit 5 Theme parks1重点词汇

Period 1
Important words& expressions

学习提纲: 话题 Different types of theme parks(不同种类的主 题公园) 功能 1.Asking the way(问路) 2.Giving directions(指路) 语法 Word formation(构词法) 重点单词 theme, fantasy,amusement,various, whichever,swing,attraction,tourism,wherever, unique,engine,preserve,creature,souvenir, central,length,athletic,translate,admission, advance,minority,brand,brochure whenever,deed,advance,wonder

重点短语 be famous for,no wonder,be modelled after,in advance,come true,come to life,get close to, face to face,not only...but (also),have fun 重点句型 1.Whichever and whatever you like, there is a theme park for you!无论你喜欢哪一个,不管你喜欢 什么,都会有一个适合你的主题公园! 2.One day, news came that Britain?s old king had died without a son.有一天,消息传来英国老国王死 了,可他没有儿子(继承王位)。 3.With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland. 有这么多引人入胜的东西,难怪哪里有迪斯尼乐园, 哪里的旅游业就会发展。

4.The school came to life again as the new term began. 随着新学期的开始,学校又活跃起来了。 5.What is a park for?公园是干什么的? 6.There are various kinds of theme parks,with a different park for almost everything. 有各种各样的主题公园,不同的公园有不同的主题。 7.Futuroscope is not only for individuals,but is also the perfect mix of fun and learning for class outings.观测未来主题公园不仅仅适合个人,也适合 学生全班出游,因为它是娱乐和学习的完美结合。 8. Then I took a trip to Brazil and experienced surviving an airplane crash in the jungle.然后我到巴 西旅游,并感受了坠机后在丛林中逃生的滋味。

9.You think that there may have been a mistake. 你认为可能有一个错误。 10.The amazing,up-to-date information together with many opportunities for hands on learning makes the world come to life in a completely new way for visitors. 这些让人惊讶的最新的信息加上大量动手实践学习的 机会,让世界以一种全新的方式展现在游人面前。 11.People come from all over America to see carpenters and other craftsmen make wood, glass and iron objects in the old-fashioned way.美国各地的人们到这里来观看木匠或其他工匠 们用老式的方法制作木制品、玻璃制品和铁制品。

12.Learning centres throughout the park let visitors try their own scientific experiments, as well as learn more about space travel,the undersea world and much more. 学习中心遍及整个公园,旅客们可以做自己的科学实验, 可以了解到更多的有关太空旅行和海底世界的有关知 识,以及更多的其他知识。 13. Opened in 1987 ,Futuroscope is one of the largest space-age parks in the world. 开放于1987 年, 观测未来主题公园是世界上最大的太空时代公园之一。 14. If driving ,Futuroscope is within easy reach of the freeway. 假如(你)开车的话,观测未来主题公园在 高速公路很容易到达的地方。


Ⅰ.联想记忆(根据提示写出相应的词汇以及相关短语) 1. various adj.各种各样的→a variety of 2. no wonder 3. preserve /存的好 modelled after 仿造→be named after 5. minority 6. in advance 7. come to life life 使??苏醒 famous for 熟知 n.少数民族;少数→ majority 提前→ahead of time 提前 活跃起来→come to 苏醒→ bring ...back to 以??而闻名→be famous to 被/为??所 根据??命名 n.大多数 各种各样的 难怪;不足为奇→no doubt 毫无疑问 vt.保存;保留;n.保护区→be well preserved 保养

Ⅱ.构词记忆(根据提示写出相应的词汇及其派生词) n.中心→ central 2. tourism adj.中心的 n.旅游业→tourist n.游客

3.long adj.长的→ length n.长度 4.advance vt. & vi.前进→ advanced adj.高级的;先进的 5.admit v.允许进入;承认→ admission n.入场费;承认; 允许进入

Ⅲ.语境填词(根据提示用适当的单词或短语填空) 1.Disneyland is famous as an amusement theme (娱乐主题) park with many cartoon(卡通) characters. No wonder (难 怪) so many kids are attracted by it. 2. Tourism (旅游业) is booming in China. you go, you’ll find (无论哪里) Wherever unique attractions (独特的景点).

3.So many people like to get close to (接近) nature, so

admission (入场费) fees for some areas are higher and for most of them, you have to book tickets in advance (提前).

