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2016-2017年南方新课堂·高考英语二轮复习测试:专题一训练5文章出处或读者对象 Word版含解析

专题一 阅读理解 训练5 文章出处或读者对象
A(导学号59430062) Easy Steam Mop (拖把) £29.99 WAS £79.99 Save £50 Buy 2 or more and get an extra 5% off

ADD TO BASKET Product Description Use the power of steam to clean and disinfect (消毒) your home in minutes without using expensive and harmful detergents (洗涤剂). Perfect for use throughout the home,this steam mop heats up almost instantly and takes just eight seconds to kill bacteria from any area it targets.

It works by changing water into steam using a microfiber cloth to enhance the ability to absorb liquid,and features a clever triangular mop head and swivel joint (旋转接头) to allow it to reach into corners and other spaces that many similar cleaning tools cannot.The 1,300W motor helps the mop reach temperatures of between 90-100℃, making it suitable for all heat-resistant floors including hardwood, tiles and stone. Comes apart for easy storage.2×microfiber cloths included. Additional pack of three spare mop heads are also available Easy Steam Mop White/Green: D6430 Easy Steam Mop White/Blue : D7149 Spare Pads—3 packs : D6431 Delivery Standard Delivery—Only £3.95 Please note standard delivery on all items is only £3.95;delivery charge applies per order regardless of number of items purchased.Delivery to Northern Ireland,Isle of Man,Scottish Highlands and Islands is £6.95.Delivery to the Channel Islands and Scilly Isles is £14.95.Delivery to Eire is £9.95 and deliveries to BFPO postal addresses are £6.95. Satisfaction Guaranteed For your complete piece of mind,our Home and Garden products may be returned to us within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the purchase price.Items must be returned unused. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇应用文,介绍了一种网上销售的易蒸 汽拖把的特点以及派送和售后保证等信息。 1.How much should you pay for a mop delivered to Isle of Man? A.£33.94.     B.£36.94.

C.£39.94. D.£44.94. 解析:细节理解题。根据文中的“£29.99”和“Delivery to Northern Ireland,Isle of Man,Scottish Highlands and Islands is £6.95”可知,一个拖把被派送到马恩岛所需要的费用为:29.99+6.95 =36.94。故选B项。 答案:B 2.What is the right description of the mop mentioned above? A.It uses the power of steam to work. B.It isn't suitable for a hardwood floor. C.It can reach the temperature of 130℃. D.It needs five seconds to kill bacteria. 解析:细节理解题。根据文中的“Use the power of steam to clean and...”可知,该题选A项。 答案:A 3.In which two places is delivery charge the same? A.Northern Ireland and Scilly Isles. B.Scottish Highlands and Islands and Eire. C.Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. D.The Channel Islands and Eire. 解析:细节理解题。根据文中的“Delivery to Northern Ireland,Isle of Man,Scottish Highlands and Islands is £6.95”可知, 该题选C项。 答案:C 4.Where can you find this passage? A.In a business magazine. B.On an e-shopping website. C.On a teenage website D.In an exhibition guide

解析:文章出处题。根据文章中的“ADD TO BASKET”可知,该 篇文章应是在电子购物网站上出现的。故选B项。 答案:B B(导学号59430063) (2016·贵阳市适应性监测考试) Choose your wish list It's normal for any student's college wish list to change throughout high school.But when it comes time to apply,many seniors have a hard time narrowing down their choices. There's no hard and fast answer,but there are several things you can do and ask yourself to make the decision easier.Here are three pieces of advice that might help. Do your research Above all,it's important to figure out your wants and needs.What do you expect from your education? What are you willing to give up? Veronica Hauad,senior associate director of admissions (录取) at the University of Chicago in the US,said students should start by taking time to figure_out those questions. “Find the thing that's most important to you,and then you can start searching on that factor and sort things out later,” Hauad said. Don't focus on rankings It's easy to focus too hard on school rankings,but don't let that make your decision for you when you're looking at colleges.In the long run,rankings probably won't have a big effect on your education.It's OK to look at rankings,but don't obsess (过于执着) over them.Find colleges that really interest you.If they end up being on a top list,think of it as an extra pleasure. Think about your future

