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2015届高考英语一轮复习单元测试:Unit 4 Sharing(人教版选修7)

Unit 4 Sharing
一、单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.The house was too expensive and too big.________,I'd grown fond of our little rented house. A.Besides C.Somehow 答案 A B.Therefore D.Otherwise


那间小房子。besides 还有,此外;therefore 因此;somehow 不知怎么的; otherwise 否则,不然。根据句意知,应选 A 项。] 2.Duncan, ________NBA star, is one of________few basketball players who are very popular to; the C.the; the 答案 many of his Chinese fans. B. an;a D.the; a

A [考查冠词的用法。句意:邓肯,一位 NBA 球星,是为很多中国

球迷所熟知的几位篮球运动员中的一位。第一个空强调泛指,且单词的第 一个发音为元音音素,故用 an。第二个空为特指,故用 the。] 3.The president,together with his bodyguards, ________ to the nuclear station ________ there was an accident 20 minutes ago. A.have come;which C.has come;where 答案 C B.came;in which D.come;in which

[含有 together with 的介词短语只对主语起补充说明作用,对谓

语动词不产生任何影响。where 引导定语从句,且在从句中作状语。] 4.This type of university course is no longer________ today's problems. A.relevant to C.connected for 答案 A B.concerned about D.kept on

[ 句意:这种大学课程不再和今天的问题相关。 be relevant to

和??相关。 ] 5.Everyone in the class is expected to________in the discussion. A.participate
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C.donate 答案


A [句意:期望班里的每位同学都参与讨论。participate in 参加。]

6.I know you are busy, but do you think you could spare us a few hours? We are________hear your experiences abroad. A.managing to C.leading to 答案 B B.dying to D.lying to


想听一听你在国外的经历。be dying to 急切地做??;manage to 设法完成; lead to 导致;be lying to 向??撒谎,后面跟名词。故选 B。] 7.Ganhai in Guilin had been a highland glacial lake by the 1940s and was formed after the water had________. A.dried up C.died out 答案 B.dried out D. died away

A [考查动词短语辨析。句意:到二十世纪 40 年代为止,桂林的干

海一直是冰川湖,是在湖水干涸后形成的。故选 A。] 8. Every student is________to________in the school activities actively, which does good to them. A.hoped;join C.wished; take part 答案 益。] 9 . The sooner we students________to the new school, the better it will be ________our studies. A.adapt; for C.adopt; for 答案 B.adjust; to D.admit; to B B.expected; participate D.requested; take


A [句意: 我们学生对于新学校适应得越快, 对于我们的学习越好。 ]

10.Today the Red Cross provides a number of services for the public, such as helping people________, teaching first aid and providing blood. need preparation
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要的人、急救、供血等。 in need 急需,需要; in return 作为回报; in preparation 在准备中; in anger 气冲冲地,愤怒地。] 11.She had no idea how it________that her husband met with trouble again. A.came about C.came out 答案 B. came across D. came up

A [句意:她不知道她丈夫是怎么再次遇到麻烦的?come about 发

生,出现;come across 偶遇,碰到;come out 出来,发芽;come up 过来。] 12. In my opinion, what zhai zhigang, Liu Boming and Jing Haipeng________good to our country' s international A.did do does C.did does do 答案 C positions. do did do did

[句子的主语是 what 引导的主语从句,即:what Liu Boming and

Jing Haipeng did。谓语动词用单数,借助于助动词 does 强调谓语,后用动 词原形 do。] 13.—Have you ________your father recently? —No. He doesn't write to me. A.heard about C.heard of 答案 B B.heard from D.learned from


有写信给我。 hear about 听说; hear from 收到??的信; hear of 听说; lear from 从??学习。] 14.When the cheering died ________, C. out 答案 the teacher continued his speech. B.down D. of B [句意:当欢呼声平息下来时,老师继续演讲。die off 相继死去;

die down 逐渐变弱,逐渐平息;die out 灭绝,绝种;die of 死于??。] 15.It is ________Tom often breaks the school rules ________makes his teacher unsatisfied with him. A.what;that
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C.that;that 答案 C