4.Some fierce creatures(动物) are kept in the

preserve (保护

区).If you want to visit it, you should first read the

brochure (小册子) for safety.
5.The factory makes shoes that are modelled after (根据?? 模仿) various famous brands (牌子).

Ⅳ.语境记忆(背诵语段,记忆单元词汇) Various theme parks attract many tourists.Some jungle and creature preserves are quite unique and amusing.


1. various adj.不同的;各种各样的 联想拓展 various 常放在名词前,作定语。 vary vi.不同于,改变。 variety n.变化,多样性(化),种类, vary 由…到…不等 vary in sth 在某方面不同vary with sth.随着…而变化 a variety of/various of 种种;各种各样 a variety of各种各样的 all kinds of各种各样的 all sorts of各种各样的 思考a variety of (=varieties of )既可以修饰可数名词, 也可以修饰不可数名词.你知道其他一些类似短语吗? a lot of,lots of, a quantity of,quantities of plenty of 等。

温馨提示 “a variety of+复数名词”作主语,谓语动词用复数; “the variety of+复数名词”作主语,谓语动词用单数。 In addition, the variety ofthe electric card is also its advantage over the traditional one. 另外, 电子贺卡的 多样性也是它优于传统贺卡的一大优势。

There are various ways of getting to the station from here.从这儿去车站有多种不同走法。 For various reasons I?d prefer not to meet him. 由于各种原因,我不愿见他。 He left for a variety of reasons. 他由于种种原因而离开了。 Opinions on this matter vary from person to person. 对于这件事,人人意见不一。 varieties (1)There are different_________ (各种各样)of plants in the garden. (2)由于种种原因我才这样做的。(汉译英) _____________________________ I did that for various reasons. (3)The school organizes trips to________(各种各样 various 的)places of interest.

介词填空 with ①Prices vary________ the seasons. from to ②The price of the holiday varies___ £500____ £1,200,depending ___ the time of year. on in between ③These fish vary_____weight________3 pounds and 5 pounds. 完成句子 ④They try their best to find Olympic issued by various ________ _________(由 stamps________ ________ parts of the world 世界各地发行)every four years.(2012· 江西· 阅读表达)

2. preserve n.保护区 vt.保存;保留 联想拓展 preserve sb/sth from/against 保护……免受…… preserve one's reputation 维护自己的名声 nature preserve 自然保护区 in the preserve在保护区 be well preserved保养得很好 preserve resources 保护资源 preserve one?s strength保存体力 preserve one?s eyesight保护视力 preservation n.维护;保护;保持;保养 【词语辨析】 preserve,protect preserve 指“防护/保存……免被分解或腐烂”。 protect 指“保护……免遭受危险或伤害等”。 reserve 主要指“保留;储备”,以备以后所用。

keep reserve

侧重于保持某种状态,更口语化。 主要指“保留;储备”,以备以后所用。

用preserve,keep或reserve的适当形式填空 ①You can preserve meat or fish in salt. ②She knows she must keep calm. ③I advise you not to walk too fast; reserve your strength for the climb.

翻译下列句子。 1. We should take steps to preserve the old temple.我们应该采取措施来保护这座古庙。 2. He canned the fruits to preserve them. 他把水果罐装保存起来。 3. We should try our best to preserve the peace of the world. 我们应尽力维护世界和平。
4. God preserve us! 上帝保佑我们吧!

They were determined to preserve their leader from attacks.他们决心保护他们的领导人免受袭击。 The calm courage of the pilot preserved the lives of the passengers.飞行员临危不惧的勇气保住了乘客们的生命。 In summer,large quantities of fruit may be preserved by freezing or bottling. 夏天,大量水果可冷藏或装瓶加以保存。 No hunting is allowed in the preserve. 在禁猎区内不准打猎。 ①In spite of failing to save every endangered species, from we may preserve the majority ________ extinction. ②It's difficult to preserve one's self________ respect in that job. 做那样的工作保持自尊是很难的。
We preserve fish in salt.我们用盐保存鱼。

完成句子 ①盐能防止食物腐烂。 preserves Salt________ food from decay. ②我们应当保护儿童免受伤害。 protect We should________ the children from harm. ③我们必须保护我们的自然资源。 preserve our natural resources We must________ ________ ________ ________. 句型转换 What can we do to stop the company from ruin? →What can we do to preserve the company from ruin ? →What can we do tokeep the company from ruin ?