Here's an important question to ask all of the colleges on your list: How many of your students find jobs after graduation? An Ivy League school may look good on an application,but what will the college do to help you find a job? Students should also make sure they're going to college for the right reasons. University of Illinois sophomore (二年级学生) Steve Wang said he has met students who aren't looking at the bigger picture.“I see a lot of students who go to college for the sake of the college experience—not for a higher education,” Wang explained.“So people show up and spend a lot of time at parties and not really paying attention to schoolwork.That's not really what college is for.” 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文。作者向那些准备申请大学的 高中生提供了三个建议:一是做好相关调查;二是不要太执着于大学 的排名;三是考虑自己的未来。 5.What does the underlined part “figure out” in Paragraph 4 probably mean? A.Let out.       B.Look out. C.Make out. D.Check out. 解析:词义猜测题。画线短语所在段落的上一段中提到了一些让 学生思考的问题,根据逻辑关系可知,Veronica Hauad认为学生应该 花些时间弄清楚那些问题,由此可推知,figure out的意思应为“弄清 楚”,make out的意思也为“弄清楚”。故答案选C项。 答案:C 6.When you apply to a college,you should ________. A.find out what you really want B.choose the best-known college C.consider the things you can do

D.quit a chance for further study 解析:细节理解题。根据第三段第一句“Above all,it's important to figure out your wants and needs.”可知,高中生在申请大学时要弄清 楚自己的真正需求,选那些能真正吸引自己的大学。故答案选A项。 答案:A 7.Steve Wang spends his main time on ________. A.part-time jobs B.schoolwork C.parties experiences 解析:推理判断题。在最后一段中,史蒂夫·王认为很多学生来到 大学,只是为了有上大学的经历,而不是为了接受更高的教育。由史 蒂夫·王的话可推知,他不赞同这种做法,故他的时间应该主要是花在 学业上的。故答案选B项。 答案:B 8.What is the passage mainly for? A.Researchers. B.Educators. C.Applicants. D.Sophomores. 解析:读者对象题。根据文章前两段内容可知,这篇文章是给那 些即将高中毕业、准备申请大学的学生提供的一些建议。故答案选C 项。 答案:C C (2016·成都第三次诊断)As we discussed last week,there have been a lot of reports that boys are in trouble in American education.Some people say efforts to improve education for girls,especially in maths and science,have resulted in a crisis for boys.That belief has led to what a new report calls a growth industry of experts advising how to make schools more “boy friendly”. Yet that report,released this week,suggests that the truth is far

different from what people might think.It says American boys in most cases are doing better than ever.“But girls have just improved their performance on some measures even faster,” it says.As a result,girls have narrowed or closed differences with boys in some areas and moved farther ahead of them in others. The report does agree that some groups of boys are in trouble.It says this is true especially of blacks and those from poor families.But it says closing racial and economic differences would help them more than reducing differences between boys and girls. Another concern is the large number of boys with learning and emotional disabilities.Also,the report says policymakers now recognize the need to reform public high schools,which should help boys as well as girls.But the report questions what it calls “simplistic” proposals to fix problems for boys in American school.One example given is expanding single-sex schooling. Findings on the success of the idea have differed. The Education Sector report calls for more study into the differences between boys and girls and into the culture of schools.It says the research will help better understand why gains for boys are not rising as fast as for girls.But the report also advises the public not to worry too much,and to be careful not to harm the gains that girls have made. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇议论文,主要介绍了一份研究报告。 报告分析了美国学校的男孩危机并探讨了解决方法。 9.We can read this report most probably in a ________. A.magazine for boys B.well-known newspaper announcement advertisement