让他的老师对他不满意的。本句是强调句型,被强调部分是主语从句 that Tom often breaks the school rules。] 二、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项。 A Some years ago , my traveling dance team participated in a nationwide competition.This competition is very hard and the atmosphere is far from__16__.As we walked off stage after completing our dance,the next competing team gave us dirty__17__as we passed them.They looked__18__at us and made fun of our costumes and our performance.My team and I were all very upset,even to the point of tears. One of my team members__19__that we should“boo(发嘘声)”them as they went on stage.Finally I said,“Let's teach them a lesson.”My teammates all looked up at me.I was the oldest on the team and their role model.What I said next totally__20__them.“They are on stage right now.Let's go and__21__them on instead.” I then looked up at the stage and started to scream,“Come on!” My teammates all started to cheer with me.At first they were__22__,then I noticed that they were having__23__cheering for a team that a couple of minutes ago they hated. When the team walked off stage , we all started to__24__them on their awesome performance.Most members of the opposite team__25__and said “thank you”,and they were a little embarrassed.My team and I felt a lot better about the__26__.After that,my teammates understood what a great__27__it was and they were grateful that they had good sportsmanship and decided to“cheer” for the team instead of “boo” them. 16.A.practical C.tense 答案 B.heavy D.friendly

D [由下文可知,比赛的气氛并不友好。] B.looks

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B [我们表演结束后,下一个比赛队用恶狠狠的目光瞪着我们。give

sb.a dirty look 意为“对某人瞪一眼”。] 18.A.politely C.straight 答案 C B.happily D.funnily [他们直视(looked straight)着我们,取笑我们的服装和表演。] B.learnt D.suggested

19.A.decided C.thought 答案

D [我们的一个队员建议(suggested)??] B.delighted D.puzzled

20.A.shocked C.annoyed 答案 A


的耳朵。] 21.A.praise C.cheer 答案 C B.comfort D.thank [根据下文 My teammates all started to cheer with me.可知,我们开

始为他们加油。] 22.A.surprised C.reluctant 答案 C B.embarrassed D.disagreed

[结合语境判断,一开始他们是不情愿的(reluctant)。] B.wish

23.A.anger C.sadness 答案

D [have fun doing sth.意为“愉快地做某事”。] B.congratulate D.scold

24.A.welcome C.receive 答案

B [由下文可知,我们向对方的成功演出表示祝贺(congratulate)。] B.fainted D.left

25.A.smiled C.cried 答案

A [由上下文可判断,对方队员应该是微笑着(smiled)说谢谢。] B.future

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D.situation [在这种情况(situation)下,对方有些不自在,而我们感到好受一

些了。] C.idea 答案 C B.age [之后,我们的队员理解了我的这个主意(idea)。] B Like most people,I was brought up to look upon life as a process of getting.It was not until in my late thirties that I made this important__28__:giving?away makes life so much more exciting.You need not worry if you__29__money. This is how I__30__with giving?away.If an idea for improving the window display of a neighborhood store__31__to me,I step in and make the suggestion to the__32__.If an accident takes place,the story of which I think the local police could use,__33__him up and tell him about it,though I am not in__34__here.One discovery I made about this world is to give without getting something back, though the__35__often comes in an unexpected form. 28.A.decision C.speech 答案 D B.research D.discovery [句意:像大多数人一样,我生来就认为生活就是获得,直到三

十多岁的时候才发现, 给予使生活更激动人心。 discovery 发现, 符合句意。 ] 29.A.earn C.spend 答案 B.lack D.steal

B [你缺钱也无须担心。根据上文的 giving?away 可知此处应为缺

钱,lack money。] 30.A.experienced C.combined 答案 B.connected D.agreed

A [下文列举的事例都是作者生活中经历(experience)的事情。] B.flashes D.leads

31.A.happens C.sticks 答案

B [本句主语为 an idea。 主意在某人脑海中闪现用 flash。 happen to...