(2)完成句子 to preserve public order . ①It is the duty of the police 维护公共秩序是警察的职责。 ②They were determined to preserve their leader from attacks . 他们决心保护他们的领导人免受袭击。 ③They were fighting in order to preserve their independence . 他们为维护独立而战。

3. advance n前进;进步 vt.&vi.促进;前进;提前 联想拓展 in advance=ahead of time 预先,提前(指事先) in advance of....在……前面,超过;预先;事先 advance (v.)on/upon/towards...朝……前进 advance in...在……方面有进步,进展 advanced adj. 先进的;高级的;(发展)晚期的;后期的 advanced technology 先进技术 advanced maths 高等数学 advanced cancer 晚期癌症 advanced engineer/worker/English/maths/ technology高级工程师/先进工作者/高级英语/高等 数学/先进技术

They use the Internet as a tool to advance their research. 他们使用因特网作为工具来推进研究工作。 He showed us the recent advances in medical science in the exhibition. 在展览会上他向我们展示了医学界的最新进展。 It's cheaper for you to book the tickets in advance. 预订票要便宜一些。 Galileo?s ideas were well in advance of the age in which he lived.伽利略的思想远远超越了他所处的时代。 As advanced ①_____ is known to all,China will be an ________ and powerful country in 20 or 30 years' time. ②After months of hard work,the scientists made a very important __ in their scientific research.数月的努 力工作后,科学家在科学研究方面取得重大进步。 A.promotion B.advance C.progress

完成句子 ①我们愿意预付款给你。 We ________ ________ ____the money to you. are willing to advance ②这将进一步增进两国的友好关系。 It will ________ ________the friendly relations further advance between the two countries. ③如果你想买这个,你得提前预订。 If you want to buy it you must make an order ____________. in advance ④我们有些产品已达到了世界先进水平。 advanced Some of our products have reached________ world level.

4.amusement n.[U]消遣;娱乐;[C]娱乐活动, 娱乐用品 归纳拓展 (1)in amusement 开心地 to one's (great) amusement 令人感到(极)好笑的是 find amusement in在……找到娱乐 (2)amuse vt.使发笑;使愉快 amuse sb./oneself with以……自娱 amuse sb.with sth.用某物使某人高兴 (3)amusing adj.有趣的;逗乐的 amused adj.感到快乐有趣的 be amused at/by 对感到……好笑 amused to learn that...某人获悉…觉得好笑 易混词:amaze vt.使吃惊amazement n.惊愕

The boys amused themselves (by) drawing caricatures of their teacher.男孩子们画他们老师的漫画像来取乐。 We were amused at/by the storyteller's jokes. 听了讲故事者的笑话,我们感到很好笑。 We are amused to see that he slid on a banana skin. 看到他被香蕉皮滑倒我们感到很好笑。 To everyone's amusement,the actor fell off the stage. 演员从舞台上跌了下来,把大家都逗乐了。 Everyone of us likes jokes,because they can ____ us. A.amuse B.amused amusing D.amusing 【解析】 amuse“使快乐,使高兴”,amuse sb./oneself “使某人/自己高兴”。句意为:我们每个人 都喜欢笑话,因为它们能让我们开心。【答案】A

Everyone was amused at the story about the dog. 大家都被那只狗的故事逗笑了。 Big cities have many amusements. 大城市有许多娱乐活动。 I don?t find any amusement in his comments. 我不认为他的话有什么好笑。 (1)We were all amused at his foolish behaviour.(英译 汉) 我们对他那愚蠢的行为都感到好笑。 amused (2)The children________ (取乐)themselves by playing hide-and-seek games. amuse the children (3)I?ve brought a few toys to_________________(使孩 子高兴). (4)They often sing for their own amusement. (英译汉) 他们常常唱歌自娱。 _____________________

5.admission n. 允许进入;入场费;承认 归纳拓展 (1)make an admission of sth.=admit sth.承认某事 obtain/gain admission to/into获准进入 on/by one's own admission据某人自己承认 admission free免费入场 (2)admit vt.&vi.承认,供认。 admit doing/ to doing /thatclause等。 admit+n./pron./doing sth.承认(做)某事 admit that...承认…… vt.准许进入;准许……进入/加入 admit接纳/许可(人或物)加入,接收入学 be admitted to/into被允许进入;被……录取 admit sb./sth. to do sth.许可/承认某人/物做某事

