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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 题库强化练习(新课标专用)Book 6 Unit4 Word版含解析]

Unit 4

Global warming

1. It's often less expensive to buy goods in________quantity, but you'd better examine______ quality before buying them. A./; the C.a; the B.the; / D.the; the

答案 A [考查冠词。第一空 in quantity“大量地”;第二空表特指。] 2.—Do you________the idea of living a lowcarbon life? —It sounds tough, but it is a tendency. A.correspond to C.cater to 答案 D B.apply to D.subscribe to


势。”subscribe to“同意,支持”;correspond to“与……相符合,相当于”;apply to “适用于, 向……申请(或要求)”;cater to“迎合;为……服务”。] 3.Remember, a lesson always________over and over, until you grasp it. It just needs more patience. A.goes up C.picks up 答案 B B.turns up D.makes up

[turn up“出现,发生”;go up“上升”;pick up“捡起,偶然学到”;make up“组

成,化妆,编造”。由句意“反复出现”可知。] 4.—My son is addicted to drugs.He isn't hopeless,is he? —Yes,________he mends his ways and starts all over. A.if C.even if B.when D.unless

答案 D [考查连词。 由答语 Yes 可知, 此处顺接 he is hopeless, 所以再接 unless he mends his ways and starts all over。答语句意:是的,他没有希望了。除非他能改过自新。unless“除 非,如果不”。] 5.To her disappointment, what she had devoted herself to___ _____in nothing but failure.

A.resulting C.has resulted

B.results D.resulted

答案 D [考查句式理解。句意:令她失望的是,她全身心投入的事情最终一事无成。 result in“导致”。what she had devoted herself to 是句子的主语,因此选谓语动词,再由句意可 知,用一般过去时。] 6.Will you see to________that my birds are well looked after while I am away? A.them 答案 C B.yourself [考查句式。句意:你能保证在我不在时照顾好我的小鸟吗?see to it that...“保

证,确保,务必”。] 7.The 40somethings found themselves in an embarrassing situation________rapid changes in all aspects of society. a consequence of C.for the purpose of favor of means of

答案 A [考查短语。句意:由于社会各方面的迅速变化,四十岁左右的人发现自己处 于了尴尬的境地。as a consequence of...“因为……;由于……”。] 8.—Why do you work so hard day and night? —________my parents' expectations. A.To live up to C.To make full use of B.To meet the demand of D.To put up with

答案 A [考查省略。句意:“你为何日夜努力工作?”“(我这样做)是为了不辜负父母的 期望。”] 9.—How did the global financial crisis________? —I'm not quite sure. Anyhow, it is a very important problem facing us. A.come up C.come along 答案 B B.come about D.come around

[问句意思是“全球经济危机是怎么发生的?”。come about“发生”;come up“走

上前,被提及”;come along“一起来,进展”;come around“苏醒”。] 10. These stories expressed the same idea that all individuals, ________poor, were capable of becoming wealthy________they were hardworking and honest. matter what; as long as B.whatever; in order that matter how; so long as D.however; ever since 答案 C [考查连词。句意:这些故事表明了同一个主题——每个人无论多么穷,只要 努力工作,诚实守信,都可以变得富有。第一空填 no matter how 或者 however 都可以;第 二空填 so long as 或者 as long as,意为“只要”。] 11.If you think there________huge quantities of oil for the use of drivers, you are wrong. C.has 答案 B B.are D.have [there be 结构中 be 的形式要根据其后主语判断。句中 huge quantities of oil 决

定了谓语动词应用复数,故选 B。] 12.—How do you like your trip to Hainan? —________, I enjoyed it very much, although the weather was hot sometimes. A.In addition C.In other words 答案 B B.On the whole D.On the other hand

[on the whole“基本上;大体上”,符合句意。]

13.Many people hold mistaken beliefs about the reason for cancer,________to think it is environmental factors rather than personal behavior. A.deciding C.caring 答案 B B.tending D.attempting

[tend to“倾向于”;decide to“决定”;attempt to“企图”。]

14.To________good relationships with your teachers and classmates, you should learn to be on good terms with them. A.bring up C.keep up B.add up D.take up

答案 C [句意:为了和你的老师和同学们保持良好的关系,你应该学会和他们友好相 处。keep up“保持”;bring up“教育,培养”;add up“合计,加起来”;take up“拿起;举起”。] 15.John was dismissed last week because of his________attitude towards his job. A.informal B.casual