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发生在某人身上;stick to 坚持;lead to 导致,其宾语一般不为人。] 32.A.postmaster C.storekeeper 答案 C.break 答案 过。] 34.A.need C.common 答案 D B.trouble D.charge C B.headmaster D.policeman

[根据前文提到的 neighborhood store 可知答案。] B.hold D.pick

A [根据后文 tell him about it 可知作者是打电话告诉警察事情的经


过。in charge 管理,负责,符合语境。] 35.A.process C.return 答案 C B.goal D.concern [给予要不求获取,尽管有时候会得到意想不到的回报。return 回

报,与上文 without getting something back 相呼应。] 三、阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A

An idea that started in Seattle's public library has spread throughout America and beyond. The concept is simple: help to build a sense of community in a city by getting everyone to read the same book at the same time. In addition to encouraging reading as a pursuit (追求) to be enjoyed by all, the program allows strangers to communicate by discussing the book on the bus, as well as promoting reading as an experience to be shared in families and schools. The idea came from Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl who launched (发起) the “If All of Seattle Read the Same Book” project in 1998. Her original program used author

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visits, study guides and book discussion groups to bring people together with a book, but the idea has since expanded to many other American cities, and even to Hong Kong. In Chicago, the mayor(市长) appeared on television to announce the choice of To Kill a Mockingbird as the first book in the “One Book, One Chicago” program. As a result, reading clubs and neighborhood groups sprang up around the city. Across the US, stories emerged of parents and children reading to each other at night and strangers chatting away on the bus about plot and character. The only problem arose in New York, where local readers could not decide on one book to represent the huge and diverse population. This may show that the idea works best in mediumsized cities or large towns, where a greater sense of unity (一致) can be achieved. Or it may show that New Yorkers rather missed the point, putting all their energy and passion into the choice of the book rather than discussion about a book itself. Ultimately as Nancy points out, the level of success is not measured by how many people read a book, but by how many people are enriched by the process, or have enjoyed speaking to someone with whom they would not otherwise have shared_a_word. 【语篇解读】 西雅图图书管理员南希· 珀尔发起了一项活动, 倡导同在 一个城市的人们同读一本书,其目的在于增强人们的团队意识,并促进人与人 之间的交流和分享。通过活动发现,只有在中等大小的城市或大的城镇里这项 活动才能得到较好的开展。 36. What is the purpose of the project launched by Nancy? A.To invite authors to guide readers. B.To encourage people to read and share. C.To involve people in community service. D.To promote the friendship between cities. 答案 B [细节理解题。根据第二段的第一句话可以看出,这项活动的目

的,“除了鼓励所有的人将阅读当作一种追求外,这项活动还创造了机会 让陌生人之间通过讨论书而进行交流,并促进阅读成为在家庭和学校里分 享的一种体验”。也就是说,这项活动的目的就是在鼓励人们阅读的同时 增进了解、沟通。 ]
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37.Why was it difficult for New Yorkers to carry out the project? A.They had little interest in reading. B.They were too busy to read a book. C.They came from many different backgrounds. D.They lacked support from the local government. 答案 C [推理判断题。根据第四段第二句话 This may show that... 可以看

出,分享同一本书的活动可以在中等大小的城市或大的城镇中推广开来, 但在像纽约这么大的城市却无法执行,推断其原因,还是在于人的背景复 杂。而对于 A、B、D 三个选项的内容,文章并未提及。] 38. According to the passage, where would the project be more easily carried out? A.In large communities with little sense of unity. B.In large cities where libraries are far from home. C.In mediumsized cities with a diverse population. D.In large towns where agreement can be quickly reached. 答案 D [细节理解题。根据第四段第二句话 This may show...achieved.可

以看出,在大的城镇,人们容易取得一致的观点,这项活动易于开展。 ] 39. The underlined words “shared a word” in Paragraph 5 probably mean________. A.exchanged ideas with each other B.discussed the meaning of a word C.gamed life experience D.used the same language 答案 A [意义猜测题。从文章第二段可以知道,这项活动的目的之一就

