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2016 年 全 国 创 新 英 语 大 赛 范 文 Direction: Laziness or lack of ambition is like dead weight on our chests. All it takes is one big push and we’re free, but that “big push” is not always easy to mu

ster because the effort seems a lot more difficult than it actually is. The situation is similar to trying to get out of bed as soon as we awaken from a long sleep. Write an essay with no less than 300 words, in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

Diligence Plus Target Equals Success There are many kinds of lives in the world, and which kind do you prefer? Is it accomplishing nothing or living a splendid life? What’s known to all is that laziness is one nature of human beings.Virtually, almost everyone wants to gain without paying out, resulting from laziness. Nevertheless providing that if everyone in the world doesn't work on account of laziness, what will the world be like? The usual

case is that we don’t lack ability but ambition and determination. It is similar to the situation where we are reluctant to roll out of bed even though we have woken up in the morning. Consequently, it is obvious that we can't succeed on the condition that we are lazy. From my own perspectives, an effective “big push” must be taken to cope with the problem of laziness. For instance, we need a specific target. As is known to all, target is of great significance to one's life. One without a target is just like a lost ship at sea, not knowing where to go and where to berth. Accordingly, having a target is the first step to success. With a target, you may be full of impetus and energy to achieve it, regardless of how hard it is. In other words, you are on the way to success if you have a specific target and do your utmost to achieve it. However, can we definitely succeed if we have a target? Needless to say that we can’t. That’s far from enough. Target is the flashing light in the dark. It can light up the life tower which may lead you to the destination of your life. But the power which ensures you to keep chasing the flashing light in your life is diligence. Thus,

diligence is as vital as target on the way to success. Mendeleev once said " You will become a genius if you work hard all the life." That is to say, nothing will make a genius but labor and diligence. It's true that those who are successful and famous to us are all industrious. Hence, it goes without saying that diligence plays a critical role in success. Everyone has a rosy ideality in heart, so do you. Whereas, do you know what is the bridge to your ideality? The answer is diligence. Therefore, be assiduous and spare no efforts to achieve it. Struggling for success or fleeing it, that’s up to you. If the sun light will give a kiss to the earth every day, it must be kissed on the cheek of the diligent.



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