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【精品资料】2018-2019学年高中英语北师大版必修2课件:Unit 6 Design 6.4_图文

自主预习 合作探究 Lesson 4 Dream Houses 自主预习 一 二 三 四 合作探究 一、衣食住行是人类的基本需求。在房价飞涨的今天,房子更有 成为人生头等大事之势。使居者有其屋也成为我国政府关心的重 大民生问题。 你的家庭在住房方面有困难吗?居住状况如何呢?请参考下面的 问题一起来谈谈吧 1.Do your family live in a flat or a house? 2.Do you own the house or do you have to pay rent? 3.Can you describe the rooms in your house (flat)? 4.Do you have a basement to store things and a garage for the car? 答案:略 自主预习 一 二 三 四 合作探究 二、根据汉语提示写出单词 damp (潮湿的)! 1.Don’t sit on the grass;it’s garbage 2.I don’t like taking the (垃圾)out,and my brother doesn’t like it, either. downtown (在市区),but I live in the suburbs. 3.I work 4.Grandma took mercy (怜悯)on that poor man who was begging on the street. rent 5.The (租金)of the houses is so high in Beijing. 自主预习 一 二 三 四 合作探究 三、从课文中找出下列短语并译成汉语 到……的时候 the time 2.share...with... 和……分享…… 梦想 3.dream of 虚构 4.dream up 付……的租金 rent to 自主预习 一 二 三 四 合作探究 四、阅读课文,选择正确答案 1.Which is NOT true about the flat on Loomis? D A.Its walls were made of wood. B.Water ran all the way in the flat. C.The house was built many years ago. D.We were not willing to leave it. 2.Which is NOT true about the dream house? C A.It has running water and they don’t need to carry water over from the next door. B.The house is white surrounded by trees. C.Everyone has a washroom of his or her own. D.Other people can go into the yard if they want to. 自主预习 一 二 三 四 合作探究 3.In fact,the house on Mango Street B . exactly the same as the dream one nothing like the dream one C.has a big garage for them to park their car D.has many trees of its own 自主预习 1 2 3 合作探究 1.By the time we got to Mango Street we were six— Mama,Papa,Carlos,Kiki,my sister Nenny and me. 搬到芒果街时,家里有六口人——妈妈、爸爸、卡洛斯、基基、姐 姐内妮和我。 剖析 by the time引导时间状语从句。 考点 (1)by the time引导的从句用一般现在时时,主句通常用将来完 成时。 By the time he arrives,we will have finished the work. 在他到达之前,我们将会把工作全部完成。 【高考典句】(2016· 浙江卷)By the time I make enough it’ll be gone! 当我做得足够的时候,它会消失! 自主预习 1 2 3 合作探究 (2)by the time引导的从句用一般过去时时,主句通常用过去完成时。 By the time I walked into the classroom,the teacher had already started teaching.当我走进教室时,老师已经开始讲课了。 By the time I got to the station,the train had already gone. 我到达火车站时,火车已经开走了。 (3)by the time引导的从句用一般过去时时,主句有时也用一般过去 时。此时by the time常常表示“在……的时候;到……的时候”,主句 则用于说明某种状态的存在。 【高考典句】(2016· 全国丙卷)By the time the group got up to leave,it was pouring outside. 当小组将要离开的时候,外面下着瓢泼大雨。 It was very dark by the time we reached the town. 我们到达镇上时,天色已非常暗了。 自主预习 1 2 3 合作探究 活学活用 语法填空 1)By the time Jack returned home from England,his son ha


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2018-2019学年高中英语北师大版必修2课件:Unit 6 Design 6.4 - 自主预习 合作探究 Lesson 4 Dream Houses 自主预习 一二三四 合...



高中英语北师大版必修2课件:unit 6 design 6.4_图文.ppt

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