是通过讨论书籍,鼓励人们之间进行交流。A 项符合语境。 而 B 项“讨论 一个词的含义”,C 项“获得生活经验”和 D 项“使用同一种语言”均不 是这项活动的目的。 ] B “Our aim is to take our art to the world and make people understand what it is to move ,”said David Belle , the cofounder of parkour (跑酷). Do you love running?It is a good exercise,yet many
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people find it boring.But what if making your morning jog a creative one?Like jumping from walls and over gaps and ground rolls?Just like the James Bond in the movie Casino Royale?Bond jumps down from a roof to a windowsill and then runs several blocks over obstacles on the way.It is just because of Bond's wonderful performances that the sport has become popular worldwide. Yes, that's parkour, an extreme street sport aimed at moving from one point to another as quickly as possible,getting over all the obstacles in the path using only the abilities of the human body.Parkour is considered an extreme sport.As its participants dash around a city,they may jump over fences,run up walls and even move from rooftop to rooftop. Parkour can be just as exciting and charming as it sounds,but its participants see parkour much more than that. Overcoming all the obstacles on the course and in life is part of the philosophy(哲理)behind parkour.This is the same as life.You must determine your destination, go straight, and jump over all the barriers as if in parkour and never fall back from them in your life,to reach the destination successfully.A parkour lover said,“I love parkour because its philosophy has become my life,my way to do everything.” Another philosophy we've learnt from parkour is freedom.It can be done by anyone,at any time,anywhere in the world.It is a kind of expression of trust in yourself that you earn energy and confidence. 【语篇解读】 电影中的邦德让跑酷运动风靡全球,它既是对人体能力极 限的挑战,也是对人生意志与自由的追求。 40.Parkour has become popular throughout the world because of ________. A.its cofounder,David Belle C.its risks and tricks 答案 B B.the film,Casino Royale D.the varieties of participants


是受《皇家赌场》中主人公邦德精彩表演的影响。] 41 . The underlined word “obstacles” in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to“________”. A.streets
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C.barriers 答案 C

D.roofs [ 词义猜测题。根据倒数第二段中间部分的 “jump over all the

barriers as if in parkour”可知画线词与 C 项“障碍”意思最接近。] 42.Which of the following is true of parkour? A.It challenges human abilities. B.It is a good but boring sport. C.It needs special training. D.It is a team sport. 答案 A [推理判断题。根据第三段中的“getting over all the obstacles in the

path using only the abilities of the human body”可知跑酷是对人体能力的挑 战。] 43.As its participants move around a city,________. A.they can ask for help B.they may choose to escape C.they should run to extremes D.they must learn to survive 答案 C [推理判断题。根据第三段最后两句中的内容可推测他们应该跑

到极限。] C In the fall of 1985. I was a brighteyed girl heading off to Howard University, aiming at a legal career and dreaming of sitting on a Supreme Court bench somewhere. Twentyone years later I am still a brighteyed dreamer and one with quite a different tale to tell. My grandma, an amazing woman, graduated from college at the age of 65. She was the first in our family to reach that goal. But one year after I started college, she developed cancer. I made the choice to withdraw from college to care for her. It meant that school and my personal dream would have to wait. Then I got married with another dream: building my family with a combination of adopted and biological children. In 1999, we adopted our first son. To lay eyes on him was fantastic,and very emotional. A year later came our second adopted boy. Then followed son No. 3. In 2003, I gave birth to another boy.
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You can imagine how fully occupied I became, raising four boys under the age of 8! Our home was a complete zoo — a joyous zoo. Not surprising, I never did make it back to college fulltime. But I never gave up on the dream either. I had only one choice: to find a way. That meant taking as few as one class each semester. The hardest part was feeling guilty about the time I spent away from the boys. They often wanted me to stay home with them. There certainly were times I wanted to quit, but I knew I should set an example for them to follow through the rest of their lives. In 2007, I graduated from the University of North Carolina. It took me over 21 years to get my college degree! I am not special, just singleminded. It always struck me that when you're looking at a big challenge from the outside it looks huge, but when you're in the midst of it, it just seems normal. Everything you want won't arrive in your life on one day. It's a process. Remember: little steps add up to big dreams. 【语篇解读】 故事讲述了作者为了照顾生病的奶奶而放弃了向往的学

业。但她的梦想并未被现实磨灭。辛苦抚养四个孩子的同时,作者历尽艰难, 21 年后终于实现了最初的梦想。 44. When the author went to Howard University, her dream was to be________. A.a writer C.a judge 答案 C B.a teacher D.a doctor [ 细节理解题。由第一段中的. ..aiming at a legal career and

dreaming of sitting on a Supreme Court bench somewhere.可推断出作者当时 志在从事与法律相关的职业,并希望在最高法院有一席之地。judge 指“法 官”。 ] 45. Why did the author quit school in her second year of college? A.She wanted to study by herself. B.She fell in love and got married. C.She suffered from a serious illness. D.She decided to look after her grandma. 答案 D [细节理解题。根据第二段中 But one year...I made the choice to