解析:文章出处题。根据最后一段第一句“The Education Sector report...the culture of schools.”可推知,这份研究报告来自于教育部。 结合四个选项可知,这篇报告最有可能出现在一家著名的报纸上。故 答案选B项。 答案:B 10.From Paragraph 1,we learn that in some people's opinion, ________. A.efforts for American girls cause boys' trouble B.American education does no good to boys C.American schools are more “girl friendly” D.American boys are not really in trouble 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段第二句“Some people a crisis for boys.”可知,有人认为女孩教育的改善造成了男孩教育的危 机。故答案选A项。 答案:A 11.We can infer from the report that ________. A.boys should be responsible for their crisis B.some groups of boys are actually in trouble C.policymakers disagree to reform public high schools's probably not good simply to expand single-sex schools 解析:推理判断题。根据第四段中的“But the report questions...single-sex schooling.”可知,这份报告质疑扩建男子(或女 子)学校的做法。由此可推知,扩建男子(或女子)学校可能不是一个好 办法。故答案选D项。 答案:D 12.The best title of the passage should be “________”. A.A report on a boy crisis in America B.A new study on American education

C.Save American boys in trouble D.Why are girls far better than boys? 解析:标题归纳题。通读全文可知,本文主要介绍了一份研究报 告。报告分析了美国学校的男孩危机并探讨了解决办法。A项概括了 文章主旨,适合作文章标题。故答案选A项。 答案:A D External bleeding.Apply direct pressure.Place a clean,folded cloth over the injured area and firmly apply pressure.If blood soaks through,do not remove it.Instead,cover that cloth with another one and continue to apply pressure to the wound for 7-10 minutes.If the bleeding is from the ear,place a clean bandage over the ear,lay the victim on his side,and allow the blood to drain out through the bandage.

Elevate the injury.Position the wounded part of the body above the level of the heart if possible while you apply direct pressure. Know the pressure points.If direct pressure and elevation don't sufficiently slow the bloodflow,find a pressure point.Large arteries(动 脉)found close to the skin's surface supply blood to the head and to each arm and leg.The most common pressure points used during the first aid are located in the upper arms and in the creases above the upper legs.Apply pressure to the closest pressure point to the wound so that the

artery is pressed between your fingers and the bone directly behind the artery.If using the pressure point on a leg,you may need to use the heel of your hand instead of your fingers. Resort to a tourniquet(止血带,压脉器).On very rare occasions everything listed above may fail.To prevent the victim from dying,you should apply a tourniquet.Once a tourniquet is applied,it should not be loosened or removed until the victim has reached medical help.Use a tourniquet only if everything listed above has failed.If you use a tourniquet,write down somewhere on the victim the time when it was applied,so medical persons will know how long it has been in place. 【语篇解读】 本文是说明文。主要介绍如何止血的一些方法。 13.According to the passage,if a person is wounded and bleeding,you should ________. A.cover the wound with a clean,folded cloth and press it B.spread some salve(药膏)on the wound the wound firmly with your fingers a clean bandage over the wound 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段第三句“Place a clean,folded cloth over the injured area and firmly apply pressure.”可知A项为正确 选项。 答案:A 14.If blood soaks through the cloth,you should ________. A.change a clean one immediately B.wash the wound at once the wound firmly with your hand D.cover the one with another one and press it 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段第四、五句“If blood soaks through,do not remove it.Instead,cover that cloth with another one

and continue to apply pressure to the wound for 7-10 minutes.”可知D 项为正确答案。 答案:D 15.In this passage ________ ways are mentioned to stop blood. A.four B.three C.two 解析:细节理解题。每一段的第一句就提到一种止血方法,因此 共4种。 答案:A 16.According to the passage,we know that ________. is better to put the injured part above the head to stop bleeding B.large arteries deep in the muscle supply blood to the head and to each arm and leg C.we should use a tourniquet first to stop bleeding D.the most common pressure points lie in the upper arms and in the creases above the upper legs 解析:细节理解题。第三段第三句明确提到“动脉一般在胳膊或腿 上方的皱褶中”,因此D项为正确答案。 答案:D



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