C.determined 答案 B


[informal“非正式的”; casual“随便的”; determined“坚决的, 坚定的”; earnest“真

诚的,严肃的”。句意:约翰因为他对工作的漫不经心而在上周被解雇了。] II.完形填空 In a land far away, once upon a time there was great poverty(贫困),and only the rich could manage without great__1__. Three of those rich men and their servants were__2__together on a road when they came to a very__3__village. The first could not stand seeing the poverty,__4__he took all the gold and jewels from his waggons(四轮载重马车)and shared__5__out among the villagers. He wished them all the best of luck, and he left. The second rich man,seeing the__6__situation, stopped for a short time and gave__7__all his food and drink, since he__8__see that money would be of little__9__to them. He made sure that they each__10__their fair share and would have enough food to__11__for some time. Then, he left. The third rich man, on seeing such poverty , __12__and went straight through the__13__without stopping. The two other rich men saw this from a distance and commented with each other__14__the third rich man lacked sympathy. It was__15__that they themselves had been there to offer help. However, three days later, they__16__the third rich man,who was coming in the opposite direction. He was__17__travelling quickly, but his waggons,__18__the gold and valuables they had been__19__,were now full of farming tools and bags of__20__.He was rushing back to help them out of poverty. 文章大意:本文是一篇小故事。以三位富人帮助一个贫困的村庄的不同方式,阐明“授 人以鱼,不如授人以渔”的哲理。 1.A. loss C. success B. expectations D. problems

答案 D [文章开篇点明,在一片遥远而贫瘠的土地上,只有富人才不用费尽艰难勉强 度日。此处 without great problems 相当于 without much difficulty“不用费尽艰难”。] 2.A. standing B. travelling

C. gathering 答案 B

D. running


到了一个贫穷的(poor)村庄。stand“站立”; gather“聚集”;run“跑”,显然只有 travel“行走” 符合题意。] 3.A. faraway C. different 答案 B B. poor D. ancient

[根据第一段中 poverty 和第二段首句说“第一个富人无法忍受看到这样的贫

困”(poverty)可知,此处用 poor。] 4.A. unless C. so 答案 C B. because D. if [既然第一个富人无法忍受看到这样的贫困(poverty), 所以(so)他从四轮载重车

拿出了自己的金银珠宝分给了村民们。] 5.A. them C. nothing B. anything D. those

答案 A [根据 share sth.(out) among sb.“分享某物”可知,此处用人称代词 them 指代前 面所提 all the gold and jewels。] 6.A. curious C. dangerous 答案 B B. worrying D. puzzling

[第二个富人看到这一令人担忧的(worrying)的形式, 把他所有的食物和饮料送

给了村民 (the villagers) 。 curious“ 好奇的 ” ; worrying“ 令人担忧的 ” ; dangerous“ 危险的 ” ; puzzling“令人困惑的”,显然 B 项符合题意。 ] 7.A. the villagers C. the others 答案 A B. his servants D. the rest

[ 根 据上下 文可 知,第 二位 富人把 他所 有的食 物和 饮料送 给了 村民 (the

villagers),而不是 the servants(仆人)/the others/the rest(其他人)。 ] 8.A. could C. should 答案 A B. might D. must [第二位富人之所以把他所有的食物和饮料送给了村民是因为他能(could)看得

出金钱对这些贫困的村民眼下没有多大用处。might(或许)/should(应该)/must(必须)均不合题 意。]

9.A. interest C. use 答案 C

B. concern D. attraction

[of little use to sb.“对某人没有多大用处”。interest 兴趣;concern 关心,关注;

attraction 吸引。] 10.A. returned C. offered 答案 D B. gained D. received [第二位富人确保村民们得到(receive)自己公平的那份而且有足够的食物维持

一段时间后,他离开了。] 11.A. remain C. supply 答案 B B. last D. share [last 可以用来表示“持续,维持”一段时间,其他三项无此用法。remain“仍然,

保持”;不用来表示“某种状态持续的时间长度”;supply“提供”;share“分享”。 ] 12.A. turned back C. showed off B. set out D. speeded up

答案 D [此处表明:第三位富人一看到这一贫困,加快了步伐(speed up),一刻也不停 地径直走过了村庄。turn back“转身”;set out“开始,出发”;show off“炫耀”。] 13.A. village C. field B. land D. road

答案 A [根据上文...when they came to a__3__village 可知,第三位富人一看到这一贫 困,加快了步伐,一刻也不停地径直走过了村庄。所以填 village。] 14.A. whether C. where 答案 B B. how D. when [此处指前两位富人从稍远处看到这一情形相互评论第三位富人是多么 (how)

缺乏同情心啊。用 how 引导感叹式宾语从句,how 修饰动词 lack(缺乏)。] 15.A. good C. true 答案 A B. certain D. strange [ 根据上下文可知,他们亲自在那儿提供帮助是有好处的 (good) ,而不是

certain(当然的)/true(真实的)/strange(奇怪的)。] 16.A. welcomed C. accepted B. met D. persuaded

答案 B

[ 但 是 三 天 后 他 们 遇 到 了 (met) 迎 面 而 来 的 那 第 三 位 富 人 。 welcome( 欢

迎)/accept(接受)/persuade(劝服)不合题意。] 17.A. still C. always B. already D. indeed

答案 A [前文说:第三位富人一看到这一贫困,加快了步伐(speed up),一刻也不停地 径 直 走 过 了 村 庄 。 所 以 此 处 指 他 仍 然 (still) 匆 忙 赶 路 。 排 除 already( 已 经 )/always( 总 是)/indeed(确实)。] 18.A. except for C. apart from 答案 B B. instead of D. along with