withdraw from college to care for her.可知作者放弃学业是为了照顾她的奶 奶。 ]
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46.What can we learn about the author from Paragraphs 4 and 5? A.She was busy yet happy with her family life. B.She ignored her guilty feeling for her sons. C.She wanted to remain a fulltime housewife. D.She was too confused to make a correct choice. 答案 A [推理判断题。从第四段作者的描述 You can imagine how fully

occupied I became.. . Our home was a complete zoo—a joyous zoo.以及第五段 的描述可感受到作者虽然繁忙但快乐的情感. ] 47.What does the author mostly want to tell us in the last paragraph? A.Failure is the mother of success. B.Little by little, one goes far. C.Every coin has two sides. D.Well begun, half done. 答案 B [细节理解题。 本段最后一句话 Remember: little steps add up to big

dreams.体现了作者对于实现梦想的看法。这句话与选项 B 含义一致,都是 告诉我们:不积跬步,无以至千里。] D He fishes by night and sells his catch by day. He's the only boy in his family of six. Maliko Malombe is nine years old. Though he is the youngest child, he has never seen the inside of a classroom. “He is the man of this house and has to provide for us,” says his mother, Tadala. “What are we going to eat if he attends school?” His mother believes it is her son's duty to provide food for the family. Malawi introduced free basic education in 1994, and the number of pupils in primary schools rose quickly from 1.9 to 3.2 million.But there were still more children who can not attend school. Current figures from the ministry of education indicate that up to 20 percent of Malawian children aged between 6 and 13 do not attend primary school. The Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM), a Malawian

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civil society organization calling for improved education standards, says there should be a law forcing children to attend school. “The major problem we have is that universal primary education is not compulsory although it is free. Some communities do not really feel compelled to send their children because there's no law that forces them to do that ,” said George Jobe, executive director of CRECCOM. There are no plans to make education compulsory. However, if such a law were passed tomorrow, what would it mean for Maliko? He lives eleven kilometers away from the nearest school. There he will find “ Most only three classrooms which are not enough to hold all the students.

classes,” said teacher Godfrey Nkhoma, “ are held under trees. ” Nkhoma says the school is also short of teachers. “It is normal for over 100 students to be taught by one teacher. time. It is very difficult for one teacher to teach so many students at one The conditions of education are very poor. The teaching and learning CRECCOM's Jobe said, “Malawi has a long way to go, but I'm encouraged by the steps being taken.” 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了非洲国家 Malawi(马拉维)的落后的教育状况。

materials are never enough.”

文章从一个少年的情况写起,进而介绍这个国家虽然实行了免费的基础教育, 但经济落后、观念陈旧、教学资源匮乏依然阻碍着教育的发展,Malawi 还有一 段很长的道路要走。 48.What is the text mainly about? A. Maliko Malombe was born in a poor family. B.Malawi is a less developed country in Africa. C.The educational situation in Malawi. D.The introduction of the Creative Centre for Community Mobilization. 答案 C [主旨大意题。文章主要用 Maliko Malombe 的情况引出马拉维落

后的教育现状。故选 C 项。] 49.The reason why Maliko Malombe doesn't attend school is that________. A.he has to support his family B.he is the only child in the family C.the government doesn't attach the importance to education
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D.he lives far away from school 答案 A [细节理解题。根据文章第二段前三句可知他要养家,所以不能

去上学。] 50.We can infer from the passage that________. A.the tuition fees in primary school in Malawi are high B.there are about 4 million children who should attend school in Malawi C.the CRECCOM is a Malawian civil society organization D.the government has planned to force children to attend school 答案 B [推理判断题。 根据第二段 increased quickly from l. 9 to 3.2 million

和 over 20 percent of Malawian children... do not attend primary school 可计算 得出 B 项。A 项可根据第二段排除;C 项不属于推论,第三段第一句直接 提到;D 项根据第三段末尾排除。] 51.Which problem is NOT mentioned in the passage? A.The lack of law causes a low percentage of children to enter school. B.There are many children like Maliko unable to go to school. C.In many remote areas, teachers are in extreme shortage. D.Most people don't prefer to take up teaching as their occupation. 答案 D [细节理解题。A 项在第三段提及,C 项在第四段提及,B 项在