He made an admission/admitted that he had used threatening behaviour.他承认使用了恐吓手段。 He gained admission to Beijing University. 他获准进入北京大学。 She admitted (to) being strict with her son. 她承认对自己的儿子很严厉。 Only ticketholders were admitted into the theatre. 只允许持票者进入剧院。 ①Their daughter was admitted into a key university ________ this year,which made them very satisfied. “被一所重点大学录取”, ②He was persuaded ________ the window. A.admitting to break admit breaking admit to break D.admitting breaking

6. minority n. 少数;少数民族 归纳拓展 (1)(be)in the/a minority 占(极)少数 the/a minority of. . . 少数…… (2)minor adj. 少数的 【拓展】 反义词: majority n. 大多数 major adj. 大多数的;较重要的 the/a majority of+n. 大多数…… (be) in the majority 占大多数 【点津】 (1)the/a majority (minority) of修饰名词作主语时, 谓语动词要与of后的名词保持一致。 (2)the/a majority (minority)单独作主语时,谓语动 词既可用单数,也可用复数。

温馨提示:①minority单独用作主语,谓语用单数或 复数均可,但若其后的表语是复数,则谓语通常也要 用复数。 ②“the minority of+复数名词”作主语,谓语动词用 复数;“the minority+单数名词”作主语,谓语动词 用单数。 ③minority的反义词是majority“多数的”。
①The nation wants peace,only a minority wants the war to continue. 全国人民都要和平,只有少数人希望战争继续。 A minority __ ②__ ________ of the children wanted a dance party,but the majority chose a picnic. 少数孩子想举办一次舞会,而多数孩子选择了野餐。 in the minority ③Women were __ ___ ________ at the meeting. 在这次会议上,妇女只占少数。

7.unique adj.独一无二的;仅有的 归纳拓展 (1)既可以作定语,也可以作表语。 (2)unique to sb./sth.仅与一个人或一个群体或一件事 情有关。unique没有比较级形式。 The custom is unique to the region. 这种风俗是这一地区特有的。 Beethoven's symphony is unique in music. 贝多芬的交响曲在音乐中是无与伦比的。 It is a unique place to visit.这是一处独特的游览胜地。 No one knows for sure why adolescence is unique to humans. 没有人确切地知道为什么只有人类才会经历青春期。 unique Everybody?s fingerprints are ________。

【易混辨析】 unique, strange与rare 这三个词均含有“不平常的”或“奇怪的”之意,但 有很大的区别。 (1)unique 可指在某一方面不同寻常、特别,尤指“独 一无二”。 (2)strange 词义最广。指非一般的、不平常的、费解的 或与预期不同的,还强调陌生、不熟悉。 (3)rare意为“罕见的,稀少的”,指某事物目前少见 的。 unique 用 strange, unique和rare填空。 strange ①His calligraphic style is ________. ②With so many ________ faces around her, she felt a rare bit nervous. ③That bird is very ________ in this country.

8.attraction n.[U]吸引;吸引力;[C]吸引物;喜 闻乐见的事物 【思维拓展】 hold/have an/no/a little/much attraction for sb.对 某人具有/不具有/有一点/很有吸引力 attract v. 吸引.引起(注意,兴趣,赞赏等);激发 attract one?s attention/interest 引起某人的注意、兴趣 attract one's attention引起某人注意 attract sb. to+n./pron.把某人吸引到 attractive adj. 有吸引力的;引人主义的. an attractive woman 一个有吸引力的女人 Detective novels used to hold a special attraction for me.过去侦探小说对我特别有吸引力。

The television has little ~for me. 电视对我没什么吸引力 The attraction of the moon for the earth causes the sides.月球对地球的引力引起潮汐

City life holds few attractions for me. 城市生活中没有什么吸引我的东西
I can't see the attraction of sitting on the beach all day. 我看不出整天坐在沙滩上有什麽意思. She felt an immediate attraction to him. 她对他一见锺情. The television has little attraction for me. The beautiful beaches are the island's main attraction The walled city is an important tourist attraction.

