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选修 6 词汇表
Unit 1 adopt aim appeal attempt carve display possess predict Unit 2 await exchange transform convey droop dread hush melt revolve sponsor tease tick utter allergic humanistic aggressive circular evident fragrant conventional controversial typical visual metropolitan permanent realistic ridiculous abstract contemporary delicate fragile specific superb brimful contradictory endless flexible rhythmic salty appropriate bare blank concrete abnormal accustomed addicted ashamed disappointed bad-tempered embarrassed automatic breathless illegal unfit slippery stressful pregnant adolescent awkward desperate due immune mental tough landscape masterpiece championship scholarship abortion comprehension byproduct greenhouse database rainbow widespread economical environmental individual renewable opposed average casual nuclear outer random steady anxious diverse molten uncomfortable unconscious spectacular absolute actual potential precious Unit 3 accustom strengthen weaken abuse ban inject quit spill stress Unit 4 refresh state advocate consume glance oppose tend Unit 5 appoint arouse erupt evaluate guarantee panic shoot suit tremble wave

scholarship civilization exhibition possessions reputation coincidence preference sculpture signature café faith critic avenue flesh shadow technique perspective renaissance bronze bunch canvas clay committee district figure gallery geometry marble

darkness translation warmth nursery poetry librarian pianist violinist diploma emotion load minimum pattern section sorrow rhyme branch brass bride cement coffin cottage compass diamond kitten sparrow squire stem syllable

injection relaxation fitness judgment robbery survival withdrawal chemist cigarette adolescence nicotine alcohol appendix condom effect prejudice resolve stress fluid gum lung needle obesity pill pocket sex

consequence contribution pollution presentation commit disagreement measurement existence growth tendency appliance educator heading microwave motor catastrophe circumstance phenomenon quantity range trend 4can data drought famine flood fossil fuel graph hectare methane slogan

spaceman thunderstorm appreciation persuasion anxiety diversity equipment novelist observatory questionnaire peak typhoon bathe sweat sample threat ash balcony boot bungalow candidate crane crater diagram document fog fountain helmet hurricane geology lava leopard tornado tsunami volcano

appeal to in the flesh by coincidence

try out let out take it easy

decide on get into take risks

come about go up result in

glance through make one’s way vary from—to--

on the other han a great deal

run out of be made up of in particular

be accustomed t be addicted to feel like doing at risk due to in spite of

keep on subscribe to be opposed to put up with on behalf of even if on the whole quantities of and so on so long as

burn to the groun



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