第二段提及。D 项没有推理依据。] E The encroaching Kumutage Desert is threatening the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang,Gansu Province,a scientist warned yesterday. “The Shule River,which runs through the Dunhuang oasis,has so many dams on it that its water is shrinking, ”said Wang Jiru, director of the Gansu Desert Control Institute in Wuwei,Gansu. The institute, which is situated near the desert's edge, has been monitoring the desert's shifting sands over the past four decades. It has found the sixth largest desert in China, covering 20,000 sq km, growing between 1~4 m every year since 2004. The 1,600yearold Mogao Grottoes are just 50 km east of the desert.Its caves
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are famous for their statues,wall paintings and 1,000 years of Buddhist art. “They are being damaged by sand blown from the desert and in the future could be buried by the drifting sands,”Wang said. “The desert is expanding because there is less water in the Shule River to its east.Increased agriculture in the Dunhuang oasis and damming on the river since the 1960s has dried up the area,”Wang said. “As the desert expands there is less vegetation,fewer wild camels and other animals,”he added. Desertification in the country is a serious problem. The desert has almost covered Minqin County in Gansu. It is moving 8~10 m a year along the chain of oases known as the Hexi Corridor. The corridor once connected China's central plains with the grasslands in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and separated the Tengger and Badain Jaran Deserts. “Building dams was one of the reasons Minqin has been devastated, ”Wang said. Residents also dug up more than 10,000 wells,exacerbating the situation. 52.The desert is expanding because of________. A.less water in the Shule River B.damming on the river C.increased agriculture D.all the above 答案 D [由“The desert is expanding because there is less water in the

Shule River to its east.Increased agriculture in the Dunhuang oasis and damming on the river since the 1960s has dried up the area,Wang said.”可知。] 53.The Mogao Grottoes are famous for the following except____________. A.statues C.wall paintings 答案 B.its location D.Buddhist art

B [由“Its caves are famous for their statues,wall paintings and 1,000

years of Buddhist art.”可知。] 54.From the text,we can see that________.
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A.the Hexi Corridor was not an oasis B.the Kumutage Desert once expanded from 1 to 4 m every year C.the Mogao Grottoes may be located east of the Shule River D.digging up wells helped improve devastation 答案 C [由“The 1,600yearold Mogao Grottoes are just 50 km east of the

desert.”和“The desert is expanding because there is less water in the Shule River to its east.”可知。] 55.Which of the following would be the best title for the text? A.The Mogao Grottoes B.The Kumutage Desert C.Creeping Desert Threatens Mogao Grottoes D.Desertification 答案 C [ 本文主要讲述沙漠正在逼近并威胁古代文化遗址 the Mogao

Grottoes。因此答案为 C。] 四、写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 写作一(满分 15 分) 请根据下面提示,写一篇短文。词数不少于 60。 In your spoken English class,your teacher shows you the following picture.You are asked to describe the picture and explain how you understand it.

_______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 As can be seen in the picture,a boy is rowing a boat trapped in a bottle
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floating on the surface of the sea.It seems that he won't row his boat any further though he is making great efforts. The picture intends to convey the message that we shouldn't be stubborn to our own ideas when we are trying to reach our goals.In our daily life,we may meet with kinds of problems.We need to find different solutions to them.If we always stand by our opinions, we may get half the results with double the effort.Just like the boy in the picture,no matter how hard he is rowing,he will never row the trapped boat out of the bottle. In my opinion,only by opening our minds,can we solve the problems and reach our goals. 写作二(满分 20 分) 假如你是 Jay,你的好友 Jack 因两次考试成绩不理想而烦恼,发来 e?mail 向 你倾诉。请根据下列内容写一封 e?mail 作为答复。 1.不必沮丧,认真分析失败原因。 2.增强自信心,避免犯同样的错误。 3.失败是成功之母,只要努力、不放弃,迟早会成功的。 要求:1.不要逐字翻译; 2.词数不少于 80。 Dear Jack, _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Best wishes and good luck! Yours, Jay 【参考范文】
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Dear_Jack, I've received your e?mail and know that you are in a bad mood now.However,I don't think it is necessary for you to be so disappointed for failing twice.You see,we still face many more exams in the future even if we leave school.So try the following: Collect the mistakes you made in the exams and in the exercises you did before,and analyze them carefully.Try to avoid making them again in the next exam.Make good preparations and be confident. As we all know,failure is the mother of success.Let every failure be your stepping stone.If you try your best and don't give up,you are sure to succeed in time. Best_wishes_and_good_luck! Yours, Jay

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