9.involve vt.包括,牵涉;使参与;使专心 【思维拓展】 ①involve sb./ sth./doing sth.使陷入(困境), 使……参与某活动或陷入某种情况 ②be involved in sth.与……(某事)有关;专心于…… ③be involved with sb.与……关系(密切) 温馨提示:involved adj.放于名词前作定语时意思为 “复杂的,混乱的,难解的”。 ①The job involved me/my living in London. 工作需要我住在伦敦。 ②It is said that the man is involved in criminal activities.据说这个人与犯罪活动有关联。 ③He is deeply involved with that girl. 他和那个女孩子关系密切。

10. profit n.利润;利益;收益 vi.有益;有利;得益;利用 vt.有益于 【思维拓展】 ①gain profit from从……得到益处 ②do one?s profit做某事而得益 ③make a profit赢利;以获利结束 ④profit from/by sth.从某事中得益 ⑤at a profit获利 ①He made a profit of fifty thousand US dollars on his house. 他卖掉房子获利五万美元。 ②We gained a lot of profit from your advice. 我们从你的建议中获益匪浅。 ③Telling lies won?t profit you.撒谎对你无益。 It will be to your profit(对你有好处)to get a driver?s license.

11 swing n. 秋千;摇摆vt.&vi.(swung, swung) 摇摆;摆动 【思维拓展】 swing around 使转过…… swing at 向……猛打/猛击 swing round 突然地转向,转身;使改变主意 swing sb from sth to sth (使某人) 突然改变观点或情绪 (1)Roy swung his legs carefully off the couch and sat up. 罗伊小心地把腿挪下沙发,坐了起来。 (2)He could swing his key in the lock,but didn‘t open the door.他能转动锁中的钥匙,但没能把门打开。 (3)I picked up his baseball bat and swung at the man's head. 我捡起他的棒球棒朝那个人的头打去。 (4)He lit a cigarette and sat on the end of the table, one leg swinging. 他点燃了一支烟,坐在桌子的一端,一 条腿晃来晃去。

swing [swi?] v. (swung, swung) 摇摆;摆动 n.[C]摇 摆;千秋 1)His arms swung / He swung his arms as he walked. 他走路时摆动着手臂。 2)The monkey was swinging in the tree. 猴子在树上荡来荡去。 归纳:swing around/round 突然转向相反方向 swing sb. from sth. to sth. (使某人) 突然改变观点或 情绪等 小练:根据句子的要求填入适当的词或翻译。 swung 1)She _______ (swing) her legs from side to side. swung round 2)She ___________ (突然转过身来) on him angrily. 3)He swings _______ (介词) wild optimism from _______ (介词) total despair. to

12.length n 长度;长 a river 300 miles in length长300英里的河 这个房间的长度是那个房间的两倍 This room is twice the length of that one. at length 1).after a long time; at last 最后,终 于;详细地 At length the bus arrived, forty minutes late。 2)taking a long time; in great detail ; fully 长时间地;详细地; 充分地 discuss sth at great length 极为详细地讨论某事 We have already discussed this matter at great length.我们已经十分详尽地讨论了这个问 题。

13. deed

n.---行动,行为,事迹 ,所做之事


Deeds are better than words when people need help.
在需要帮助时, 行动胜於语言.

I have the deed to the house. 我有这所房子的房契。 A good deed bears a blessing for its fruit. [谚语]善有善报。 Deeds are fruits, words are but leaves. [谚语]行动是果实,而言论只是枝叶。 Deeds, not words.[谚语]实践为重,不尚空谈。 in deed事实上,实际上,真正地 Be wise in deed, not word.聪明见行为,空话不顶用。 Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth.孩子们,我们爱,不可只用言语,也不 可只用口舌,而要用行动和事实。 I feel disappointed in deed.我感到无比的失望。

