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正保远程教育旗下品牌网站 美国纽交所上市公司(NYSE:DL) 高考精品班理科综合寒假特训班辅导《英语》第三章第一节讲义 2 开放作文 例文 2 请根据下面提示,写一篇短文,词数不少于 50。 In your English class, you are asked to describe the following picture and explain to your classmates how you understand it. 【写作指导】 话题:通往美好未来的成功之路! 审题:describe the picture---描述图片(三分之一); explain how you understand it--- 对于图片的理解和自己的观点(三分之二 ) 人称: 图片描述用第三人称;自己观点用第一人称 时态: 描图用一般现在时;议论用一般现在时或一般将来时 图片信息: 1.两个孩子眺望远方的太阳 2.光芒四射、蓬勃而出的朝阳 3.弯弯的小路、高山、树木 写作思路 1: 两个孩子眺望远方的太阳,充满对未来的憧憬;面前的弯弯的小路、高山、树木表明通向成功路上的困难 和艰辛;光芒四射、蓬勃而出的朝阳预示美好的未来或成功的顶峰。 其它可接受的思路: 1. sunset---forget the past---value the normal daily life; 2. two girls---one brave (success); one afraid (failure) 3. sunset---sad---let it pass---wait for sunrise 4. two girls help each other---friendship help us succeed 5. watch sunrise---get hope/courage 写作要领: 内容充实、观点鲜明、积极健康、理由充分、思维独特、有创造性逻辑合理、发散得当、 语言正确、句 式多样、词汇丰富、行文连贯 Possible version: In the picture we can see two kids looking at the sun shining far away behind the mountains, to which a winding path leads. Obviously they are expecting a promising future, but there is a long way to go and they will meet with some difficulties and challenges on their way to their dreams. As far as I am concerned, the picture is instructive and wonderful as well. The picture shows that the key to success is great determination and a strong will. Like the 中小学教育网 1 正保远程教育旗下品牌网站 美国纽交所上市公司(NYSE:DL) two kids, we are faced with difficulties and challenges every day. It is only when we make up our m

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