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Module 1

British and American English

Autumn Fall

Why do we have different words for the season?

Read the titles and the first sent

ences of each paragraph and find four ways in which British and American English are different.

1. vocabulary 2. grammar 3. spelling 4. pronunciation

Read the passage quickly and divide the passage into 2 parts
Part 1 ( 1
4 )

The differences between British and American English

Part 2 ( 5

7 )

The future of English

Scanning Read the first four paragraphs again and make notes of the differences.

British English American English

Spelling pronunciation

the Differences in Vocabulary British English cars motorway petrol underground taxi torch queue up chips American English automobiles freeway gas subway cab flashlight stand in line French fries

the Differences in Grammar
British English Have you got…? My friend has just arrived American English Do you have…? My friend just arrived. on the team/ weekend

in the team/ at the weekend

Write to me soon! Write me soon!

the Differences in Spelling and Pronunciation British English spelling
centre, colour programme

American English center, color program


Read part 2 carefully and answer the questions:
1. Why do experts believe that the two varieties are moving closer?

2. What will happen to English in the future?

Which sentence in the passage has the same meaning as the following one?

As a result of this non-stop communication, lots of American words and structures became a part of British English, which made some people think that British English will disappear. But it has also led to lots of American words and structures passing into British English, so that some people now believe that British English will disappear.

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

1. After all, there is probably as much variation of pronunciation within the two countries as between them.
毕竟,两个国家各自内部的语言差异和两国之间的语言差 异可能是一样多的。

A Londoner has more difficulty understanding a Scotsman from Glasgow than understanding a New Yorker.
伦敦人要听懂来自格拉斯哥的苏格兰人说话比听懂纽约人 说话更难。

have difficulty

in doing sth.
with sth.


1.The government had great difficulty in persuading

people to leave their villages.

Do you have any difficulty with English? 你英语上有困难吗?

Discuss the following questions. 1. How many main varieties of Chinese are there? 2. In what ways are they different? 3. Do Chinese people from different regions have problems understanding each other? 4. What will happen to Chinese in the future?

Rewrite the sentences using British words. 1. We really like going on vacation in the fall. We like going on holiday in the autumn very much.

2. You don’t need to take the elevator. Our apartment in on the first floor.
You don’t need to use the lift. Our flat is on the ground floor. 3. Did you see that truck come out of the gas station?

Did you see that lorry come out of the petrol station?
4. Pass me a flashlight, Eddie. I’ve lost my wallet. Pass me a torch, Eddie. I’ve lost my wallet.



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