1. no wonder难怪;怪不得wonderful adj.奇妙的;极好的
联想拓展 do/work wonders做出奇迹 (1)wonder n.[U]惊奇;惊叹;[C]奇迹;奇事 no wonder是It is no wonder (that)...的省略 It is a wonder (that)真想不到,奇怪的是…… in wonder目瞪口呆地 do/work wonders创造奇迹 no doubt毫无疑问,是There is no doubt that的省略形式 No way!门儿都没有/不行! There is no point doing sth做某事无意义 (2) wonder vi “对…感到奇怪/惊异”, wonder at对…感到惊奇。wonder about sth.想弄明白 wonder vt.“想知道,觉得好奇”,后面常接when, where,why,how,if,whether等引导的宾语从句。 wonder that...……感到奇怪,觉得惊讶,

no wonder是It is no wonder that...的省略。 【拓展延伸】 There is no point (in) doing sth.做某事无意义 It?s no use/good doing sth. 表示“干……是没用的”。 There is no sense in doing sth. 做某事没有意义/没用的。 There is no need to do sth.没有必要做某事 no doubt毫无疑问,是there is no doubt that的省略 形式。 I hear Tom is ill. No wonder he didn?t come to school yesterday.我听说汤姆病了,难怪他昨天没来上学。 No wonder people say that computers are taking over the world.难怪有人说电子计算机正渐渐接管世界。 There is no need to get into a stew; everything will be all right.没有必要烦恼,一切都会好起来的。

It is no wonder (that) he has passed the exam. 难怪他考试及格了。 What are the seven wonders of the world? 世界七大奇迹是什么? I wonder how you came to miss your way. 我想知道你是怎样迷路的。 We wondered at the speed at which it arrived. 我们赞叹其到达速度之快。 —Brad was Jane's brother! No wonder he reminded me so much of Jane. —______ —布莱德是简的哥哥。—难怪他让我想起简的许多事。 We are wondering about(正寻思着) next April for our wedding.

①—Jack,you seem in high spirits. —________We won the match 4- (2011· 0. 陕西,18) A.Guess what? B.So what? C.No wonder. D.No doubt. ②—Her father is very rich. —________She wouldn't accept his help even if it were offered. (2010· 山东,34) A.What for? B.So what? C.No doubt. D.No wonder. 完成句子 ③昨晚你喝那么多,头疼不足为怪。 No wonder ________ _ you've got a headache considering the amount you drank last night.

④孩子们都一声不响惊奇地看着魔术师。 in silent wonder The children watched the conjuror________ ______. ⑤________ ________ ____(她一家人想知道)whether Her family wonder the donator is a Robin Hood character,taking from banks to give to the needy. (2012· 福建· 阅读理解A)

2. get close to接近;靠近 联想拓展 close to 接近,靠近 close up to 离……很近 keep a close eye /watch on sb./sth.密切注视某人/某事物 close down 关闭;停业 be close to sb.与某人关系密切 a close match势均力敌的比赛 pay close attention to密切关注 keep sth. a close secret对某事严守秘密 keep/lie close躲藏;不露面 closely adv.近地,密切地 Don?t get close to me; I?m about to get seasick. 不要靠近我,我要晕船了。

①It's raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold,so she stood________ to her mother. A.close B.closely C.closed D.Closing 完成句子 ②我不能走到近前看发生了什么事。 get close I couldn't_________ enough to see what was happening. ③她和父亲的关系很亲密。 is very close to She ________ _________ her father. He decided to lie close for a while. 他决定躲一阵。 The two events are closely connected. 这两件事情有密切的关系。

3. come to life活跃起来,苏醒过来;变得有趣/使人更兴奋 注意:come to life为不及物动词短语,不用于被动语 态,也不用于进行时态。 联想拓展 come back to life 复活;苏醒过来 come to共计;达到;苏醒;(突然)想到;意识到 come to oneself 苏醒过来 How come...?……怎么发生的?……怎么解释? when it comes to...当谈及……;说到(做)某事 come to an end 结束 come up with提出;想出 life 使……更有趣,恢复生机 come/occur to sb.(主意、办法)被某人想出 come to light被发现,为人所知;被披露come true实现 come to nothing一事无成come to power上台;掌权 come about发生come across被理解;被传达;偶然遇见

The wounded soldier came to life soon after he was taken to hospital. 那位受伤的战士被送到医院后不久就苏醒了。 The match finally came to life in the second half. 比赛在下半场终于精彩起来。 Flowers can bring a dull room back to life. 鲜花可使沉闷的房间恢复生气。 The idea came to me in the bath. 我洗澡时,想出了这个主意。 bringing ①Our Chinese teacher is always ________ the tiring class to life for us so we all like him.我们的语文老师总 是能让枯燥的课堂变得生动有趣,所以我们都喜欢他。 ②The doctors applied some medicine and he come to began to ________ himself. 医生使用一些药物,他开始苏醒。

①The children________ the moment they heard that there would be a threeday holiday. Some of them even jumped up with joy. A.moved off B.came to life C.settled down D.held their breath 完成句子 ②下半场比赛变得很刺激。 came to life The game really________ _____in the second half. ③我绝想不到就那么几项合计起来竟要这么多钱。 come to I never expected those few items to ________ _ so much. 春天来临,万物复苏。 comes to life Spring is here and everything ______________.