[但是他的四轮车上装满了农用工具和一袋袋的种子而不是(instead of)原本一

直装载着(carry)的金子和蔬菜。排除 except for(除了……)/apart from(除了……;除了……还 有……)/along with(和……一起,以及)。 ] 19.A. loading C. carrying 答案 C B. treasuring D. earning

[此处用 carry 相当于 be loaded with,意为“装载着”。] B. jewels D. seeds

20.A. food C. money

答案 D [此处用 seed“种子”表示第三位富人不同于前两位“送钱送食物”缓解一时的困 境,而是帮助他们种植庄稼,从根本上解决生计问题。] III.阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 The earth is getting warmer. Over the past 100 years Earth's temperature rose by about 1° F. Scientists predict that Earth will continue to warm by about 2—6° F over the next 100 years. That may not sound like much, but think about this: During the last Ice Age, Earth was only 9° F cooler than it is today, and large sheets of ice called glaciers(冰河) covered large parts of North America! The warming of Earth's climate is called global warming. Scientists are not sure of what causes climate change. Earth could be warming on its own, however, most scientists believe that human activity is speeding up the climate change. Earth warms itself through a process called the greenhouse(温室) effect. When sunlight enters Earth's atmosphere( 大气 ), it passes through a layer of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases occur

naturally, but humans also create them by burning fossil fuels. When sunlight hits Earth's surface it bounces_back toward the sky. The greenhouse gases trap some of the sunlight on Earth and allow the rest to go back into space, making Earth's temperature warm. The process works much in the same way as a greenhouse, hence its name. If there are too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, too much sunlight may be trapped, making Earth warmer. Scientists cannot predict exactly what will happen as Earth's temperature rises. They believe a rapid climate change could upset the balance of the ecosystem(生态系统), causing some land and marine(海产的) life to become extinct. As temperatures rise, the world's glaciers will melt(融 化)into the ocean, causing sea levels to rise between several inches to three feet during the next 100 years. Higher sea levels could cause flooding of coastal lands. Warmer ocean water could cause increased storm activity on the coasts while areas away from the coasts may experience droughts. These are just a few of the possible effects of global warming. 1.The best title for this text would be________. A.Climate B.Climate change C.Global warming D.Greenhouse effect 答案 B [主旨大意题。综观全文,讲述的是气候变化的现状、原因以及影响。因此全 文围绕着一个中心即:气候的变化。] 2.Humans create greenhouse gases every time except we________. video games B.use a hair dryer C.ride in a car D.use solar energy lights 答案 D [推理判断题。 由第二段知, 人类活动加快了气候变化, 主要是通过“by burning fossil fuels”。因此选 D。] 3.Which of the following is not the effect of climate change? A.Rising temperature. B.The extinction of some wildlife. C.Sea level rising.

D.Flooding of coastal lands. 答案 A [推理判断题。由最后一段知,B、C、D 三项都提到了,因此选 A,这是气候 变化的表现而非影响。] 4.The writer's purpose in writing the text is to________. us the temperature rising B.tell us what greenhouse effects are us to protect the earth D.teach us a fact 答案 C [推理判断题。作者讲述的是气候变化的现状、原因以及影响。向我们发出警 示:保护地球。] 5.Which of the following words has the similar meaning as the underlined phrase in the second paragraph? A.throw C.go 答案 B B.rebound D.fetch [词义猜测题。由所在句知该短语意思是“反弹;反射”,由构词法知识可推断

rebound 有此义。] IV.书面表达 “地球一小时”,是为应对全球气候变化所发起的一项活动,号召每年 3 月份最后一个 周六的 20:30—21:30,统一熄灯一小时。然而,随着越来越多国家和城市的加入,其弊端也 逐步显现。假设你是新华中学的学生李华,请根据以下要点用英语给某英文报社写一封信: 1.指出活动的目的(宣传环保); 2.指出活动的必要性(环境恶化); 3.指出活动的弊端(事故和费电); 4.表达出你的观点。 注意:1.词数 120~150; 2.可适当增加细节。 Dear_editor, I_am_glad_to_write_to_you_to_express_my_idea_about_the_activity_Earth_Hour. ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ I really hope our environment becomes better and better. Yours faithfully, Li Hua 【范文】 Dear_editor, I_am_glad_to_write_to_you_to_express_my_idea_about_the_activity_Earth_Hour. It's an activity to call on the world to face the challenge of the global warming and take action to protect our environment. Because of human activities, the globe is becoming warmer and warmer, the enviornment is being damaged and the Earth is bleeding. So, it's necessary to have Earth Hour to attract people's sense of protecting our enviornment. However, as more and more countries and cities attend the activities, it also gives rise to many problems. Some traffic accidents are caused. Some people have to use candles for light and thus it leads to another form of damaging the enviornment. And in fact, when people switch off or on the lights, instead it will waste more electricity. Therefore, in my opinion, we should change the form of holding Earth Hour or make good preparation before Earth Hour comes. And above all, we should have the sense of saving energy and protecting our environment in our daily life. I really hope our environment becomes better and better. Yours faithfully, Li Hua


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