4.not only...but also...不但……,而且…… 归纳拓展 (1)相当于not just...but also...,相同的意思还可用以下 词组表达:not merely...but also...,not just...but...,not only...but...。 (2)not only/just与but also后面所连接的词的词性必须对 等。 (3)not only等形式只能连用,而but also既可连用,也可 分开用,also也可省略。 (4)not only放在句首,后接句子时要用倒装结构。 (5)as well as与not only...but also... 在表达“不仅……而且……”意义时,“A as well as B”的侧重点在前者,“Not only A but also B”的侧重 点在后者,谓语动词的数要根据就近原则来确定。

I not only heard it,but (also) saw it. =I not only heard it,I saw it,too/as well. =I not only heard it,but saw it as well. 我不但听到,而且看到它了。 Not only Tom but also his parents like cartoons. =Not only his parents but also Tom likes cartoons. 不仅汤姆,而且他的父母也喜欢卡通片。(汤姆和他父 母都喜欢卡通片。) You as well as I am wrong. =Not only I but also you are wrong.你和我都错了。 Not only ________ the activity ________ public awareness of world hunger,but raised a lot of money for the poor children. A./;has increased;increase C.has;increased D./;increased

5 be famous for以……而闻名(be well known for) 归纳拓展 be famous/well known as作为……而出名, It is well known that.../As is well known...众所周知 become famous overnight一夜成名 be wellknown for因……而著名;众所周知 be wellknown as作为……而熟知 be wellknown to...对……来说熟知 (1)用适当的介词填空 ①France is famous for its wine. ②Virginia is famous as the birthplace of several US presidents. ③Mother Teresa is well known for her work with the poor. ④She is very wellknown in the literature world.

6 be modelled after/on...模仿;效仿 归纳拓展 model oneself on...以……为榜样, be named after以……命名/取名 a working model一个劳模 the latest model最新的型号 a model husband /employee 一个模范丈夫/职员 用适当的介、副词填空 on/after (1)Their education system is modelled the French one. (2)Jim has always modelled himself on his great hero, Martin Luther King. The new church is modelled after St. Peter's in Rome. 这座新教堂是仿照罗马圣彼得教堂建造的。 The two buildings are modelled after the same pattern. 这两座建筑是仿造同一模式建造的。

7. face to face面对面;相对 【点津】 face to face常在句中作状语。 face-to-face是复合形容词,在句中作定语,意为 “面对面的”。 ①Face to face,the truth comes out. (谚)面对面,真相白。 ②We must have a face-to-face struggle against the enemy. 我们必须同敌人进行面对面的斗争。 ③She stood face __ ____ with the teacher. ____ to face 她和老师面对面地站着。


你学过类似结构(名词+介词+名词)的短语还有哪些? 【拓展延伸】 heart to heart 贴心地;坦诚地 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩地 hand in hand 手拉手地 arm in arm 臂挽臂地 side by side 并排地 step by step 逐步地 one by one 一个一个地 back to back 背靠背地 a farm经营农场 归纳拓展 run a machine操作机器run a company管理公司 run a house打理家务run across偶然遇见 run after追逐,追赶 run away突然离开;逃离 run back over再次讨论;重新考虑 run down把……撞倒;耗尽能量 run out过期;用完run out of用完 run over浏览 run up against遭遇(困难) For a while, she ran a restaurant in Boston. 她在波士顿开了一段时间的餐馆。 The store was badly run so it has been closed. 这家商店经营不好,所以现在停业了。

9. up-to-date: (adj.) modern 新近的, 现代的, 新式的 This factory uses the most up-to-date methods to make machines. out of date 过时的, 废弃的 up to the minute 最现代的, 最时新的 date from / back to… 追溯到; 开始于 It was a modern factory- everything was really up to date. Your out-of-date methods should be given up at once.


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